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Sedona ADOT Turn Back Myth vs Facts

MYTHS vs. FACTS – Maintaining 89A  MYTH: Pundits state that if the City of Sedona takes back Highway 89A in West Sedona the city does not have the capability or budget to maintain and rebuild such a roadway.  FACT: The City of Sedona already maintains over 100 miles of roads, so they do have experience in scheduled maintenance. The “proposed take back” section of 89a is 4.8 miles which would... 

Sedona City Council Addresses ADOT Board

Michael Ward, Sedona City Councilor Sedona AZ (May 20, 2011)–On Friday, May 20, 2011, Sedona City Councilor Mike Ward attended the State Transportation Board meeting in Flagstaff. At their regular City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 10, 2011, the Sedona City Council approved that Ward attend to request ADOT delay any actions with respect to SR 89A Turnback until the conclusion of Sedona’s November... 

Get Over It

Sedona AZ (May 30, 2011)-Dear Editor, From behind GOP/Tea Party closed doors Legislators emerge from hiding with Arizona budget balanced … tax burden shifted to counties … cities … poor … mentally incompetent … education … so get over it. Brewer signs off on a slashed budget…$1.1 bil cut; governor says state on ‘road to recovery’…Tucson Citizen and The Arizona Republic…... 

Let The People Vote on 89A Today

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