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David Bradley – Arizona Corporation Commission candidate – Democrat (Primary)

SEDONA AZ–“Planning for the future is what attracted me to this race,” Democratic candidate for Arizona Corporation Commission David Bradley said. “As a Child Welfare Administrator and a State Legislator, I believe in planning ahead for our energy future so that those who come after us have air to breath and water to drink. We need a clean energy standard that is workable and buildable in the immediate future.”

Primary candidate Bradley added, “I think the Commission has a role of oversight and the role of providing insight, and encouraging the development of clean energy particularly solar, but also geothermal and wind. I want to see Arizona at the forefront of the research and the implementation of those alternate energies. I want us to have the foresight to plan ahead for our inevitable growth. Even though we are in a flat time now eventually the population will grow. We need to plan ahead for that inevitability.”

Democrat Bradley wants to promote renewable energy through standards and enhance the mandated standards for renewable energy to 25, 30 or even 40 percent of the power used, without creating sticker shock. “It has to be done in a systematic way and you have to build upon it over time.  I support the direct involvement and the notion of the Commission promoting solar energy in government buildings and schools and in as many places as possible, so that we don’t have to build huge transmission lines. To keep up with the growth we have to encourage smaller units and we don’t have to do fossil fuel,” Bradley said.

The Corporate Commission candidate added, “The prices for solar are dropping, the technology is improving and Arizona needs to be in the forefront on this. And we need to promote jobs and training, and at the university level to promote solar technology.”

Energy is what the commission is involved in, according to Bradley, even though the commission does handle a number of water companies. Democrat Bradley believes the Commission should consolidate the over three hundred water companies into a more manageable number. He would like to hold developers accountable when they build to make sure that the water is really there, and not just a stand alone water company that can’t sustain itself or maintain equipment. “Consolidation of water companies is central to managing water issues,” said Bradley.

“People need to understand how important the Commission is,” Arizona Corporation Commission Democratic candidate Bradley concluded. “The Commission approves utility rates and twenty per cent (20%) of the average Arizonan’s living expenses are utilities.”

For more information go to www.bradleyforarizona.com     

Article written by Joni Dahlstrom, sedonaeye.com Staff Writer  JoniD@eSedona.net  Sedona Times Publishing Election Central c2010

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