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Smart Meter Court Case Update, Part II


  1. Josh del Sol says:

    Hi SedonaEye.com,

    I haven’t been great about updates lately. It’s a huge creative time for the team here on the new solutions-based project, which we’re really enthused about.

    My new post is below. I also invite you to check out tomorrow’s “EMF: Risks and Solutions” Thrive Together webconference with Jeromy Johnson — and to scroll down below the article for other key developments.

    I believe that as we navigate the stormy waters together, what’s most important is insight (knowledge), context (wisdom) and inspiration (solutions). And I hope these resources will be helpful for you.

    Please share freely. -JDS

    Why This Is All Happening

    by Josh del Sol

    11 September 2015

    It’s official. The bits of data that could reveal virtually everything we do offline — in our own homes — are worth TRILLIONS to a wayward global corporate cabal.

    Earlier this year, the Director of Grants and Research at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) said of so-named “smart” meters:

    “I think the [surveillance] data is going to be worth a lot more than the commodity that’s being consumed to generate the data.”

    In case you’re wondering, the commodity of electricity is a $2.2 Trillion market.

    The data. It’s all about the data. What you do or say in your home, even in your bedroom. Whether you do or eat something that violates your healthcare plan, or your life insurance. All of your online passwords. And everything you do offline.

    The point is that everything on which they have data can be controlled.

    And corporations and their puppet governments want it all. All through the convenience of wireless technology.

    This is the real reason why president Obama was pushing “smart” meters last month, under the guise of, of course, “climate action”. This is the real reason why utilities have declared war on the people.
    They took Glenna’s electricity, but they could not take her smile. link

    Case in point: on Wednesday, a hired henchman from the utility DTE climbed a pole and cut power to the home of a 85-year-old woman in Detroit, Michigan.

    Because she did not want to be irradiated and surveilled in her own home.

    Dozens – if not hundreds, now – of families have similarly been terrorized by utilities in Michigan, British Columbia, and elsewhere.

    It really has very little to do with saving money on meter readers. Or charging you more based on time-of-use.

    Radiating surveillance meters (aka “smart” meters) make this all possible. They are the point of access, the gateway.

    Follow the money. It’s just business.

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    EMF Webconference: Sept 12 @ 12noon PST

    For members of THRIVE, tune in tomorrow to “Reducing Your EMF Pollution and Exposure: Exploring the Risks and Practical Solutions” with expert Jeromy Johnson:


    And be sure to see Jeromy’s latest featured post, “Why is Xfinity WiFi Harming People”

    Illegal forced meter installation in UK (video)

    In 2011, UK Energy Minister Charles Hendry said:

    “We believe that people will benefit from having smart meters, but we will not make them obligatory. [T]hey will not be required to have one. We have been willing to give assurances to Hon Members on that account.”
    Watch this illegal installation video footage:


    Patent granted by USPTO for “E-CAT” cold fusion tech

    This is an indication that either: (a) people within the USPTO are starting wake up and realize our collective situation; or (b) this could be another false solution being propped up. We intend it is the former!

    Take Back Your Power (TBYP) screening report & community forums:

    Michigan: http://www.candgnews.com/news/forum-smart-meters-draws-large-crowd-86056
    Oklahoma: http://m.fox23.com/news/news/local/residents-claremore-upset-over-high-energy-bills/nnX7D/

    Get the screening guide & host a TBYP film screening:

    Unsmart vulnerability

    PV Magazine: Smart meters can jeopardize grid reliability

    Samsung smart fridge leaves Gmail logins open to attack

    Fiat-Chrysler recalls 1.4 MILLION vehicles after hackers expose them as deadly remote-controlled weapons

    Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe at the Commonwealth Club, June 2015 (video)

    Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe presents on risks to children at a program organized by ElectromagneticHealth.org and Environmental Health Trust held at the Commonwealth Club on June 22, 2015. She is Founder of Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment (PHIRE) in the U.K. where she is also Trustee of the Radiation Research Trust, Medical Advisor to Electrosensitivity UK and Member of the British Society of Ecological Medicine.

    Dr. Timothy Shoechle

    WISE Grid Series, Part 2

    K.T. Weaver

    Federal Judge: Customers are ‘deemed to have consented’ to smart meter privacy invasions due to continued usage of electricity


    President Obama Touts ‘Smart Meters’ at Clean Energy Summit


    BC Hydro’s AMI Program Security Team Lead: “The consequences of deploying bad stuff [smart meters] are dire.”


    Smart meter “issues are of great concern, not just locally, but also nationally and internationally,” cautions Judge


    Consumers and Environment Unlikely to Benefit from Smart Meters, Confirms Latest Research


    A Message to Public Schools and Public Libraries about Wireless Devices


    ‘Dragnet’ Data Collections by Smart Meters and an ‘Infrastructure of Surveillance


    Governments Planning to Use Smart Meters for the Collection of “Population Statistics”


    Utilities Remove Burned Smart Meter Evidence from Fire Scenes


    Insanity: Turning Smart Meters into a Supercomputer Platform


    Smart City/Grid Technocrat Philosophy on Life: “If you are going to travel, travel now.”


    Utility Industry Aware of Safety and Accuracy Issues with Digital Meters for Years


  2. TY says:

    ww, thanks for your effort to keep us informed

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