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Yavapai County Corruption Alleged

scales of justice courtSedona AZ (June 8, 2015) The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor as received with only the writer’s street address, telephone numbers, and email address removed from the attached Department of Justice letter:

To whom it may concern:

I have recently become a resident of your beautiful community.  Yavapai county is a beautiful place to live.  However, the corruption and oppression that takes place behind close doors is horrific.  I believe that an outcry for the public’s awareness is necessary.

Arizona was found to be the most corrupt state in the United States according to a study by Harvard Law and published in the Wall Street Journal.


Furthermore, Bill Williams of the Examiner did an excellent piece on the intrinsic relationships of the Yavapai Superior Court system in 2012.  Over the past three years I believe the corruption has gotten worse and not better. It will continue to worsen as it goes unaddressed.  The only people the system is truly hurting are the families and loved ones of those the Court system and legal system is taking advantage of.  The education level of those who are affected by those in power only amplifies the problem.


Yavapai county’s 98% conviction rate stems from the fact that all the rules are broken in order to secure that conviction.

Attached please find a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice which was also forwarded  to the Investigator General in Washington D.C.

You have to ask if those in power are trying to help or hurt.  I’ve come to the conclusion that those in power in Yavapai county are the worst kind of criminals there are.

Thank you for your time and investigation into the matter.

Cheri Remmenga


Cheri Remmenga

(street address, telephone number, email address deleted by editor)

June 5, 2015

U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Office of the Assistant Attorney General, Main
Washington D.C. 20530


Dear U.S. Department of Justice:

I’m writing to you concerning several Federal statute violations and state statute violations occurring in the county of Yavapai, Arizona. I am originally from Los Angeles, California and was arrested driving westbound on the I-40. I had never heard of the county prior to my incarceration on December 1, 2014. I was incarcerated at the Camp Verde Detention Center from December 1, 2015 to May 5, 2015. Lack of law resources may cause me to include practices wherein no actual violation of the law occurred. During the first 60 days, I witnessed or in some instances experienced the following:

  • Illegal search and seizure
  • Unreasonable seizure
  • Denial of preliminary hearing
  • Improper grand jury
  • Denial of legal research for inmates
  • Refusal of prescribed medicine for mentally ill
  • Mishandling of inmate trust funds
  • Improper use of Anti-Racketeering Fund
  • Improper use of Investigative Fund
  • Laws that are prejudicial on their face
  • Lack of check and balance system for law officials
  • Abuse of power and authority
  • Improper Handling of U.S. Legal Mail

Illegal practices that violate an individual’s constitutional rights are so commonly practiced that they are accepted as being normal and legal.

As with many of the cases here, my own case involves a search in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Chino Valley Police Department seized an estimated $11,000 worth of property on December 1, 2014. I have yet to receive a receipt or inventory of the property taken from me as required by ARS § 13-120 and ARS §§ 13-3919-21. Some property was taken to Chino Valley Police Department, some property was given to Prescott Valley PANT sub-station, and approximately $2000.00 of property was not accounted for. My attorney, Linda Moore, said the police can take everything whether it is relevant to the case or not. This would be an unreasonable seizure of property under the Fourth Amendment (also see US v. $12,248 U.S. Currency, the United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit 957 F.2d 1513, found, “It is impermissible for government to simply to hold property belonging to a United States citizen for extended period of time without reason while neither conducting investigation nor attempting to verify claimant’s story”). This is a common practice. They let a civilian take my vehicle according to Chino Valley Police report 14C-10240. In California a tow company is utilized to secure a vehicle. I will address the illegal search in court. Most people here seem to be ignorant of their rights, so the illegal searches go on unaddressed. (1)

Within 48 hours after being at the Camp Verde Detention Center, I was strip searched three times. On December 4, 2014, I was placed in a small room without a toilet, sink or running water for 7 hours. The detention officers claimed I couldn’t leave the room until I urinated in a cup. For failure to urinate for them, they put me in isolation for 34 days. I requested to speak with a sergeant but all I was told was that inmates have no procedural rights pursuant to Sandin v. Conner. You could not appeal their decisions. I was denied access or aloud to review the case they relied on. My request for access to legal books was denied several times.

Furthermore, an organization called PANT (Partners Against Narcotics Trafficking) is very influential, and they have a lot of power in Yavapai county. Their objective seems to be righteous in nature, but without any check and balance system for the agency, their practices can be considered corrupt. Arizona law allows them to seize property related to numerous crimes. When it is successfully forfeited, the seizing agency is the 100% beneficiary. They get to keep everything they take.

The more property they seize the fatter their pockets grow. There is no check & balance system to defend against a system set up for corruption. A claim is rarely submitted in time to save defendant’s property because they are denied access to legal research. Brand new E class Mercedes, businesses, and houses are commonly seized and forfeited before the person is ever found guilty. The money goes in the pocket of PANT usually the seizing agency or documents are falsified to say they are the seizing agency. The money is supposed to go into the county anti-racketeering fund and investigative fund and distributed pursuant to ARS §§13-4310 (g) and 13-4318. After speaking with several inmates and some PANT employees (also whom are inmates) I’ve learned how a large portion of that money is spent. They pay addicts to use drugs and bring them information. They place electronic surveillance devices on some of their informants. Their paid informants have most likely signed a contract with PANT. One rule for their informants is they can’t be on probation because they can’t use drugs. I don’t know if this is illegal or not. It seems unethical at the least and a misappropriation of the funds. While I was in isolation, a girl came to my door (she worked for PANT reporting directly to John Hannah (telephone number removed by editor) and offered $1,300.00 to me for information on the whereabouts of names to find informants that stopped reporting. The statute § 13-4318 was written so that the funds would be used for drug treatment and education or gang prevention. It was not written to direct the funds to support drug use by buying addicts their drugs. (2) I even have suspicion that crimes have been set up to gain $200,000.00 worth of property (see State v. Fritz matter).

I continued to observe major discrepancies in Yavapai County’s judicial procedure and California’s legal procedure. Most are due to each states individualized laws. However, due process is the bare minimum offered by the constitution which included a right to a preliminary hearing, but only two prelim hearings have ever occurred in the Prescott Justice Court. My preliminary hearing was January 14, 2015 at 4:00 pm. I never went and it never actually occurred. The prosecutor will take your case to a Grand Jury hours before the preliminary hearing. I’ve read several Grand Jury transcripts with the permission of the defendant’s. It appears that the Grand Jury consists of the Bailiff, the clerk of the court, and sometimes acquaintances of the officer testifying. This is far from impartial. The foremen changes every time within the same Grand Jury which violates the § 21-412. These are sealed proceedings, so no one would know the difference nor do any of the defendant’s actually read their Grand Jury transcript. Pursuant to Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 12.9, challenges to the transcript can be made 25 days after the proceeding, but the defendant doesn’t receive a copy of the transcript until 30 days after the proceedings. In addition, the jury always deliberates and returns a 12-0 or 16-0 true bill in less than three minutes even when there are ten felony counts to consider. (See Grand Jury No. 184-GJ-179662 also see State v. Remmenga’s 12.9 Motion to Challenge Grand Jury). (3)

After conversations with some of the inmates at Camp Verde Detention Center, I was informed that my inmate trust account was getting $2.00 a day deducted from it for rent. I don’t recall ever authorizing this deduction or acknowledging this charge. I was told that it’s not posted anywhere but its common knowledge. I have not been convicted of a crime yet but am being charged without my consent or authorization for meals. This in in violation of the Arizona Constitution, Article II § 30. The worst part is that upon release you’re given a debit card with your remaining balance on it, but you can’t pull all of the cash off of it. You are forced to make purchases with your card which I suspect PANT monitors. The punch line is that money continues to be deducted from your card.

Yet another illegal tracking of recently released arrestees is to install a GPS on impounded vehicles without the consent of the owner. By the time notice is given to the owner, the GPS tracker has been removed (see State. V Bushee).

My last concern I will address I this letter can only be described as “torture” or “cruel and unusual punishment” by the women who are documented as having some sort of recognized mental illness. Yavapai County prides itself with their zero tolerance for narcotics, even legally prescribed narcotics. The most common substitute for psych medication is a very large dose of benedryll. I witnessed a women start ramming her head against a wall until she was removed. Another women in lock down was allowed to scream “get them off me” for over 14 hours until the deputy officer removed her from her cell bloody from apparently hitting whatever she thought was on her. Two more women tried to explain to me the torture of paranoia, voices, and fear of a psychotic meltdown because they were being denied their narcotic prescribed medication. Even if their doctor sends their medication to the jail, it will be denied. They are told if they are at the jail for over 60 days they will consider to allow them their medication. For some women, it creates a mental torcher chamber within their head. This could be considered negligent of the medical practitioner.

As to the violations or staff misconduct that I personally experienced, I attempted to resolve the multiple issues. I have kept a record of such to the best of my ability.

I’d like to conclude by recapping on the various issues I believe are in violation of state (federal and state), unethical or labeled as misconduct. The statutes in violation are listed also:

    Fourth Amendment of U.S. Constitution; ARS §§ 13-120 13-4315
    ARS §§13-3919-21 13-4306 c 13-3919 13-4365 f 13-4306
    Arizona Constitution, Article II § 30; ARS §§ 13-114; Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rule 5; Title 13 Chapter 21
    Arizona Constitution, Article II § 30
    ARS §§ 13-4310 (g); 13-4318
    Anti-Meth laws and sentencing guidelines. Law prejudices as to a particular type of addict. Holding that type of addict to stricter rules and penalties
    PANT is getting paid to take property. They are not held accountable for failing to perform their duties prescribed by statute
    Monitoring spending, GPS tracking, illegal searches, and lack of due process when seizing property, denial of procedural rights, and everything mentioned herein.
  • My legal mail was opened without my presence. The contents of my legal mail was removed from the package and slipped under my door seven days later. In other instances my legal mail was opened and a note was written on it saying that it wasn’t read and the opening of the legal mail was inadvertent. Complaints were made to Sergeant Bolt regarding the mail. Nothing was ever done about it. I had legal mail that disappeared completely send by P. Henning (telephone number removed by editor).

I hope that each allegation is diligently looked into.

Cheri Remmenga

See Also :

“Croynyism, Nepotism and Favoritism in a Small Town Courthouse,” Bill Williams. Examiner. June 27, 2012.

Panzarella v. Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office; Yavapai County Attorney; Steve Waugh; Superior Court of Yavapai P1300CV201001948

Measuring Illegal and Legal Corruption in American States by Harvard, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics Corruption in America Survey. Arizona was number one.

See WSJ study on Arizona Corruption

(1) See In the Matter of White 2010 Toyota Yaris; One Thousand Three Hundred Sixteen Dollars in U.S. Currency Cause No P1300CV201401195 – The State illegally seized and forfeited property. Motion to Vacate Judgment is pending.
(2) Paid Informant GS has accepted money for drugs from PANT (telephone numbers deleted by editor); TM accepted money and drugs from PANT
(3) CAUSE nO. p1300CR201500039 – Grand Jury deliberated for four seconds returning a true bill as to two counts. The reading of statutes and counting of votes cannot even occur in four seconds. See 12.9 Motion filed May 18, 2015
Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. Carl says:

    Therere more stories out there like this.

  2. This is terrifying.

  3. I am proud of you Cheri. I hope the right people will take notice, care, & ultimately do something about it.

  4. doug vaughn says:

    i too am discusted!!!!! yavapis probation seated a sexual predator into power and wiped it under the rug …i have contacted the ACLU to file against all who participated in the game of SELECTIVE SALVATION THEY PLAYED …

  5. Sabrina says:

    Well said sister! Awesome research and find hand experiences. Rockin Cottonwood.

  6. Goog morning @doug

    you wrote……yavapis probation seated a sexual predator into power…..

    I’m not sure what you’re saying, why ACLU?

  7. Kings Jessup says:

    VOC lady was thugged by YCSO. YCSO has several officers like that Texas fool that resigned. Believe it.

  8. Bible Study Threatened by County of San Diego – New Book Tells All
    From: “News ThroughPeople.com”
    Date: Fri, June 12, 2015 8:55 am
    To: “The Sedona Eye”
    ​​“Showdown in San Diego” is a soon-to-be-released book that chronicles the story of a San Diego pastor who was cited by the county for holding home Bible studies.
    Based on true events, the book highlights a growing trend in America. In today’s heightened religious climate, the right to religious assembly and freedom of speech is coming under fire from school districts taking out prayer and other such events.
    “Showdown in San Diego” will launch in July 2015, but the first chapter is currently available online, for free.
    Check out the presentation video to find out more about the story.
    Go on the website for more information about the book, the events presented and the implication in today’s’ America!
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    Thank you,
    Through People Distribution
    24/7 VM: 858-925-2008
    E-mail: info@throughpeople.com

  9. Difficult to believe as I’ve never had a bad interaction with the police. Maybe like is attracting like?

  10. @ Valerie G. Cookson . It is difficult to believe because as Bill Williams from the Examiner stated in his article “Cronyism Nepotism and Favoritism a Small Town Courthouse” that these people in power are good people but they are misusing the system to meet their agenda. Many secrets get buried by those in power in Yavapai county. This is not an opinion it is a fact.

    The Wall Street Journal and Harvard University both concur as to the ongoing corruption in Yavapai county. If you read the article referenced below, you will find that a YCSO representative admits to the corruption but he wanted to stay anonymous. An attorney also admitted to the ongoing corruption but wanted to stay anonymous. Many individuals in the community are aware of the problem but are too afraid to speak out. Ignorance is being used as a tool to continue the oppression and corruption.

    Article in EXAMINER:


    To everyone else:

    I also wanted you to meet a victim of such corruption. Her name is Alexiah she is 8 years old. To secure the 98% conviction rate some of the judicial and law enforcement players( not ALL) will do whatever it takes from planting evidence to destroying evidence to lying to violating every constitutional right of an individual. These are heinous acts by public officials.

    Other public official are covering the tracks of dirty public officials. In doing all of these heinous actions, the person who is really scarred is the little girls in the link below. I want people to see a picture of the real victim through all of this. Again her name is Alexiah and is 8 years old. Through the ricochet effect of such actions this is who is the real injured party.


  11. Sharon Pilon says:

    I have a son who recently received a harsh 8 year sentence when the judge himself admitted he needed long-term mental health counseling and not prison. I have searched for someone to help me get some justice for those like my son who are unfairly treated, stripped of their judicial rights and treated as lepers. My son was heavily drugged in Yavapai County jail – almost unrecognizable when I traveled to see him. The inmates in Camp Verde were denied access to outside and the exercise yard there for 4 months after an inmate escaped last summer. Now, my son is torn from his 3 year old son and sits in another disgusting and inhumane facility in Kingman, AZ. As a resident of Oregon, which has made some progressive changes and no longer incarcerates those with mental or drug addiction issues. I would like to share the travesty of justice done in the Camp Verde Court under Judge Bluff and the Public Defender. Even after Judge Bluff called an “in his chambers” session to ask the Defender to reconsider her harsh sentence, it made no difference. And the judge would not rule against the defender’s decision. My son’s three employer’s showed up in court to testify to his work ethic over the last 10 years (which included being a foreman on Senator McCann’s home, we drove 1200 miles to address the court and everyone was denied the opportunity to speak. I could go on and on but won’t. Please let me know what I can do to help. I am the daughter of a military veteran who gave his life for this country and I am ashamed of the court system and the corruption in Arizona. I would like to help do anything to make a difference. Cheri, I would love for you to contact me.

  12. You talk about corruption,but what about your arrest charges?? I agree, Like attracts like!

  13. Cheri Remmenga says:

    To WHY WERE YOU ARRESTED? Your statement says like attracts like but that does not deter what I posted about the corruption and again which is supported by well respected authorities HARVARD LAW AND WALL STREET JOURNAL, and the EXAMINER. Corruption attracts corruption is an ignorant statement (like attracts like).

    I was arrested and profiled because I have a criminal history that I have no problem telling you about. My mother was murdered, shot in the head at point blank. If you have never had a close family member murdered I cannot explain the horror. I was a teenager and used drugs to cope with the horrific event in my life. I caught several possession charges and went to prison. Finally I completed a 1.5 year program and learned how to cope with my mother’s death and my sister’s death (she died of cancer 2 years before my mom). After that I completed college at the top of my class and started a business. I am actually very proud of my history and what I have walked through and picked my self up from. I am a great example that addicts do recover and can change.

    A Prescott cop (my arresting officer) was supposed to be fired 2011 for not being forthcoming and lack of integrity in a case. However, he resigned and then got hired on by Chino Valley PD. This same Dirty cop profiled me 1 hour before pulling me over (all documented within the court documents). Because I had a criminal history they assume you are guilty. An unnamed civilian officer took my car and it disappeared for 9 days and showed up at another police station with contraband in it. I’ve asked for the evidence room video tapes to prove they planted evidence, however they will not turn them over.

    The corruption entails the Yavapai county PANT officers and Judicial officers doing whatever it takes to secure a conviction that includes planting evidence, and violating every right a person has. There are rules society has to follow and there are rules and ethical obligations the judicial system is supposed to follow , there are rules that officers are obliged to follow. That is America. If you don’t mind government doing whatever they like maybe you should move to Iran or Mexico.

    People are not guilty until proven guilty. Charges are not convictions. To think that they are is a prime example of the ignorance that I spoke of in my article. People can choose to stick their heads in the sand and remain ignorant or they can look at the facts provided by credible sources and supported by true stories. Good luck to you!

  14. Cheri Remmenga says:

    Sharon Pilon:

    I would love to speak with you. You may contact me through facebook


  15. Poor Girl.. says:

    It sounds like your trying to deter from your arrest charges by slandering Yavapai County Law enforcements , the Courts, and the Jails. No, Your the one that needs the Luck…. like attracts like again.

  16. I say to a Brave and Strong Woman Cheri Remmenga You got my support. Their are a number of NORMAL, and GOOD People who fall victim to this Corruption! People with Clean Records and are treated like Major Criminals! And made to Feel Violated in such a horrible way it leaves a person to want to Fight for Justice!! THE ONLY WAY to GET JUSTICE is to have a Super bad Ass Lawyer! And the one Prescott had Jumped in front of a train a few years ago. In many cases not many of the “Prisoners” have a big bank account to fight. And lets NOT forget the Many of Women and Men who are released out in to the middle of no where with NO Cash or means to get a ride home who have passed away from strange reasons and murdered from walking on a dark lonely road! ITS FACTS that will Prove whats really going on! You stay strong in the fight and know you have people who Believe You and in you!

  17. it is true says:

    Coconino county corrections is the same unfortunately.

  18. Amy Lynn says:

    wow Cheri you seem to have all of your facts straight BUT what were you arrested for??? You completely write all of the other info here and it seems that you left that one point out.

  19. Public case records shows that you were arrested for drugs! You slander our Arizona law enforcement agency’s and Judicial system! They were doing their job, and doing it RIGHT! We have a zero tolerance for drug trafficking ! You deserve what you get! Welcome to Arizona!

  20. public records show you were arrested for drugs! You slander Our law enforcement agency’s and judicial system. Our officer’s were doing their job, and doing it RIGHT!! Arizona has a ZERO tolerance for drugs! ! Welcome to Arizona! Keeping our streets clean and drug free! Just taking out the TRASH!!

  21. Melissa says:

    You all should check out reversestings.org…read the testimonials and sign the petition…I too have become a target/ victim of p.a.n.t. and its the scariest feeling in the world….I was incarcerated with Cheri and she is an amazing woman who didn’t hesitate to help me because I know nothing about this stuff..all u haters shouldn’t judge..just because someone WAS or is an addict doesn’t mean they should be persecuted…it could be your son or daughter or mother or father or brother or sister that has the disease and some group against drugs targets them just because of rumors… its sad people are spending years in prison on first non violent offenses that probably half of them had no clue their rights and due process was violated…..

  22. TDuke says:

    To whoever you are that mentioned public records and to all of you who mention that “like attracts like”…..

    Congratulations. You are the epitome, even the complete perfect representation, of the ignorance this country needs to be rid of. I assume you are all people who have never broken the law in your life, yes? No. Wrong. You ignorant “citizens” break the law probably every single day, with minor traffic violations and such. I know I do. I’m not pretending to be perfect. However, believe me, it would behoove you to at least attempt to minutely understand the situation this woman was in, along with so many others. Ignorant men and women like you love to pretend that the country is perfect, screaming “‘MERICA!” at the top of your lungs like the United States is something to be proud of when the sad reality is that compared to even third world countries, overall happiness is low, ignorance is high, education is low, incarcerated people per capita is number one in the world, and no one here even knows their basic rights or what issues are currently being debated in congress.
    I have one comment for all of you… Come to reality and accept that this country is imperfect, including Yavapai county, and just be considerate of your peers, whether they have a criminal history or not.

    For God’s sake people, educate yourselves.

  23. J. J. says:

    Amen TDuke. Well said.

  24. Sonny says:

    Yes I had the same experiences being incarcerated in that same Camp Verde Jail. Mine was not about drugs but because my partner has seizures and cops do not understand people that suffer mental illness. I lost everything and a tow company wound up with all my possessions. The money was small but it was all taken by their system.

    This outfit is run by cronies for sure. I do not use drugs but think it is all a racket arresting people with drugs. It is the murderers, thieves and other problems of violence that needs to be addressed. The drug thing is just a way for a legal system to steal from those who do use drugs and are not a part of the cronies who often themselves do the same, albeit doctor prescribed but not always. The government could save billions and stop arresting drug users by setting up free drug dispensing areas and for those needing treatment have facilities to do so. We need to stop making criminal out of this drug business but the prison system is a billion dollar industry as is the billions of dollars being fed to cops who go after the user. It is a shame to this country the way the legal system has been corrupted.

  25. Texas gals Gladdis & Freemaine says:

    We wish we could remember the pretty lady’s name We met from here a month ago now. We talked for a hour at a restaurant &
    she welcomed us & told places to see & not miss & all were great! she listens nicely. The man with her was older & don’t know if he works there. Tell her the Texas girls are coming back one day because of her. Appreciate the help giving her message. We LOVED her advice & felt welcome in Sedona.

  26. In due process… Justice will be served!

  27. True story says:

    I am now 26, but when I was 19, I was involved in an accident in paulden. Someone intentional hit me, and ran me off the road. Totaling my first car, which I had put around 3,000$ of repairs into. It was my first accident, and I was unaware of what to do. When the police showed up, about an hour later, I asked them what I should do. They insisted that I have it impounded, sense I told them I was planing on having it repaired. I asked several officers on scene, and asked them each several times. They told me it would be much easier to have it taken to a repair shop this way. I was ignorant, and then took advantage. When the other drivers insurance started giving me the runaround, I called tri-city towing to try and get my car back, but the total was already more than I made in a week ($350 or so) I called the Chino police department for help and got none. Tri-city proceeded to file abandoned tittle. And steal my car, and the police helped. Don’t think that they don’t work together to screw people over for their own personal gain. It happens all the time, even without breaking any laws!

  28. Dee says:

    For sure it’s very dirty up their I have had my share of run ins with the law up their that’s why locals say ” Prescott AZ come on vacation leave on probation ” or ” Yavapai county come for the rehab stay for the relaps” both sad an true it’s sad cuz I love that town but the cops up their are bad news I didn’t see it at first..but ur right PANT dose control alot of how things go …so many ppl get into so much trouble an fines that rack up to crazy amounts there are so many ppl that you could talk to around Prescott it doesn’t just stop at what you went threw … But I commend you for this an speeking up thank you good luck

  29. magickj says:

    I find it alarming and upsetting that the police have such a rotten reputation.
    It doesn’t look like things are getting any better – Did you see this?


  30. Jean says:

    Knowing you rights is not enough when a 6 ft. 4 inch police officer comes knocking at your door and starts asking questions about the car your daugher drives in another state. I was so terrified that her car may have broken down on the freeway again as she was saving up for a better vehicle. I thought he was going to tell me news that no mother wants to hear. Why else would a police man be at my door asking me about vehicles? It was impossible to hear his rapid mumbling due to the fact that I have a severe hearing loss in the low frequencies as a result of prior occupational injuries. I informed him of this, but, he disregarded it. Why was he asking me if I recently sold a vehicle? He then proceeded to search my gargage in violation of ARS §§ 13-120 13-4315 for my vehicle without my permission after breathing over my shoulder in a very intimidating manner, the same way the rapist did on 1/23/03 in my classroom. I was not about to follow this man (posing to be a YC sheriff) into the garage due to the fact that the man who sexually assaulted me in my classroom on January 23, 2003 told me that he was a “cop” prior to raping me and I later found out that he was never a police officer. My boss left him in through my locked classroom door and left me alone with him as he exited. [This was the same police man who wrote a one-sided report regarding that assault, making it impossible for me to obtain a restraining order in order to protect my students from what the intruder had done to me as he could easily have returned because the police refused to arrest him. Instead, this officer wrote a one-sided report, making it impossible to win in court as the Judge stated, “I can not understand the schools.” Everything that he wrote into his report was considered “evidence” even though it was not true. He wrote only what the rapist said, not what I had reported in a timely manner, prior to bathing]. At the time, I believed that he wanted to get me alone into the garage with him so that he could attack me. He never introduced himself as a police officer and his car was a very old forest green unmarked vehicle. This officer destroyed my career and my life, making it impossible for me to get over that rape from a total stranger at age 48, and, now he is doing it again, giving me a criminal charge and a record for the first time in my life at age sixty! Without even telling me why or what he could possibly be looking for, the officer proceeded to search the inside of my car and the glove box as well, (unknown to me while I went inside and called for help), finding my insurance and registration cards while taking a picture of my vin number, etc. He then knew that I had very high end insurance, (to cover my husband’s business needs), and, he knew everything about the car that my husband and I drive, information acquired illegally through abuse of his power and authority since he did not have my permission or a warrent. I immediately reached in from behind him instead of following him into my garage, pressing the button to open the large doors while he went through the side door against my protest as I stayed away from him. He went right up to the far corner in front of my car and loudly said, coming towards me with only inches away from my face, “I’m not going to say that you lied to me in my report, but, I want you to tell me the truth. The damage to your vehicle matches the damage to the car wash.” “What damage?” What car wash? He did not point out any damage to me and he did not show me any damage. There was no damage to my car, bought used at 96,000 miles but in very good condition. I was so frightened, I ran out of the garage because he was shouting into my face. (At least now I could hear him). I tried to get him off of my property but he just said, “I could arrest you and take you to jail right now.” I did not want to go to jail a few days before Christmas as some of my out-of-town guests, cooming from three different cities, were already arriving and I had worked so hard to give them a nice holiday as I do not get them every year, sharing them with their in-law grandmother. I had to ask him, “What are you citing me for?” as he filled out the forms. He cited me for “Failure to report damage on or new the highway” when there was no damage on the highway. Then he told me, “If I were you, I’d go over to that car wash right now. That is where I’m going once I leave here.” He kept insisting that I “own it” or he woud take me to jail. (Own what?) I ran inside and put some clothes on because I was naked under my robe, about ready to step into the tub when he rang the door bell forty minutes earlier. I was expecting Christmas packages when I saw the uniform. I studied his somewhat familiar face as he spoke but I did not know who he was as eleven years had transpired since the last time I saw him.

    I went to the car wash after he left as instructed and found a huge gouge, multiple damages to the large steel arm of the car wash which was obviously broken. I realized then that someone must have ran into it but it was not me or my car. When I pleaded “not guilty” he added another charge, “Providing false information to a police officer.” Now I can either plead guilty and have 6 points on my record as a criminal traffic charge, resulting in insurance that I can not afford, or, loose my license to teach by pleading guilty to the second charge when I am innocent of both. I know I can not win against this particular police officer in Yavapai County because I have already lost in court against him, letting the actual criminal go free. I am praying for justice but fear that I may receive it here.

  31. The reason we have the constitution is to protect citizens from abuse of power.

    Our criminals, whether chronic offenders or singular misfortunes, are STILL CITIZENS. STILL PEOPLE. And still entitled to the same basic human decency as all you judgemental enablers.

    Yeah, cops are drawn to the job because they want the power. Whether to protect the weak or to feel less weak, “like attracts like”.

    Then they deal with criminals all damn day, every day. It’s not an easy job. But dealings with cops should be a consistent, fair process. The current system leaves much room for corruption and provides perfect mental candidates for abuse of power.

    Corruption in Arizona is a real issue, but not nearly as bad as the public’s apathy.

  32. Tessa says:

    You people who reply with ” like begets like”: comments are self righteous and ignorant.
    When anyone of you “holier than thou” can quote me just 5000 of the over 10,000 felony laws on the books than you can point your fingers.
    There are hundreds of thousands of innocent people in jail and prison. Corruption consumes our so called Justice system. People are forced into plea deals just so they can go home and care for loved ones and children. Stacked charges almost guarantees you will plea to one or more even if you are innocent. With up to 3 yrs in jail just awaiting a trial. With no funding to public defenders and unlimited to prosecutors. With police who are trained and have zero problem lying to a court of law to line their pockets or cover their asses. And all you are worried about is what is the “crime” this person may or may not have committed with the crimes committed by your local leaders are vast and documented?
    You people are a waste of air. You are a problem and should not be allowed to walk the streets freely spreading your ignorance. That is much more dangerous than someone smoking a joint. I say lock all ignorant, self righteous people up and maybe we will find some reprieve from the corruption these ignorant people continue to support.

  33. Eli says:

    I got a Jay walking ticket after being hit by a police car just so they could cover there own name. If any other car would have git me they would have been fined. Just cause there the law didn’t put them above the law. Check out my case it in the local Prescott paper Eli Linscott vs Prescott. I didn’t want to see the city I was going after the guy that hit me wtf! Why are cops so corrupted by us when they breath the same air. I always thought that American’s where All free lol

  34. Dawn Arrington says:

    Wow!!! Haters… Judging these people ,convicting without facts, You should be sitting behind those doors receiving the treatment given. I’m sure you will be crying a different story. My. Son and I ended up arrested in Cottenwood,AZ for a dog at large ticket and dangerous drug. What’s great, I know the facts. A Dog …. My got loose a whiny ass neighbor called nothing was damaged but I served three days and given $3000 bond. REALLY???? Whats wrong with you people, max sentence was three years. My son was hit, ran over by a man on his bike, he got out of his car put my son’s bike in the back and drove to my place and provoked my family. Police of yavapai arrived found the bike in the back of his vechile after a time, arrested my son who was run over for dangerous drugs . We were told they found them on the bike. Funny the drugs were not on my son funny this man who ran him over has been convicted of drug charges. My son has been convicted and sentenced to 8 years. For something he DID NOT do… When I was put in the Camp Verde correctional, Me; never convicted or broke any laws, I was placed in a tank with a 2 life sentences murder. I was lied to threaten by the gaurd ” if I didn’t eat my food” I was not given anything for personal cleaning. I was not given a shower until inleft on the third day when I arrived at hm. My son seen the same. Yavapai County you should ashamed of how you. Run Camp Verde,Cottenwood, Rimrock, Sedona, and Prescott. I was in Arizona 1yearnto the date, I seen two shooting by GOD , Yavapai polce was the one who did the shootings on KIDS who were killed. Maybe we need to see who really need to be put in jail..hmm.. They threatened the family’s and friends while they picketed their God given rights.. Bullying. Thought that was a crime. No for them, the put plp in jail for false drug and Animal charges. Your system will be brought down… False systems fall mark my words, Yavapai County will be taken over by better officers and Judge’s. What a Joke.

  35. Sherry says:

    I have a question I am hoping someone can answer…
    What does it mean when the term “pinkie” appears in someone’s public court records?

  36. jaycee says:

    I witnessed YCSO tether and shackle a very elderly woman and put her IN a major highway…this based on swatters false reports from CA, VA, OH…It is a shame there are elements of thugs in each office! When I reported this, nothing happened. Then, I found out the former attorney was a co defendant with 2 of the swatters in a Federal Fraud lawsuit. WOW. After people’s property! So, my guess is the breadcrumb trail leads to green, green grasses of property and cash!

  37. bobby bo says:

    I just got out of prison because of pant they arrested two people for dope brought them tow my house said they lived at my house to get a serch warrant then they said they got 9 grams of meth out of my house so I would get the mandatory 5 years I fought hard the whole time the two people were in my house pant kept me outside ive kept all the paper work on top of all that the jail kept me locked down an my pd wasn’t allowed to see me I fired her ive got all the currept paperwork for all to read cheri my hat is off to you bobby bobinis

  38. John gettingscrewednow says:

    I’m in yavapi court now they are trying to pin 1 gram of meth on me. Happened at cliff castle, they are saying it is mine because it on video. Strange how a piece of paper turned into meth. When it was pick up off floor a uniformed police officer came into the picture ,the one who picked it up hid it from the cop. 10 minutes later he calls the cop to report drugs he found. Cops in casino the whole time,I’m not confronted ,I leave to get pulled over on i-17 only to be arrested. They are trying to put me in prison for years because I’m a ex- con who they believe should of never got out. Somehow I’m the only bad guy,but it took 5or so people to break the law to put me in this position. That’s justice in yavapi.

  39. Megan says:


    I have a good friend who’s been waiting 2.5 years for a trail date. He’s experienced delay after delay while being pressured to accept a plea. He is innocent of all charges. His case is almost identical to the above.
    Anyone know a criminal defense attorney willing to take pro bono? It will end up as a wrongful conviction if he doesn’t get an expert willing to go up against the people involved.

  40. Shawn S. says:

    The above stories are not surprising. Yavapai justice is backwoods justice. Even in family divorce court. My ex who kidnapped my kid and ran to Yavapai is being protected by wonderful judge (removed by editor). She doesn’t know family law at all. Even with criminal evidence against my ex, this judge is still ruling in her favor. I go to trial tomorrow and I have no doubt I will be held in contempt of court for being unable to pay $400 a month on top of an $810 child support payment for one child. LOL. It’s ridiculous. I will go in and will be saying what I want to say and how it really is.

  41. Bernie says:

    This I can relate to. I also was in yavapai county.i am also in Los Angeles I’m fighting a case at time

  42. Jerry says:

    I commend you highly for your postings. I live in California but have family in Az. I have a story you need to hear but I cannot post it, I need your input on what I should do. Hopefully you can guide me. I will leave you my email address, please feel free to contact me. (Deleted by editor: Contact Editor@SedonaEye.com, Cheri.)

  43. Corey says:

    Also if I am not at home cheri you can leave your name and number with my girlfriends mom

  44. Tausha says:

    Cheri…My family and I have had many instances of having our rights violated in yavapai county. I really need someone who can help me find an attorney for a lawsuit. Could you please tell me how to get ahold of you? Everything that happens there is wrong and public defenders have no problem telling you that the jury’s are rigged. When you ask about preliminary hearings which you are told you are entitled to, the pad will tell you that if you want one, the prosecutors office ALWAYS gets around that by grand jury where you have no say. PD scares you into pleading guilty to things you had nothing to do with. Smaller courts/justice courts are worse. I really need help.


    This county has gone to hell in a handbag, period the end. They found a way to make a TON of money and build a multi-million dollar facility that is also generating a lot of money. Cops aren’t that highly educated, yet.. their paid above a Paramedic? Their paid above a school teacher and drive brand new SUV’s? What they can’t drive? I was in Law Enforcement in Nevada. I had a drinking problem all along. LIKE MANY OF THE POLICE AND YCSO do right here. It lead me back to Yavapai County. I was protecting a friend that was being beat up by her ex-inmate husband. I had been drinking with her and he came bombarding in. I threw him over the steering wheel of their Winnebago. Someone came from behind me and grabbed me and I fought back not realizing it was police. I was in a black out. They broke both of my knee caps, I only swung at the one that grabbed me from behind and they threw me, two of them to the ground. They broke my jaw and two knee caps in which Yavapai County Jail has 0 record of and it healed without a doctor and healed wrong. I was charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault on Peace officers. It was designated felonies, they will never leave my record and it’s ruined my life. I lost my real estate license, etc… 11,500 dollars later and three years of Probation, even a Senior Probation officer said, ” they really made you look much worse then you really are!” Stated by (name removed by SedonaEye.com editor) at the Probation office of Yavapai County, who has been with Yavapai County Probation for years and years. I now can do nothing basically with my life, they have ruined it. Setting Aside a conviction in Arizona does 0 for people. They dont offer a chance to fix it, pay your fines, do all your probation, etc.. like I successfully did and offer an expungement to start a new life, they hold onto it… this is NOT a Christian State, it’s not even a Jewish State, IDK what the hell it is except UNFORGIVING!!!!! No wonder why people give up and suicide is higher then normal in Arizona with inmates, etc… whom have successfully served their time and remain in good standing. OR… if not suicide, they turn back to a life of Crime. What do they have to look forward to? Freedom? LMAO! Freedom with a Felony? Ever tried to get a decent job with a felony in Arizona, little on a rental house? This COUNTY is the worst in the state as well. That’s well known by every phoenix lawyer I have talked to. ISO FACTO, one very well known lawyer, in which I will keep his name silent said, ” The ride the constitiutional laws up there and with a nut job like (name removed by SedonaEye.com editor), it’s not surprizing!” That (removed by SedonaEye.com editor) is a damn NAZI, an unforgiving (removed by SedonaEye.com editor). (Removed by SedonaEye.com editor) loves power and control and doesn’t have a kind or understanding bone in (removed by SedonaEye.com editor) body.

    Yavapai County has lost it because they can’t handle the thousands of people whom have moved into Prescott for Drug or Alcohol addiction. It’s the number 1 drug rehab in the USA. Does that tell you anything? LOL… $$$$$$$$$$$$ for the County. It’s so obvious, it’s pathetic. It’s either that, or (removed by SedonaEye.com editor) pants and badge got bigger and (removed by SedonaEye.com editor) ego. EGO= Edging God out. That (removed by SedonaEye.com editor) doesn’t have a godly bone in (removed by SedonaEye.com editor) body. SCREW YOU (name removed by SedonaEye.com editor)!

  46. Moni says:

    This is very sad that so many people have gone and are going through this. Currently I am fighting against a very corrupt county official.

  47. Cowgirl says:

    I have never encounter such brutality and dishonesty. It has scarred me. I believe Yavapai county police allow this violence.

  48. John hollis says:

    These comments are so sad I have experience with this county’s so called justice system your right it’s totally corrupt it sickens me to see these people leaving comments saying “you got arrested “ etc like getting arrested automatically makes you guilty let me tell you the fact is in this county a lot of people are arrested and convicted of crimes they didn’t commit it’s a fact and even if the person is guilty they deserve due process plus a safe stay in jail I could go on about all the unethical and downright illegal things I’ve seen them do this is a county where they use every dirty corrupt tactic in the book to get a conviction which is always a plea because they charge people with literally dozens of bogus charges that whey just make up and don’t have the evidence for because the know they will drop some of them so you take a plea and unless your wealthy enough to hire your own lawyer forget it the public defenders there are all lies and completely unethical they work for the prosecution and never fight for anyone and forget getting out on bond the bond in that county is $20000 minimum for every case it’s sickening all you people writing comments saying this is ok because someone got arrested well just wait till you or one of your loved ones is stuck in one of these for profit corrupt little county jails where you have no chance of not getting screwed heather you are guilty or not IMO

  49. Laura says:

    I have seen first hand the corruption in this county. My boyfriend was wrongfully arrested for a crime he didn’t commit 16 months after the accuser made the claim. Since then I have seen epic injustices happen every month. From the prosecution high fiving the defense counsel, abuse in the jail including taking legal mail, refusing to send out legal mail, and audio and video recording in a room where he should be allowed to have private conversations with his counsel. All the way up to judge bluff advising him to accept a plea bargain which is not his business of job. He is there to maintain order in the court not fear a defendant into accepting a deal for something he did not do. This county is beyond corrupt and its disturbing that they continue to get away with this behavior.
    (Facebook: justice for Alan McLain)

  50. Luke says:

    Well, here we are, 4 years after this was originally sent to someone in DC….was there a check attached? If not, I wouldn’t expect much in the ways of justice. America the free, home of the mighty greenback. Money talks (deleted by editor) walks. Throw money at it and it’ll go away…but you better have a fat bank account depending on the crimes. Good luck to those trying to survive in corporate america…..better have cash….as far as corruption in yavapai, hell, that’s the norm in national socialism.

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