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Eddie Maddock: To Rise or Not to Rise

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock tackles Sedona affordability.

Sedona AZAmong Sedona’s ongoing controversies and linked with lack of affordable housing, to rise or not to rise remains near the top of the list – if not THE number one hot topic.

While Sedona is special in many ways, a shortage of workforce housing to accommodate local employees is not unique. Frequent articles relating to the subject have appeared in the Arizona Republic, most recently “Phoenix Trades Incentives for Affordable Housing” (2/17/19) that outlines similar concerns as well as proposed remedies. Extending incentives to developers, such as a tax break to those willing to offer a percentage of their new apartment units at a reduced rate is, but one example.

Over the years Sedona has likewise attempted to acknowledge the need for more affordable housing as was the case with Nepenthe and other projects. Development Agreements also included stipulations requiring a certain number of lower cost units to be provided for employees. However, whether or not those contingencies were subsequently enforced remains questionable.

At any rate, fast-forward to today.

Presently under consideration is construction of a multi-unit housing complex to be located within the primarily industrial area between Sunset and Shelby Drives. The connecting road between those two city streets is neither owned by the city, nor is the property wastewater accessible. Sedona’s city code presently restricts building heights – thus construction of a three or even four story edifice also becomes problematic – therefore addressing the purpose of the theme of this report “To Rise or Not to Rise.”

During the recent process relating to a request for rezoning of the 700 acre parcel outside Sedona City Limits, El Rojo Grande, for the purpose of questionable high density development, the Sedona City Council along with Yavapai County Supervisors and the public in general took kindred positions to successfully oppose rezoning of that property for such an intrusive project. And, let us not forget about the somewhat vast acreage the City of Sedona still owns in conjunction with the Wastewater Treatment Plant for which, on more than one occasion, mixed-use and lower cost housing has been under discussion but never seriously pursued.

Yet now, at this time, with Sedona’s intense traffic congestion realistically without any viable solution, no matter how this Sunset and Shelby multi-unit housing proposal is viewed, no amount of spinning can and or will dispute that increased density will intensify traffic gridlock even more.

ADOT blasting of red rock mountain to make way for I-17 road widening.

It remains almost certain defense for a 3 or 4 story complex will be met with justification because of its more low profile location with the extensive setback from SR89 – perhaps a somewhat valid argument. However, it also poses questions: Would these same city council members have voted to approve existing establishments to exceed two or three or four stories such as Wyndham Sedona, Courtyard by Marriott, Sedona Springs Resort, Sedona Real Inn & Suites, and even our own City Hall for that matter? If that had occurred, views of Sedona’s red rock would have been forever obstructed as actually has already been the case even with the Basha’s center and other shopping centers. Only the few remaining who lived in Sedona back then would be able to attest to that. And, really, should it be ignored, if approved, this, with valid certainty, will set a precedent for future construction?

Wasn’t a primary reason, in fact, for Sedona to incorporate and become a city to avoid the increasingly dense development presently in progress?

Where will all the remaining red rocks go? To parking lots and highways and tourists going and gone.

Have demographics and attitudes of Sedona residents changed so drastically with the times – as is being evidenced by variances and development standards for the short supply of remaining privately owned property available?

Will Sedona, reputed as such a very special place, continue to be compromised and eroded to the status of “just another tourist trap?”

Judging from Sedona’s sluggish voting participation and subsequent results as evidenced by the outcome of the last Sedona City Election surely that must be the case.

Therefore – onward and upward – literally!

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  1. Alarmed says:

    steve segner is lying. “77% of city tax dollars” do not come from visitors. He ignored the following tax dollars the City of Sedona got in FY 2017:

    1. $350,000 in Flood Control District Tax dollars Yavapai County collected from Sedona property owners
    2. $400,000 in Flood Control District Tax Dollars Coconino County collected from Sedona property owners

    (15000 Flood Control Dist on your county PROPERTY TAX NOTICE lists your share for 2017)

    By the way, Sedona’s 3-1/2 percent sales tax discourages many locals from buying taxable items in town, so it’s no surprise 77% of city SALES tax dollars come from the greater percentage of visitors.

    FYI, I don’t buy gas in the City. I shop at Ace Hardware and Clark’s Market (sundries are taxable) in the VOC, otherwise order over the internet or go to Cottonwood or Phoenix.

    Sedona does not have a City property tax because City Hall must put it on the ballot for the electorate to vote on.

  2. Lake Tahoe formerly Sedona residents says:

    We’ve been following these comments for quite a while. We would like to add our opinions.

    Lake Tahoe was our choice a few years ago when Sedona began to change not for the best. Politicians began to assume a mantle of authority not granted by voters with little involvement by voters. Whose fault is that? Both.

    There are no mandates for change in Sedona. There are no politicians whose have expertise in “knowing Sedona” and should never be advocates for other than residents. The residents are part-timers for the most part, and we advocate our power to the long term residents. Not the business people or developers or city hall workers but the long term city and county tax paying residents. I know that several city employees and politicians do not pay Arizona taxes, but pay taxes in the states that hold their assets like Nevada.

    Those that pay Arizona taxes are paying them because they are cheaper than the states with their majority holdings. There is no fault in this, it is their right under the Supreme Court ruling and we agree wholeheartedly. The former Californians escaped California taxes and I see a few that post slam after slam at Arizonans who protest higher taxes. This isn’t truthful and or correct; the Arizonans are correct and the Californians and those from NY and Midwest are incorrect and untruthful. My brother in law is one. He escaped taxes in Illinois to live a better retirement in AZ. But he shames others with their desire to escape or keep taxes low. Shame on you (deleted by editor). Stop it now.

  3. Tina Lee says:

    @sedona Eye editor

    So why did you cut u my post… Now we’re not allowed to comment on the real cost of Air b n b’s in the form of no affordable low term rentals for LOCALs..!? Your not allowed to state FACTS here….

    What you have agaisnt the FACTS!? We’re only allowed to post narcisstic nonsense… Air B n B’s are killing the long term rental market by increasing costs so that local family’s are priced out… That’s the facts

  4. Sedona City Residents says:

    @Sedona City Residents

    Our remarks weren’t to dispute any of whatever point(s) you attempted to make to “git back at us” – only to support Jim Poole’s comment about property taxes residents DO pay in Sedona – to the county (Yavapai or Coconino).

    We confirmed that City of Sedona does NOT (so far) assess property taxes which requires voter approval.

    And as someone else so appropriately pointed out, City of Sedona receives a good chunk of the county property tax assessments as rebates for essentials such as flood control.

    So kindly take your crying of the blues to Bernie Sanders or any of the other Dems running for Pres and you shall take a step in the right direction for enforcing socialism throughout the country.

    In the meantime, leave us alone in Sedona. We don’t want or need national political divisiveness here. We have enough local controversies without adding that to the mix, thank you very much.

  5. Steve Segner says:

    Alarmed says:
    March 5, 2019 at 2:48 pm
    steve segner is lying. “77% of city tax dollars” do not come from visitors. He ignored the following tax dollars the City of Sedona got in FY 2017:

    Sorry not my numbers but city numbers. The city took in locals people local buying, and the number is still 77% . don’t you think this is great outsiders paying most of Sedona expenses!!! what a deal.
    What are you all fighting about, Arizona and Sedona have super cheap property taxes, visitors pay most city expenses and you are all up set…. the thing is we should all pay more and pay out teachers more…. the comment about not having any kid and still paying school tax is just sick…..nothing is free and get over the bed tax …. it sone of the reasons sales tax income is way up, and you don’t even pay it! Over the last 5 year you all have been saying the sky is falling… well it is clear sailing and blue Skys.

    Tina says Air B n B’s are killing the long term rental market by increasing costs so that local family’s are priced out… That’s the facts. I agree….. and so would the 400 + people kicked out of Apartments and back rooms …..

  6. Bob, Say What? says:

    Why why why don’t the people griping about Air B n B’s take their grievance to where it might make a difference and that’s Gov. Ducey?

    As for the nonsense about our property taxes – yes Sedona property owners pay taxes as has been repeated time and time again – why in the world doesn’t that Segner fellow and others P-U-L-E-E-Z-E acknowledge the city of Sedona receives thousands of dollars from both counties resulting from guess what?


  7. Public Service Announcement says:

    IMO Steve is using those long term rentals as short term hotel room Connie place

  8. Joan says:

    Snakes in the grass like to create fake news. No science or facts in what lodging or chamber say. The article they are referring to had tons of false information like the city shut down a school. IMO the whole deal with the sales tax revenue in the print rag is to manipulate the public. The clan of 3 that controlled the outcome of those numbers did it without any controls and each one of them get PAID 3-7 times than the average Sedonan?!!!!!

    What makes you think that those being enrich with taxpayers money can operate without any checks or balances? 101 DON”T raise TAXES if you want to stimulate sales. Now they whine that locals don’t support the agenda of city TAX n SPEND. No benefits for public. The clan in control is driving ALL locals to shop OUTSIDE the city limits Higher taxes and TRAFFIC.

    If you go back to august the City, chamber, and RR snews all put out false information to scare you into voting for home rule. Then they let it slip that the chamber and city’s no bid contract is really being investigated by AG.

    I don’t believe a word the slytherin snakes print or say. Nor do I trust any city employee they do as instructed. All the ones with integrity leave. The more they get the higher the wages. With the City manager making 4x the median sedona household !!!!!

    Now that is sick. Remember he makes more than 4X more than every household in Sedona or 8x the average person who lives in Sedona. The more they tax the bigger the army, the higher the income. Is this a balanced community? NO

  9. @Steve S says:

    Yes 400 plus LOCALfamily’s/people/RESIDENTS kicked out of thier places to make space for Air BnB renters.

    But most here are very “SELECTIVE” in thier “made up concern for residents.. SE barely let’s a post about the negative effects of Air BnB come to light.

  10. @Joan says:

    Oh please Joan..(deleted by editor)

  11. Norm, Sedona says:

    Back to subject –

    The city of Sedona should NOT be responsible for providing affordable housing (whatever that means) to accommodate employees period!

    Wherever a person lives there are areas and/or subdivisions that aren’t affordable or desired to the entire population. That’s life whether in big cities or smaller suburbs or rural communities.

    Get a grip you greedy B(deleted by editor in advance). And city council how recently have you counted heads presently employed by the city and have you any kind of record relating to accountability?

    How many newly hired by the chamber of commerce are, realistically, being paid because of city tax money?

    Have you ever heard of charity begins at home? Not in Sedona that’s for sure.

  12. Sedona Keith says:

    @Norm Sedona management [[city council, staff]] really believe they’re Guardians for the entire Verde Valley. But why do you suppose VOC and elsewhere aren’t demanding to be part of Sedona City Limits? Well? Let me educate you. Businesses outside get FREE publicity from its CoC and they don’t have to collect city taxes. Maybe that’s just ONE gravy boat reason? If you provide those mysterious unknowns [[ADUs]] to accommodate every Verde employee out there wow all the best for those towns to keep the economic cream of taxpayers. Go for it Verde. Demand lots and lots of skyscrapers.

  13. Tina Lee says:

    Hey Norn

    Nobody’s talking about the city providing affordable housing for employees of the resort industry ….. I was saying Air BnB’s are destroying the rental market for LOCAL family’s … Yes LOCALs.. you get it

    Get your head out of the C of C rear end… stop being so selective in your outrage.

  14. @@Steve S says:

    “But most here are very “SELECTIVE” in thier “made up concern for residents.. SE barely let’s a post about the negative effects of Air BnB come to light.”

    and you know whether or not the SE Editor has received comments relating to negative effects of Air BnBs? Maybe Sedona residents actually find them far less intrusive than anticipated. Without proper evidence how do you justify your accusation, Huh?

  15. @Tina Lee says:

    But the above article IS about the city providing affordable housing for the resort industry and considering breaching code heights to do so!! Why not just do away with city codes? They apparently are worthless anyway.

  16. Steve segner says:

    @Tina LeeThe city is NOT providing affordable housing for the resort industry and considering breaching code heights to do so.
    The city is looking at density for apartments in some locations around town. Higher density make for lower rents. The apartments being build now and on the planning board will not be” low” income housing, but work force housing. $1,100 to 1,600 a month. All cities try to have a balance of housing. Sedona is heavy on the high end. Remember we lost several apartments and hundreds of homes last year when they turned into over night rentals.

  17. The Nazi's are here again says:

    Ostasio Cortez and others, Democrats have returned to their party’s roots. Pass out the brown shirts, Mao jackets, Russian jackboots and let the murdering pogroms and prison re-education begin.


    Brent O’Brien, CCCO

  18. @Steve segner says says:

    The mere fact city council is considering three story is a breach of the development code (unless it was manipulated and changed behind closed doors or the City Manager or assistant CM is applying administrative waiver in the event it still remains as an option in the city code.) Doesn’t much matter go higher and you continue to choke what little charm is left in Sedona. It will also eventually choke the charm of making Sedona a tourist destination. That’s already happening based on the bumper to bumper traffic. Translated means Day Trippers! Way to go City Council & Chamber of Commerce.

  19. JD, West Sedona says:

    @Steve Segner what’s to prevent people from signing a lease for swank hirise apartments and subletting them as vacation rentals? The same that has happened with residences? You just can’t get over Ducey cramping your style and allowing property owners their rights. Karma in action??

  20. REMEMBER says:

    Segner is one of those homes and turned it into a SHORT TERM RENTAL!!!!
    Connie’s Place hart road

  21. Lonnie R. says:

    @Steve Segner, I see nothing in the above article that mentions LOW income housing. In fact it specifically makes reference at the very beginning the goal is WORKFORCE housing. And AFFORDABLE has been bantered about freely for quite some time and likewise questioned WTF AFFORDABLE DOUBLE SPEAK MEANS?

    “While Sedona is special in many ways, a shortage of workforce housing to accommodate local employees is not unique.” (opening of above 2nd paragraph)

    A while back Mayor Moriarty mentioned at a council meeting she would like to see a row of those recently promoted LITTLE HOUSES at the city owned sewer plant property. HOW WHITE OF HER TO CREATE A GHETTO?

    You just confirmed what some of us have been wondering. What kind of authority IS this? Now we know.

  22. Tina Lee says:

    @Steve S

    Yes I realize that good affordable long term rentals are lost due to Air BnB.

    Also….you sure stir up some really angry responses every time you post a common sense comment… Funny thing(deleted by editor)

  23. Steve segner says:

    Jd that’s a good question and the city Council and the city staff “ give concessions to builders it becomes a two-way street, the city gives them a little more density the city gets restrictions on short term rentals . Yes this does get around 1350 because it’s written into the agreement just as 1350 does not apply to homeowners association‘s they can allow short-term rentals are they can disallow short term rentals

  24. Steve segner says:

    Tina yes some people get upset ,it’s all about change there’s just a group of people in town they don’t want any change They just want to go back to some mystical time when things are perfect it’s the same on national elections. as forb the person asking about Connie‘s place I bought the motel three rooms that I’ve been a motel for 10 years I turn them into two hotel rooms they cannot be used for long-term rental because they have no kitchens hope that answers your question

  25. Sedona Residents Parttimers says:

    We love the idea of these apartments! We’ll sign a long term lease and make arrangements for a sublet during our time away from Sedona.

    All short term private rentals aren’t handled by Air BnB or other like services. Someone told us when ADU’s alternate? additional? dwelling units? were on the council agenda some years ago by the director of community development ? John O’Brien we believe was the fellow’s name. He went on record there would be no way of tracking this previous proposed method (ADUS) to address the housing situation.. Suppose there’s still no accounting for single family dwelling units that added ADUs on their properties? Of course they could very well be rented to vacationers? Speaking of a comedy of errors. It just becomes funnier by the minute.

    Three stories – rentals – BRING IT ON. YIPPEE!! Can hardly wait (and this is no joke for those who opt for twisting differing opinions as just being “angry responses”)

    If those objecting to Air BnB etc. (other property managers) are PO’d now, they might consider seeing their doctors for a healthy supply of blood pressure meds should this new blessing become reality for part time Sedona residents. Check communities with HOAs. They’ve got the same going on but turn a blind eye to keep their residents paying their monthly dues. That’s a fact.

  26. Tina Lee says:

    @steve Segner

    Ohhhh Nooooo… here they come..

  27. We want change says:

    We want change, delete stop all subsidies and favors to regional- chamber- lodging- regional chamber.

  28. Steve Lee says:

    Don’t feed the trolls.

    Either start a recall or enjoy your traffic. You can recall the council, shut down the city.

    If you want to wait 4 years you can run for office. By then it will be much too late. You should have gotten off your butt during the last election, there were people who were willing to fight for you. The opposition, The city Manager, the Chamber and Democrats of the Red Rocks all mobilized. They won.

    What did you do? Those of you that sat on your hands or were afraid to take a stand publicly behind a candidate, you were part of the problem. When you see Sedona ruined, look in the mirror.

    If you actually contributed to change during the last election, be at peace. You tried.

  29. Tina Lee says:

    @Steve Lee

    Yes I agree…Don’t feed the trolls

    Start a recall and shut down the city!?
    You know Steve you think us voters are dumb and we got fooled for putting the present city council in office .. Perhaps we are a lot smarter then you think YOU are.. You refuse to accept that your mindset is such a tiny minority in Sedona. There you go….I just gave you some TROLL food. Go at it in all your monikers..

  30. Sedona Election says:

    @Steve Lee not true. No need to wait 4 yrs to run for city council. Mayor is only a 2 yr term. Williamson elected for 2 yrs to fill vacancy when Vernier resigned. Martinez & Currivan presently serving their last 2 yr.

    So mayor and 3 council seats up for grabs in 2 yrs – not 4.

  31. Shut the City down says:

    Fire all the employees, let the counties take over. The could not possibly do worse than the cabal in charge now.

    Then tear city hall down and salt the earth it stands on so nothing will ever grow there again.

  32. @Shut the city down says:

    Oh brother
    So dramatic…..overblown and insincere .

  33. Joyce McClain says:

    Maybe if it continues to rain for 40 days and 40 nights City Hall will drop into a well deserved sinkhole (cesspool might be more appropriate).

  34. Wm. D. says:

    While reading SE comments the thought occurred to me. What does incorporation offer Sedona that didn’t exist prior to the big event?

    Only one answer comes to mind. AGGRAVATION & WASTED SPENDING

  35. Steve segner says:

    Sedona was incorporated primarily so they could issue bonds to build the sewer system. It’s been voted on by the public we have a city Council voted on by the public and we have a tax structure paid for mostly by visitors the majority of people and Sedona are happy with the system city Council and government. Tony who ran for mayor and was soundly defeated is proof that people are happy with the status quo

  36. Voting Bloc $$$$$ says:

    If you follow the giveaways $$$ of city funding of no bid contracts, free use of city assets, payments made to third parties and grant money it connects the dots.

    Sedona is buying vote blocs.

    The Library, chamber, lodging and Community center champaign to win Home Rule brought in the votes. Scaring people to vote lodging way so they would be subsidized.

    The so called city manager made his rounds to meet with every group and every potential group to share the news without home room they would get city subsidies , income or service contracts. The Democrats went door to door , business to business and did the same.

    No proof, just scare tactics.

  37. Aim Jackson, former Sedonan says:

    What does incorporation offer Sedona? Probably the biggest nongift is the overblown importance of a chamber of commerce. They will continue with their bird-fright-lights next Holiday season as they will also continue to advertise Sedona at the Phoenix Airport as well as in Phoenix locations. Translated that means Miles & Miles of more clogged traffic.

    And that is why my status is “formerly of Sedona” and watching Sedona Council Meetings has become beer and popcorn entertainment. Thanks for yesterday’s laughs. Don’t bother trolling about glad We left, glad the door hit us in the butts or Sedona is better off without us because Sedona left us behind when her residents stopped caring and the politicians and developers began to rule.

  38. Steve Selective Memory says:

    Sedona was incorporated so residents could control development, not to build a sewer system. Developers needed a sewer system to build high density on otherwise unbuildable lots, like Nepenthe.

    Mayoral candidate Tony IMO was defeated by falsehoods told by the Sedona Fake News, Chamber of Commerce and City Manager in order to influence voters to maintain the current cabal. The Democrats of the Red Rocks IMO also mobilized to keep grants and freebies coming to select groups, as socialists will usually do. Another factor was a 3rd Mayoral candidate, splitting the vote.

    The only people that are happy with the status quo are those with their hands firmly in the taxpayers pockets.

    Mayor Sandy gets a city grant for her Wine Fest. Segner and teh Chamber gets a huge cut of the bed tax collection which could go to remediate tourist impacts. Instead is is used to draw more tourists.

    Tourist cabal wins. Residents lost.

  39. Tina Lee says:

    Why you did it again Steve S. You make a sensible comment and the trolls come out in full force.. Funny stuff

  40. Richard Saunders says:

    @Selective Memory
    The RRN had nothing to do with Tony resounding defeat..
    That you can attribute to his marginal personality and misinformation (deleted by editor) lies

  41. Karen says:

    @ Richard Saunders,
    We can always count on you taking it to 11 and having a silver bullet. Never an original thought though, even your alias. Brainless as always. Hope this helps.

  42. Enlightened Bob says:

    At someone’s suggestion I reviewed the city council meeting held last Tuesday. Unbelievable!

    Actually I lost track of time because it was so fascinating listening to seven adult-children argue the virtues of whether or not to CREATE A CITY ORDINANCE (really folks I’m not making this up) to REGULATE WHAT DAYS AND HOURS RESIDENTS SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO HAVE GARBAGE CANS IN FRONT OF THEIR HOMES! Seriously. FINALLY at long last maybe TWO HOURS LATER Mayor Sandy rather tactfully implied what it was… STUPID (my word not her’s) and the idea was appropriately trashed!

    Just be aware loyal citizens of the City of Sedona. Big Brothers and Big Sisters are watching you and your garbage.


    It’s so important this garbage? Here’s a hypothetical assumption how city hall will handle this issue using an Erlanger formula….

    The city will create a REFUSE CONTROL AUTHORITY and pay $103, 234.32 for its director and then $87, 947.10 for an assistant director, and, then split the city into eight zones to issue tickets with RCA Controllers at $42, 382.85 each, and remember each member of this new city staff must have benefits and 4 day work weeks utilizing triple 8 hour shifts (residential streets must be patrolled all hours to control aberrant behaviors), 7 days a week with 32 hours per week for vacation & sick leave necessitating not 4.2 or 5.4 FTE but 8 full timers in this example for enough RCA controllers and managers. Oh yea…..We have to cost factor new laws, training, residential GPS trackers, software and accounting updates and budgets, office spaces, new chip embedded trash cans and coding to owners with RFTs, city cars for employee routes, and much more.

    It wasn’t that long ago when the city council attempted to regulate who exactly was entitled to COLLECT garbage.


    Farfetched? NO. You do realize THAT THEY ALREADY tell you how to SORT it?

    Too bad they aren’t as vigilant with the biggest ripoff in town ooppsss aka The Chamber. You know? Like in Chamber of Commerce or in City Hall Chamber? Your choice. Election time is coming soon.

  43. @Richard Saunders says:

    You must be new to Sedona. FYI the local paper has over the years been known for their rightful use of editorializing to swing elections. Just one other example? Cliff Hamilton. Your naivety – is it for real? (doubt it)

  44. Richard Saunders says:

    No not new to town and I’m very familiar with Tony’s (deleted by editor). My original statement is spot on. Thnks anyway

  45. @enlightened Bob says:

    There are those that DO and those that COMPLIAN….
    Which one are you oh enlightened one…

    I say the 2nd

  46. Karen says:

    San Francisco poop patrol employees make $184,000 per year. Sedona trash can patrol should make at least that. That would also mean a raise for out city management, they don’t make nearly enough on a sliding scale. They deserve so much for for their amazing management skills slaving away 4 days a week.

  47. Ollie M. Greer says:

    @Enlightened Bob say what? An agenda item about our garbage? That must have been extremely difficult since we still have a choice about just which company we contract with to haul it away.

    If these people who claim to never read SE just happen to catch your review of the latest council meeting and aren’t captivated by the essence of their absurdity then I don’t know what will do the trick. No wonder they are so intrigued with their Chamber of Commerce liaison. That group of “adult-children” must compare dealing with the Chair People) = (politically correct in reverse) of the Chamber & Lodging Council as MENSA material.

    OMG and sincerely,
    from Ollie M. Greer

    PS Look for a tax increase to pay for a potential contract for another professional study on this latest major Sedona problem. Monitoring curbside garbage cans.

    Most likely none of the adult children were out driving around today – traffic backed up on 179 probably to VOC. Oh that perhaps represents a Return On Investment of the latest Chamber ad campaign down in Phoenix.

    Get a grip Folks this is the beginning of staggered spring breaks. Don’t believe it? Ask the C of C maybe they can take more of that city-give-away money to hire someone to count cars on their one way trip through Sedona.

    C of C just spent some of it on something called bike repair stations. Honest ya just can’t make this stuff up!!!

    OMG Can’t stop laughing even long enough to scratch my head.

  48. Stop feeding the beast says:

    As long as you feed the beasts they will grow and have CONTROL over Sedona.

    Stop your newspaper subscriptions. DO NOT renew.

    QUIT the chamber if you haven’t already.

    Stop donating to those that DON”T NEED your money. Your not helping but hurting the community. The library doesn’t NEED your money. They have more wealth in the millions!!!!

    Stop feeding the beasts of Sedona.

  49. John Wilson says:

    Most zoos have signs posted Do Not Feed the Animals. Where are they in Sedona? Now that’s one thing the Chamber should definitely considered as a worthwhile investment.

  50. Tina Lee says:

    The trolls are out complaining in full force..Funny stuff

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