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Sedona Fire Chief Failed to Explain Bond Loss

Sedona AZ (November 30, 2017) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Sedona Fire Chief Kris Kazian

“Chief speaks on failed bond ” was the front page headline of 11/21/17.. But he didn’t. (Sedona Fire District) Fire Chief Kazian instead bored us for 20 minutes at the board called 11/15 meeting by repeating the fire district’s sales propaganda used before the bond election. As we all know that failed to persuade the voting taxpayers by a sound 3 to 2 margin.

We heard no explanation from him for why the bond issue failed as had been advertised in the call for the meeting.

That wasn’t bad enough. Because it was compounded with Kazian also conducting a charade enacted by each of the fire district 5 board members. Their acting can only be described as embarrassing for the fawning commentary we heard from them lavishing their praise on the chief for his performance. What performance?? His was bad enough that it was one of the reasons why we rejected the bond. As to the pathetic outpourings by each board member they were identical in content as Kazian kept prompting them on with his nods of approval.

Obviously all prearranged.

The main reason the bond failed was a combination of incompetent preparation of the bond contents by the Ernster led citizens advisory committee and Kazian’s botched and inept promotion of it.

The above convinces most of us that we need a new fire district management. Control can happen next November when 3 of the 5 board members are up for election. Until then keep tuned in to Arizona Liberty and Sedona’s media so real facts reach you. In the meantime be particularly alert because the current fire board has promised in January to attempt a dose of shenanigans to mislead us into and then soak us with more taxation.

John Roberts
Sedona AZ 86336

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  1. @johnbob says:

    Yes. He. Did. It didn’t get enough votes. And it didn’t get enough votes because of the vitriol and lies spewed by many of the same haters from a decade ago. That’s a lot of hate! Enjoying your retirement? Hatred, Vodka, hatred, vodka… wow.

  2. Mary C says:


    You’re referring to yourself? ” Hatred, Vodka, hatred, vodka… wow.”

    As to the Bond, the voters saw through the sham paid for by Phoenix contractors.

    Shame on Chief Kazian for participating in poorly planned padded perfidy.

  3. Walt N. says:

    Fire departments and districts are having their budgets slashed. They are having to look at innovation, saving money, reducing waste and being creative.
    WOW they are having to learn to WORK for their money. 95% of their time they just sit around. Great Idea. How about the Sedona Fire District?

    Check out Mesa Fire they are selling safety ads to raise money.

  4. Brian Ross suspended for lie about Pres. Trump says:


    Keep it up ABC. That’s the tip of the iceberg. Wait until they begin to clean house at MSNBC. The entire lot will have to go. Time to get integrity and honesty back in media.

  5. Goodbye Ross, Hello Integrity says:

    ,,,,,from the article b/c lots of you are too damn lazy to read……….

    ……….ABC has sustained withering criticism from all corners of the internet since the error first became known Friday.

    “We deeply regret and apologize for the serious error we made yesterday,” the network continued in its latest statement. “The reporting conveyed by Brian Ross during the special report had not been fully vetted through our editorial standards process. “As a result of our continued reporting over the next several hours ultimately we determined the information was wrong and we corrected the mistake on air and online,” it concluded.

    It’s not the first time Ross has come under fire for playing fast and loose with the facts, either. In 2012, he falsely suggested that the Aurora shooter Jim Holmes had been a member of the Colorado Tea Party — he was not………….

  6. Do As We Say, BUT.... says:

    Isn’t it a shame? False advertising is against the law. So why isn’t fake news? It can be devastating.

    Fortunately in the case of the Regional Fire’s District’s proposed bond issue, it was fairly decided by a ballot measure and a vote of the people. However, in incorporated Sedona (different than the area encompassing the Fire & School Districts) too many critical decisions are being made without fairness of allowing the will of the people to be considered.

    In the case of the contract with the City & Chamber of Commerce, that’s one instance. And the recent decision to amend the community plan to allow high density development was another.

    And BTW it isn’t only TV News Channels that abuse their authority to distribute “fake news”. Take for example the recent editorial in the local Red Rock News, Friday December 1, 2017. Of course identified fairly as an “Editorial” the subject goes on and on giving opinionated information, violating the papers own requirements that any such submission from a reader must be backed up and verifiable with factual substantiation.

    So, time after time, and unfortunately defensible under the heading of “Editorial” readers are baffled and often misinformed by virtue of missing factual backup from the editor and/or publisher’s “opinion” that is presented in such a way as to avert their own standard policy of providing substantial proof of the information given. This tactic has been applied over the years on other hot topics as well as maligning selective elected officials in addition to candidates running for political office.

    Of course, it’s the prerogative of the publication. However and in fairness why aren’t they, producers of the media source, required to operate by the same standards they expect of their readers who may or may not take time to offer rebuttals to deceptive editorials? And in the event they do, how often are opposing “opinions” made public?

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