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Eddie Maddock: Facts and Fiction

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock begins the process of separating Sedona fact from fiction and rumors from truth.

Sedona AZ (April 20, 2018) – Rumors here, rumors there . . . rumors, rumors everywhere. Like sand through an hourglass, so are the days of our lives. However, in Sedona the word “sand” might more appropriately be substituted with “rumors” through an hourglass.

The decision to tackle this particular subject was not easy. However, trying to weigh pros and cons and based on a comment in an email from Mayor Sandy Moriarty stating… “I hope you will help going forward with getting the word out as to the separate responsibilities of the different jurisdictions...” this attempt will be extended with extreme caution, but embraced with an earnest endeavor to provide only information from appropriate and reliable sources.

Basis for the subject of city funding for the school district allegedly arose from the following reported comments on Facebook (I do not have a FB account or participate on FB):

It’s reported the Facebook entries relate to a proposed movement to encourage the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District (SOCUSD) Board of Directors to solicit funding from the Sedona City Council. And, that somehow an end result might be to indirectly receive funding from some sort of slush fund that the Chamber of Commerce has set aside, earmarked for the purpose of ambiguously defined “Product DevelopmentAfter all, some of those funds went to the U.S. Forest Service for trail maintenance, so why wouldn’t it be fair to share with the SOCUSD, neither of which are directly under the jurisdiction of incorporated City of Sedona.

Confused? It’s possible a detailed explanation offered under the SedonaEye.com article City Limits 101 may be helpful: sedonaeye.com/sedona-city-limits-101-with-eddie-maddock/

With some reluctance the following email was my initial involvement with this issue. And to relate the entire story, one of the first responses offered from an undisclosed recipient was: “Normally Eddie is a pretty good writer, but structurally this is pretty bad.” Based on that and, with the exception of deleting an extra “the” and correcting the spelling of humbling to humbly, here’s the email sent to the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District (SOCUSD) School Board which hopefully Eye readers will find comprehensive:

——-Original Message——-

From: eddies@npgcable.com
Date: 4/14/2018 8:37:01 PM
To: hawley@sedonak12.org; hermen@sedonak12.org; richardson@sedonak12.org; mcclelland@sedonak12.org; wiseman@sedonak12.org
Cc: JMartinez@SedonaAZ.gov; JCurrivan@SedonaAZ.gov; JThompson@SedonaAZ.gov; SJablow@SedonaAZ.gov; TLamkin@SedonaAZ.gov; SMoriarty@SedonaAZ.gov; Bthorpe@azleg.gov; Bbarton@azleg.gov; Sallen@azleg.gov; dmitchell@azleg.gov; Publisher Sedona Eye


There’s a disturbing rumor circulating. Are any of you attempting to go to the Sedona City Council to solicit funding in order to prevent a closure of one or more schools in the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District? If the answer is “NO” then this matter can very quickly be put to rest. However, if there’s any merit to that rumor please be reminded that same as the “Sedona Oak Creek Fire District” that holds true with the “SOCUSD.” Although incorporated Sedona is located within the two “districts” the residents pay taxes directly to either Yavapai County or Coconino County via property taxes as a means to finance those “districts.” Kindly keep that in mind if, in fact, there’s a smidgeon of truth that the school board has any intention of soliciting funding from the City of Sedona and/or the city funded regional Sedona Chamber of Commerce under the guise as “product development” or any other similar method of extracting public funds to enhance efforts to fund our failing school “district.”

This most assuredly isn’t a complaint against education, informally classified as “motherhood and apple pie.” What it does amount to is an open question in an attempt to hold elected officials accountable for being responsible for doing an appropriate job of designating public funding where it rightfully belongs. Your efforts for soliciting additional financial support should likewise be directed towards bonding options (over-rides) addressed to the voters in your “district” and not singularly to the residents of the City of Sedona.

Sedona Red Rock High School, Sedona AZ

The most recent edition of the Sedona Red Rock News (4/13/18) revealed at least one investigation with the Arizona State Attorney General’s Office has been successfully opened relating to another issue questioning Sedona activities. If we’re fortunate the investigation may not stop there due to other ongoing unsettling policies within the City of Sedona, yet another reason to discourage the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District to refrain from complicating the issue by soliciting questionable legitimate funding. This could quickly and easily be resolved if one or more of you will kindly step forward and deny that any such movement to solicit public money from the residents of incorporated City of Sedona is untrue.

By copying this e-mail to Representative Darin Mitchell who successfully enabled the current investigation I’m humbling requesting for him to also share the information contained herein with the Goldwater Institute.

Thank you.

Respectfully submitted,

Eddie S. Maddock
Resident City of Sedona & Coconino County

Following are emails from the five individuals who responded, listed in the order they were received. And kindly keep in mind, non-personal communication from elected officials becomes a matter of public record, so there are no rules being broken here by sharing:

Sedona AZ Vice Mayor John Martinez


From: John Martinez
Date: 4/15/2018 7:16:09 AM
To: eddies@npgcable.com

Eddie, there is no way that the city will offer any funding to the school district.


From: Zachary Richardson
Date: 4/15/2018 7:17:05 AM
To: eddies@npgcable.com
Cc: TLamkin@SedonaAZ.gov; SMoriarty@SedonaAZ.gov; Bthorpe@azleg.gov; Bbarton@azleg.gov; Sallen@azleg.gov; dmitchell@azleg.gov; publisher@sedonaeye.com

Not me! – Funding comes from the state, federal government, budget override, tax credit and other grants – The city might support a small grant for specific projects related to the community, but not the amount needed to keep a school open. – Zach


From: Heather Hermen
Date: 4/15/2018 8:04:15 AM
To: eddies@npgcable.com; Dave Lykins; Sally Cadigan
Cc: SMoriarty@SedonaAZ.gov; Bthorpe@azleg.gov; Bbarton@azleg.gov; Sallen@azleg.gov; dmitchell@azleg.gov; publisher@sedonaeye.com

Good morning Eddie,

Thank you for your email and your concern about the school district budget.

Since I am the one who has had one meeting with the Mayor and Vice Mayor about the budget, it makes sense that I respond.

As a school board member, I’m following the direction given by our board member handbook on page 53, “keep the community informed.” Then it continues, “provides information to interested parties as requested on matters pending before the board.” As stewards of Sedona, I was informing them about information that has an impact on the community they serve.

Following these instructions, I asked for a meeting with the Mayor and Vice Mayor and shared the state of our budget and the three possible outcomes we are considering. It was a meeting held at city hall, in an office, with paper copies of finance presentations from the school district. We met once.

Prior to the last board meeting, I sent one email to all council members informing them of the most recent district meeting with finance presentation, links to the district website for where to find more and future meeting dates.

I assure you in no way has there been a request for funds nor discussion at any board meeting. We know clearly where our funding comes from.

I appreciate you taking the time to ask and clear up the rumor. We know how quickly they can spread and with the simple asking of a question, we can sometimes help the dust settle sooner.

If you need more information or have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You’ll notice I did not copy my fellow board members due to open meeting law concerns. I’ve copied our superintendent as well as the district secretary to keep record and share in a different format if needed.

Thank you again,
Heather Hermen


Sedona AZ Mayor Sandy Moriarty

From: Sandy Moriarty
Date: 4/15/2018 10:59:46 AM
To: eddies@npgcable.com
Cc: Heather Hermen; Justin Clifton; Karen Osburn; Robert Pickels


I appreciate your email, and believe that by now you know that no member of the school board has asked me or the council as whole for funding. Heather Hermen did reach out to all of us to educate and inform us as to the situation currently faced by the District, which I also appreciated. The Vice Mayor and I did meet with Heather face to face, but the council has not discussed the situation at a council meeting.

Unfortunately, some members of the public seem to believe that the City should step in to remedy the situation, as expressed by Jan Montgomery’s Facebook post which you sent, so it is clear that many do not understand how the various legal jurisdictions function. I hope you will help going forward with getting the word out as to the separate responsibilities of the different jurisdictions.



From: Randy Hawley
Date: 4/17/2018 3:58:01 PM
To: eddies@npgcable.com
Cc: hermen@sedonak12.org; richardson@sedonak12.org; mcclelland@sedonak12.org; wiseman@sedonak12.org; JMartinez@SedonaAZ.gov; JCurrivan@SedonaAZ.gov; JThompson@SedonaAZ.gov; SJablow@SedonaAZ.gov; TLamkin@SedonaAZ.gov; SMoriarty@SedonaAZ.gov; Bthorpe@azleg.gov; Bbarton@azleg.gov; Sallen@azleg.gov; dmitchell@azleg.gov; publisher@sedonaeye.com

Thank you for checking. No better way to stop a rumor than to check the facts. It is appreciated.

Randy Hawley

(end five email exchange)


City of Sedona Council Chamber

Based on the remarks from those five individuals, it appears all are aware of the appropriate source(s) of funding for the school district, as clearly defined by Mr. Zachary Richardson.

As Ms. Hermen explained her reason for meeting with Mayor Moriarty and Vice Mayor Martinez was to “keep the community informed” with “information that has an impact on the community they serve.” However, she goes on to explain the state of the (school district) funding was discussed, offering three possible outcomes and yet nothing more specific relating to what those three possible outcomes are.

Since the five people who responded surely appear to be aware the city is not responsible for the condition of the School District budget, good or bad, what would be the point in pursuing an audience with the entire City Council at one of their meetings? Especially since it was divulged they had each been sent an email relating the events at the last School Board meeting!

If all they seek is an opportunity to disseminate the state of their affairs, why not do so during the Council Meeting public forum?

And with all due respect to Mayor Moriarty, if she received a copy of a Facebook posting by someone named Jan Montgomery, it did NOT come from me.

My choice is to remain clueless about the workings and intricacies of Facebook, especially with recent national warnings. Frequently too many people regard information from that source as being ““facts“” which assuredly is not always the case.

However as indicated above, Facebook comments may serve as overt clues to expose potential plans. And, in some instances to even plant “seeds to grow” schemes for various reasons on its platform.

Therein, quite possibly, is the underlying reason this subject came off the shelf and appears here and defies my general rule of thumb: “When in doubt, don’t.”

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. JJ says:

    Thank You Eddie for another great article. A preemptive strike. There is no doubt that Heather Herman was soliciting for another city handout. Sandy has stated in the past that she doesn’t recognize city borders. Once a manipulater while with the chamber of commerce, the beat goes on.

  2. @JJ says:

    You are a prime example of why Sedona Eye has a bad reputation. Above you have a informative and fact filled posting from Eddie Maddock. All parties concerned responded to a direct question with honest answers AND YOU decide to twist it into a nasty direction. It is no wonder that when I have asked our city officials why they never respond to questions on Sedona Eye most have told me that they never read it because of answers like yours.

  3. Alex Uptown says:

    Quotable quotes:

    Sedona Red Rock News, 4/20/18, Editorial, Christopher Fox Graham, Managing Editor, “Vote ‘yes’ on home rule to fund Sedona.” Among his defense for voting “yes” on Home Rule, Mr. Graham cites as examples non-profits standing to lose their financial support if Home Rule fails such as Sedona Recycles, Sedona Public Library, Sedona Community Center, the Humane Society of Sedona , and (here comes the quotable quote) “the destination marketing contract signed with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce to bring tourists to Sedona.” Yep, folks, you read that correctly.

    Just based on yet another Slam-Bam Thank You Ma’am (city of Sedona) for paving the way for a regional member-driven organization to have free sailing to solicit behind the scenes negotiations as are clearly outlined in the above article. And to compare the chamber with the other beneficial non-profits as listed in the editorial should be inconceivable. Hardly worth the paper it’s written on IMO.

    If ever there was a reason to deny Home Rule by voting ‘NO’ this just has to be it! A municipality is required to provide services for certain non-profits as a Humane Society. And Sedona residents have always generously backed true do-good services such as the library and Sedona recycles. But a chamber of commerce, representing their non-tax collecting, non-city members? NO WAY.

    Time to rid the Sedona swamp of probably the biggest alligator of all (except maybe city hall) – the money grabbing hoax of the C of C tossing money at lame excuses claiming Product Development. Shameful!

    NO TO HOME RULE!!!!!

  4. @@jj says:

    Contemplated whether to bother a reply and couldn’t overcome the need to sound off. The reason city staff reads Sedona Eye? Because it’s the voice we hear when not listening to certain people trying to spin fake news.

    Goodnight and take it for what its worth.

    ( don’t believe for a second they’ve not read here most every day because usually it’s a subject like Eddie Maddock articles that gets them going )

  5. Tony Tonsich says:

    I wonder why the Red Rock News would support the Sedona Chamber?

    From the Sedona Chamber website, check for yourself.

    Board Members

    Kyle Larson graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business/ Managerial Economics in 2004. Kyle Larson is the third generation of Larson family to run Larson Newspapers. He enjoyed working with the Red Rock News as Advertising Director. He is now the General Manager of the family company which publishes the Sedona Red Rock News, The Camp Verde Journal, and the Cottonwood Journal Extra and he looks forward to running it for the next 40 years.

    On the board of the Sedona Chamber, the Red Rock news gets advertising form the city and chamber members, the Chamber gets $2.5 million a year that would not be possible without home rule.

    What “story” do you think they will tell? Tell a friend, we need to spread the word.

  6. Silent Observer says:

    I was a silent observer on facebook. Heather was making us upset parents believe she could help us by going to city. Heather worked for chamber while they were funded 500-700 k a year I think. Many of us believe her and got mad at others when they said the city couldn’t give us money. Why does the chamber get all that money for the businesses? I don’t understand.

    She learned well and after working for chamber, the “Williams-Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce media consultant Heather Herman, of Front Burner Media, said the free media exposure is huge for Williams.” https://www.williamsnews.com/news/2015/jun/23/travel-channel-picks-williams-as-top-travel-desti/?templates=desktop

    She –
    Williams-Grand Canyon Chamber to dissolve after city pulls funding

    According to the 2016 city budget, the city allocated $310,479 for the 2015-2016 fiscal year to the chamber for tourism promotion.

    The city will pay $220,000 to Front Burner Media for marketing and tourism promotion, almost $90,000 less per year.

    She was an consultant who then went for the MONEY (220,000 a year??). I believe she learned well how to get money from a city. Help us Heather! Our schools need money and the city has it.

  7. Dave says:

    Martinez was unequivocally a no, the right answer legally. Richardson does the soft shoe with a maybe. Notice he didn’t CC Martinez the Vice Mayor who was a hard no. Why Lamkin and what role is he playing with SOCUSD board member Richardson?

    Ask yourselves some hard questions.

    Why would a Democrat SOCUSD member CC state Republicans? Mitchell played a role that supposedly is looking at Sedona. What’s going on here and in Phoenix and in the County?

    Odd that no one CC office Public Instruction? This SOCUSD issue/problem/question not about education, remaining a district, keeping schools open, improving test scores? This is about politics? School board and Lykins and teachers you vote walk out after a 20% pay raise, more than those that walked out in other states, and have a mediocre teaching record and a school board that seems to run amuck every year with a new drama?


    From: Zachary Richardson
    Date: 4/15/2018 7:17:05 AM
    To: eddies@npgcable.com
    Cc: TLamkin@SedonaAZ.gov; SMoriarty@SedonaAZ.gov; Bthorpe@azleg.gov; Bbarton@azleg.gov; Sallen@azleg.gov; dmitchell@azleg.gov; publisher@sedonaeye.com
    Not me! – Funding comes from the state, federal government, budget override, tax credit and other grants – The city might support a small grant for specific projects related to the community, but not the amount needed to keep a school open. – Zach

  8. Mark says:

    The current city council and management likes playing Santa Claus with your money. Everyone that has no shame about taking ill gotten funds put their hand out.
    If you like other people being free with your money , vote these spendthrifts back in. Otherwise VOTE NO ON HOME RULE !!!

    Stop the out of control spending.

  9. steve Segner says:

    Zac, Dave just posts and never ever checks his facts abd he does not have a clue of how the city government works, or the school or that fire dist are separate government entities.

    Less kids, born in the 2008 2009 , less kids now. And the state refuses to pay for education.
    Dave how do we keep teachers and pay them less the Hotel maids.
    We need to tax the people that live in Arizona and give the money to our schools.
    The idea of bad school management and bad teachers is just a cover to make public schools disappear. And not raise taxes.

  10. Fred F. says:

    Kudos to Martinez for not even hesitating to state a fact. Because the others tend to waffle and be indecisive is a signal to those seeking Sedona tax money to continue to pursue it.

    Why the Chamber of Commerce was able to get away with giving city money to the USFS for trail maintenance is a mystery. Sure, most of us enjoy hiking and especially the beauty of the national forest. However, USFS is a branch of the federal government and NOT a financial responsibility of the voting residents within Sedona City Limits! Trying to justify these off-the-wall giveaways as “productive development” is absurd at best.

    Little wonder every Tom, Dick, Harry and their spouses line up at city hall asking for a handout. A precedent has been set for promoting Sedona city council as an easy mark for the entire Verde Valley. Fools to have let it happen. Even bigger fools to allow it to continue.

    City Council needs to be restrained and if voting down Home Rule is the only way to make it happen then let’s go for it! Don’t believe their scare tactics. Make them focus on what’s really important and it isn’t a marketing contract with the chamber of commerce to appease the lodging council and their chairman. There ARE other ways to justify that half percent bed tax increase that created this nonsense in the first place and they know it.

  11. Board Failed Schools says:

    Sedona voters approved bonds worth $73.4 million for new district construction and renewed two existing budget override measures.

    Heather ran under the platform of making improvements. She failed and they are spending more as they are losing kids due to BAD performance. Charter schools, online schools, private are pulling from public enrollment.

    (deleted by editor) school board.

    Even the fire chief pulled his kids out of sedona schools.

  12. old game says:

    There he goes again imo telling everyone yeas for homerule so he can get his “kickback” from the city and telling everyone to vote more money for schools to get their vote.

    I hope you all see his (deleted by editor) to secure the win of millions a year, He doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

    VOTE No on homerule and make the businesses pay for their own ads and their own visitor center.

  13. Nancy H. says:

    It’s too bad Martinez hasn’t been as forthcoming on the issue of a Regional chamber as he is about acknowledging the school district is not part of incorporated Sedona government (same as the fire district). We must keep repeating that over and over until some of you get it.

    What difference is there in giving money to a chamber of commerce when most of their members are outside City Limits and don’t collect city taxes?

    At least the Fire & School Districts are funded by those living in designated boundaries.

    The Chamber should be funded by their members and NOT taxes, public money. Not so with Sedona’s. Those outside businesses, the hotels (lodging) continue to benefit from a free ride when in city limit businesses preferring to not be a member of the Chamber do not get represented.

    And don’t try to justify it by saying people staying outside come into Sedona to shop. Has there ever been one iota of proof to support that? Where’s the equity in that, Mr. Martinez, a strong advocate of supporting the lodging council & C of C. So why not the School District? What’s the difference?

    And don’t try to tell us the C of C purchasing that uptown lot and retaining title for a maybe-if future deeding to the city is anymore Product Development than money for USFS trail maintenance. That being the case, why not be fair and label “city road improvements” as property development? That would make better sense.

    @Fred F, you left out Peter, Paul & Mary!

    @steve Segner, aren’t you content just running Sedona? Now you have to horn in and tell the entire State of Arizona how to operate? Go roast a couple of turkeys and then eat canned soup.

  14. Jess Wundrin says:

    Considering Heather Hermen’s background in marketing and public relations and as a former employee of the regional chamber of commerce that just happens to be located in incorporated Sedona, can’t help but wonder if this isn’t just another attempt to implement the absurd “product development” money grabbing scheme for the School District. Of course, others have implied the same thing, but isn’t it time to take the matter seriously and put a stop to it? What better way than to vote NO on Home Rule. The C of C is NOT a public service and has no business being represented as that. It serves its members, most of them outside incorporated Sedona.

    Repeat: Vote NO on Home Rule and end this madness.

  15. @steve Segner says:

    Is there anything you don’t know about? Or better yet, anything you have proof of such as Air B & B and vacation residential rentals as being the reason for all the traffic increase. Ever think about running for Pres. of the US and really tell the public how to do things. Of course, no matter. It would be the direct opposite of what the majority of voters want. Need proof of that, Stevie? Donald J. Trump was elected!!!!!

  16. Mary Ann says:

    End the pursuit for solicitations from the Chamber of Commerce for funds they get from the city for alleged Product Development to special interests like this sneaky back door approach for money for a School District issue.

    Vote NO ON HOME RULE. The Chamber of Commerce contract will have to be among the first axed. This city does NOT provide ANY VITAL services for the residents anyhow. Period. End of report.

  17. Arizona Teacher says:

    Median teacher pay for 2017 was $46,949 (Prop 123 gave teachers a 4.6% rise since 2015 – about $2K more yearly). Governor and Legislature gave another 1% last year. AZ ranked 43 (50 being lowest) with some locals trotting out lower numbers. Governor and Legislature will raise salary another 20% and demands that the school district and charter school (pay attention Sedona Oak Creek) raises the salary of ANY teacher who taught at an AZ public school this year 1% next year. We deserve it.

    Sedona Oak Creek spends money on special projects and nonessentials and raises the administrators checks. NOW they HAVE to give it to the teachers too.

    I don’t support a walk out, it’s ridiculous and it hurts my students at a vulnerable time of year. The walk out is unnecessary. What needs to be recognized is that the walk out is to keep bad teachers from being fired, ridiculous pay and protection for bad administrators, it’s protectionism of patronage.

  18. Mike H says:

    @ Mary Ann “Vote NO ON HOME RULE. The Chamber of Commerce contract will have to be among the first axed. This city does NOT provide ANY VITAL services for the residents anyhow. Period. End of report.”

    As the city provides no vital services, it would be better to just close it down.
    Dis- incorporation. It is possible.

  19. College Professor says:

    My daughter teaches two 3 unit classes at ASU each semester, a full time schedule is three 3 unit classes. She gets paid $5000 per class. No benefits. Doing the math teaching 2/3 of a full time job, she gets paid $20,000 per year with no benefits as she is part time.

    She has a Masters and a PHD. She is hoping someday to get on full time. ASU does not want to hire full time when they can keep paying associate professors slave wages. How would you teachers like to work part time for $20,000 per year?

  20. @Arizona Teacher says:

    “Sedona Oak Creek spends money on special projects and nonessentials and raises the administrators checks.”

    You said a mouthful there! That’s exactly how the city of Sedona administration works. Everything for special interests, raises of benefits and wages for staff, and to H. . . with the residents who should come FIRST.

    Getting unincorporated isn’t that easy. However, cutting “their” lifeline by restricting spending ability would be a start to reversing the process.

    We aren’t getting anything anyhow so what’s to lose? It will be those reaping the benefits to finally pay. Can’t have caviar and champagne on a beer and pretzel budget. Let THEM eat crow. We resident peons are used to that.

    NO to Home Rule!!!

  21. Sedona Professor says:

    @collegeprofessor says … My daughter teaches two 3 unit classes at ASU each semester, a full time schedule is three 3 unit classes. She gets paid $5000 per class. No benefits. Doing the math teaching 2/3 of a full time job, she gets paid $20,000 per year with no benefits as she is part time.

    Now my thoughts after reading the comment of @collegeprofessor:

    Two classes x $5,000 each semester class equals $10,000 a semester times 3 semesters equals $30,000. ASU offers its teaching staff during this time Performance Funds are based on units, and awarded as merit pay and positions.

    Each session is a 7.5 weeks commitment with (A) beginning Jan 8, 2018 through February 27, 2018. Session (B) began March 12, 2018 through Friday April 27, 2018. Session (C) begins January 8, 2018 through April 27, 2018.

    Students and faculty gets holidays off and spring break week in March and classes end April 27 this year. Graduation is first week of May this year. Then there are 3 summer sessions for teachers to earn – begins June and ends in July and August and also has holidays.

    Your daughter is managing and, if she’s dissatisfied, she needs to find another institution. You failed to mention, but if her Masters and PhD were from ASU, quite likely she’s had those degrees subsidized or free while working. That equates to in-pocket dollars, savings, and school access.

    Your daughter also may be earning money teaching online courses and or mentoring/tutoring students? Some do paid and unpaid research that earns them academic notice? If your daughter has a PhD what is her goal? Faculty position, nonprofits, for profits, business, medicine? Does your daughter’s teaching offset her school grants and scholarships from ASU?

    To equate your daughter’s income to public school teachers as stated isn’t correct and shouldn’t be used to compare apples to oranges. You would be required to indicate that she is not required to arrive at 7:30 a.m. and leave at 4:00 p.m. and go to a classroom only to teach for the allocated time.

    Theoretically, using the ASU calendar, your daughter has enough available hours to work a full time job elsewhere and continue to teach. Much like she did when going to school full-time while teaching and working?

    Your daughter must be younger than 26. Why isn’t she on your health insurance policy?

    Interested in your hearing a reply.

  22. College Professor says:

    @Sedona Professor.

    Curious, how do you get ” Session (C) begins January 8, 2018 through April 27, 2018.” “Each session is a 7.5 weeks commitment. ” By my crude calender that is 15 weeks. She is off spring break. You must teach the new math.

    She is over 26, no longer on my medical , it takes a few years to get all that education, I’d love to see the list of people with PHD’s at 25. She is not offered summer classes. Do the public school teachers teach in summer or are they off for summer, spring break, winter break, fall break?

    Poor public school teachers, they teach 8 months a year are off for 4 and only make $46,949 per year. Plus they can’t to simple math. Perhaps they should also find a second part time job.

  23. College Professor says:

    @Sedona Professor

    What I find most telling is when I state my daughter only makes $20,000 doing 2/3 of a full professors job you say “Your daughter is managing and, if she’s dissatisfied, she needs to find another institution.” I suggest district teachers, instead of asking for a raise take your advice and “Your daughter also may be earning money teaching online courses and or mentoring/tutoring students?” I’m sure your empathy for others will encourage voters to increase the school district teachers salary. Be glad voters are more generous and sympathetic than you.

  24. Sedona Professor says:

    @collegeprofessor Your reply indicates an intelligence level not equal to your child’s, and political and academic bias, both of which undermine your rather speciously inadequate mathematical premise for a comment. I don’t argue with a vacuum and direct you to the ASU website. Or call the bursars offices.

    You appear to want sympathy for a daughter who has chosen to teach and chosen to accept the recompense at ASU: You have publicly failed to indicate her chosen field provides benefits at ASU which your daughter wants. What was your point? Are you saying that ASU must provide your daughter with a higher wage and you have a right to be involved with the recompense and its negotiation? If so, why bother educating your daughter as it is her right to work and accept recompense and not yours.

    I’m for increased teacher salaries, what dolt isn’t? I’m for teacher’s negotiating. I’m against teachers leaving during school sessions when they have time within the school calendars that doesn’t impact working parents (including their own) childcare or instruction time. If, like your daughter I accepted a salary at the beginning of a school year with full knowledge of the contract terms, my right to walk out is null and void.

    I become the cheat and the liar. I become the robber of your child’s education.

    Our teachers were treated well by the state without leaving the classroom; a 20% raise by Republicans is hated by Democrats? Count this registered Democrat as singing their praise for stepping up to the plate when the teachers asked in 2015 and again now.

  25. @Sedona Professor says:

    Your a complete idiot and also a fraud…

    You also a Taker cause you “take” more money from the federal government then you contribute….so do us all a favor…. shut up and give it a rest…OK Taker!

  26. Marty in Sedona says:

    To the person: @Sedona Professor.

    Speaking of education, your lack of English writing skills perhaps supports the need to pay more for teachers to do a better job. And you criticize a Sedona Professor, granted that title is alleged? However, comparing the styles of writing my vote goes for the original Sedona Professor.

  27. @marty says:

    I know Marty
    I grew up in AZ and went to public school here where the teachers pay is the bottom 5 and the per student funding in the bottom three in the country…

    Sorry I’m what you get cause people like you make up nonsense and you don’t want to pay for kids to get educated since yours are all grown up …… years and years ago …… just as long as you got yours all is well.

  28. Joan, nearby says:

    Sedona’s been full of its importance to VV area for years. Let us remind you that we aren’t impressed by you now and weren’t then. Your greed is surpassed only by ego. One visit and you guarantee people won’t return.

  29. Bryant Cornville says:

    I used to live in Sedona, I loved my view and my neighborhood. Then slowly the city kept screwing things up with their greed. After I moved I still drove up to shop at New Frontiers and go to a movie. Now I don’t even go there, too much traffic . My roads in Cornvillle have been resurfaced twice by the county and those in my old neighborhood still have not been touched by the city of Sedona. In my opinion the city ruined it. You few that still live there, save yourselves, vote no on home rule and if you can end the city. So so sad what Sedona has become.

  30. @byrant says:

    I’m curious…
    Where’d you live in Sedona?
    I see a lot of traffic on Cornville road as well..

    Oh you don’t mind that?

  31. SD ( Cornville ) says:

    R U Nuts @byrant? Traffic on Cornville road doesn’t even come close to what exits in Sedona. But there’s another problem – speeding! Too many accidents happen because of that oversight. Where are the county sheriffs hanging out these days and nights? Casey’s Corner?

  32. Jeff says:

    Cornville isn’t landlocked like Sedona and is a nice small western community whose residents appreciate its size and life style. Not only that but Cornville’s Verde Sante Fe voters said no to Cottonwood when it tried to annex it for more tax base.

    Unlike Sedona and like the Village of Oak Creek, Cornville was smart to know it didn’t need another tax on its property to pay for out of control incorporated governments of towns and cities. They have everything already and at a lesser cost to their wallets.

  33. Caroline Johnson says:

    To Jeff and other residents of Cornville. Count your blessings you have maintained your health, safety, general welfare and, most of all, dignity by being smart enough to ignore rampant slick selling pitches on the advantages of incorporation. (or annexing into it) Continue to preach your valid reasons for remaining independent and keeping sticky fingers out of your pockets for any reason!

  34. Richard, parent says:

    If Sedona had creditable directors on the school board it probably wouldn’t have fallen into such dire financial trouble in the first place. That’s been one of the problems since the School District was approved (another controversial issue). From the very beginning too much attention was given to trivia such as a football field and performing arts center over and above a curriculum that actually offered education to district students.

    As the high school wasn’t accredited for college entry many students were removed from the get-go. That might have been considered the beginning of the end.

    Too many Sedona professionals have been smart enough to relocate to, for example, Flagstaff solely because of the lousy school district which not only decreased the number of students but also deprived residents of more convenient accessibility for those services. A lose lose for all concerned.

    Bite the bullet, School District. You have been and continue to be a shame and it’s little wonder numbers have dropped. Stop whining about mismanagement of direction and waste of taxpayers’ dollars. You reap what you sow.

  35. Eddie Maddock says:

    For the record, here is an interesting exchange with Councilman Currivan:

    From: eddies
    Date: 4/25/2018 8:28:41 PM
    To: JCurrivan@SedonaAZ.gov

    Subject: QUESTION

    Councilman Currivan:

    Rumors in Sedona continue to run amok. Is there any truth to one relating to a recent meeting during a presentation at the Big Park regional council meeting. Specifically, were you asked if there was any possibility of Sedona City Council providing additional funding for the School District and did you agree to take that question back to the Sedona City Couuncil?

    It has been and remains my policy relating to such rumors to go directly to the source. If such an event did occur, why wouldn’t the simple response be a simple “No, that isn’t within the Sedona City Council’s jurisdiction.” Your response will be appreciated.

    Thanks much.


    Eddie Maddock


    From: John Currivan
    Date: 4/25/2018 9:37:16 PM
    To: eddies
    Subject: Re: QUESTION

    Hi, Eddie —

    Thanks for checking with me on this. I did attend the Big Park meeting on April 12. My reason for being there was that I was supposed to meet with Supervisor Randy Garrison and a group called Keep Sedona Moving on the subject of a possible alternative route at Red Rock Crossing. The plan was that our meeting would start when the Big Park meeting ended, so I sat through the Big Park meeting.

    I don’t recall responding to any question about funding. During a portion of the meeting where the issue of school closure was discussed, someone asked me if I thought the Sedona City Council would be willing to get involved in that issue. I said that I didn’t think so, because the City Council generally limits its agenda to matters that are under its jurisdiction, and this was a school board issue, not a City Council issue. I then added that the Big Park group could always write a letter to Sedona’s mayor, asking that the Council take a position on school closure. I cautioned them, however, that they might not like the position that the Council would take on this issue. I didn’t agree to take any question to Council.

    I hope that helps.

    Best regards.


    From: eddies
    Date: 4/26/2018 6:05:44 AM
    To: JCurrivan@sedonaaz.gov
    Subject: Re: QUESTION

    Hi John:

    You bet that helps! Thank you!!


  36. R, west Sedona says:

    Councilor Currivan what’s the beef with the words no it’s illegal like Councillor Martinez? Step up and stop deferring like you did at Big Park by saying the Mayor could receive a letter. You indicated a possibility existed. We’re not going to put you in time out if we don’t like your answer but it keeps us from wasting valuable time. See you on FB. Thanks.

  37. John Currivan says:

    For R, west Sedona:

    Sorry, maybe my response to Eddie wasn’t clear. I was not referring to a funding issue. I understood the question to be school closure — i.e., which school, if any, should be closed. I said that the Big Park Council could write a letter to the mayor, asking that the City Council take a position on school closure. I’m not predicting how the mayor or the City Council might react to such a request. In any event, I didn’t mean to leave the impression that there was any chance of getting funding from the City of Sedona to run the schools.


    John Currivan
    Sedona City Council

    Any opinions contained herein are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Sedona City Council.

  38. Eddie Maddock says:

    The following e-mail from Councilman John Currivan is offered for clarification:

    From: John Currivan
    Date: 4/27/2018 11:53:16 AM
    To: eddies@
    Subject: Re: QUESTION

    Hi, Eddie — I saw that you posted my response to your email on Sedona Eye. No problem, but in the future please include the disclaimer that I have to put at the end of my official emails, such as this one. I included the disclaimer in my email to you, but it was somehow dropped when you posted it.



    John Currivan
    Sedona City Council

    Any opinions contained herein are my own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Sedona City Council.

    My response:

    From: eddies@
    Date: 4/27/2018 2:05:41 PM
    To: JCurrivan@sedonaaz.gov
    Subject: Re: QUESTION

    Hi John:

    With apologies for the omission, it wasn’t deliberate but it won’t happen again. In fact I’ll make a point to add a comment for clarification under the current article. The reason it didn’t appear is because for some reason when I cut and copied, that portion of your comment didn’t transmit. It’s my policy to post responses from council members as they are received in order to avoid misrepresentation by rephrasing. And, of course, all such correspondence is a matter of public record and all e-mails received from members of the city council, both past and present, are concluded with the same disclaimer.

    Thank you again for your participation.



    *************** OVER & OUT***********

  39. BG says:

    When we moved to VOC in 90s our kids were bussed to public school in Cottonwood. Bus them again.

  40. Andrew Shockley says:

    Seriously? “Normally Eddie is a pretty good writer, but structurally this is pretty bad.” Well, for someone who allegedly writes so poorly, you certainly managed to convey a message, Mrs. Maddock.

    Anyone who would make such a comment apparently has writing skills similar to a person with the initials of SS who frequently posts comments on Sedona Eye.

    Clearly there is nothing wrong with your usage of the English language so the purpose of such criticism appears to have some sort of hidden agenda like perhaps a personal grudge or something? Just a hunch, mind you, but this is to express apprediation for bringing forth another important message that certainly has drawn well deserved interest. Thank you from this reader of your columns for several years. I’m sure many others agree with me.

  41. R says:

    @Currivan read & thanks

  42. CE says:

    Wake up Sedona! Clearly this was another attempt to scam the system by enlisting the C of C to act as agents for the School District and solicit as much money as possible from the city under the flag of Product Development.

    Is it more than just coincidental that a former Chamber employee, a specialist in the marketing field, took charge as the School Board mouthpiece to negotiate the process? No harm in asking questions, usually. But this being Sedona laws and enforcement procedures remain a mystery.

    The mystery might be quickly resolved by voting NO on Home Rule. Then watch and see how the high and mighty either sink or swim.

  43. @CE says:

    You are delusional and parinoid…
    I also suspect you dislike children

  44. CECE says:

    “I also suspect you dislike children.” How dare you imply I dislike children. Quite the contrary, I think they are delicious.

  45. CE says:

    In response to the person identified as @CE this is to thank you for having done so. You, Sir or Madam, are among the reasons my wife and I opted to remove our two children from the Sedona Oak Creek Unified School District and enroll them into charter schooling, even though, of course, we continue to pay for District support through our county property taxes.

    We were fortunate to have the means and opportunity to make that choice. And if, by chance, we find the quality of education they are presently receiving via the charter school system is insufficient, we will seriously consider relocating as some of our professional colleagues have already opted to do.

    Your ignorance is exceeded only by your stupidity (or vice-versa) in “assuming” those of us with children in school do not see through yet another Sedona scam. It’s one right after another.

    And that brings up something else. Do we really want to raise our children among such blatant, self-serving conflicts arising in Sedona on almost a daily basis? We wonder how the current Sedona City Manager and his wife will feel about educating their young son when he is old enough to go to school? My guess is he will be smart enough to have collected his earned retirement and benefits from the “system” and moved on by then.

    Thank you again @CE for having enhanced my point. You, among others, are real pieces of art. But not the quality of which Sedona has been striving to achieve.

  46. @CE says:

    Blah blah blah

    You overtalked and didn’t say much…I stand by my original post

  47. WWW says:

    Watch, Waited, Work= WWW

    We have WATCHED – CC & Chamber-Lodging take over our city, detroy of roads,trails, and quality of life.Sedona City Government has grown out of control. Money and the system has allowed special interest & Government overreach destroying the quality of life for all. Tourists, Residents, Businesses & Workers.

    We have WAITED – for the right time to CORRECT this

    Now is time for us to WORK- Residents for residents

    Your chance for change – VOTE NO on Home Rule

    Spread the word. Tell your neighbors, workers, family. Last chance to Save your Sedona. VOTE NO HOME RULE.

    City Council “trusted” SS, chamber allowed them to take over the greater Sedona region. OUR turn. VOTE NO home rule.

    Just do it! REJECT home Rule. No more home rule

  48. MaryC says:

    I was thrilled to be able to move here over 25 years ago when my daughter was a young child. People used to talk about “Red Rock Fever” where someone would do most anything to live in Sedona. Now we abused residents pay six figure salaries to public employees who refuse to live here.

    Please vote No on Home rule and any other tax increase scam these parasites dream up. Letting these people stay in charge a few more years and it will be too late to restore Sedona if it is not already too late.

    No on Home Rule.

  49. @WWW says:

    Oh so dramatic…..

    Your not a tree…..you can move…bye bye
    We need more lighthearted positive people in sedona anyway..
    All those with a negative spin on all things Sedona(all three of you).
    Say bye bye

  50. Maurice & Jane says:

    We are among those fed up with Sedona’s misdirection and are looking forward to this year’s election. Just in case the same mindset is reelected to the city council, we will be certain to vote NO on Home Rule to tighten the noose on those remaining. Good luck to those new faces who are brave enough to throw their hats in the ring. Tony T we’ll be pulling for you to man that gavel!!

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