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Ready. Set. Vote.

A. G. “Chip” Davis, Yavapai County Supervisor

Sedona AZ (October 12, 2011)Next year, 2012, will be a busy year for the Yavapai County Elections department.

First on its schedule, the Yavapai County Elections department will tackle the February 28 Presidential Preference Election, an election for parties to choose a Presidential candidate. The PPE is open to voters registered in the parties that participate only, and is NOT an Open Primary. If your party is not registered as a participating party, you are not eligible to vote in this election. To-date, only the Republican Party has expressed an interest in participating in the Presidential Preference Election.

If you are interested in voting in the PPE, but are not registered or need to change your party registration, be advised that the cut-off date is January 30, 2012.

Next up, in March and May 2012, are the municipal elections in Clarkdale, Jerome and the City of Sedona. The residents of these towns and cities will elect mayors and councils. Questions specific to municipalities also may be on ballots. These are vote by mail elections, and if one resides within the city or town limits and is registered to vote, a ballot should be automatically received via USPS mail.

The August 28, 2012 Primary Election is open to all registered voters. This Primary is held to give the parties a chance to narrow down slates of candidates for partisan races, excluding the race of U. S. President. Parties can qualify to have a ballot in the Primary, but it is unknown which parties will qualify until after February 1, 2012. However, the Democratic and Republican parties regularly re-qualify each year. If you are registered as one of the qualifying parties, you will receive your party’s ballot. If you are registered as any other party, Independent or no party preference, you can choose which party’s ballot to vote. You may only choose one ballot and you may not change your mind, so choose wisely.

The last of the 2012 election cycle will be the November 6 General Election. Every registered voter in the county is eligible to vote at the General Election. Across Arizona, county voters will be electing the President and U.S. Senate and Congressional representatives. In Yavapai (and Coconino) county, voters will also choose representatives for the State House and Senate, as well as County officials, school boards, fire boards, and other special district boards. Usually found on the back of the ballot are statewide questions covering a wide variety of topics, so be sure to look for them.

The Yavapai County Elections department has an abundance of information online at its website www.co.yavapai.az.us/electionsvr.aspx. The department will also answer questions by e-mail sent to web.elections@co.yavapai.az.us or by phone 928-771-3250. Get ready, get set, vote!

This Sedona Eye article written and submitted by A. G. “Chip” Davis, Yavapai County supervisor.

Mark your calendars to vote in the City of Sedona Special election November 8, 2011

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