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AZ CD1 Candidate for Congress on Israel-Gaza Blockade Conflict

Sedona AZ (June 2, 2010) – The following Letter to the SedonaEye.com Editor was written and submitted by Thomas J. Zaleski, candidate for Arizona U.S. Congress, CD-1:

What happened in the Mediterranean is another blow to the western democracies and the US ally- Israel. The Jewish state stepped right into an information warfare trap set up for it by jihadists.

A flotilla of ships organized by extremist Moslem Brotherhood of Turkey and supported by its Islamist Prime Minister Tayyip Erdopgan sailed to Gaza in order to breach the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of the Hamas-run enclave.

Israel has the right under the Oslo Accords to inspect shipping entering Gaza ports.  There were 6 ships that were inspected early Monday morning in the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea and then escorted to the Israeli port of Ashdod. Israel undertook to send their humanitarian cargo to Gaza.

Helicopters lowered Israeli naval commando onto the largest vessel of the flotilla: a Turkish-flagged ship carrying 600 passengers.  The inspectors were immediately assaulted by Hamas supporters with steel pipes, knives, and guns (which apparently they wrestled from the Israelis) while the commandos, “armed” with paintball guns only did their best to defend themselves but not to use side arms against the pro-Palestinian forces.

The violence left nine Islamists dead. Two Israeli soldiers were badly injured, including one who was thrown 30 feet down – from upper to lower deck.

Turkey is deliberately instigating this manufactured crisis even though Israel is providing massive aid on a daily basis to the people in need within Gaza, including water, electricity and medical services. Hamas, which rules Gaza, calls for the destruction of Israel and doesn’t recognize her right to exist.

Israel is America’s most important ally in the region and a democracy that has not just the right to defender herself but a duty to defend its borders and its people.

Recently, I posted some positive comments on the WSJ site that had the article about the clash off the coast of Israel.  The ensuing anti-Semitism and hate-filled replies have been stunning.

It is quite evident that anti-Semitism is still very much alive in America and mostly comes from the radical Left that denies Israel’s right as a nation-state.  These Leftist continue to support the terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah (no doubt these persons have a Che T-Shirt in their closet) with the same irrational verve as their defense of the USSR!

Israel is not just an important ally of America but a staunch supporter of freedom seeking peoples throughout the region!  USA receives critical support and intelligence from the IDF and Israeli intelligence services since the early days of the Cold War and until this very day on targets ranging from the USSR to Iran.

Turkey and Hamas, brothers-in-arms against a legitimate democracy, are sponsoring more ships that will be attempting to thwart the Gaza blockade later this week, according to news reports.

Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations hate America and are vested in hatred and death; therefore, peace is not their goal.

These Islamo-facists want to erase Israel from the face of the Earth and they will NOT stop there.  Their ultimate goal is the establishment of the Caliphate, a world-wide Jihadist dictatorship aimed to fight wars to control and dominate our lives by imposing their religion!

The death of capitalism and freedom of religion here in America is their ultimate goal. Liberals and conservatives, Christians and Jews, and yes, tolerant Muslims, should stand together in opposing these intolerant cause.

Thomas J. Zaleski RIA EA, Candidate for Congress Arizona CD1   www.zaleski4congress.com     928-282-5731

Sedona Times Editor: In the interest of fairness, all CD1 candidates and CD1 Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick are invited to respond or be allotted an equal opportunity to present a viewpoint. The public is invited to comment on this article below or to its author directly.


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  1. Greg Stern says:

    Nice masthead on the paper. Very colorful.

    While the article may be true, it is also true that Israel needs to reconsider some of its policies. For one, I don’t know how politically effective the blockade is and whether it is in Israel’s best interest. There are so many tunnels from Egypt to Gaza that I imagine that many things the Israeli’s might want to stop come through there.

    Sadly, whenever Hamas sends rockets into Israel the worldwide press and the universal citizenry rarely gets upset. They only seem to care when Israel retaliates. Whether this is antisemitism or not, I am not totally sure. I am sure it is to some degree.

  2. Carla Tanner says:

    found your site… i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out often

  3. …Islam and Muslims are second biggest group in the world and in US and therefore sooner or later truthful information will start to appear in media.
    Muhammad Khan MD

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