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Eddie Maddock: History in Headlines

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock with a Sedona History in Headlines review.

Sedona AZ (June 25, 2017)How much of a story can accurately be conveyed with a few simple words at the beginning of an article?

That, of course, is subjective and best ascertained by those reading the information and forming individual opinions which might thusly be considered as an invitation to objectivity, strictly formulated from that personal belief or point of view.

Endeavoring to test the waters, offered here are samples:

EXTRA – Los Angeles Times: Monday Morning, July 21, 1969: “WALK ON MOON” – ‘That’s One Small Step for Man … One Giant Leap for Mankind’

Sedona Red Rock News, 8/24/88: “Innkeepers, chamber still urging tourism promotion”

Sedona Red Rock News, 9/07/88: “Innkeepers group gifts $500 for new brochure on Sedona”

Sedona Red Rock News, 9/21/88: photograph only “Celebrating a change – Pink Jeeps’ owners John and MaryAnn Minnick threw a shindig Monday to celebrate the sale of the 30-year-old scenic touring business. The new owners, Shawn Wendell and Jim Hearns of Texas, were on hand to present John Minnick with a special pink and white cowboy hat. Many of the Pink Jeep drivers were on hand to wish the Minnicks well. John said he and his wife will remain in Sedona.”

Sedona Red Rock News, 2/21/96: “Developers at risk due to sewer policy” – sub headline: “Mayor Thron Riggs said the city made an assumption that the treatment plant could handle more than the permitted flows based on assurances by experts”

The Arizona Republic, 1/08/97: “Hog wild and pig crazy – Javelinas inspire love, hate, misunderstanding”

Sedona Red Rock News, 6/20/97: “Alternate route forum draws crowd” – ‘A contentious issue – Jim Odenkirk’. Photo caption: “HARRY EASTON was one of about 25 citizens who chose to speak at a meeting of the Citizens Task Force last Tuesday evening (top photo) which took place in the multi-purpose room at the Sedona Fire Station. Receiving input was task force chairman Tom O’Halleran and member John Miller (left photo) and the other Task Force members. Public comment ranged from positive to negative to pleas from local residents to ‘do something’ concerning an alternate route to ease traffic congestion on Hwy. 179.”

Sedona Red Rock News, 12/5/97: “Sedona has a new zone category: Lodging”

Arizona Republic, 1/3/98: “Newcomers find Sedona too pricey – Few can afford housing”

Side bar: “Priced Out Of Paradise (in part): “They are ‘Forbidden Cities’: Aspen, Vail, Jackson, Incline Village, Sun Valley, Sedona, Taos and others, Western resort areas that have become so affluent that few can afford to live there.”

Red Rock News, 4/1/98: “Our Opinion – Taxpayers tell government ‘No more’ – Thomas L. Brossart, Managing editor” Notation: “Sedona” not appearing with RRN at top of page.

Letter to Editor from Michael Rofe, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. – Red Rock News, 2/11/2000: “Sedona not worth it unless noise limited”

Verde Valley News, 8/16/2000: “Opinion – Legislature changes Open Meeting Law” – Insert: ‘There is no substitute for education. Lawyers for public bodies should conduct a training session to share these changes with clients. Sessions should be held in public so members of the public learn the law, too, and gain confidence that the particular public body cares about obeying the law.” – Tim Delaney, Chief Deputy, Arizona Attorney General

Sunset Park children’s playground 2017

Red Rock News, 8/6/04: “When in doubt, blame it on the devil” – A Time to Talk – John Reid – “ Insert: ‘It is the individual city staff members who must demonstrate they have the sensitive nerve endings that enable them to raise red flags before the storm hits.’

Red Rock News, 10/28/05: “Council considers ‘hilltop’ ordinance – Protection of even one ridge is worth it, councilman says”

Red Rock News, 3/22/06: “Parks & Rec. survey results released” – ‘Developing new facilities such as ball fields, tennis courts, picnic area and a recreation center rated low. The majority of respondents also felt that an indoor swimming pool was not necessary.’ – ‘Property tax, dedicated sales tax and current sales tax were the least popular forms of funding.’

Red Rock News, 11/01/06: “Available parking affects city’s revenue”

Red Rock News, 12/29/06: “Pricey holiday party” – ‘City spends over $12,000 on 2006 celebration’. Opening paragraph: “The city of Sedona spent $12,291.78 on its 2006 holiday party for 168 staff and volunteers.”

Red Rock News, 5/16/07: “Council accepts land, foregoes $845K in fees”

Related Editorial – Red Rock News, 5/16/07: “Two steps forward, one step back” – Greg Ruland, Managing Editor, Larson Newspapers: “The entire 7.8 acres lies in a flood plain. No land developer wants it. Most distressing of all, this so-called ‘gift’ is actually going to cost the city $845,000, money intended by law to reduce the impact of rapid growth on Sedona residents.”

Red Rock News, 01/02/08: “Mayor accounts for only 1 of 7 votes” – City talk, Jerry Frey, Vice Mayor

Red Rock News, 6/18/08: Editorial – Managing Editor’s Slot – “When will traffic keep people from coming to Sedona?” (By-line unidentified)

Kudos, 10/08/14: “Remember When” – “Second Time Around – Sedonans vote to incorporate” Featuring photo of Ron Bricker and Pat Kantor  (Note: On Oct. 15, 1985, voters in six of seven precincts rejected the bid to incorporate which denied the measure to incorporate by a 2,071-1,486 margin. Two years later, on Dec. 2, 1987, the measure passed: 1,897-1,332.)

Does anyone wonder if that vote were taken today, would those 565 individuals vote the same way?

That’s it for now, but there might be more to follow.

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  1. West Sedona Resident says:

    A smoking idea……take the trash out with you @West sedon resident. We can save millions a year not funding your club and get the A game back in SedonA.

    Take a poll you and your club are the only ones blowing rotten hot air. TT

  2. Steve segner says:

    jess,I would like to correct your miss statements ,I am a resident of SEDONA and I have voted for over 18 years,I have property up in Oak creek,and homes in Sedona. Yes,I think I should pay a city property tax, because I think the city could use the money and Sedonas income shouldn’t be totally based upon tourism tax dollars paying our bill, I think the locals should step up and pay more but that’s my own feeling.
    Before you get all worked up and start saying I don’t have a right to vote in Sedona, one reader of sedona eye, reported to the state several years ago and we were investigated by the Secretary of State and they found out I was voting correctly just wanted to put that to rest .

  3. sharlett says:

    Hey steve segner – would like to make a slight correction to your supposed truthful writings: #1- you are, by your own previous admissions, NOT a resident of Sedona and therefore if you voted in City of Sedona you did so illegally…we all acknowledge you own a house up the canyon that you rent out for weddings and etc – where you can cutthroat price to other sites as you don’t have to charge city sales and b&b taxes……and yet YOU are willing to pay a city property tax??? Are you kidding ???

    You think citizens should step up and pay a property tax so our tax income base is not tourism taxes paying our bills??? ARE YOU KIDDING US???

    Don’t you get it Mr Segner: on just about any given day it is the tourists paying our bills as they are the largest overall number of tax paying bodies in town.

    A hex on you Segner – get a life and stop cheating and Please become a much more humble member of society.

    Aren’t you the same guy who keeps pandering the wondrous attributes of the regional chamber – – — as they now seem to have their paws in just about everything in our town and outside?

    You are a phony – and the Chamber is a monopoly of Jennifer’s wishes….job security.

  4. Jess Wundrin says:

    OK Steve Segner so because you own property within Sedona City Limits does that mean you also register to vote in both Yavapai and Coconino Counties? And if, as you claim, you’ve been here for 18 years then surely you would be aware that NO CITY PROPERTY TAXES was a condition made when Sedona residents approved incorporation. Even John Martinez who hasn’t lived in Sedona nearly as long as you acknowledged he was aware and went on record in another article on Sedona Eye that the sewer plant was to be financed with Sedona Sales Tax – also a conditional contingency proposed for obtaining approval of the ballot measure.

    Because you flaunt your wealth by entertaining the entire city council and maybe even members of the city staff at your Oak Creek Canyon Estate, which at least in the past was publicized on a web site but more recently on Face Book postings, it appears you continue to pull strings as their mouth-piece in addition to the chamber of commerce. You even had the audacity to respond to a question posed to Martinez about the sewer plant funding. Was that an official representation or merely another of your officious mannerisms that you speak on behalf of the entire council and staff?

    As for the tourists and property taxes, why is it we are in need of five fire stations? Surely not for the population of the entire Sedona Fire DISTRICT which is quite different from the City of Sedona and therefore includes a population that slightly exceeds the mere 8,000 or so presently living within City Limits. The financing for that operation is paid for with PROPERTY TAXES assessed collectively by the county in which the residents of the Fire District reside. Hardly a trivial amount, especially since in November they will be requesting approval of a bond just short of $19 million dollars.

    Put a sock in your fat mouth, Segner, at least when it comes to telling residents they don’t pay their fair share. The most that’s been proven to have been accomplished since your claim to victory over the obscene ongoing contract with the city for millions of dollars is an equal number of day- trippers, many of whom neither stop nor shop in Sedona but have access to emergency service which we, the residents, foot the bill.

    Stick with the City Council & City Staff with your trite offerings. They seems to love you but that doesn’t mean the rest of us do.

  5. West sedona resident says:

    Jess wunderin

    Oh Sharlett…..there’s a blast from the past ……I always suspected that your the crazy lady posting 10-15 a day using different names…

    Posting 10-15 times using different names…..yes

    BTW Sharlett is not your real name…….yes yes even though your mother called you that as a baby….I get it

    Try not to reply to your own post using avdiffetent name as if someone agrees with your original post….

    Your the biggest phoney here on SE


  6. Get informed says:

    Impact of tourism drives the costs of EVERYTHING up for the residents including fire and emergency services. Time for those in tourism to PAY IMPACT fees.

    The root cause of the schools, no affordable housing, city fees, city personnel, fire n emergency, ect is driven by the chamber and lodging. Time for you to pay. We have more staff working for tourism and more city projects to handle tourism then a town of 10,000 needs. Just ask the city managers office they are significantly overpaid because of tourism. Go check out the standard wages for a town of 10,000 that don’t provide any services. Your school and fire DISTRICTS are not part of the city.

    IMPACT FEES to chamber & LODGING they need to pay!

  7. Jimmy J says:

    A narcissist believes he’s great, that everything about him is magnificent. He knows with unwavering confidence even beyond conceit that he’s benefiting everyone around him and more.

    WHO does this sound like? West Sedona Resident – Steve – jennifer- West sedona Dave

    Traits of a Narcissistic Sociopath
    How do you spot a sociopathic narcissist? Watch for certain traits:

    A driven quest for power. If a narcissistic sociopath cares about anything other than himself, it is destructive power and control over people.
    Behaviors that seek love and admiration. To be sure, this isn’t needy love. It’s not even emotional love. It’s superficial. A narcissistic sociopath sees love and admiration as power tools to manipulate and dominate (Do Sociopaths Even Have Feelings?).
    No apologies, no guilt, no remorse under any circumstance. A sociopathic narcissist believes that she is a gift to the world who makes it richer and more colorful. Therefore, her calculated, even cruel actions are always justified.
    Invincibility. The narcissistic variety of sociopath believes he is indomitable. Even punishment and prison can’t stop him. They’re merely part of the game.
    Wholly self-serving. The needs and wants of others are insignificant and undeserving of consideration.
    Act as the producer, director, and only actor of his own show. The narcissistic sociopath casts people in roles that increase his power and sense of importance and when bored, casts them aside.

  8. Alarmed says:

    Anti-resident Steve Segner (my opinion) is bulls****** us again. That tourists are paying their fair share in Sedona is laughable.

    1) They are responsible for at least half of the wear and tear on our deteriorating highways but pay virtually nothing.

    2) Residents comprise 44.6 percent of Sedona’s estimated population yet pay for 75.2 percent of the wastewater plant operations. Meanwhile, the estimated visitor population of 55.4 percent contributes just 24.6 percent. This is documented in the City of Sedona 2018 Proposed Budget.

    3) Residents pay sales taxes when wanting patios, retaining walls, fences, etc. built on their property. Also when eating out, purchasing non-food or prescription drug items, buying gasoline, having their vehicles repaired, etc.

    4) The City has a big-City staff that’s paid big-City salaries due to the overselling of tourism. Fire District assessments on our County tax bills are over the top and an $18M bond is being pursued as a result of the extra fire buildings, fire wagons and personnel needed to accommodate the huge percentage of tourists.

    5) Socialized government for the greedy Chamber/Lodging Council has led to a deteriorating quality of life in Sedona. Also of note: Earlier this year USA TODAY picked Bisbee as Arizona’s most picturesque small town. See May 8, 2017 ARIZONA REPUBLIC.

    6) Sedona’s bonded indebtedness is not in line with cities of the same population. Sedona’s per capita debt of $3,680 is the 10th highest of Arizona’s 91 cities according to the Arizona State Treasurer’s draft “FY 2015/2016 Report of Long Term Debt.”

    7) Sperling’s Best Places (to live), reports Sedona, 86336’s, cost of living is 43.9% higher than the U.S. average. This is reductive. No big surprise the population is going nowhere, the median age has risen to 58, and there are business closures.

  9. Good Sense says:

    Finally a suggestion that stands to reason (courtesy of @Get Informed)-

    “IMPACT FEES to chamber & LODGING they need to pay”

    Where was the mastermind Steve Segner on that one?

  10. West sedona resident says:

    Jimmy j
    Good sense

    All the same crazy person …..posting under different names

  11. William J says:

    One thing for certain here is @Alarmed @Jimmy j @Good sense and @West sedona resident have apparently pushed severe anger buttons with truthful, logical, and sensible evaluations. And what about facts? What does the angry WSR offer except speculation about the identity of others while remaining in the dark? Tsk Tsk

  12. @West sedona resident says:

    There’s an old adage that when you repeat a lie enough, it becomes the truth. Psychologists call the illusory truth effect.

    Performance has created clarity to you and your buddies. You have your hand in the taxpayer’s cookie jar and can only come up with bogus retarded statements that only discloses you for a blankety blankety.

    Go towards the light, get out of the house and try to get a life outside of city politics. It is a healthier option for you, maybe then you can be free of the mental health issues that swirl in your head.

  13. Another AHA Moment says:

    The more riled up WSR, West sedona resident, West sedon resident, etal becomes doesn’t it just proves the issues at hand hit home? Such as adverse references to the chamber of commerce and affiliates, wasteful spending (Red Rock Theatre) and a few other catch words sets this person ablaze, leaving one to conclude the topics are hot buttons. One of the most recent here is about ““IMPACT FEES to chamber & LODGING they need to pay” @Get Informed. Spot on! Magical words that triggered the disdainful moaning from the boring WSR etal. Putrid person, that one.

  14. JJ says:


    Go back to work at los abrigados if they will have you. However i have heard they all hate you. You need a new hairdoo. Disco ball head.

  15. Crystal Ball says:

    Aha – gazing into future headlines here’s what I see:

    “Chamber of Commerce/Lodging Council Proposes Use of City Funding for the Purchase of the West Sedona Windsong Trailer Park under the guise of ‘Product Development’ . . . Purpose: Affordable Housing”

    (more pork for Sedona exploitation by the opportunists?)

  16. West Sedona Dave says:

    Crysal Ball…..

    I hope your your right!…..That would be wonderful if it was legal, which Im pretty sure its not……I would rather help people than to make a few people richer.

  17. City Council Meeting says:

    At the council meeting on 7/25 the council DID approve a random quality of life survey. They hope to send the survey out in September and have results by December.

    For those fortunate enough to be contacted, it’s an opportunity to express exactly how you feel about the direction our quality of life has taken – especially during the last eight years or so. Therefore, if you remain either in silence or only complain to your friends or neighbors, it will be your own fault when the road to ruination continues. Sedona will continue serving time on death row.

    Of course we have no guarantee the survey won’t be sent selectively – only to those who are already controlling everything. That’s the down side. However, if by some miracle they actually do the honorable thing and make this a fair survey, then please – RESPOND!

  18. Crystal Ball says:

    @West Sedona Dave

    And you don’t think the A-Team that’s running Sedona won’t make a bunch of money off the deal? That’s rich. And BTW, aren’t you the one that confirmed there was a city code requiring that new or expansion of lodging businesses provide a certain number of affordable housing units? Had the city enforced that without making exceptions we probably wouldn’t have a problem now. (Also think about what happened with Nepenthe. And this “deal” wouldn’t end up in a similar situation or worse?)

    And since when does this city care if something is legal? Oh – forgot – they have State Reps on their side that turn their heads about enforcement of State Statutes and alleged restriction of jurisdiction of areas of incorporated cities and towns. Example: Using city revenue to promote businesses outside City Limits while denying in city tax contributing establishments the same benefit if they aren’t members of the chamber of commerce.

    Here’s yet another premonition for a headline if your wish comes true:


  19. Jerry, Legitimate Sedona Voter says:

    Now that’s a catchy phrase! SEDONA, ARIZONA, HAS NOW OFFICIALLY GRASPED COMMUNISM (courtesy @Crystal Ball)

    Finally a new slogan that might just work for the chamber of commerce to encourage destination visitors? All other efforts drew in the day trippers but, of course, this next year they (C of C) claim they will better direct their efforts towards those that will spend more time in Sedona. And away we go!

  20. West Sedona Dave says:

    Crystal Ball …..

    I will say to you what I say to everyone else with these strange fixations on either the Chamber or City Council…

    Get off your dead asses, contact either the county or states attorney!!!! How flipen hard is that?…Its obvious you think your right.
    You do know one of the best ways to get into politics is through the attorneys’ office dont you?…..Make a name for yourself, stopping wast fraud and abuse! They would love to find dirt on in any government entity!

    Just a heads up to all the twits that just regurgitate the same shpeal over and over….Its old, its tired, and most are sick of hearing you beat the dead horse and do nothing about it!!!

    Maybe time to get a hobby? Travel?….Market has rebounded since crash of 2008, maybe find your own little utopia?

    Never in my life have I read such whining, with NO action!

  21. West sedona resident says:

    @west sedona DAVE


  22. @West Sedona Dave says:

    And just who are the twits on this site anyway? Here you go blasting off about those disagreeing with you – offering unsolicited advice. Well here’s some for yourself. Why do you read SedonaEye if you find it so offensive? How about YOU get a hobby – or maybe a job. Check and see if they’re hiring at the Los Abrigados spa for example. And FYI years ago the State AG’s Office (if that’s the attorney you suggest) changed policy and no longer investigates these matters – which is what SB 1487 was all about – to allow State Legislators to file complaints with the AG’s office on behalf of public request. The law was challenged by a Tucson court case. So there – – you are wrong. As it seems nobody this day and age is willing to bare facts about the down and dirty operations of places like Sedona.

    Read the words of Steve Segner. He correctly defined Sedona as not being a democracy in a previous comment. But he might have even gone further to include the entire State of Arizona since as @Crystal Ball mentioned state legislators turn their heads the other way when State Statutes are blatantly being violated. Makes one wonder – what is the reason? Could it be $$$$??? Just asking.

  23. Alex Uptown says:

    Not sure why people get so hung up on just one or two things. There’s more in the article of interest. Such as “Mayor Thron Riggs said the city made an assumption that the treatment plant could handle more than the permitted flows based on assurances by experts” (back in 1996)

    The issue of an alternate route and traffic was a hot topic in 1997 and nothing was done then and it’s only become worse.

    1998 – “Newcomers find Sedona too pricey – Few can afford housing” So what else is new? But in particular other resort areas are included in being pricey so this wasn’t and still isn’t exclusively a Sedona issue.

    Red Rock News 4/1/98 – “Our Opinion – Taxpayers tell government ‘No more’ – Thomas L. Brossart, So what has changed about that?

    10/28/05 – “Council considers ‘hilltop’ ordinance – Protection of even one ridge is worth it, councilman says” And so what about the sight-blight on Sedona the proposal of all these new tower/antennas will bring? (not to mention the questionable bad effects on health as pointed out in other articles on SedonaEye)

    Just the few I’ve pointed out here are listed prior to the controversial Parks & Rec survey of 2006 – results completely ignored by the city – and topic of most of the comments. Examples offered beyond that item are also interesting if not revealing that some things do NOT change. And apparently according to a couple at the top the Chamber has been in line for a handout since day one! The amount they receive is one thing that HAS changed dramatically and definitely not in the best interest of Sedona as proven by the overwhelming increase in daytrippers.

    It seems like there’s more to think about in the article besides that but it’s just another opinion. So go for it – shoot the messenger here.

  24. West Sedona Dave says:

    To the very very Ill informed, you lies are so deep, and you believe what ever you make up!

    Here is a link right from the Eye of Sedona…. https://sedonaeye.com/former-arizona-corporation-commission-chairman-indicted/

    Its about corruption, and how do you think this person was caught?

    Here is the link from the article….http://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/phoenix/2017/05/25/utilities-george-johnson-former-corporation-commissioner-pierce-indicted-conspiracy-fraud-charges/347500001/

    And from that I kept looking to the PDF that was filed with the US district court of AZ. http://archive.azcentral.com/persistent/icimages/news/Johnson%20indictment.pdf

    You see how did they get caught?….What in the world do you think a county or state attorney does for a living?…..Investigate!

    As for your other stupid remarks…..YOU DONT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY!
    Time for you to spend a little time and understand how government works on all levels!

    The more you speek, only proves the less you know.

  25. West Sedona Dave says:

    About the Office of Attorney General

    The Attorney General serves as the chief legal officer of the State. The Attorney General is mandated by our constitution and elected to a four-year term by the people of Arizona.

    The Attorney General’s Office represents and provides legal advice to most State agencies; enforces consumer protection and civil rights laws; and prosecutes criminals charged with complex financial crimes and certain conspiracies involving illegal drugs. In addition, all appeals statewide from felony convictions are handled by this Office.

    The Arizona Attorney General’s Office, through the Child and Family Protection Division, provides legal services to all the divisions of the Department of Economic Security (DES), including the Division of Child Support Services (DCSS). It also provides legal services to the Department of Child Safety.

    The Attorney General’s Office brings and defends lawsuits on behalf of the State and prepares formal legal opinions requested by State officers, legislators, or county attorneys on issues of law.

    The Attorney General’s Office has jurisdiction over Arizona’s Consumer Fraud Act, white collar crime, organized crime, public corruption, environmental laws, civil rights laws, and crimes committed in more than one county. Additionally, this Office prosecutes cases normally handled by county attorneys when they have a conflict.

    The Attorney General’s Office is the largest law office in the State. The Office is divided into:

    Criminal Division
    State Government Division
    Child and Family Protection Division
    Civil Litigation Division
    Solicitor General’s Office
    Communications Division


    The Yavapai County Attorney’s Office vigorously prosecutes crime throughout Yavapai County, protects the rights of victims, and provides legal representation and advice to all the county departments. To carry out these duties, we have four divisions:

    Criminal Division
    Civil Division
    Bad Check Program
    Victim Services

    Yavapai County Attorney’s Office Press Releases are available online here.

    We have two offices, the Prescott Office and the Verde Valley Office.

  26. Wsr says:

    Sedona DAVE

    Not to worry DAVE

    The one who responded to you using @west sedona DAVE is the same wonem who posts 10-15 times a day using different names…..

    Posting is her hobby

  27. Alex Uptown says:

    Gee West Sedona Dave – it sure doesn’t take much to push your buttons. Have you, yourself, filed a complaint with the State Attorney General? If not, why not? With all your knowledge and authority you should be able to make headway and shut up those you continue to attack. Maybe even influence Freedom of the Press and ban SedonaEye from publication? GOOD LUCK!

  28. West Sedona Dave says:

    Alex, I dont flippen care….I see nothing ilegal….Get it?…..Or are you just another phoney who thinks the bed tax is their personal account?…Or that City Council is a socialist plot against the Sedona population?

    People here just make things up, complain over and over….Then lie and say because of some law the government has passed (aka out right lies states attorney doesn’t look for corruption).

    If someone doesn’t understand or know that we don’t live in a democracy, those things are learned in 8th grade…..So you tell me?

    The Sedona Eye is a BLOG…..it will never be anything more ,when people have threatened violence against other Sedona citizens. Get it?

    People have more than their right to voice any opinion they have….But when you resort to blatant lies, there are many of us who find it very troubling!

    Should I start complaining how the Animal shelter tortures dogs and cats?….Then repete it over and over and use different names?……Its wacky, and I believe some have some serious cognitive disorders…….

    So Alex, if you believe the the Chamber is steeling your hard earned bed tax money, question it…..Prove your point, get the legal officials to look into it…..Is that to much to ask?

  29. Sharon says:

    This is to extend my appreciation to West Sedona Dave for contributing valuable information to Sedona Eye – at least four times:

    1. Regarding affordable housing, on July 11th he wrote: “If my memory is correct, Rouge, Marriott, and Sky Ranch Lodge, all have set aside affordable housing units…..As the city mandated it.”

    2. Providing the entire agenda item for the council discussion about moving forward with a community survey, on July 23 WSD offered this: “Right from city council ajenda: http://www.sedonaaz.gov/Home/ShowDocument?id=31583 Pages 61 and 62 copyed below.” (followed by the entire detailed list)

    3. Most recent his two submissions made on July 29th, 12:19 & 12;36 pm respectively outlining improprieties pertaining to the Arizona Corporation Commission followed by detailed information about services offered by the State Attorney General and even a direct link for contacting the Yavapai County Attorney.

    4. In addition the link to the Arizona Republic article relating to SB1487 is extremely helpful.

    So he misspelled a word here or there “ajenda – copyed” – it happens to the best of us. But look at the upside. He confirmed the responsibility of lodging facilities to add to the affordable housing inventory (even though city allowed violations) but most of all he clearly provided a pathway for filing complaints. And it would be remiss if I neglected to include West Sedona Dave’s agreement with Steve Segner that emphatically Sedona is NOT a democratic government.

    Thank you, Sir. Mere words cannot possibly convey my gratitude.

  30. Jim Poole says:

    Why does West Sedona Dave write grabibly gopp?

    The businesses need to pay for their own expenses!

    Hey City council when will you grow up. Snow job! you look like the biggest fools by allowing the shenanigans by s***ner, wessel****, and company.

    City staff sold their souls. To allow it is lazy x

  31. @ West sedona chris says:

    The only making up lies in my opinion is You.

  32. West Sedona Resident says:

    I agree that Chris can’t help himself, he keeps spinning the truth around. Just read his other wrtings in the rr rag. Propaganda blogprint.

  33. Confused says:

    This is getting complicated IMO. I looked all over for a comment from West Sedona Chris (after reading the one from @West Sedona chris) but could find no such reference. Huh?

    But, more important, @James Poole – IMO you hit a home run with your remark about city stall “selling their souls.” However, who is it they sold their souls to besides the chamber of commerce and lodging council? And why not include the city council in the same category? Birds of a feather?

    What it seems they are best at is finding ways to beat the system. Their recent cop-out on the use of city money via chamber of commerce for “product development” remains highly questionable. If they don’t buy the Windsong property for “affordable housing” (product development?) then could it be possible they might try to finagle part of the Brewer Road property for that use? How will they justify that property was purchased with development impact fees, specifically earmarked to be used for “public” amenities? “Public” doesn’t mean selective groups. Shifty connivers is what I label them.

  34. Anonymous me says:

    The lodging and chamber have publicly said the locals don’t contribute in order to rationalize taking close to 3 million dollars a YEAR from the city coffers for their regional members. They claim the city owes them as they are responsible for all the taxes that get paid to the city. But they are not. No one owes anyone except the city does have responsibility to the businesses inside their city limits.

    Lots of vacant storefronts. Does the city monitor the vacancy rates? They should be. These numbers should be published monthly to track the performance of the city.

    Maybe the businesses are getting the hint that doing business costs you more than other places and the city continues to disrespect you by paying the businesses expenses aka chamber for those businesses that compete with in-city. The bullies like everyone to keep their mouths shut while they are being paid the big bucks.

    Traffic and the wear and tear is caused by the hotels and chamber, time to create an impact FEE for them. Part time employees working short shifts on the weekends and holidays only add to the traffic and wear and tear as the Hotels have not taken care of their own business. Affordable housing is limited as they reneged on affordable housing.

  35. Newspaper Death Watch says:

    Here are two links that help explain why certain people attack those that speak up on the eye. IMO. It comes down to money and their paychecks. In addition they feel empowered to control the local government by supporting their private agendas to make more money. IMO. Read between the lines.


    Sign Of Times:by Erik Sass , Staff Writer @eriksass1, February 10, 2017https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/294924/sign-of-times-more-local-newspapers-closing.html More Local Newspapers Closing-The New Year has not brought respite for the newspaper business, as demonstrated by the slow but steady erosion of local newspapers across the United States. The last month has brought a number of new closures, leaving more small and mid-sized towns without a daily local news source.
    In January, two local papers in Massachusetts, the Malden Evening News and Medford Daily Mercury, ceased publishing both their print and online editions, after almost 140 years of continuous publication. Both newspapers were founded in 1880.

    According to the Horgan family, which owned the newspapers, the decision to close up shop was prompted by the challenging business environment facing longtime advertising clients. The communities aren’t totally bereft of local news, as they continue to be served by weekly newspapers.

  36. Mshobert says:

    The one thing Trump got right. Nameless 400 lb bloggers, sitting in bed. Coward-Trolls actually – can’t put your name to your words!

    NO Cred.!

  37. @Mshobert says:

    Funny comment coming from you Karen. Using your old boss from the SFD. hahaha

  38. jessl says:

    We should shun every city council person, shun every chamber member. Flip them off every time you see them. Refuse to do ANY business with them.

    (deleted by SedonaEye.com editor – visit theburningplatform.com if interested in this hyperlink)

  39. anonymous me says:

    It is time to unite for the same common cause our livelihood and livability. The property owners are the ultimate stakeholders and will be held responsible for all the excessive waste and spending. Speak up and write the city council. Share your knowledge to create a better tomorrow.
    Those who are NOT residents and part of the special interest groups that are being funded by taxpayers want to suppress you. They are no ones making the negative ugly posts here.

    Thank you Sedona Eye for providing a platform for the People!

  40. Wsr says:

    Oh wow

    The women who posts using 10-15 different names on SE ….sometimes all in one day ….is going to do a crazy lady crusade…

    Yea you go crazy lady

    That however would require you to step aside your computer and stop complaining..
    Can’t see that happening

  41. Wsr says:

    I make so much money off the city of sedona i can’t see straight.
    sedona city council just can’t give it away fast enough. O how i love money honey.

  42. @WSR says:

    Are you talking about Jessica?

  43. Elaine says:

    As a somewhat new reader of this website, a recent comment from @WSR indicated some crazy lady was posting many of the comments. That prompted me to back up and review many many comments posted here and under other articles. (i.e. Business As Usual) And what’s fascinating most (not all) offer either interesting opinions or actual facts.

    Examples of recent facts relate to city council agendas, statements by council members, and other direct quotes made in other comments – none of which can be disputed. As for opinions, we are all entitled to express those and sometimes actually learn from the ones that differ from our own.

    However what is lacking from the vapid rhetoric of innocuous posts by WSR etal is the lack of intellectual exchange offering nothing except to occupy space on the lineup of recent comments. And that’s supposed to represent credibility and belief of the mindless accusation that some crazy lady is acting maniacal? Really? The value of those comments made by WSR etal from my own perspective was to back up and review previous posts from which I actually learned a great deal and even prodded me to verify some of the information myself. So thanks crazy lady if that’s actually the case. You’re doing a good job.

  44. West sedona resident says:

    The crazy hacked my handle

    This is what im talking about SE readers
    These are all the same crazy lady posting under different names and also hijacking my se name.

    She makes a post then follows it up by agreeing with her original post using a different name.

    She does this many many many many times a day/week

    She’s is crazy and has not life


  45. Jimmy J. says:

    The only one I see that is “She’s is crazy and has not life” is West sedona resident Wsr ect. Move on get some help West sedona resident! Your spelling makes me think your steve s

  46. West Sedona Resident says:

    I just complain complain complain about a imaginary person or persons that post on this site. It is an obsession I had my entire life. They turned me down and I can’t get it off my mind. So I read into every post, thinking it must be her. I don’t like the Sedona Eye as it allows the truth to be posted.The flatlanders are getting informed. I like it better when I can spin things in my favor. Can anyone please help me? My Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is really out of control.

  47. North Korea - The volley that got kicked down the road until it became a H bomb says:


    While Sedona fiddles the US burns.

    North Korea – The volley that got kicked down the road until it became a H bomb. What Clinton didn’t do, What Bush didn’t do, What Obama didn’t do will now undo US.

    Les Macdonald

  48. LD, VOC says:

    lots of neighbors complaining about signage, YOU can do something about it

    here’s the dark sky compliant link for Sedona’s Dark Sky Association and Village of Oak Creek, provide input here at


    File your complaints about bright signs, bad lighting, NEON lights

    somebody tell me why every building has a neon OPEN sign ??? ugly waste of morons doing what other business morons do

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