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City Has Authority To Ban Smart Meters

Smart meter issues need to be addressed before installation

Smart meter issues need to be addressed before installation

Sedona AZ (December 12, 2012) – In a Letter to the SedonaEye.com Editor, Sedona resident Monnie Ramsell asked that a copy of her City Council Presentation, read during the December 11, 2012 Sedona City Council meeting, be printed for public information:

Dear Mayor and Council Members,

There was a recent inquiry into whether the City would have any authority to ban the installation of “smart meters”.

During an AARP Town hall conference call with the Arizona Corporation Commission on utility the week before last, Commissioner Brenda Burns explained the role of the Commission as the “fourth branch” of government and the Commissioners were elected by us and they are working on our behalf.

She explained how individuals and groups can actively get involved with issues regulated by the Commission. By active participation, we can make our voice heard. One of the processes is to file motion for intervention. There is no filing fee. It is a very simple filing of petition to intervene. There is a sample form on the Commission’s website.

AZ Corporation Commissioner Brenda Burns

AZ Corporation Commissioner Brenda Burns asks community to get involved with smart meter debate

In fact, she is looking forward to us intervening and (is) highly supportive of our involvement saying that we shall make a difference.

Many cities and counties in California as well as other states are filing for motion to intervene regarding matters of Smart Meters. As Fairfax Town Council Supervisor Larry Bragman said during their council meeting, intervention with the Utility Commission is low cost high impact option to address smart meters issue. Their city attorney agreed.

Intervention will give the City the opportunity to work together with the Commission to make sure the health and safety issues are addressed so there the city codes can be followed.


8.15.010 Nuisances.

8.15.010 Nuisances.

It is unlawful for any person to maintain a public nuisance. Anything which is injurious to health or indecent or offensive to the senses, or which interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property or anything which unlawfully obstructs the free passage or use in a customary manner of any public place, street, sidewalk or alley in the city, is a public nuisance and subject to summary abatement. [Code 2006 ยง 10-1-5].

13.35.020 Environmental nuisances defined.

In addition to the public nuisances defined by this code, ordinance or state law, the following specific acts, omissions and conditions in or upon any private lot, building, structure or premises, or in or upon any public right-of-way, street, avenue, alley, park, parkway or other public or private place in the city, are hereby declared to be, among others, environmental nuisances which endanger the public health and safety:

Courts tend to do what the movement and communities expect them to do. If communities don’t expect privacy, health and safety protection and we are marginalized in these debates, then the court will do what the courts always do. They will not analyze the health issues, the safety issues, the privacy issues. They will just hang their head on the jurisdictional issue. Our concerns will be excised from the court records and that’s how it works.

It really depends on the people; the communities let their elected representatives know that we want protection, that we’re concerned about it. We expect actions. Ratepayers should be allowed to opt out without having forced to pay a fee to not having a nuisance put onto their property. Without our City’s active participation, the utility is not going to act.

It is up to us to create a smart meter free zone to protect our health, to protect people with electro hypersensitivity, to protect our privacy and to protect our property value.

Monnie Ramsell
Sedona Arizona
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  1. Warren says:

    Unfortunately, Sedona City Council (AKA The Moronic Convergence) lacks the will to do anything on this issue.

    I listened to the minutes in which they briefly discussed “smart” meters. In addition to lack of will, it was clear they lacked much understanding of the issue either, despite the fact that myself and others have been sending them information on the subject for over a year now. In short, I don’t call them The Moronic Convergence for nothing.

    In a case of the blind leading the blind, their attorney sent out some reasons why the City could not take action. He was wrong as usual. For one thing, the nuisance code cited above could have been used to ban the “smart” meter nuisance outright.

    Mayor Adumbs, who so loves and craves attention, missed his chance. He could have been the first mayor in Arizona to ban “smart” meters. Sedona could have been known state and nationwide as a “smart” meter free zone, a town that stood up to monopoly utility bullying.

  2. Mike says:

    living in Sedona has changed my mind about how great it seemed to be able to live here before I moved three years ago, dealing with the city is below par no cause for it either

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