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Community Plan Committee Appointed

Sedona AZ–On June 8 2010, the Sedona City Council unanimously approved the formation of a citizens steering committee to work collaboratively with the public, Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council, staff and others in the updating of the Community Plan.

On September 14th, Council appointed eleven members to the committee. Sedona residents who were appointed are Mike Bower, Jim Eaton, Angela LeFevre, Elemer Magaziner, Gerhard Mayer, Judith Reddington, John Sather, Michael Steinhart, and Jon Thompson. Chairman Alex Gillon of the Planning and Zoning Commission and Councilor Barbara Litrell were also appointed. The first meeting of the committee will be Tuesday, November 16 2010 at 3:30 p.m. in the Vultee Conference Room at City Hall.

The committee will meet on a regular basis over the next two years and will have overall leadership of the public participation portion of the Community Plan update process. The Sedona City Council has placed a priority on public communication, education and outreach. Based on Community Plan input so far, residents feel that there should be more ways for citizens to be involved and that this should be more than a simple update.

During the update process, the citizens steering committee will help residents define a shared “community vision” for the future of Sedona that reflects local goals and priorities. Future community meetings are intended to provide visual images of future scenarios so that the community can see a range of possible visions for Sedona.

At meetings held spring 2010 with community groups and the public at large, some common themes for the Plan update emerged. These themes represent some initial thoughts regarding the Community Plan and there will be many more opportunities throughout the process for residents to provide feedback.

  • The themes are:
  • Community Outreach: We need to explore more ways, other than meetings, to involve more of the community and use many different approaches – everything from electronic media to dialogue with neighborhood groups and homeowners associations. More community education is needed on the Community Plan and its current use and potential.

  • Sustainability and the Environment: There is agreement that we need to become a more sustainable community both environmentally and economically.
  • Community Plan Document:  There is agreement that the Community Plan must be more user-friendly. A prioritized system of community benefits is needed to evaluate new development.
  • West Highway 89A Corridor: Since many residents live within one lot of the highway, it is important that we evaluate the needs and values for this area from the perspective of the residents. We need to reflect the qualities that make the area livable. Retention of the scenic views from the highway is very important.
  • The City of Sedona is required by state law to update the Community Plan at least every ten years. The Sedona Community Plan is the City’s state-mandated general plan that guides the City in making decisions on future development and land use regulations, initiating specific planning programs and priorities and funding.
  • There are many ways for residents to provide input and get involved. The city website has a dedicated page on the Community Plan update that contains information on meeting dates and times; public comments, questions and answers on the Plan update; and a comment card for issues you think are important to Sedona.
  • There are also exhibits on display at the Sedona Public Library, City Council Chambers and Keep Sedona Beautiful. Go to www.SedonaAZ.gov/planUpdate for timely information or contact city staff.
  • You may e-mail or call: Mike Raber, Senior Planner, 928-204-7106, mraber@SedonaAZ.gov or Kathy Levin, Associate Planner, 928-203-5035, klevin@SedonaAZ.gov. You may also write staff at City of Sedona, Community Development Department at 102 Roadrunner Drive, Sedona, AZ 86336.


  1. thomas j. zaleski says:

    The City Council MUST be joking. Community Outreach? How about simple and common sense business practices being applied to REDUCE the size and scope of the local and INCOMPETENT government?

    The Left simply does not understand basic business or economics. Less government is good government!

  2. Jim Harrington Sedona AZ says:

    Unless and until such measures as “Alternate Standards” and “Administrative Waivers” are abolished, such pie in the sky illusions of an ideal revision of the Community Plan are absurd. It is the City Staff, particularly in the Department of Community Planning & Development, who continue to manipulate the engine driving mechanism of Sedona to ruination. If ever there exists a case of the tail wagging the dog, it’s Sedona city government. No matter who you have revising the Community Plan, it will revert to being the utterly useless lengthy documented “guideline” that amounts to a worthless collection of rhetorical balderdash. How amusing it must be to those who are truly in charge.

    The above comments reflect my own opinions. I do not speak for others.

    Yes, Mr. Zaleski, it is a pathetic joke of smoke and mirrors (again my opinion.)

    Jim Harrington

  3. P. Revere says:

    Well said. You can bet that the majority of people chosen to “volunteer” all share the same agenda for what the final Community Plan should include and I could bet that there won’t be any ground shaking ideas to proactively redesign our local economy revenue streams.

    Sadly, it is not just City government staff that perpetuates the same paradigm that’s existed for the past 20 years here. It is every institution that operates in the City as well. A partial list includes; the performing arts center that taxpayers approved with a $73 billion bond that still has no management in place and soon The Friends of the Posse Grounds Park will approach Council asking for funds to go forward with construction of their entertainment venue.

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