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SFD April 2015 Draft Minutes

Sedona Fire EMS ArizonaSedona AZ (April 22, 2015) – The DRAFT Minutes from the April 15, 2015 Sedona Fire District Governing Board meeting are available below. Please remember these Minutes will not be officially approved by the Board until the May 2015 meeting and are subject to change.

Click link below to view Minutes:

Draft Minutes of 4/15/15 SFD Board Meeting

Other documents from this meeting can be accessed under Board Minutes on the SFD website at www.sedonafire.org. Contact Tricia Greer, Sedona Fire District Executive Assistant, at 928-204-8909 for more information.

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  1. Just heard several rumors in town that a while back SFD Fire Chief Kris Kazian has bought a house in Phoenix and moved his family to live there. He stays locally Monday through Thursday and leaves to join his family down in Phoenix right after work. If anything major happens while he is gone, he leaves it to his assistants to handle it. I was always under the impression that a fire/police chief should live close by the place of work so that he/she can be readily available in case of an emergency. Since when has his job become a Monday through Thursday job? Has our SFD Board approved this? Are they out of their minds? Would he have been hired under these conditions? Don’t think so!

    I find it VERY strange that for three years he has been renting various homes in Sedona without trying to buy a home here locally. All of a sudden he moves his family down to Phoenix and buys a home right away. Was this planned all along?

    Can someone please explain what is going on?

  2. Just Sayin' says:

    @ Darren in Sedona

    Very good question, if you think that it’s important to know the answer why not call the fire chief and ask him yourself. I met him once and he seemed like the kind of person that you be honest and open, all you have to do is ask.

  3. @Just Sayin’

    THANKS! Sounds like a good idea…in fact, I think I will bring it up at the next SFD board meeting. This way, I will be able to get the board’s take on this as well.

  4. Mmm…just wanderin’ if the Sedona City Manager and City Council would allow tour Police Chief to do what the SFD Fire Chief is doing…I don’t think so!

  5. Warren says:

    @ Why cares! — People care because there could be an “all hands on deck” type situation. In such a situation, fire dept. employees are called up regardless of where they live or whether it is their day off. If they live in Phoenix then obviously their response time will not be exactly rapid. A chief living in Phoenix is ridiculous.

  6. Read and don’t weigh in, we read but comments not our style. Might be good time to change sides. Here goes. Like the content here.

    Comment to above—‘You should care. We ought to care. That comment by Warren is right. The suggestion to bring it up to the board is good. He had to have been hired to live here wasn’t he? Didn’t he give money to build to water park? Kazian is a great guy, no problem with him. He needs to live here or go to work in Phoenix. Simple. Or like my wife says maybe time to change job description and agree to remote fire chiefs and pay onsite acting chiefs the difference, up their pay. I’m thinking it might indicate we don’t need high pay or even need a chief here. Can Sedona join call center and let Cottonwood handle us?’

  7. who cares says:

    If you read what Darren said up top it says that the chief lives here monday to friday. What’s the problem?

    I’ll only care when something happens and the sky fell because Kazian wasn’t here. I have met a few of our battalions chiefs and with their knowledge and experience, I’M NOT WORRIED ONE BIT.

    Stop making a big deal out of nothing.

  8. @who cares
    Just for the sake of clarification, the Fire Chief is here through Thursday NOT Friday.

    I agree with David… I am sure that we have very capable Battalion Chiefs that can get the job done…in that case, why not eliminate the Chief’s position and save the high-end salary that he is getting. By his moving to Phoenix, he is actually an Interim Fire Chief getting the salary intended for a full time fire chief who lives in our community and feels that’s good enough to have his family living here. Perhaps it’s time to have someone at the helm who takes pride in our community and wants to live here. I am sure that there are plenty of qualified people who would be willing to do that.

  9. The other thing that bothers me is that Chief Kazian from the time he was hired, had no intentions of living here permanently. He rented several homes for 3 years and once he moved his family down in Phoenix, he went ahead and bought a house. How can we trust a highly paid Fire Chief at his job if he had that kind of deceit in the back of his mind. Had he shared his intentions when he was initially interviewed, he would never have been a contender for this job.

  10. Warren says:

    Actually Darren said Monday to Thursday, not Monday to Friday. Besides, as I understand it, SFD went on a 4 day work week back in 2011. The 48/96 schedule makes it possible to work 10-11 days out of the month and spend the rest of the time at home.

  11. who cares says:

    to Darren in Sedona

    Wow, you must be very connected to sfd to know if the chief is or isn’t here on Friday.

    If you read the comments you would see that HE didn’t move to Phoenix his family did. It’s just common sense that if he lives here mon to thursday he has to live some place here. I really don’t think that he could make a commute like that daily.

    It sounds like a bunch of bull diddley on this site, like I said up above, have a question ASK THE GUY or get a life and shut the heck up.

  12. Carl says:

    Why slam this site @who cares? Reads to me like it’s well balanced. Reads to me like every voice gets heard, pro or con. Reads to me that even at its expense it gives your slams air time. Reads to me that you get voices in Sedona and outside the city limits.

  13. Not only does the chief go down to the valley every weekend he also takes the Sedona Fire vehicle with him. That’s not how my tax dollars should be spent. The next money grab he’s trying to pull off is putting all non fire personnel on the Arizona State Retirement System. We are already responsible for the soaring burden of the Public Safety Retirement System and now they want us to be tied to two pension systems where costs in the future are unlimited. Our tax dollars already pay for a quite handsome compensation package for their employees and now they want us to pay twice for their retirement. How much is enough?

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