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Sedona Fire District Extends Stage III Fire Restrictions

Sedona AZ  (May 31, 2018)Due to decreasing fuel moistures and the weather outlook, the Sedona Fire District (SFD) Fire Marshal has extended Stage III fire restrictions to the cover the entire Sedona Fire District regardless whether those areas are within Yavapai or Coconino Counties.

This restriction will begin effective 8:00 a.m. Thursday, May 31, 2018, which coincides with another period of Fire Weather Warning issued by the National Weather Service.

“Last week Coconino County enacted Stage III restrictions,” said SFD Fire Marshal Jon Davis, “and after taking a rational look at the conditions we face, it makes sense to extend those restrictions to our entire fire district.”

Fuel moisture levels have recently dipped into critical levels and with the outlook for Red Flag and Fire Weather Watch days the potential for severe consequences both during and after fires is extreme.

“We have to remember that devastating fires also cause catastrophic post fire effects such as mudslides, erosion and falling rocks, the fire is only part of the problem,” further explained Davis.

The decision making process for these types of discussions are complex. SFD realizes that these decisions may adversely affect some people within our fire district, but must balance those concerns with the safety of our citizens and protecting our natural resources.

“These decisions are not taken lightly,” said SFD Fire Chief Kris Kazian, “I would much rather be proactive than wishing we had taken additional measures after a fire starts.”

SFD wants to reinforce that this restrictions applies to all areas within SFD boundaries regardless of the county that you are in.

All permits and variances issued by SFD are hereby revoked and no new permits or variances will be issued until fire restrictions have been lifted.

Sedona Fire Chief Kris Kazian

What is NOT allowed? See below:

Any open combustion or fire

Charcoal fires, smokers, cooking 

Wood fires, smokers, cooking 

Gas fire rings 

Shooting of firearms 

Smoking outside of an enclosed vehicle or building 

Welding, metal cutting or grinding outside of an enclosed building.

The use of chainsaws and other equipment powered by internal combustion engines are not allowed between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. The equipment must have a working spark arrester in place and the operator must have a means of fire suppression onsite.

SFD also has an additional requirement of a one hour fire watch after the use of such equipment ceases.

The use of chainsaws and other equipment powered by internal combustion engines is prohibited entirely on days when a Red Flag Warning is in place.

Visit www.weather.gov/fire/ for more information.

What is allowed?

The only type of fire allowed outside of a structure is the use of gas grills and portable gas stoves that are controlled by an on/off switch or knob and that are being used at a private residence.

For questions regarding the Sedona Fire District restrictions, please contact the SFD Community Risk Management Division at 928-204-8926, Monday through Thursdays.

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