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Yavapai County Public Works Department

yavapai county arizona logoSedona AZ (April 19, 2016) – Yavapai County has approximately 1,600 miles of roads; 800 miles of paved and 800 miles of unpaved. It is the mission of the Public Works Department to maintain, construct, and plan safe and adequate roadway transportation and public works systems within the parameters of the County budget, while providing a high level of service to the public and the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors.

The Public Works Department consists of several divisions: Roads and Streets, Engineering, Emergency Management, Solid Waste, and Airports.

Our Roads and Streets Division is the largest and most visible. There are two locations that house maintenance activities, one in Camp Verde on West Cherry, and one in Prescott on Commerce Drive. The scheduled maintenance activities include patching, shoulder maintenance, brush removal, culvert repair, paving, crack seal, chip seal, overlays, and maintenance of signs and striping on County maintained roads. It takes a large fleet to perform these activities and along with this comes the vehicle maintenance. The Heavy Fleet crew performs maintenance and repair on 111 light vehicles, 6 medium trucks, 32 heavy trucks, and 120 pieces of heavy equipment.

The Engineering Division is responsible for designing and planning the construction activities on our streets and bridges. Over the past several years, the Public Works Department has been implementing a pavement management program. Under this program every paved maintained roadway in the County is inspected for condition every two to three years which results in an indication of the remaining service life for each road. The Public Works Department uses this remaining service life along with other factors such as safety and traffic count to provide an efficient and consistent policy for maintaining and upgrading roads.

Yavapai County Board of Supervisors in session

Yavapai County Board of Supervisors in session

This year the Public Works Department will implement upgraded pavement management software which will greatly improve our effectiveness in programming our project and maintenance funds. When this upgrade is completed, the project and maintenance lists developed for the Fiscal Year 2017-18 budget will be developed with the aid of this new software.

The goal of the Emergency Management (YCOEM) Division is mitigation and prevention, response support, recovery, and preparedness in emergency situations. They strive to meet this goal by promoting education, coordination, and communication. YCOEM is facilitating the inception of the Unified Emergency Management Committee which is strengthening relationships with private organizations, PAWUIC, local public agencies such as law enforcement agencies, fire districts, and flood control districts, and also with other government entities such as ADEM, FEMA, and State Fire. YCOEM will continue to incorporate strategies to protect property and reduce damage resulting from wildland fire and flood events, and develop and strengthen communication between responding and support agencies.

The Solid Waste Division performs the maintenance and operation of transfer stations countywide, trash patrol and maintenance of Adopt-A-Road projects. There are eight transfer stations located in Bagdad, Congress, Black Canyon City, Skull Valley, Mayer, Camp Verde, Paulden and Seligman, and two waste tire collection sites located in Prescott and Camp Verde. In addition, the Solid Waste Division holds special events such as community cleanups, household hazardous waste disposal, and the free slash program. The Trash Patrol and Adopt-A-Road program assists in refuse removal on County right-of-way.

The goal of the Airports Division of Public Works is to operate, maintain, improve the airport facilities, and adhere to Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) and Arizona Department of Transportation-Aeronautics’ (ADOT) guidelines, regulations and safety standards for the County owned airports. Yavapai County owns three general aviation public use airports located at Bagdad, Sedona and Seligman. The Sedona Airport is operated and maintained by the Sedona Airport Administration through a lease agreement with Yavapai County. The Bagdad and Seligman airports are operated and maintained by the Public Works Department. Yavapai County maximizes the use of available grants from the FAA and ADOT to complete improvements at the airports and to provide for operational activities and maintenance in a cost effective manner.

The key goals of the Public Works Department are always safety, efficiency, and service. We are always striving to maximize our resources by implementing latest technologies, preventative maintenance, and coordination and partnerships with other local and state jurisdictions to provide maximum value to the taxpayer.

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!

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