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2016 Sedona Film Festival Winners Announced

sedona film festival 2015Sedona AZ (February 28, 2016) Now More Than Ever: This History of Chicago was voted Best of Fest among audiences at the 22nd Annual Sedona International Film Festival. Honorees were announced at the Awards Brunch this morning.

The no-holds barred Peter Pardini directed look at the iconic rock band, which will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April of this year, had its world premiere at the 2016 Sedona Festival. The band opened the Festival with back-to-back sold out performances.

Other top honorees as determined by audience voting and revealed by SIFF Executive Director Patrick Schweiss are:

• Best Documentary Film: The Ataxian

• Best Documentary Short: First Degree

• Best Animated Film: The Present

• Best Environmental Film: When Giants Fall

• Best Student Short: Ocean Stories: Wyland

• Best Foreign Film: Marina

• Best Feature Film – Drama: Reparation

• Best Dramatic Short Film (tie): Almost Home, Stutterer

• Best Feature Film – Comedy (tie): Dating Daisy, Is That A Gun in Your Pocket

• Best Comedy Short Film: The Fake

sedona film festival magazine coverIn addition, Sedona International Film Festival Special Awards included:

• Best Independent Spirit Award – Narrative: Stevie D

• Best Independent Spirit Award – Documentary: The Student Body

• Best Independent Spirit Award- Shorts: Welcome

• Best Environmental: Oddball

• Bill Muller Excellence in Screenwriting Award: Adderall Diaries

• Humanitarian Award – Narrative Fiction: Mustang

• Humanitarian Award – Documentary: Omo Child: The River and the Bush

• Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking Award (tie): Still Dreaming, Once Upon A Dream

Award winning films will be screened throughout the day today to officially close the Festival that featured 165 films and appearances by Elliott Gould, recipient of the SIFF Lifetime Achievement Award; Mike Farrell, Roslyn Kind, Patricia Ward Kelly, and, film critic Jeffrey Lyons.

Directors Choice Awards were announced on Saturday.

For complete information, visit www.sedonafilmfestival.com.

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. West Sedona Resident says:

    Went to my first Film Festival movie this week…. Great experience… Thanks city of Sedona for contributing to make it happen….Great idea

  2. Jess Lookin says:

    The Sedona Film Festival , if good, should stand on it’s own. It should not be dependent on $250,000 from the City of Sedona.

    WSR I was FORCED to pay for your experience. I did not have a choice but to deal with the increased traffic. I do not appreciate subsiding you.

    Have a good time on your OWN money.

  3. Joanne S says:

    So glad you finally went @WSR. All us in hospitality donate rooms and food then we the managers get FREE passes. So we get to enjoy the whole festival. It cracks me up that the city thinks we sell the rooms and food and get sales tax. Pretty much every hotels gifts the SFF 10-15 rooms each. Patrick uses that to sell tickets. I am really thankful our city is such big egos. We have sooooo much fun, ten days of free movies and food.

  4. We voted for The Girl in the Book. Good luck in the future!

  5. West sedona resident says:

    To all the haters…I knew I would provoke your hate…So predicable….

  6. Volunteer FF says:

    As a volunteer for the film festival I really appreciate all the goodies we get throughout the festival. Then when it’s over we get all the left overs like wine and other gifts the businesses have given.

    Thank you!

  7. Abbie Yip says:

    People helping & watching were seniors & it’s nice they help becuz they’ve got time, one lady was funny at the Chicago show because she was excited to see her idols & had traveled from Gilbert to see them, cute. Can’t wait for next year. Yeah Fun

  8. Hugh says:

    Great movies !!

  9. Harkins Filmatics says:

    That’s the 5 of us and it was a blast as always. Patrick, you’re the best!

  10. steve segner says:

    Jess Looking said:
    The Sedona Film Festival , if good, should stand on it’s own. It should not be dependent on $250,000 from the City of Sedona.
    WAS I was FORCED to pay for your experience. I did not have a choice but to deal with the increased traffic. I do not appreciate subsiding you.

    Well Jess,
    1. SFF, did not get $250,000 from the city this year.
    2. You pay no city tax, only a small sales tax. And not on food. And we all know you shop at Wall Mart in cottonwood.
    3. 70 % of all city income comes from visitors, the same people that come to see the Sedona Film Festival, no you!
    4. Hotels did not give 15 free rooms each, the rooms that were give were for the film makers and SFF guests not the general public.
    5. Sedona Film Festival is put on in the slow season and help all the merchants and hotels in the city, the people that actually work for a living, remember over 10,000 work in Sedona more then actually live full time in Sedona full time.
    6. Sedona is and always has been a tourist town.
    Jess, a city is not just roads, sewers, and public safety it is( community) that bring people of all ages together, the Sedona Film Festival and other groups like the Red Earth theater are just as important to Sedona and fixing roads.

    Mission Statement

    Sedona is a unique community, combining opportunities for the appreciation of its spectacular natural landscape with the excellence of its arts and culture experiences, thus contributing to a vibrant economy and the highest quality of life.

  11. Debby & Hannah, Sedona says:

    what is the name of the french alzheimers film?????????? my friend & I saw it, voted for it, can’t recall name!!!! help any body out there? we had fun this year.

  12. Remember when? says:

    Remember when Segner told us he wasn’t posting anymore and then actually did quit for a while. I miss those times.

  13. Legitimate City of Sedona Resident says:

    Here we go again – Steve Segner reminding us what we residing within Sedona City Limits fail to pay – tax on groceries, city property tax, very small sales tax(?), ad infinitum. Same old same old. And this presumptuous person has no idea where I do my shopping but for certain it’s rarely Sedona because there’s next to nothing for us locals to purchase here anymore.

    And for Heaven’s Sake – as if we weren’t aware that Sedona existed as a tourist town long before the likes of some of these DUH people ever heard about it. Which incidentally how DID they hear about it? Definitely NOT because of the Chamber of Commerce but most likely word of mouth – primarily what brought most of us here in the first place.

    And who says besides Segner that frills, fluffs and pie-in-the-sky events should come before maintaining safe and adequate infrastructure? It’s people like him that have skewed priorities and think tourists are happy campers to wait in traffic up to three hours to get to reach their overblown destination – Uptown Sedona, more traffic gridlock and no place to park.

    Keep in mind folks that this Steve Segner has gone on record that if he deems no one qualified as a candidate for City Council during the upcoming election this fall he will make the supreme sacrifice and offer his time and energy to the cause. While he’s at it, what happened to the apparently forgotten part of Sedona’s mission statement about maintaining a small town atmosphere or something like that. At least someone must have had the good sense to eliminate it since that’s a far cry from what it’s turned into. An overgrown run-of-the-mill tourist trap with poor planning and at the moment absolutely NO HOPE FOR IMPROVEMENT! (forgot city garbage collection franchise will be the answer to our prayers – NOT)

    Segner for City Council! …….. DOUBLE NOT!

  14. West sedona resident says:

    @ssThere they are Steve….You give them facts….they give you hate Man they must be really unhappy people….Rock on haters

  15. steve Segner says:

    “Sedona Eye | Local News From All Points of View” unless it is a positive view.

    I just try to post facts, when people post BS. I know I am correct when they answer with personal attacks
    but no actual facts.

  16. @Steve Segner says:

    The only negie is u. As long as we pay for your advertising you’ll keep pumping the city for funding.

    It is FACT that U that is sucking taxpayers funding for ur ads. If u and ur lodging-chamber are that great then u would beg for funding. Go back to selling dog food.

  17. @steve Segner says:

    So Sedona Eye isn’t posting Local News From All Points of View? Since when? Have your comments ever been rejected? And if legitimate Sedona City Limits residents resent your unsolicited advice on whether or not we should pay “city” property tax, grocery tax, or more sales taxes, are you suggesting we should be denied that opportunity because you and your pal West sedona resident think it’s inappropriate? Why do you comment when, in fact, you’re the one that seems to detest this site. Maybe the truth hurts because you cannot manipulate the readers of Sedona Eye as you do the city council you paid to have elected. End of report.

  18. West sedona resident says:

    Yea Steve….You can’t manipulate the 8-10 who hate all thing government on SE who think they speak for the majority….Rock on haters

  19. Steve sgner says:

    I said nothing about a property tax I have always said we are lucky we pay no tax because of tourists. Almost all post are not for anything nothing is ok all is wrong with the city Well some of us actually like sedona and think the city council is doing a great job. Remember all points of views…

  20. Segner FLIP FLOP says:

    In a letter sent to the Sedona Red Rock News, as well as other local outlets, Segner wrote:

    “After talking to several city councilors I have decided to withdraw my application for appointment to the City Council at this time. I most likely will run for a full term in the next election if I do not feel there are enough qualified candidates running for the open terms. I do hope that many of the current councilors whose terms are expiring consider re-election.

    “For what it is worth, I think Mike Ward will be the logical choice to fill the council seat till next election and appreciate his willingness to serve the community again.”

    When contacted seeking a reason behind his decision, Segner said, “No comment.” He said he would “probably” run for council later this year but said he “didn’t know” whether or not residency will be an issue during the election if he chooses to run.

    The usual blah,blah,blah………..go back from whence you came…..go now

  21. Alarmed says:

    Steve Segner thinks the City Council “is doing a great job.” No surprise–vested interests and Council cronies are calling the shots at City Hall. Steve likes to claim the squelched residents need to pay more. WTF? He’s a leech who lives in Oak Creek Canyon.

  22. JimL says:

    @Alarmed you got that one right on. A leech who lives in Oak Creek Canyon. It reminds me of the Grinch who stole Christmas. The Grinch did the same thing stevie does. Lurching from oak Creek Canyon on the small town of Sedona. Stealing.geez they both have that same pot belly and alien look to them. To green for me, it must be the canned soup suckner oops segner eats.

  23. West Sedona Resident says:

    If there are any people from outside Sedoba who read SE Pay no attention to the hate mongers here on SE…There is only 8-10 of them and the cry/complain about EVERYTHING..Glad you enjoyed the film featival

  24. Sedona Citizens says:

    dream on @ West Sedona Resident
    You are the minority. A cry baby thief slacker. Whine away all 3 of you.

    Great one @Jim L. Segner is the grinch and yes they look like twins pot belly and all.

  25. West sedona resident says:

    See what I mean…..

    Thnks for proving my point Sedona Citizen

  26. West sedona resident says:

    I didn’t take my meds yesterday. Sorry Sedona Citizens. I never learned how to be nice. I need my meds otherwise the mean old lady comes out. I work on spending public money, so it that is a lot of stress. Working the system.

  27. West sedona resident says:

    Whoever hijacked my name thanks again for proving my point I don’t work for city government I am just retired was Sedona resident as I have said many times before Your hete must really be at a boiling point

  28. West sedona resident says:

    I am so h a p p y. I took my meds today,i’m so relaxed. They really do their job, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out who I can slam and criticize.

    Happy West sedona day !

    West sedona resident

  29. Mike says:

    @Debby/Hannah In the Room?

  30. West Sedona resident says:

    Actually, I do work for the City of Sedona. Between my meds, binge drinking and figuring out what to do on my 3 plus days off per week, I get a bit confused. Does everyone think my ass looks big on TV during the City meetings? I really try and hide it with the dark blazer.

  31. Barbara says:

    Time for the grownups to go to bed, maybe they’ll wake up with IQs & senses of humor?

  32. Dennis P says:

    Man the women imintating WSR. Sure sounds a lot like Julianna…Isn’t that the women who got fired from her city government job and the mooches off her boyfriend until he thru her out…….cause she is such a hateful P in the A…even for him…Yea I think I’m correct…seems to fit

  33. KarenD says:

    I Love, Love, Love my job with the City of Sedona. A six figure income, I only work 4 days a week plus I take comp time for any time I spend at evening meetings. I get two weeks paid vacation and two weeks paid leave every year.

    I’m really trying for 3 11’s. Those of you in the know get it.

    But you know the best thing? I get to make fun of you flatlanders who pay my salary. Every once in a while one of you touches a nerve, then I lash out at this Juliana person. I refuse to admit how many are really laughing at me behind my back. It’s only this Juliana, there could not be a lot more who think my ass is big and my IQ so small.

    I love you Sedona. Wait until the city goes broke. I will have gotten even.


    West sedona resident

  34. Jess Lookin says:

    For those of you that don’t know Patrick Schweiss, the Director of the Sedona Film Festival is related by marriage to the Larson Newspaper Sedona Red Rock News clan. Do you think that has any influence in the money the Sedona Film Festival gets from the City of Sedona or the local newspaper coverage? Our City Council knows who holds the real strings.

  35. West Sedona Resident says:

    @julianna Wow You must be very jealous of the person your talking about.. She sounds like a very intelligent successfull women..You on the other hand seem like a hateful, mean spirited LOSER…I mean to get fired from a government job……I mean come on… (As we can tell in your rants, you must not play well with others. I mean to have ony throw you out on the street …you must be some special kind of stupid..

  36. What was the topic? says:

    24 of the 36 comments posted here are about West Sedona Resident, West sedona resident, WSR West Sedona resident – unless I miscounted but the tally is close. Not only is this insulting to the subject of the article but certainly indicates certain people in Sedona have way to much idle time on their hands. And the source of antagonism appears to always begin with some variation of WSR.

  37. Ernie, Marie, Chelsea & Van says:

    Grreattttt year is right. Thanks Sedona Film Festival volunteers. You did good.

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