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A Harley McGuire Thanksgiving Message

SedonaEye.com Star Paws Up Columnist, Harley McGuire

Sedona AZ (November 19, 2012) – For goodness sakes, it is true that time flies by quickly!

Already most leaves have dropped off the trees, the frost has bitten the pumpkins, and even some of that cold white stuff has fallen lazily from the sky. Of course, so far we’ve had nothing to compare with that big snow storm of last March, but who knows when it might just happen again. It doesn’t bother me as long as Mom fixes a roaring fire in the fireplace and I’m able to enjoy it with her from my favorite spot on the couch.

Unless I’m mistaken that special day is near when many kitchens will be overwhelmed with mouth-watering aromas such as roasting turkey and pumpkin pie. Ha. Not at my house.

Once again Mother will trot off to some eating place where I’m not allowed to join her. Ha again. How’s that for animal abuse ASPCA? Of course I’m just joking because I know in my heart within the next week or so we, too, will be sniffing with delight a roast turkey breast of our own – and my tummy smiles at such a lovely thought.

Medicine Wise Wings

Also I’ve “pawed” my letter to Sandy Claws for a red custom Thunder Shirt with my name on it and a red collar with studs. I’ve enjoyed my designer blue collar with crystals but it’s worn out, and it’s time for a dude like me to have the masculine touch of studs which is what I’m so hoping will be in my Christmas stocking.

Ever since those roof explosions, I’m not able to understand any loud noises and my heart pounds and I shake even when Mom tells me it’s only a squirrel running across the roof or a pine cone dropping from a tree. The gray Thunder Shirt she got for me really helps calm my nerves but a red one should do twice the job! Don’t you agree?

Of course, if Sandy Claws finds out how I continue to trick Mom when she tries to give me a calming pill – I might be on his Bad Dog List. I just can’t resist, though, because no matter what “she” does to hide the stupid little things I can manage to spit them out when she’s not watching. Guess I’d better clean up my act – at least for a little while – if I expect to have my wish list fulfilled.

Visit an animal shelter – heed Harley McGuire’s wise words.

I’m hoping that all my pals out there, including my most recent new friend, Vinny, will have special treats on this Thanksgiving Day and that many shelter pets will have the magical gift of a loving forever home.

It would be further comforting if all animal abusers would give themselves a huge dose of their own toxic venom and spare helpless, defenseless animals. Bullying is not an admirable trait and doesn’t require a special talent other than a sick mind…

As my Medicine Wise Wings says after he “caws” two times, “Remember, my children, be grateful for what you have.”

No matter how bad things are, they could be worse.




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  1. Sweet story, Little Man . . . however . . . you forgot to mention one very important thing considering your Wish List to Sandy Claws.

    Have you forgotten your last report card from the groomer said: “Today Harley McGuire was a biter!” Not good considering you had such a glowing report from your previous visit.

    You’re due again for a clean-up and it’s suggested you also clean up your act. Sandy and his elves will be watching.

    Mommie Dearest

  2. Chip'n Dale says:

    Oh Harley, bitting is not allowed but hopefully Sandy Claws will understand. Our mom cuts our front nails weekly and then we get brushed. If we can tollerate it so can you.

    You and your mom have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Chip’n Dale

    P.S. At least you get a turkey breast, we just get turkey out of an envelope or it might be chicken we don’t know cannot read and it all tastes the same to us. Go figure! Hugs and Hisses!

  3. Martha says:

    Thanks for your Thanksgiving message. I had a good one and, of course, ate too much. I think that is what you are supposed to do though so didn’t want to break with tradition. No early morning Black Friday shopping for me as I could think of nothing I wanted to get out for in the cold and dark. Hope you and your Mom had a great day. It sounds as if you are getting ready for the next holiday and have your Christmas list going. I understand Santa is watching us more closely now. Martha

  4. Skipper says:

    Hi Harley.
    My Mom was out of town for Thanksgiving and this nice lady named Aunt Josie stayed with me. We didn’t have any good smells coming from the kitchen because Aunt Josie went out to a club where the “Elks” cooked her dinner. Aunt Josie also took me to a home where old people live. They have never seen a dog like me before, so they all gave me hugs and kisses. I even sat on one ole man’s lap and was on my best behavior. So my advice to you is.. If you want hugs and kisses and treats, NO BITING.

    Best part was when my Mom got home and she had some good smells coming out of her back pack and shared some yummy turkey meat that she brought back special just for me. YUMMO!

    I think I want a red “Thunder Shirt” too. Will have to write to “Sandy Claws” and let him know. Thanks for the tip.
    Hope to share some Holiday Cheer with you.

    Your pal,

  5. Thanks Chip’n Dale, Ms. Martha, and Skipper for touching bases with me. Just to let y’all know Mom took me for my “clean up” yesterday and my report card was upgraded slightly. I just don’t like anyone to mess around with my repared jaw.

    Also I was naughty and listened to Mom on the phone with the thunder shirt folks. Seems the shirt they made up for Sandy Claws to give me had my name wrong. It says Harlay McQuire. Well, I’m no Harlay McQuire as y’all know. Now I’m not at all sure if I’ll be getting my heart’s desire since the red shirts were a limited edition or some such thing.

    Oh well, now I can prepare to be disappointed. Yep, Skipper, old buddy, I could do with some Holiday Cheer.

    Harley McGuire

  6. “Harlay McQuire” sounds like a country/western singer! Cheer up. Now, you can go on “The Voice” and show your real talent. Ask Sandy Claws to bring you some rawhide chews to keep you teeth pearly white so no one needs to mess with your mouth again! My mom buys them for me and I love them. I’ll bring one for you the next time I come over for a play date.

    Thanks for being my friend,

  7. Dear Harley, please tell your mommy that we did indeed read this latest Thanksgiving article, but failed to leave a reply. Please forgive us and stop barking at Mommy. We like that you propose visting animal shelters. Mommy & Daddy recently did just that. But it wasn’t to adopt any more kitty cats (they said two is enough), but simply to give those many kittys some lovin & scratchin & attention. Please tell your mommy that our mommy was so thrilled to hear her voice on the machine but tell her that Calif. is 1 hr earlier, not later, than Arizona.

  8. Vinny, Bonnie, and Clyde, my tail’s a waggin’ and my heart’s a singin’ this morning because you haven’t abandoned me.

    I don’t think with my weird jaw and few teeth I could quite handle chawing on that rawhide, but as a contestant on “The Voice” I’d be so good the others wouldn’t stand a chance. Aah, such is life. “Harlay McQuire . . The Star” YESS!

    These days Ma has a hard enough time knowing what day it is, let alone the time. Thanks for the info and I’ll do my best to straighten her out but it’s become a full time job.

    Harley McGuire (or whatever)

  9. Harley McGuire, your friend Chunk is taking a road trip for Thanksgiving from Bloomington, MN to Chicago. His “mother” will be going to her parent’s house and will be joined by her 2 brothers from Michigan and Nashville. Know they will be glad to have everyone under one roof again for a short time. They invited me, but I’ve gotten to be an old stay at home person lately. I hope your “mom” will make your life happier with good aromas from that oven which you know will mean yummy tastes. Keep the faith and enjoy life, one day at a time.

    Auntie Em

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