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Eddie Maddock on Knee Jerk Reactions

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie Maddock

Sedona AZ (July 9, 2014) – Reading headlines “As of July 1st the Shelter No Longer Receives Funding in Support from the City of Sedona” provoked the following knee jerk reaction:

From: Eddie Maddock
Date: 7/2/2014 5:03:55 PM
To: Rob Adams; MDinunzio@ci.sedona.az.us; Barbara Litrell; John Martinez; Mike Ward; Dan McIlroy; Jessica Williamson;
Subject: Fw: URGENT HELP Needed with City of Sedona

What’s this? A message to those who dared to object to your outlandish contract with the Chamber of Commerce, not to mention FRIVOLOUS funding for the Film Festival, Art in Public Places, Wine Festival, Arts Collaborative, etc, etc, etc.

Yep, guess you showed us. But we aren’t the ones who suffer. Only bullies pick on helpless animals. Guess next we’ll see all of you tossing them out your car windows. That’s one way to cut the over-population. Hope you sleep well at night since most of you are in bed with the Chamber of Commerce and related interests.

Eddie S. Maddock
Sedona Registered Voter

Of course, after the City of Sedona addressed line by line the allegations contained in the e-blast from the Humane Society of Sedona, it became clear that as in most cases the story had two sides which resulted in my commentary “Humane Society of Sedona City Service Contract” dated July 5, 2014.

On July 7, 2014 the following e-mail arrived from Mayor Rob Adams:

From: Rob Adams
Date: 7/7/2014 2:29:10 PM
To: Eddie Maddock
Subject: Fwd: URGENT HELP Needed with City of Sedona – CITY RESPONDS

As always, there are two sides to this story. Your eagerness to berate the
Council has always amazed me. What sort of pleasure do you get out of arm
chair quarterbacking Council decisions, particularly without having all the
facts and information before you formulate an opinion? Your use of the
poison pen is disturbing.
Please see attachment.
* * * * * * * * * * * *

The attachment to which the Mayor referred was Assistant City Manager Karen Daines’ line by line rebuttal of the HSS e-mail announcing the termination of the contract which was the same source of information used in my article on Sedona Eye. Clearly Mayor Adams wasn’t aware of my on-line work and, therefore, here is my response:

>>> “Eddie Maddock” 07/07/14 3:19 PM >>>
Thank you for your reply and I understand your frustration from a different
perspective. Council decisions that constantly favor special interests and
reflect self-serving gratification are, perhaps, the reasons for my
diligence in monitoring city activities and decisions. As you recall, I was
among those who supported those council members and yourself four years ago.
Did it ever occur to you that my reasons are out of concern and most
certainly not by choice. If you have the time, kindly read the following:

Humane Society of Sedona City Service Contract

Thank you,
* * * * * * * * * * * *

Obviously unimpressed, the Mayor replied:

City of Sedona Mayor Rob Adams

City of Sedona Mayor Rob Adams

From: Rob Adams
Date: 7/8/2014 8:36:57 AM
To: Eddie Maddock
Subject: Re: Fwd: URGENT HELP Needed with City of Sedona – CITY RESPONDS

I take exception to the claim that “Council decisions constantly favor special interests and reflect self-serving gratification”.
I don’t recall you ever making a phone call to discuss the reasoning behind these decisions. You just jump to conclusions based on your own narrow perspective. Again, it is easy to second guess. If you have concerns, why don’t you go to the source and discuss the issue?

* * * * * * * *

Really? Somewhat stunned, here’s my response to Mayor Adams:

From: Eddie Maddock
Date: 7/8/2014 9:54:57 AM
To: Rob Adams

Subject: Re: Fwd: URGENT HELP Needed with City of Sedona – CITY RESPONDS

Hi Rob:

Your bias toward towards the Chamber of Commerce, including infinity groups, and their policy to service their business members who don’t contribute to city taxes is evident. The malarkey about out of city limits lodging that do not collect bed tax, that their guests shop in Sedona, where is your proof of that?

You sit there and find it acceptable that non-chamber members do not get referrals from the contracted Sedona City Visitor’s Center (earmarked as the Chamber of Commerce) unless they “pay to play.” Is it not city sales tax collected by city-based businesses paying for that particular service contract – that being to provide a “City” visitor center in lieu of the city facilitating their own such as Flagstaff does?

Realistically what the city is doing is marketing the Chamber of Commerce, not the other way around, and proof of that exists on the signage at the Visitor’s Center and Jennifer Wesselhoff identifies it as the “Official Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Center.” Check out her spiel on TV Channel 18 (possibly on Channel 16 as well.) That, Sir, is a fact.

I had already received the city’s rebuttal to the HSS e-blast prior to you forwarding it to me and used it as the source for my recent commentary on Sedona Eye. What was unfair about making it public that it was the HSS that cancelled the contract and not the city? Did I not include the dates of the two meetings held in March and April as well as other aspects in the city’s response? Wasn’t your attack on me a bit premature?

To continue this discussion is pointless. You are in power to do as you please. As for going to the source, I’ve spent much time imposing on city staff to obtain information and they have always been cooperative and willing to assist me. You’re pretty quick to judge me yourself without actually knowing the facts.

As far as your remark about my “use of poison pen writing,” without proof of specifics might border on being libelous. In your world have you outlawed the privilege of one’s freedom to express an opinion? It almost sounds as if you’ve jumped on board with those spreading rumors that I’m the “neighborhood whack-job.” Whatever works or floats your boat I guess is the name of the game.

Have a nice day.


* * * * * * * * * * * *
Reply from the Mayor:

From: Rob Adams
Date: 7/8/2014 10:28:24 AM
To: Eddie Maddock
Subject: Re: Fwd: URGENT HELP Needed with City of Sedona – CITY RESPONDS

We agree to disagree. I do agree that it is pointless to continue this, or any other discussion. I have more important things to do than exchange barbs with you.

* * * * * * * *
Gee whiz, didn’t I just make the same suggestion? That “To continue this discussion is pointless?” And yet he insisted on having the last word. Or so he thought:

From: Eddie Maddock
Date: 7/8/2014 4:22:21 PM
To: Rob Adams

OK Rob. One thing we do agree on is it’s pointless to continue this discussion which, incidentally, was incited by your response to the e-mail I sent relating to the HSS contract.

In spite of your somewhat distorted insistence to seek facts, at this juncture you choose to ignore the “fact” that the City’s contract with the Chamber for the Visitor’s Center is simply to give them money to promote the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE.

Although much more specific on Cable TV Channel 18, whereby Jennifer Wesselhoff specifically identifies 331 Forest Road as being the “Official Location of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce Visitor’s Center” and includes a photograph of the building, the Chamber web site also supports that concept, never once indicating it presently exists as a contracted service to the City of Sedona. Check it out:

http://www.sedonachamber.com/article/68 and http://www.visitsedona.com/

It isn’t a Sedona City Visitor’s Center at all nor does the Chamber promote Sedona as a City or city businesses unless they pay dues for membership to their exclusive club being financed with public money.

And you took exception to the reference in my e-mail to you about favoring “special interests?” What more proof do you need by not insisting the City financed Visitor’s Center is appropriately identified the Sedona City Visitor’s Center? As for “self gratification” it would seem your decision to kiss me off when the oven became too hot for the kitchen is a pretty darn good example.

Speaking of facts, where are yours to justify the contract with the Chamber of Commerce as being what is claimed, a “service” to the City? The “fact” it is not identified as such is pretty clear to me. Sure, further discussion with me or probably anyone else who disagrees with you and your apparent love affair with the Chamber is off limits. (my opinion)

Seriously, based on the contents of your response to the e-mail I sent to you and the entire City Council, didn’t you anticipate some sort of exchange to ensue?

You do not want facts which point to the failure of this City Council by not demanding the Visitor’s Center be properly identified as a product of public funding and that ALL businesses collecting city taxes are NOT equitably represented. Or is the money being paid to the Chamber for other reasons which translated might infer “under false pretenses?” But of course the only other answer is back to square one: All of the city funding to the Chamber of Commerce is for the purpose of promoting the Chamber of Commerce and not the City of Sedona, as on the surface you would like for the community to believe. Any FACTS, Mayor, to conclusively prove otherwise?

Honoring your request, this will conclude discussions with you on this and future issues of concern.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

End of exchange. Moral of story: Do not disagree with Mayor Rob Adams. Oh, and by the way, “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up.”

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Amazing responses from the Mayor. Who exactly does he think he works for?

    As the head of the city, the mayor officially speaks for both the government and the community as a whole.

    Can’t say much professionalism is reflected in the subjective responses from the Mayor.

    His comment: “I do agree that it is pointless to continue this, or any other discussion. I have more important things to do than exchange barbs with you.” Not to mention the comment regarding a “poisonous pen.”

    Pointless to address “this, or any other discussion” raised by a citizen of the community? How is that for an open-door policy of approachability?

    Thank you Eddie for your continuing perseverance to help keep readers informed.

  2. Warren says:

    Eddie, I loved your malapropism — “including infinity groups.” Those are affinity groups that seem to stretch unto infinity.

  3. Tony Tonsich says:

    One of the best arguments yet for Sedona disincorporation.

    I have yet to see any candidate announce they were against home rule. All cut from the same cloth?

  4. Eddie M. says:

    @Warren, in a broader sense could my “oops moment” possibly be considered a “Freudian Slip?” I can’t stop laughing. The title I gave this masterful exchange was “YOU JUST CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.”

  5. Thomas says:

    What’s most revealing here is that Rob Adams didn’t deny that taxpayer’s money being GIVEN to the Chamber of Commerce is for any other purpose than promoting the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and their “Affinity/Infinity” associates instead of the expressed intent: To promote Sedona. His deliberate attempt to circumvent the issue of misrepresenting a contract for a Sedona City Visitor’s Center isn’t unlike a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Ignore the problem and it will vanish.

    Not so, Mr. Mayor. The jig is up but you are not in it alone. Except for Mike Ward, the six who voted to approve the outlandish expenditure of public funds, committing to the next three years without even a glimmer of valid accountability for the apparently foreign notion of Return on Investment, is shameful if not corrupt.

    Even a REAL audit of the mysterious workings of the Chamber,Tourism Bureau, Lodging Council “collaboration” at this stage of the game cannot be trusted. Maybe the FBI or IRS might take this matter more seriously than the mayor and his cronies who choose to ignore the growing public distrust of many of their recent decisions. Candidates for mayor and city council seats, are you paying attention?

  6. Andy says:

    One thing for sure Sedona doesn’t lack is arrogance of power at the cost to many Sedona taxpayers of diminished quality of life, oppression, and future uncertainty. Madole Road residents, would you agree? Of course that doesn’t apply to those on the take.

  7. William S. says:

    FYI, Mayor Adams doesn’t just attempt to silence by e-mail or attack only residents. At the regular meeting on July 8 during Code Enforcement activities, he refused to allow Dan McIlroy to speak and denied other council members from making comments at that meeting. Another interesting event took place. The new code enforcers explicitly mentioned that many illegal short term rental complaints, although bearing Sedona zip code addresses, were outside Sedona City Limits and therefore not in Sedona code enforcement jurisdiction. Question: Why doesn’t the same rule apply to Chamber members with Sedona zip codes outside City Limits and the legality for them to receive “free” advertising with Sedona city taxes? More evidence of discrimination.

  8. Dennis says:

    Wonder why the Mayor didn’t back off when E. Maddock informed him of the article she wrote explaining it was the HSS and not the city that rejected the contract? Oh I forgot he is obviously incensed because she keeps asking questions about the city contract with the C of C so instead of addressing the issue with factual explanations he distorts and rambles on with vacant words and accusations. Time to move on Mayor and pursue full time your new direction to control the entire Verde Valley.

  9. Ted says:

    This from our and any one’s Mayor? Not acceptable on any level, politically or socially. Do you have the grace to be embarrassed?

  10. Tony Tonsich says:

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
    Mahatma Gandhi

    Our current city council and mayor are trying the ignore tactic. If we persist we WILL win. That is all it takes, being persistent, exposing what they are doing. Ignoring those who insult us or tell us to get a hobby. If they provided a service to the citizens they would not worry. By their shrill responses they are worried.

    Millions of your tax dollars to the Chamber of Commerce, Sedona Film festival and others with no accountability? The city manager making well over $200,000 per year in salary and benefits? One month vacation /leave the FIRST YEAR for city employees. A $160,000 annual employee appreciation account.

    google Sedona disincorporation or the city’s website sedonaaz.gov.

    It’s your money, not the city’s.

  11. Tom G says:

    Yes go to the website.. You can see a guy cashing his check at lunch.. Picture taking by tax watchdog ( aka. – deleted by editor)

  12. Jim McAnany says:

    I’ve seen a lot of things, both on the referenced website, as well as driving around.

    What I find appalling is this statement:

    “According to Ms. Karen Daines (Assistant City Manager), ‘Projects without dedicated revenue streams, including most sidewalk, drainage, and public safety projects, must all compete for a finite amount of General Fund resources.’”

    I’ve seen city streets that are crumbling, but $269,000 was allocated to a Splash Park (so that they can then just turn on the lawn sprinklers for the 3% of the city’s population to run through). Not to mention the fact that there is a drought-crisis occurring.

    I’ve reviewed my sewage tax, I’ve reviewed the taxes on the receipts from the stores at which I shop, and I have read the budget and seen where millions of dollars have been allocated to the Film Festival and the Chamber of Commerce and many more, yet my public safety has no allocation in the city’s budget.

    I’ve read lots of ways that the city has grown too big for its britches. It has lost its focus of why it is there in the first place – “sidewalk, drainage, and public safety projects” – yet those reasons have to compete for crumbs after all the “allocated” monies have been spent.

    Sedonas population is dropping each year, yet the tax collection keeps increasing so that key individuals can keep lining their wallets.

    Voting NO on Home Rule is a great way to stop the chaos and insanity. Lets bring accountability and fiscal responsibility back to the city of Sedona.

  13. Peter says:

    @Jim McAnany
    Maybe more people will be convinced when Mayor Adams and the big -time spenders bring up ways to collect “new money.” Look for this to happen in the next few weeks. Seriously.

  14. Jim uptown says:

    Also be on the lookout for “scare tactics.” Like without “Home Rule” your water, gas, and electric will be turned off. Bit of an overstatement, of course, but “they” will think of reasons to keep Home Rule, spend more city taxes on expensive ads and mailers to convince voters, and probably succeed in getting it approved as they’ve always managed to do in the past.

  15. Being circulated by Rick Wesselhoff (husband of Chamber CEO/Pres. Jennifer and co=partner of RRNews online edition) in conjunction with Sandy Moriarty’s run for Sedona City Mayor:

    “She’s scheduled a fundraiser…. We hope that you can make it to show your support… we need people to spread the word to neighbors, co-workers, friends, family – and we REALLY need some cold hard cash to pay for the ads scheduled to run in the Red Rock News. “

  16. Sedona Sam says:

    Pay attention to those that are controlling your city dollars. Vote for those they DO NOT support.

    @A little bird anyone Rick Wesselhoff, Red Rock News or the chamber support is bad news. Sandy is also being endorsed by Jessica Williamson who has Sandy signs in Kachina Subdivision. Remember Jessica wanted the chamber to get money for years. She didn’t want them to have to come back every year for money. The chamber is a regional membership group, NOT the City! Just those signs tell me to vote for Cliff Hamilton.

    Thank you for letting us know NOT to vote for Sandy. Thank goodness Cliff Hamilton is running for Mayor. Cliff is neutral. He reviews things and bring clarity to the picture.

    Make positive change. Your vote counts. Vote for Cliff and No on Home Rule http://cliffhamiltonformayor.org/

  17. Warren says:

    @ Sedona Sam and anyone else thinking there is a difference between Sandy and Cliff — Hamilton consistently voted corporate welfare to the Chamber when he was on Council. I doubt there is ANY current council candidate who will refuse the Chamber. The only hope for voters wanting to staunch the flow of money is to vote NO on Home Rule.

  18. Sedona Sam says:

    @warren Yes I agree everyone needs to vote No on Home Rule.

    Best of two evils. Cliff voted to support the chambers visitors center, the current council are the ones to fund over a million to the regional group that markets just their regional members. Not the in city businesses. Sandy is 200% Chamber, and her buddies will get more money. With Cliff there may be some hope. Sandy is hopeless. One or the other Cliff is better choice.

  19. Steve E. says:

    All I know is that Cliff Hamilton when on Council managed to get the stupid creek walk/park off the charts. It was Rob Adams brought that baby back and he (Adams) has until November to invest in creek side property.

    Cliff didn’t seem to impose his personal agenda like what we see on Council these days. Sandy, who was on Housing Commission together with Jessica Williamson (then city employee) lobbied heavily for ADU (Auxiliary Dwelling Units) and of course the code was approved in spite of public protest.

    None of the elected will ever please everyone. Not all Cliff’s decisions suited me. But at least he read the prepared material and didn’t impose his personal beliefs at public meetings such as the use of “God” in the proposed plaque for the Veteran’s Memorial.

    Agreeing that it’s really important to vote NO on Home Rule, like it or not we will still have three new council members and a new mayor elected next month. Reuniting Jessica and Sandy with voting power? Something to think about all right.

    One thing which doesn’t require much thought, however, is that another election will be a money-maker for the RRNews. Had to laugh in a way that even Sandy’s fun(d) raiser is being promoted as raising lots of cash for ads in the RRNews, as if just everyone subscribes. And your Sedona Eye probably gets a zillion more readers and only one person is brave enough to run the ad against Home Rule. Thank you Dana Harold Varney!

  20. Elections aren’t about ONE issue/if you vote based on ONE issue then you deserve the jerks. It’s about lesser evils! That’s a politicians rule of thumb and it should be the voters.

    I’m voting for Cliff Hamilton.

  21. jim tabor says:

    It is wrong for police or firefighters representing themselves as such “heros” to promote one candidate over another. If one would like to promote a candidate then they should do so under their own name, not as a career affiliation so as to confuse or mislead the readers.

    As far as choosing a “lesser evil”, either way, no matter the choice, the voter is still stuck with “evil”.

    If the choices are only one evil over another, I say lets disincorporate and be done with ALL evils.

    Baby steps: NO on Home Rule.

  22. For sure there are many issues to be considered (at least there should be) but at the moment the focus appears to remain on the Chamber of Commerce controlling Sedona …… City Limits & Beyond.

    Have not met this City Council candidate, Ronald Budnick, but understand his expertise is in handling money matters. If that means the ability to see through the Chamber con game it merits serious consideration.

    “The Vine” has Jerry Frey and Rio Robson as so far “silently” being supported by those endorsing Sandy Moriarty.

    That figures….. considering who some of the people were getting signatures for their petitions.

    The League of Women Voters has the two candidate forums slated: Wednesday, 7/23 – 7:00 PM: Jewish Community Center; Thursday, 7/24 – Sedona Public Library. Maybe a logical thought would be to attend one or both of these events and listen to the candidates in person.

    The connections Sandy Moriarty has and her presence at Council Meetings and public support for the Chamber; then being on the Service Contract Committee and supporting the 10% increase for Main Street ……. well, no doubt where her interest is and support will be coming from. Not having heard of any affiliation or “special interest” ropes binding Cliff Hamilton speaks volumes if one is paying attention.

    Bottom line: GET OUT AND VOTE!

  23. Lesley H. says:

    @ Jerry, Sedona City Limits
    Thank You so very much for telling Us about the two candidate forums. This is the reason I read the Sedonaeye, to exchange information. I’ll be at at least one of the forums.

    I agree with others here that Cliff Hamilton has always come to Council meetings prepared, and I believe that He answers to only Himself on the City topics. He has My vote. I don’t know a lot about the others running for Council, except a vote for Jerry Frey would be a vote for the RRN. A vote for Scott Jablow is a vote for the Chamber (and He doesn’t need to brush up on topics because He knows everything).

    And I’ll be making what I believe to be a responsible vote, and that is No on Home Rule.

  24. Helen says:

    Oh Please!!! Sandy and her big guns are playing her cards and choosing her words very carefully!!!! Here we go again with another crap routine and “I will make it all OK and I won’t Promise anything – I will represent the little folks” ………..isn’t that what Rob Adams said?


  25. Billy G says:

    Jim tabor…

    Perfectly responsible to represent yourself by profession for a candidate… It’s a free country..

  26. Steve Taylor says:

    Let us all not forget that Hamilton was the point man pushing to buy 89A to avoid the lights. For someone who you all say is that good with money, buying that road would have been a very bad purchase for us residents.

  27. julie says:

    yep @Helen. That is exactly what Rob Adams did. He told everyone that he was like Dick Ellis. Can you believe that one? Rob Adams is the polar opposite of Dick Ellis. Simply Rob Adams has hurt Sedona in more ways than one.

    Let your neighbors know, No on home rule. No for Sandy or any other egos similar to hers. But do go and vote.

    By not voting you are voting for the same old stuff. Don’t give up your voice VOTE! This is how WE make positive changes. Please vote.

  28. Norm says:

    As things progress here (regress?) the best idea for the future of Sedona including economic development tends to lean towards the idea of dis(un)-incorporation.

    How appealing would “NO BED TAXES” and ‘NO CITY SALES TAX” be to potential tourists? And it would certainly eliminate the out-of-city limits business competition, especially lodging, who presently have the advantage.

    The branch of the Coconino County Sheriff Dept. could return to Forest Road and the Yavapai Sheriff Dept. in the VOC could perhaps expand to serve all Sedona.

    Mostly, the Chamber of Commerce, the most officious special interest group in Sedona, would have to stand on its own feet without whining to the city for more $$$$$. Put that, Sandy Moriarty, in your pipe and smoke it and maybe things really would be OK and put back in proper perspective.

    In the meantime let us be sensible and reject HOME RULE. Vote “NO.”

  29. Mark says:

    @Steve You’re kidding. Pro road is your reason for not voting for Hamilton? I was anti road. So c’mon! It was a fair fight and no road voters won! So no road! Hamilton had a position like everybody else in this city. His position lost. So what? So you want weasels maybe? Vote for that other contestant if that’s what you want — a worse Sedona? She and LeFevre and Littrel want to put up homeless shelters (not one but two) in the heart of town! She wants a program for affordable housing like Sedona didn’t get better than affordable in 2008 – 2014! Been to Flag lately? Phoenix? See the derelicts feces and pee on the sidewalks? Bums laying in the parks, the Flag murders and crime they commit?

    Yeah that’ll finish off our dwindling tourist trade for sure. Yeah that’ll finish off the real estate sales and timeshares for sure. Yeah that’ll finish off the galleries, the chamber, the small and big businesses for sure. Cliff or Sandy? Vote for Cliff. Save our city.

  30. Bert says:

    Steve Taylor, how about returning to reality? Does Sedona own the Hiway? No. Was Cliff Hamilton the only person on the City Council dumb enough to attempt forcing people to agree to owning the road? No. Did the masses finally stand up for their rights? Yes.

    Point being. When people get fed up to their ears and pushed to the wall, they WILL take action.

    That being said, why continue to whine about West 89A and the lights? It’s history.

    How many time does Councilwoman Barbara Litrell continue to reek of sour grapes at public meetings about the failed efforts to force Sedona residents to own a Hiway? It never ends.

    Most recently she took Keep Sedona Beautiful to task over the Dark Skies Designation because they refused to take a stand during the light controversy. KSB couldn’t take a position because it was a political issue. They would have lost their 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit status. As a former President of KSB, Barbara Litrell should have known that. But no. Harp, harp, harp.

    Welcome to the here and now. Cliff Hamilton, because of his other positive attributes, served the residents well and didn’t drone on and on and on about his own personal opinions as do most members of the present City Council. Mr. Hamilton has not engulfed himself with involvement in special interest groups to which he would have obligated “due bills.” There’s little doubt in my mind that he is a big enough person to put and leave past events where they belong – in the past. It’s time to move forward with a Mayor dignified enough to accept defeats without whining, not stomp out of council meetings, treat all members of the public and staff with respect. In my opinion, that person at this point in time is Cliff Hamilton.

  31. REMINDER says:

    Your tax dollars are on the line. Small grant funding will be discussed at today’s council meeting (7/22):

    Regular Sedona City Council Meeting, Tuesday, July 22, 2014, 4:30 PM

    c. AB 1815 Discussion/possible action on the funding of various programs and services in the categories of community building, economic stimulation, and arts & culture through the City’s Small Grants Program for the 2015 fiscal year.

    Cable Channel 4, 4:30 PM (pre-meeting can be seen @ 3:00)

  32. Michele says:

    I will vote for Cliff Hamilton, a decent man. I won’t vote for Sandy who is rude, abrasive and not very bright. I saw one of her signs and decided I wouldn’t like the person with it in their yard. Angela is vulgar. I doubt she would know art if it dropped from heaven, never-mind she’s an atheist and despises religion.

    Avoid the women cause they make us look like stereotypes. We could have used a few decent women candidates instead of this batch. Bring back Pud Colquitt. At least she had backbone.

  33. Yahoo, Michele! I dig your style and choice of words. Thank you very much.

  34. Four members constitutes a quorum on the Sedona City Council (enough to enact legislation). Something to think about:

    Jessica Williamson, Sandy Moriarty, Angela LeFevre, (“Blank”).

    Fill in the (Blank) to complete the quorum from Hell.

  35. Marty says:

    “Just A Thought” translates to “Worse Case Scenario” equals = NIGHTMARE!

  36. Jean says:

    In my opinion, Mark DiNunzio’s name belongs in the quorum from Hell.

    “…for visitors Sedona is more than the City limits.”

    “We have a history with the Chamber marketing Sedona.”

    These mind-bogglers came from an email of Mark’s I received upon objecting to the handout of millions in taxpayer funds to the so-called Sedona Chamber of Commerce (sans competitive bidding to boot), as well as the additional squandering of taxpayer $$$$ on numerous businesses in Flagstaff and the Verde Valley area.

    I plan to vote “NO” on Home Rule and feel disincorporation will be forced upon Sedona property owners over time.

  37. Jim uptown says:


    Hear, Hear…………Loud & Clear!

  38. Steve E. says:

    Hey you silly Naysayers. Look at it this way. Based on Jessica Williamson’s openly displayed objection to the “Moment of Silence” and most recently the word “God” on the plaques at the Veteran’s Memorial, one of the top priorities of this Quorum from Hell might just be to do away with the MOS and then figure out strategy to remove “God” from Sedona.

    Now that’s a good one. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny have already been put to rest due to their non-politically correct status.

    Chamber of Commerce, heads-up. A new way to spend City of Sedona free money to market all of your non-taxpaying members:

    “Spend a week or two in Beautiful, Spiritual Sedona that has recently Gone Godless.”

    Good Lord (oops – erase that). What a catchy phrase. Quorum from Hell, are you listening?

  39. Having read the campaign brochure of Jon Thompson, which he left at my front door, it took me no time at all to recognize that he is sympathetic to the organized Sedona socialist cabal of Jessica Williamson, Barbara Litrell, Angela LeFevre, and Sandy Moriarty. And, of course, never forget that the hallmark of a socialist in office is that he or she believes that his/her own politico/economic belief-system is morally and practically superior to the will of the majority… even if they know nothing of the discipline of economics. Therefore, they never listen to the public once in office. For that reason, I can also assure all you readers that the aforementioned socialists do not believe in the process of competitive bidding for outsourced local government services. Yes, socialists probably will control the City Council after the next election which will ensure ever-increasing city debt and corrupt award of outsourced contracts which always results in questionable distribution of treasury funds (you all know what I mean by politely stating the point this way). Isn’t it just amazing that our little resort town of 9,800 has a yearly budget that rivals far larger and more successful resort towns who competitively bid out all their outsourced services and, therefore, due to their reputations for integrity in governance, can attract private sector benefactors who will contribute huge dollar amounts to joint private/public civic improvement projects? My last sentence is correlative to the fact that Sedona, with the exception of Georgia Frontiere (and Sedona ran her out of town), has never been able to entertain the investment interests of such benefactors as have the City of Palm Desert or the Colorado west slope towns known so well to all of us. Nevertheless, the next Council, after this next probable socialist Council, will find that it won’t have to listen to the will of the people either, because the US and state economies will dictate ALL financial decisions to them.

  40. I believe it’s time for a reality check of the “want to be players” currently trying to take over our small town. Luckily, I was on someone’s mailing list and they felt there was real value in letting everyone know so I received the following:

    “Below is a paste of a ‘do-not-pass-around’ email sent by Steve Segner. Steve Segner is the President of the Sedona Lodging Council.

    For those of you who are not aware: the Sedona Lodging Council begged the City Council, in conjunction with and as Partners of the Sedona (Regional) Chamber of Commerce to raise the City Bed Tax Rates which allowed all lodging business’s outside our City limits to a windfall of people wanting to not pay a higher tax.

    Please Read on:
    “From: Steve Segner

    Subject: lets meet please do not pass around
    Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 10:39:26 -0700

    We need to do something that puts Sand on the map, the hill top people are Hamilton’s they hang together butt they are few…. We need the flatlanders….

    I see cliff as a life long autocrat… We need to tell that story “Sandy gets her hands dirty…. Cliff talks and talks down.

    Can you get me his background? I am thinking about a large rental truck parked around town with sides with Sands posters… remember all Sedona residents go to two locations each week, Bash’s and Safeway,

    Lets be smart, lets run a gorilla marketing campaign

    I think Cliff will try to paint the chamber in a bad light so he can come in and fix things ,lets keep the chamber out of this, and talk about and Cliff and his imperil management stile.
    I think using the “T” party as a comment would be good.


    ….So, there ya go folks – the President of the Sedona Lodging Council – which is a side bar or affinity group of the (Regional) Sedona Chamber of Commerce which receives, I believe, the largest financial hand out from the City – is calling most of us “Flatlanders” as in dumb downs?… And He wants to run a “gorilla marketing campaign” as he believes He is so smart when in fact he is an embarrassment to his industry, our community and only wants to negate the rest of us as being dumber than rocks in order to have the City pay for advertising he wants for free.

    Now, lets look at this link: 2012-860134659-09d177ca-9O.pdf

    This is the link to the Chambers 990 filing, with the State, where they clearly state: they “promote & Foster the CIVIC, ECONOMIC & SOCIAL WELFARE OF ITS MEMBERSHIP AND PROMOTE TOURISM FOR THE CITY OF SEDONA AND ITS SURROUNDING COMMUNITIES”. (never realized the Chamber was responsible for Social Welfare – but hey – call me a flatlander!)

    That is just the tip of the iceberg: the 990 report, signed by Jennifer W…goes on to say “THE CHAMBER MAINTAINED 459 MEMBERS IN THE TOURISM BUREAU; ASSISTED 449 TRADE PROFESSIONALS; ASSISTED 130 MEETING/EVENT PLANNERS; PARTICIPATED IN 6 TRAVEL TRADE SHOWS AND, IN CONJUNCTION WITH AZ OFFICE OF TOURISM, SALES MISSIONS TO LOS ANGELES AND LAS VEGAS. VISITATION TO WEBSITE BY 1.2 MILLION VISITORS; IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OTHERS PROMOTED LOCAL EVENTS, RAN NUMEROUS ADVERTISEMENTS, ……………and on and on………….NO Where does this legal report mention 1000 members. The report does state that their VISITOR CENTER ASSISTED 346,00 WALK-IN VISITORS (which would equate to some average of 900 a day?) and then she would like us to believe that a few lines down when she states that: “THE CHAMBER STRIVED TO INCREASE THE AWARENESS AND PARTICIPATION OF ITS 980 MEMBERS IN CHAMBER PROGRAMS….. Well I’m just tired of quoting and oh so tired of trying to get the Chambers numbers of members to equal the 1000 Jennifer keeps quoting to the City Council.

    So my intelligent friends – I’ve given you what I received…sure as hell hope you appreciate the duplicity and self promotions expressed by Steve Segner to Sandy Moriarty who wants to be Mayor – at the expense of all us “flatlanders”.

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