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Progressives Urge Statewide Yes on Healthcare Bill

US Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick (CD1-Dem)

Sedona AZ (March 9, 2010) – Republicans are targeting Arizona Democrat U.S. Congresswoman (CD-1) Ann Kirkpatrick this week with millions of robo calls to voters asking them to convince her to abandon support for health care reform.

Kirkpatrick has voted for health care reform and progressive Democrats are asking for calls to Kirkpatrick’s office to offset Republican robo call targeting. Arizona progressives are urging callers to tell Kirkpatrick to continue with her support of healthcare reform because “it is good for themselves and others” and that “reform could not be more urgent.”

Several instances of insurance premium hikes exceeding insureds acceptable limits are being reported locally. A Village of Oak Creek resident cited a recent 50% increase in premiums, and a Sedona self-employed small businessman with no family or employees was advised this week that his $800 monthly payment will increase to $900 effective immediately.

Increases were accompanied by letters from insurance companies citing anticipated increases in national healthcare costs as cause. 

Both VOC residents, one a Democrat and the other a Repubican, believe each future annual anniversary date will see similar increases. Neither are in favor of nationalized health care.

Democratic Party progressives counter these cases in point by saying that President Obama’s healthcare reform proposal combines the best of both the House and Senate bills: The Obama plan will reduce the deficit by $100 billion over the next ten years and by about $1 trillion over the next twenty years by cutting government waste, fraud and abuse. It will cut Medicare prescription costs, but otherwise not impact Medicare. Small business owners will receive tax credits to help pay for employees’ insurance. Progressives are urging calls to Representative Kirkpatrick’s Flagstaff Arizona or Washington D.C. office to say, “We need Health Care Reform NOW.”

Congressional Representative Ann Kirkpatrick’s offices in Flagstaff AZ (928-226-6914) and Washington DC (202-225-2315) are staffed to receive calls, letters and or comments.

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