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Sedona Smart Meter Fees Eliminated

Sedona AZ (February 22, 2015)Sedona Smart Meter Awareness (SSMA) announced a program to eliminate Arizona Public Service (APS) fees as a reason for any Sedona resident to unwillingly accept a “smart” meter. The program, called “RF Free” is designed to match those who cannot justify the monthly opt-out fee with neighbors willing and able to pay the fee for them.

Sedona smart meter opt out logo“We know there are many Sedonans who understand the significant dangers of having a radio frequency transmitting ‘smart’ meter attached to their home, but don’t feel they can opt-out because APS will be charging them $5.00 per month to keep their safe analog meter,” said Nancy Baer, co-founder of SSMA. “Now, they won’t have to choose between their financial health and their physical health.”

Last December, the Arizona Corporate Commission approved the $5.00 per month fee (along with a one-time $50.00 installation fee), which APS will begin charging opt-out customers on April 1, 2015. This is a fraction of the amount APS sought to charge, but it still represents a significant monthly burden for many. But with many Sedona residents already suffering ill effects from “smart” meters installed last year and many others concerned that they too are subject to the proven cumulative and additive dangers of radio frequency emissions (RFE), a solution was needed to remove all disincentives for opting out.

The “RF Free” program will be administered for SSMA by Jon “JT” Thompson, who is participating as a private citizen, not in his role as a Sedona City Councilor.

smart meters“For years, SSMA has been a positive force for education about RFE and the ‘smart’ meter technology,” said Thompson, “and I’m proud to join them in this critical effort. The beauty of this program is that it doesn’t rely on government funding or require bureaucratic red tape. It’s just neighbors helping neighbors to keep our homes and city safe and healthy.”

While only 1% of APS customers state-wide have opted out of “smart” meters, 32.5% of Sedona residential customers have opted out, according to APS’s own figures.

“Sedonans are not content to just ‘go with the flow,’ but stay informed about the issues that affect them now and well into the future,” said Baer. “And their active engagement is matched only by their compassion, which is why we are confident the ‘RF Free’ program will help us keep raising our opt-out percentage until we can all be safe from ‘smart’ meters again.”

For more information about the “RF Free” program, as well as a wealth of information about RFE and “smart” meters, visit sedonasmartmeterawareness.com or contact Jon “JT” Thompson directly at sedonajon@me.com or 928-821-5142.

This SedonaEye.com article written by Nancy Baer for SedonaSmartMeterAwareness.com.
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For the best in BREAKING NEWS and views, read SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Nice solution and a way to show APS that we Sedonans are not rolling over and accepting their bullying

  2. JT did the brokering for me with a neighbor. It worked! Seeing the analog meter back was a relief. The logic of “just one more wireless thing” does not work for me. aps needs to notice that communities have minds, Yay for “smart Sedona”!

  3. Nancy Baer says:

    The APS expiration date of April 1st for people to have their “smart” automated meters replaced with non-transmitting analog meters without facing the $50 set-up fee after that date grows short. All of us who opted out know we will be assessed $5/mo. extra after that date.

    2,910 APS residential rate payers in 86336 have opted out from a total of 8,945 – that’s almost 33%. Let’s get that raised to 75%. Pick up some flyers and distribute them to your neighbors. We are counting on your help now to spread the word! Let’s not lose the ground we’ve gained in the past four years.


  5. So just to be clear – if you opted out BEFORE they put a smart meter on your house you have only the $5/month which is still robbery; but not the $50 fee to “replace” the smart meter with the previous meter you had before the bullies decided to do this?! Do i have that right?

  6. shared this article with friends.

  7. Golferman says:

    Lisa, Big Park: It’s NOT free. Someone (your neighbor !!!) is paying for you.

  8. N. Baer says:

    On the same day that the EC’s SCENIHR released their long-awaited report [1] that concluded that we should not worry about any adverse health effects of EMF/RF fields, a new well conducted replication study [2] shows that long-term 3G/UMTS microwave exposure can act as a co-carcinogen and statistically significantly increase cancer growth at very low exposure levels, 50-fold below currently permitted levels.

    Everyone using a 3G mobile phone or iPad or other tablet will be exposed at higher levels than this (0.04 W/kg). This study flags a big and important “wake up alarm call”.

    These are levels that many, if not most, of our children are now being being exposed to WiFi at school, when using laptops and tablet PCs. Modern WiFi signals use RF modulation schemes that are similar to UMTS. It is vital that this study is repeated using similar exposure levels with various types and frequencies of WiFi.


  9. N. Baer says:

    Reiterating APS decision re: “opt out” – Those with “smart” meters may have a non-communicating analog meter installed and if it is done before April 1, there will be no $50 “set-up” fee charge, but there will be a $5 charge/month. Those residents who have already retained their non-communicating analog meters will be charged $5/mo. extra after April 1. See http://www.sedonasmartmeterawareness.com

  10. Nancy Baer says:

    On the same day that the EC’s SCENIHR released their long-awaited report [1] that concluded that we should not worry about any adverse health effects of EMF/RF fields, a new well conducted replication study [2] shows that long-term 3G/UMTS microwave exposure can act as a co-carcinogen and statistically significantly increase cancer growth at very low exposure levels, 50-fold below currently permitted levels.

    This is for Everyone using a 3G mobile phone or iPad or other tablet …

  11. For Residents with Spanish Speaking Neighbors to use for giving them smart meter information:

    Buenos días, Buenas tardes, Buenas noches,

    Mi nombre es _________ y soy una vecina de usted. Si usted me permita un momento, estoy compartiendo información muy importante. Las nuevas medidores de luz digitales que APS (la compañía de luz) acaba de instalar son muy peligrosas para la salud de todos, no solo para los seres humanos, sino también para las abejas y el medio ambiente. Son especialmente peligrosas para los niños y los viejos. Desafortunadamente, estos medidores de luz digitales emiten radiación a niveles altas que cubre hasta la distancia de una cancha de fútbol. Entonces, entre menos medidores digitales, es mejor, más sano, más ecológico, y todos podemos ayudar al medio ambiente, rechazando los nuevos medidores digitales. Es posible cambiar el medidor de luz de su casa a un medidor seguro, como teníamos antes, que no daña a nadie. Hasta el primero de abril, se puede pedir a APS que reemplazcan su medidor digital con un análogo. Si usted les avisa que es para razones de salud, ellos vendrán de inmediato. Cual es la persona que tiene su nombre en la cuenta? Es la persona que tiene que hacer el pedido. Le suplico que comparta esta información con sus familiares y amigos que viven en Sedona. No tenemos mucho tiempo antes del 1 de abril, así por favor meta prisa por tener cuidado de esto.

    Greetings, My name is _________ and I am your neighbor. If you would allow me a moment of your time, I am sharing some important information. The new electric meters that APS (the electric company) just installed are very dangerous for everyone’s health, not only for humans but also for the bees and the environment. They are especially dangerous for children and older people. Unfortunately, these digital meters emit radiation at high levels that cover up to the distance of a soccer field. Therefore, the fewer digital meters, the better it is, more healthy, more ecological, and everyone will be able to help the environment, by refusing the new digital meters. It is possible to change the electric meter in your home to a safer one, like we used to have before, that do not do harm to anybody. Up until the first of April, you can request APS that they replace your digital meter with an analog meter. If you let them know that it is for health reasons, they will come immediately. The person in whose name the bill is, is the one who has to make the request. I implore you to share this information with your family members and friends who live in Sedona.

    APS planea cargar a su recibo $5 mensuales para los que han decidido cambiar su medidor de luz a un análogo. Por eso, hemos creado un fondo para ayudar a los que desean cambiar su medidor, pero no desean pagar este cargo. Para aprovecharse de este programa:
    1) Contacte a Jon Thompson (928-821-5142) o por correo electrónico sedonajon@me.com Él no habla español, así que hay que pedirle a alguien que puede hablar en inglés con él por su parte.
    2) Avísele a APS que usted desea cambiar su medidor, 800-253-9405 de inmediato. Si intenta hacerlo antes del 1 abril, no deben cobrarle $50 de tarifa (van a cobrar esta después!). Sin embargo, si ellos tratan de cobrar esta tarifa, avísele a Jon Thompson para que le ayude.
    3) Cada mes su recibo de luz mostrará una tarifa de $5, empezando con el recibo de abril, lo cuál tendrá que pagar.
    4) Cuándo recibe su recibo de junio y diciembre, envíele al programa una copia de el recibo mostrando el cargo, y ellos le enviarán un pago de $30 para cubrir las tres meses anteriores, y las tres siguientes.

  12. Curious says:

    Was this true?….A small east coast city had a cell tower installed.
    Some folks of the city start to get ill, The city newspaper editor and
    the city mayor called the tower owner/operator into a meeting and
    voiced their concern and asked the owner keep track of illness
    related to his tower. He readily agreed to keep the city informed
    after he turns on the tower two months in the future…that when he
    will be turning the tower on.

  13. N. Baer says:

    Reminder that of the 8,945 total of APS residential customers in 86336; 2,910 have refused smart meters. Let’s get 75% of Sedona opted by ASAP!

    It is critical now to make sure our name and purpose stays alive in the minds of the public. I have updated trifold brochures Please contact me with any other ideas you have and with your willingness to help with the distribution.

    In order to insure our success, I need to hear directly from some of you who have the time, interest and passion to help spread the word so that we don’t lose any of the ground we have gained in the past four years.

    Thank you for your continued support,

    Nancy Baer

    928 204-2353

  14. Nancy Baer says:

    NOTE: I checked with the author of the article for greater clarity which she provided. This represents the facts.

    Nancy Baer


    March 22, 2015
    Contact Nancy Baer
    Email sedonasmartmeterawareness@yahoo.com


    “The Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) is a General Insurance Exclusion and is applied across the market as standard. The purpose of the exclusion is to exclude cover for illnesses caused by continuous long-term non-ionizing radiation exposure i.e. through mobile phone usage.” CFC Underwriting LTD, London, UK agent for Lloyds of London

    So reads Lloyds of London’s recent response to a customer query about a waiver he noticed in his insurance renewal policy which stated “effective Feb. 7, 2015 there is no coverage for health effects from exposure either directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from or contributed to by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetism, radio waves or noise.” This would include the microwave radiation emitting from the commercial wi-fi transmitters and wireless devices in schools (among other public places). Canada’s Health Code and this country’s are practically identical to each other http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ahc-asc/media/ftr-ati/_2014/2014-023fs-eng.php.

    While Sedona Smart Meter Awareness knew about Lloyds written warning issued in 2010 to insurers which was shared with our public officials, having this policy formalized as a permanent waiver should raise red flags for those responsible for encouraging and allowing the unregulated proliferation of non-ionizing technology together with extortionary “opt out” fees.

    Most people are not aware that there have been two successful lawsuits in the U.S. (since the news doesn’t report it); both filed as Worker’s Compensation claims; one in 2007 and recently a nurse in NYC was awarded $4 million from the harm she suffered from exposure to the hospital MRI, etc., that effected the electrode implanted in her brain.

    British Columbia’s Coalition to Stop Smart Meters, Sharon Noble, was recently interviewed on the Goddard Radio Show about Lloyds’ recent restatement. Noble refers to Lloyds first taking its non-coverage stance to health effects from wireless exposure in 1998 when Lloyd’s refused to insure cell companies from claims related to health effects from RF. The full interview is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dF-djNIb5Oc

    Ask yourself, if Lloyds of London acknowledges the risks are too great for liability insurance to cover health expenses, why aren’t our publicly elected and appointed officials not taking proper action to protect us?

    More – “School Boards Left On The Hook For Wi-Fi Injuries,” by Janis Hoffman

  15. Joan says:

    Sir, How do I get in contact with someone to discuss options to block
    emf in my neighborhood.
    Thank You, Joan
    Mar 24, 2015 9:08 am

  16. I opted out, did you?

  17. Nancy says:

    Here’s some news . . .

    APS has postponed its expiration date of April 1 until further notice, for people to have their smart meters removed and replaced with non-transmitting analog meters. Now we have the opportunity to get the rest of rate payers (67.5%) in 86336 to opt out.

    Nancy Baer

  18. This is good news to hear!

  19. Second Carol. Everybody get that smart meter off your house/business. How stupid can you continue to be? The science is in! Read Woodward’s info.

  20. April 23, 2015

    Dear Supporters,

    This week’s newsletter includes:

    1. This is a “must watch” video – Andrew Peterson, NY attorney who covers all aspects of our rights regarding Smart Meters.

    2. Wall Street Journal article “Utilities Profit Recipe: Spend More to Expand Regulator-Imposed Earning Caps, Electricity producers Splurge on New Equipment, Boosting Customer’s Bills.” Many of us have wondered why our utility bills continue to increase throughout the years although we use less energy.

    This article paves the way for our learning about rate cases in anticipation of APS filing a motion to do so with the ACC perhaps next summer as Warren Woodward mentions.

    3. Follow-up from last newsletter – various issues.

    4. Dr. Barrie Trower’s two of three interviews are available:

    Our thanks to Richard Sachs for his Lost Arts Radio Shows. Be sure to subscribe so you will receive notice of the next two interviews with Dr. Trower.



    Next interview – Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 6 pm MST

    4. Current RF Exposure Levels Worldwide, compiled by Rainbow Consulting http://www.buildingbiology.ca

    5. An update regarding the RF Free Program from its coordinator, Jon Thompson since ACC has rescinded its decision of 12/12/14 regarding smart meter opt out fees.

    Finally, because ACC had rescinded its opt fee decision from December, 2014, we have ample time to spread the word to more residents and to help them keep themselves and their families safe. The word is that ACC will hear the matter as a rate case mostly likely next July, 2016.

    We are available to come speak to any group, including HOAs and we will be planning a program for public outreach. Just contact me to schedule such an event.

    In the meantime, please continue to take the time to become informed and do your own research. Even after four years of research, I am still discovering things I didn’t now before.

    Thank you for your continued support,


    PS If you’d like to see more media advertising, please help us and make a donation to us. You can make it payable to “Sedona Smart Meter Awareness,” and mail it to:

    245 San Patricio Drive
    Sedona, AZ 86336

    Watch this video:

    Legal Implications of Accepting Smart Meter Installations

    Andrew Peterson http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001Zf3T5Xd3gjF3j3FrjgZHmxlyWc9vpB86FVKlC-Mb1BYYIehgwCQcxxF07lOQ057RiX_SjaG04uphaVCwd4l9TmBRBLw3zd5SPedhQDuGi9bOL6Oa3nGsAIQk3Tl8AFnvKZmOjROedHW0rhtTbywMhuSIIqztP2b0gMfi29PchoPVFGGoL_68pbOMitYFHTSCHICsuhgjsb4=&c=i2RPrNozL8y0Mi4dACtXLmKEufYPXL8CJvao2gPTBik44YeZINH_Dg==&ch=9J43qhZrJ2NfydJpd-NnTcv9b_Op1YVLjSBc2Dmbe1gsS0Xd8-6u5w==


    Watch this video

    Utilities Profit Recipe: Spend More to Expand Regulator-Imposed Earning Caps, Electricity producers Splurge on New Equipment, Boosting Customer’s Bills


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