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AZ Firefighters July Fourth Weekend Extremely Busy

Sedona AZ – The Fourth of July 2019 holiday weekend kept Arizona firefighters extremely busy.

The Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management reports, between Thursday (July 4) and Sunday (July 7), firefighters responded to forty-six wildfires across Arizona on all land jurisdictions: The 46 fires burned a combined total of nearly four thousand acres.

Most of the fires over the holiday weekend were human caused, including vehicles parked in tall grass, debris burns and welding.
Fire activity remains high across the state, including the desert areas, due to an abundance of grass from last year’s winter rain and snow. Residents need to use caution when conducting outdoor activities that require an active heat source, and should have water nearby if debris burning or using any equipment with an open flame.

Drivers should avoid pulling off to the side of the road into tall grasses, ensure tow chains are properly secured, and that vehicles are inspected before getting on the road.

Campers need to check area fire restrictions before leaving for their destination. Stage I fire restrictions are in place on some state and federal lands. It’s your responsibility to Know Before You Go.

Where campfires are allowed, always make sure they are cool to the touch before leaving. Drown campfires with water, stir, and then repeat until completely out. Never leave a warm campfire pit. Pack out all garbage, including animal and human waste if no trash containers are supplied. It’s your responsibility to Leave No Trace Behind.

As of today, 935 wildfires have burned more than 205,000 acres on private, state, federal, and tribal lands.

Of the 935 wildfires so far this year, 94% of them were determined to be human caused. 

Remember Know Before You Go and Leave No Trace Behind. It’s better than fines and prison time.

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