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Use Safe Phone Zones Over Labor Day Weekend

Sedona AZ (August 31, 2017) – As Arizona residents prepare for travel during Labor Day weekend, Arizona Department of Transportation Director John Halikowski encourages motorists to avoid distracted driving by utilizing the state’s “Safe Phone Zones”.

Fourteen ADOT rest areas were designated as “Safe Phone Zones” in 2014. These locations provide a place where drivers can safely and conveniently use their phones and other mobile devices for calling, texting, navigating and accessing mobile apps.

“Distractions when driving can be deadly,” Halikowski said. “Tragedy can strike in the split second it takes to glance at a text, look at a map or take a bite of a sandwich. Safe driving is up to each of us – we are at our best as drivers when we are rested, focused and sober. The ‘Safe Phone Zones’ at Arizona rest areas provide opportunities to stay connected and safe.”

Motorists are made aware of upcoming locations via highway signs in advance of each facility. The signs read: “Safe Phone Zone” and carry the GEICO logo.

GEICO provides similar support in six other states to promote stopping at rest areas to safely use mobile devices: Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Texas.

“Safe Phone Zones can help make Arizona’s highways safer by offering drivers a safe spot to park and connect out of harm’s way,” said Martha Furnas, GEICO regional vice president. “It has been more than three years since our partnership with the Arizona Department of Transportation began, and we hope the program continues to reduce the number of distracted drivers on the state’s highways.”

More facts and tips on ways to avoid distracted driving can be found at www.SafePhoneZone.com.


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  1. Maranda says:

    I’m a therapist and want people to stay home this weekend. No car accidents, let us stay home and appreciate where we are in life, because Hurricane Harvey has taken homes and livelihoods from Texans. Stay home and donate your weekend spending or vacation money to the Red Cross or good organizations and help people who need help.

    We are calling it the Harvey Staycation. Join us. Donate what you can to the cause you want.

    It’s important to unwind over the weekend but you don’t have to DRIVE anywhere. Staycation. Stay home. Stop clogging roads. Visit a local tourist attraction by walking to it, bike riding to it, a SHORT drive to it, not some place else but in your OwN SPACE.

    A long weekend is the optimal time to tackle that personal, non-work-related project that you can never seem to get to during the week like cleaning the house, buying a new grill or calling your grandmother. Make the most of your time. You’ll feel better once you check something off your to-do list.

  2. Vylma, Tucson says:

    count me in

  3. EDDIE MADDOCK says:

    @Vylma, Tucson . . . DITTO x TWO (Poco Diablo McGuire):-)

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