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Traffic and Pedestrian Alert: Uptown Sedona Construction Update

Sedona AZ – The first major Sedona in Motion construction project begins in Uptown Sedona on Monday, June 3, 2019. The work will last 9-12 months.

The contractor expects to maintain two-way traffic on SR89A throughout the project.

The Jordan Road intersection will be closed to through traffic at State Route 89A during construction hours: Northbound motorists are asked to follow the marked detour along Forest Road, Van Deren Road, and Mesquite Avenue. Southbound motorists will be directed to Apple Avenue. Detour signs and blue business access signs will be visible to guide traffic.

Please be aware of lane restrictions, reduced speeds, and flagging operations.

The planned outcome of this 9-12 month construction project is to improve traffic flow and enhance the appearance of Sedona’s Uptown area through a combination of street, hardscape and landscape improvements.

Included in this project:

Decorative raised median to direct pedestrians to controlled crossings.

Addition of a Southbound SR89A travel lane.

Turnaround points at the north and south ends of Uptown, including a Jordan Road roundabout.

One way access from SR89A to free parking via Schnebly Road.

Pedestrian control and signal timing improvements at the intersection of SR89A and Forest Road.

Call the construction project hotline at 928-852-4164 with questions and concerns.


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  1. Gene says:

    City spends a fortune for ten cent returns. Same old same old. For Gods sake prove me wrong by next summer.

  2. John Daniels W Sedona says:

    so let me get this straight, we asked the city to do something about traffic. It took a few years to get it right, they came up with a plan (SIM) for uptown and Tlaq, you ungrateful Sedona Eye posters like “Gene” say “same old same old”. Why oh why am I not surprised.

  3. Norm, Sedona says:

    Reading about ungrateful Sedona Eye posters gets funnier by the minute. Why then do those finger pointers @John Daniels W Sedona waste their precious time reading here if they are so offended? “Why oh why am I not surprised?” That’s a two-way street (no pun intended).

  4. Gene says:

    WE never asked the city to do anything about traffic. Business owners and developers did.

    Turn off the Chamber’s lights and cash flow and traffic gets fixed.

    WE can handle NORMAL traffic upswings during holidays. WE don’t want drive by fast food or the people who eat there that can’t find a garbage can or use a real toilet properly.

    Ask Oak Creek Watershed Council about the destruction YOU are causing on our fragile trails. Ask SFD about who lights fires that nearly burn down our canyons and pollute our sensitive creeks and river.

    I’ve been a frequent visitor to Cape Cod and it gets millions more visitors than Sedona and it has one road off the island and it goes over a bridge. NOBODY asks for a second bridge. If tourists come, they plan on travel time that the roads allow. Simple. That’s how educated transportation systems deal. It’s geared to the residents year round needs. You don’t like it? GO SOMEPLACE ELSE. Simple.

    Sedona has 3 exits from the city – north, south, west. What we don’t have? Class.

    We’ve people in government who grew up with nothing, who now have a lot of money, and hires getting paid too much for youthful ignorance (our own AOC’s in city hall), who don’t understand that the future rests on the decisions of the present. Or that having a little of great value is better than having a ton of average. Or that YOU aren’t capable of good decisions because YOU don’t have the depth of knowledge or realm of experience or a natural ability to overcome the lure of power coupled with access to others monies. YOU are the nouveau riche. YOU like AOC are dangerous to the future because YOU don’t know how WE are. YOU don’t share WE values. YOU have YOU values.

  5. Marisol, Timeshare owner says:

    A tourist town is having hard times and you ignore or argue? People stop coming when it gets busy. I’m one of them in Phoenix that stopped. My timeshare is going back to (Deleted by Editor) because nobody rents it like they promised. Rip off.

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