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City of Sedona Launches Online Traffic Survey

sedonaSedona AZ (October 25, 2016) – Frustrated by traffic? The city of Sedona is hoping this simple, yet important question is enough of a conversation starter to encourage residents to complete an online survey to share their thoughts and concerns about specific traffic issues in and around the city. The survey will be available for three weeks, from October 25, 2016 to November 15, 2016.

City of Sedona staff have been working toward solutions for the traffic issues, but more information is needed about the specific traffic challenges that trouble travelers most.

“There are so many pieces to the traffic puzzle – residents, commuters, visitors, parking, bike lanes, etc. – it is a challenging task to decide which effective opportunities the community wants us to explore first. We’re hoping residents will take this chance to share more details about their transportation needs so we can develop a plan together to achieve the goal of the Sedona Community Plan to reduce traffic congestion,” said Karen Daines-Osburn, assistant city manager, city of Sedona.

Those who take the survey will have an opportunity to rank transportation priorities such as connecting neighborhoods or improving walkability, classifying various traffic issues as nuisances or problems, and rating strategies for their potential to reduce traffic congestion.

The online survey is part of the public outreach portion of the city of Sedona’s Transportation Master Plan (TMP) study, which is currently underway. This effort is known as the tagline, Sedona in Motion. The goal of the study is to develop the city’s long-range blueprint for travel and mobility which addresses the unique transportation needs of residents, visitors and commuters. The TMP covers all forms of personal travel including foot, bike, automobile and bus.

“By understanding what the community views as the highest priority traffic problems, it will help develop the TMP for improving those issues, including how best to spend any taxpayer dollars,” said Daines-Osburn.

To learn more about Sedona in Motion, and to take the survey visit https://sedonainmotion.metroquest.com/.

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. CROCK says:

    You should have thought about that before you invited 2 million people in with no roads, losers.
    Now you want people to weigh in so you can come to the logical 250,000 dollar conclusion? Yeah, we have a traffic problem?
    Greedy losers.

  2. Lyland Stad says:

    Mr. Crock, you are a crock. You opine from emotion, not facts.

  3. steve segner says:

    CROCK says: Invited 2 million people

    Implies ownership of Sedona and you (Crock) nor anyone else owns Sedona.
    Just because we live in Sedona, own land or run a business gives us no special rights to keep visitors out.

    Visitors are the life blood of Sedona and pay the majority of our bills, and employee the majority of our workers.
    Sedona is a tourist town, back to the 1950 ies.
    Sedona sits across two state HWY’s both leading to the Grand Canyon and Oak Creek , who are you are anyone else to say that should be kept away.
    The traffic study will help guide the city in traffic planning but in no way will it get better till we start planning on moving people around with out cars.
    Walking, public transit or even closing the canyon to parking will help only some.
    Get over it, it’s not going to change and it is not that bad 99% of the time
    and remember the city only markets Sedona in the slow months when all the business need the business.

  4. SurveyCat says:

    I took this survey and I suggest that folks take it, as well. It’s a great survey; my suggestion is to give the answers serious thought. The survey allows for participants to add comments and provide additional proposed solutions. Hopefully the results will be considered and implemented.

    I understand, it has been frustrating that the City has encouraged so much traffic without the proper infrastructure. Hopefully that will change, hopefully this survey will help.

  5. City scamming again says:

    Here we go again the city questions are trick! They are asking you to approve SPENDING more money on the traffic issue!!!!!!!

    Complete BS Why don’t they stop promoting drive though traffic created by the horrible chamber of horrors? They need to cut the upper city staff overpaid p-gs and stop giving money to the chamber and lodging. Look real close read the words they are filled with crap and ways to GET more money from the residents!!!!!

  6. Something to Think About says:

    And by what authority does the City of Sedona have to redesign or plan for new highways via land they do not own? And this city sent a clear message they did NOT want to own West SR89A – especially after the mess they made of the short portion uptown.

    So how can they plan for medians or widening or other alleged improvements as is again suggested. When ADOT agreed for medians a few years ago the businesses screeched “No, No, No” – didn’t want to have curb cuts become inaccessible.

    As for an alternate route up Schnebly Road? Not so fast. Have you obtained permission from the USFS? Same with dictating Red Rock Crossing or Oak Creek Canyon. Not in City Limits in case you hadn’t noticed. Just how far is this incorporated city going to attempt to extend its authority? And as the survey indicates, and rightfully so, the cost of these suggestions will be over the moon. Are we, the legitimate residents, to be held responsible for that expense?

    All promotion of Sedona via the idiotic program with the Chamber of Commerce should cease and desist. Sedona had been discovered long before they stepped in and tried to take credit. All they can take credit for is the shameful manner they have managed to promote day trippers and now continue to promote competing non-tax collecting businesses out of town, where tourists shop and spend their money prior to taking the day trip through Sedona to Oak Creek and the Grand Canyon.

    Poor planning. Unreasonable thinking.

  7. Dotty C. says:

    Those millions of dollars to the Chamber to promote the region would be far better spent in a fund to facilitate road improvements. And, yes, it most assuredly would satisfy the return for the .5% bed tax increase since there’s no doubt the Lodging Council would benefit far more by addressing traffic issues instead of adding to them. We would ALL benefit – residents, tourists, and businesses.

  8. Alarmed says:

    City Hall has frittered away tens of millions pursuing pet projects. Add the future Transportation Master Plan (TMP) to the list.

    As ‘City scamming again’ aptly pointed out, the Online Traffic Survey has trick questions that are “ways to GET more money from the residents.”

    A look at the Fund Balance Summary in the Finance Department’s June 2016 Monthly Report is troubling. Reserves/savings are not respected. Two examples:

    General Fund Balance 07/01/2015 – $13,281,466
    General Fund Balance 07/01/2016 – $ 9,698,933*
    DECREASE – $ 3,582,533

    Wastewater Fund Balance 07/01/2015 – $16,938,579
    Wastewater Fund Balance 07/01/2016 – $13,597,903
    DECREASE – $ 3,340,676

    As a consequence of not living within its means, there’s been no maintenance of the strong reserves the City once had in order to ensure long-term financial stability or cure the City’s underinvestment in roads and drainage infrastructure.

    City staff has always wanted to grow the government by any means. The Transportation Master Plan (TMP) under development is NO exception.

    *Includes Interfund Transfers

  9. @surveycat says:

    The questions are bogus. Skip to the comment section and write something constructive that doesn’t cost the residents money. The residents have been taken advantage of enough. We certainly do not want to have to resort to another referendum. It seems that is the only thing this city understands. Can you say SB 1487.

  10. @Segner says:

    If you believe that I have some electricity to sell you.

  11. JD says:

    Well, I looked at this survey, with an open mind and good intentions, but . . .
    could NOT complete it because it was vague and misleading.

    It seemed to me as if no matter what choices were made they would be subject to questionable interpretation. Sorry – no can do.

    Agree with other suggestions that these people really need to pursue remedies within incorporated Sedona’s jurisdiction and be aware of USFS owned lands and State owned existing routes.

  12. DB SEGNER says:

    Segner, go get your own website called Oak Creek Canyon Eye
    Stay in your own neighborhood and mind your business

  13. Kevin says:

    like hearing Steve and WSR and Dave etc becuz it gives ideas for thought. Thanks all. checking out survey now. Will let you know if agreed.

  14. Wsr says:


    Kevin you want to hear something really funny::::::

    All those hate posts using different vague names……..there all the same crazy crazy person…… This has been going on here at SE for years… Some hate fueled Tea Party person posts under different names to make it seem like she has backup….Very sick and delusional

  15. @Kevin says:

    You made a very sensible observation, unlike those you chose to defend (Steve, WSR, Dave, etc.) as is proven by Wsr’s subsequent “assumption.” How can we be assured THEY are not one and the same?

    As most probably understand the true meaning of the word “assume” = ASS – U – ME. Trite but true and all too often based on wishful thinking.

  16. @wsr says:

    You are the most hate filled zero that posts on this site. You are part of the city takers. What you are ignoring is that there are many many people that are aware of your game. A lot of them post on this site. Don’t fool yourself. The citizens are uniting. Watch your back.

  17. @Alarmed says:

    A good suggestion. Ask the city manager to take a reduction in pay for the crappy job he is doing. 75000 a year is a more than fair salary for a city with a population of 10000.

  18. AEC ( Marin ) says:

    Chambers reflect businesses and Chambers Boards reflects their businesses. A city reflects tax payers. Sedona Chamber appears to be doing its job and that’s what is expected. Voters judge its leaders and its for businesses to judge its leaders. Both can be voted on. Love beautiful Sedona Red Rocks. Good to know its people take its leaders seriously and hold them to task. Working together is best for Sedona’s quality of life.

    Thanks to good Sedona friends (names removed by editor) for this subscription to follow people loving and living Sedona lives and businesses with transparency and reveling in an open media. (The Presidential election would benefit from this kind of transparency, right?)

  19. WSr says:


    Yea okay……

    The same 8-10 hate fueled people have been posting, crying and complaining about anything and everything for years on SE now… many of the same people post under different names with the same ole same ole complaints….

    Don’t work or take anything from the city…..

  20. Here We Go Again! says:

    It’s the same old story. City Council will discuss this survey at the council meeting on Wednesday (11/9). Heading up the list of stakeholders is guess who? Well, that’s a no brainer. Of course it’s the chamber of commerce. Isn’t that the very “stakeholder” that is responsible for creating the recent surge of day-trippers to Sedona? And adding insult to injury is the cost to the city of millions of dollars to create and continue to unleash this monster? And now THEY deserve top consideration? And what about us, the residents, that cannot even squeeze into the traffic lines a high percentage of the time to oblige the “chamber” by attempting to shop locally? What’s wrong with this picture?

  21. @Here we go Again says:

    You have lots of comments to make on SE. How would you know or not know if the chamber of commerce is going to speak? If you want your 2 cents to count why don’t you go to that meeting and let your opinion be heard! Oh yeah then you’d have to give your name and show your face. What’s wrong with that picture???

  22. Larry A says:

    There is a lot wrong with the picture. What does the chamber, steve or any other special interest person or group have to the city? Fools they make of everyone. The city incorporated by boundaries. Not managing that makes every city manager look like fools.By enabling the takers like steve and jennifer the manager have betrayed the very thing the city was incoropated to do. They are bleeding the city dry.
    The survey asks for permission to spend city money on items that are OUTSIDE the city jurisdiction.

  23. Here We Go Again! says:

    @Here we go Again – So where is your name? Your own picture remains incomplete without that for starters so what’s the beef? However, my guess is that you are among those that give permission to the city council about when they may use the bathroom.

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