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The Future of Sedona Western Gateway

Article submitted by City of Sedona AZ

Article submitted by City of Sedona AZ

Sedona AZ (March 19, 2015) – The City of Sedona, Arizona will host its third Community Planning Workshop for the Western Gateway of Sedona. This community event is on Tuesday, March 31, 2015, at 5:30 p.m. at the Sedona Public Library, 3250 White Bear Road, west Sedona.

The Western Gateway Community Focus Area (CFA) includes the Cultural Park, Sedona Red Rock High School, Yavapai College Sedona campus, Sedona Verde Valley Medical Center and its general vicinity. The City is developing a specific plan for this focus area which will address a variety of topics such as land use, circulation, the environment and community. This CFA workshop will include a hands-on opportunity for attendees to express thoughts on a working draft plan for the area.

The Western Gateway CFA is identified in the Sedona Community Plan as a priority for more specific planning. The Community Plan outlines the vision and goals for the community and a CFA provides more detailed policy direction for future development.

The following are opportunities to review the working draft plan for the Western Gateway CFA and to provide comments:

  • City of Sedona website – www.SedonaAZ.gov/CFA1
  • City of Sedona Community Development Department, 102 Roadrunner Drive, Sedona
  • Community Planning Workshop – Tuesday, March 31, 2015, at 5:30 p.m.
  • Sedona Public Library, 3250 White Bear Road, Sedona, AZ.

The City of Sedona invites community emailed comments to mraber@SedonaAZ.gov or by calling Mike Raber at 928-204-7106.

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and views!


  1. Bob says:

    My concern is the national chain hotels in residential and school communities. Best Western is in business locale; Hampton Inn is in commercial locale; but the Council has veered from this common sense protection of business to a full scale grab the money and screw the people fill my pocket mentality. Even in the VOC you don’t find nationals off commercial areas! Excellent planning has kept the big boxes, the big chains out of Sedona and kept us high end not future pockets of empty shells welcoming transients and crime. CVS is an example of what not to allow. Just because the land is available doesn’t mean it should be used for national box stores. Didn’t someone mention we used clout to keep McDonalds from being a commercial eyesore? If this council or the last had been in charge, McDonalds would have golden arches and its grounds littered with blowing trash. Appreciate the forum to express opinions.

  2. Bob’s got game. In the village there’s outlet eyesores by a landlord notorious for not caring & charging more than he delivers. Uptown & west Sedona landlords same. Out of state & out of town landlords are keep us down. Hillside lost a business. And you want more with Corporations that rape & pillage towns from overseas or far away cities? Look around. Great comment Bob.

  3. You go Bob,

    When is the last time you saw any fast food or beverage company address/invest in correcting the messes left by their customers (local and visitors) with trash.

    Where is the funding for local adopt-a-highway groups that collect this trash on a regular basis and where are the anti-littering messages by these corporations.

    If these businesses bring and social problem (their customers behavior) to our community then why aren’t they also funding those that clean up these messes (local adopt-a-highway groups)?

    Why isn’t the Chamber of Commerce involved in this messaging and support of the adopt-a-highway groups?

    Gary Chamberlain
    “America the Beautiful & BagReadyJobs”
    Empowering our nation’s youth
    (928) 202-1186

  4. Western Gateway CFA Plan Workshop
    Date: 3/31/2015 5:30 PM Cost: N/A Location: Sedona Public Library
    3250 White Bear Road
    Sedona, Arizona 86336

    See SedonaEye.com Calendar of Events for further meeting information.

  5. Sedona lost 911 jobs! What next…. Chain eateries? Cheap motels? Hookers & druggies laying in the doorways? You go Council. Keep selling us down the e coli filled creek!

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