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No Such Ground as Even

Sedona AZ (February 21, 2015) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


Way back when, sometime in the early 1980s, there was a Nationwide Truck Strike or Slowdown declared and, in the general area of Youngstown, Ohio, a truck driver was shot and killed as he drove on I-80 – – by someone with a rifle shooting from a bridge. The shooting was done by one of two schoolteachers who wanted excitement.

question mark 4The CB Chatter to which I rarely listened began to take on almost militant hatred speech about how “We need to Get Even.” I broke in and asked, “Who are you going to get even with?” adding, “There is no such ground as Even.”

Family feuds and break-ups, turf battles in Neighborhood, Church, Business or Partner meltdowns, National Fights and International Wars, wherein each side carried an identical “Get Even, Guide-on.” All have carried on ‘Hate filled fights’ beyond the memory of the initial transgression and, sometimes, even whether the cause of the Conflict started from ‘Word(s) or Deed(s).’

The claim to or of “Get Even” is a Mythical Mantra that rarely does anything of actual value and, in most cases, does as much or more damage to the one attempting to gain satisfaction out of something that is often an “Illegal and/or Immoral Act.”

Now do not get me wrong here, I fully believe in Accountability and solid resistance by individuals, organizations and countries to forcefully prevent wrongdoing against themselves, their property or in their sphere of influence, however, acting in protection and seeking vengeance are as different as daylight and dark.

scales of justice courtThe use of force becomes necessary when dealing with any person or entity who does not, will not or cannot comprehend consequences through any other means. Holding people accountable by Law is not (at least should not be) for the purpose of “Getting Even” instead, more for the prevention of or for minimizing the threat of future transgressions. Obviously Strength is universally understood.

When it comes to the Socialistic Playbook – – in what the supposed Caring, Benevolent and Loving Socialism Prognosticators claim – – they only want to “level the playing field,’ ‘soak the rich,’ ‘get the poor a bigger piece of the pie,’ or, in other words, they claim to act like “Robin Hood”…even though in their distorted thinking they equate the Robin Hood “Steal from the Rich and Give to the Poor” mantra with an unreal “Benevolent Government Forcing Redistribution of Wealth.” Through punishing the rich with overburdening Taxes and mete out a portion to the unfortunate they manage to make it sound really good, even though it is the opposite of the Robin Hood story.

According to the Story, Robin would steal mostly from the crooked Government and the Governments Law Enforcement (The Sheriff of Nottingham) and, as the story goes, he would returned the lion’s share of “The Booty” to the “Overtaxed and Oppressed Citizens.”

dollar billThe concept of “Equality in America” has nothing to do with “Equal Results” or with “Equal Resources” – – it has to do with “Equal Opportunity with Equal Treatment under Equal Circumstances” – – albeit human personalities and commitments often alter the sphere of influence of some, however, “Equality under the Law” is the desired end.

Redistribution is common in the United States today with “Income-based, Graduated Income Tax,” “Property Taxes that punish those who Improve their Homes,” and so forth, the antithesis of “Equal Treatment.” For example if you took two individuals with everything identical, put them in identical jobs with identical pay and resources, in twenty years down the road one could be living well and debt free and the other in abject poverty.

Equal Opportunity does not produce Equal Outcome (results) – – it never has and never will. The only place near to the “Equality” produced by “Socialism” in any of its “Deceptive Disguises” is at the “Bottom of the Barrel” – – because there is “No Such Ground as Even.”

The Shining City on a Hill is not getting brighter, it is dimming…not because the base of Free Market Capitalism is wrong, it is because it is being overtaken by darkness from Wealthy Socialists who exploit the unfortunate by making “Poverty Comfortable” and punishing Innovation and Achievements.

Dale Gohr, Clarkdale, Arizona

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For the best in BREAKING NEWS and views, read SedonaEye.com daily!

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  1. Haryl McAfee says:

    It’s good when people speak up. The SedonaEye email & came today & there’s a lot more here than what’s in the email. Maybe more links would help us know that??

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