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New Chair of Citizens Clean Elections Named

Sedona AZ (December 3, 2011) – The Citizens Clean Elections Commissiona state agency that administers the Citizens Clean Elections Act, announced Commissioner Lori Daniels (R) will serve as the new Chair of the Commission for 2012.

Commissioner Daniels was appointed by then-Secretary of State Jan Brewer in 2008 for a five-year term, which expires in 2013.

Commissioners are each appointed to the CCEC for a five-year term and are responsible for implementing the Citizens Clean Elections Act. The Chair is elected to a one-year term and is charged with directing the activities of the Commission and will serve as the chief spokesperson on behalf of Commission activities.

The Commissioners administer the provisions of the Citizens Clean Elections Act, which includes developing rules and policies that complement the spirit of the Act. The nonpartisan Commission is comprised of Commissioners from across the state, appointed by top-elected officials of opposing parties. The current Commissioners are Louis Hoffman (D), Timothy Reckart (R), Thomas Koester (I) and Jeff Fairman (D).

The Citizens Clean Elections Act, passed by voters in 1998, created a new campaign financing system that provides full public funding to qualified candidates who agree to abide by Citizens Clean Elections Commission guidelines. Candidates for statewide and legislative offices are eligible to participate in the public funding program.

To qualify for funding, participating candidates gathered $5 qualifying contributions from constituents who were registered voters. Participating candidates also adhere to strict spending and contribution limits and agree to attend required workshops and debates.

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