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President’s Tough Talk Rings False

white houseSedona AZ (September 13, 2014)The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

September 10, 2014The President’s Speech
Ref: President Obama’s “Tough Talk Oratory”


My first question is “What is the difference between “ISIS” which is the common name used in the media and “ISIL”, which is used seemingly universally by President Obama and his Administration when referring to the same Islamic radicals in Syria and Iraq? There must be a profound difference, although the only one I can ‘see’ is the last letter.

However, what I ‘hear’ sounds like an intentional attempt to “Whitewash” or otherwise deceive and hide the insidious intentions for “World Domination through Fear” — which is the primary goal of the “Government of Islam” [A government without boundaries or borders] that inserts the Laws of Islam (Sharia) in place of the bona fide “Laws of the country wherein they happen to be.”

The President said “ISIL (ISIS) is not Islamic” and went on about there is no religion that is evil enough to do the things “ISIS” is doing (perhaps his knowledge of the Qur’an and the Constitution are the same?). He equates Islam as a Religion when it is a Government based on the Qur’an, which by the way condones and, in fact, orders some of these atrocities.

The ‘Religion is Muslim’; the lines have been camouflaged so well that the masses of people do not see or understand the difference; they accept Islam as a religion. Anyone who tries to expose the intentions of “World Domination” and “Submergence of Nation’s Laws” are considered “Religious Bigots” when, in fact, the actual threat and danger are much higher than if we/they were being attacked by an overwhelming military force from a conventional nation.

This is not a laughing matter: We are currently in the incubation stage of the most dangerous threat this nation and the rest of the Free World has ever faced.

The “Tough Talk” of the Administration rings so hollow it is pathetic. I honestly wish it were believable, because it sounds good. However, a quick glance in the rear view mirror indicates a very different outcome than the “Tough Talk Oratory” suggests. Joe Biden said “we’ll chase you to the gates of hell” and he may have a point — if the aforementioned “Gates” are on the golf course at Martha’s Vineyard.

Obama said if you do wrong to Americans you will have no place to hide; he neglected to mention that if you are ‘Islamic Murderers’ like the ones that maimed and killed our Ambassador Stevens, his associate and two security officers in Benghazi, you can stay within rock throwing distance of the “Crime Scene” and we will not even get investigators to the area for a month and then will not allow them to question you thus you will be free to give interviews to both the “Islam-o-Fascist News Media” and the “Western Lapdog Journalists” as well.

Very similar “Tough Talk” has ensued through every scandal that has been exposed in the Obama Presidency and, to date, I know of only two people that have been held accountable for anything – (dismissing the phony Justice Department lawsuits against Sheriff Arpaio and a couple of Governors). In all the “Cover-ups and Corruption” from Voter Fraud, Voter Intimidation, Fast and Furious, the NSA, the IRS,  Benghazi, etc…etc…the only two jailed are the Doctor that Pakistan imprisoned after he exposed the location of Osama Bin-ladin to the western intelligence, and the poor guy that went to prison for making a questionable video (I’ve not seen, has anyone ever seen it?) about the Islam/Muslim mess that was used to fuel “Blatant Lies” by Obama, his Administration and State Department when, in fact, it was known from the ‘get-go’ the attack was a “Planned Islamic Attack” having NOTHING TO DO WITH THE VIDEO.

The “Track Record” of the Obama Administration for finding responsibility and affixing accountability is dismal at best, and reeks of corruption and complicity from the highest echelons of government and geo-politics at worst.

The sad and disheartening part is that it appears as though the bulk of the “Voter Segment of Society” (domestic and foreign) are more interested and informed about Sports and Entertainment than they are about their own well-being and the future of their offspring.

How can anyone predict the time and materiel needed (to) defeat something as “Blatantly Evil” as ISIS?

Dale Gohr, Clarkdale AZ

For the best in BREAKING NEWS and views, read SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best in BREAKING NEWS and views, read SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Justin says:

    OK took some weeding for grains of truth here. I remember thinking the WH “misspoke”. Been worried about the congress. time to worry what’s going on at the very top?

  2. @Justin

    it’s past time to worry but the voters remain asleep at the wheel

  3. September 15, 2014
    Subject: The Goal of Islam
    Ref: ISIS vs ISIL


    Someone brought this to my attention after she read my letter, The President’s Speech” (above); the difference between ISIS and ISIL has to do with the “L”, which stands for Levant [(luh- vant)] (One of the dictionary meanings is:) Name for the nations on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea : Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey.]

    This is enlightening since the News Media is limiting the engagement to Iraq and Syria. The apparent Jihad or Caliphate goal has to do with the takeover of all the “Levant”, which includes Israel.

    Isn’t it strange that President Obama and his Administration only use the ISIL designation to identify that which others use ISIS and are apparently figuring on the limitation to Iraq and Syria.

    Why has President Obama blocked the sale of arms to Israel including the missiles that they are deploying in the “Iron Dome” daily; because of rocket attacks by Hamas?

    My primary question is: If President Obama was charged with “Aiding or Assisting the United States or Israel; would there be enough evidence to convict him? I somehow doubt the evidence would be sufficient. To say “I do not trust our president” is an understatement; his past words and actions look to me like something more consistent with an opponent than an ally.

    The current ‘Goal of Islam’ is the takeover (Caliphate) of Iraq and Syria; the intermediate goal is the “Caliphate of the Levant” and the ultimate goal is a “Worldwide Caliphate” with the implementation of Sharia Law throughout Europe and in the United States.

    The worldwide caliphate blends in so well with the Socialistic, Totalitarian system of Control called “The New World Order’ that there is no conflict between them that I know of at present; that will come later now they have essentially joined forces to fight a common enemy “The Constitution of the United States”.

    That one document along with its Companion Predecessor “The Holy Bible” is the most solid “Enemy” of Socialism, Communism, any other Totalitarian system and the Islamic Caliphate; yes it is the same document President Obama claims to be some kind of Professor in the study of; and maybe he is; some of us study a subject to know how it works properly and others study the same subject to learn ways of sabotage.

  4. Major General Paul Vallely, the keynote speaker at the Republican Roundup, gave a national interview yesterday. The subject: BENGHAZI! The truth about Benghazi will come out!


  5. Exhuming the past is a pointless exercise that keeps us living in the past instead of moving forward with that knowledge.

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