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National Anti Litter Folksville USA Event

Local highway litter is a candidate for recycling suggests Folksville USA

Sedona AZ (July 30, 2018) – The following is a guest article by former SedonaEye.com columnist Gary Chamberlain, co-founder of the national Anti-Litter FolksvilleUSA Movement:

FolksvilleUSA is calling on all Americans to join its Murphy, North Carolina nationwide August 2018 “ORANGE BAGS MATTER” event. Can’t pick up an entire bag of litter? Then, pick up a piece of litter and properly dispose of it to keep your America beautiful. 

On August 18, 2018 will you and others contribute volunteer time to make America and Cherokee County beautiful by picking up at least one bag of litter?

This is a no-host and at-your-own-risk volunteer event. The responsibility and liability of this effort rests solely in the hands of those who choose to participate; YOU are to be responsible for yourself, don’t blame someone else if you get hurt.

Can you imagine what it would look like if everyone in your county and my Cherokee County picked up one bag of trash and left it on the highway for everyone to see?

For the best results, “leave” the bags of litter collected on display for three (3) days, for the purpose of education, awareness, showing how much trash there is, and, that you are one of those that have pride in Cherokee County! After three days, call the Cherokee County NCDOT office at (828) 837-2742 and they will pick up the orange bags of litter.

There are plenty of areas that are safe to pick up litter and they may include the parking lots of the businesses that generously donate to our county.

Our sporting events are a “Litter Bug Breeding Ground” where too many adults teach our youth that it’s ok to throw trash on the ground. Sporting events are another opportunity for all our residents and guests to display their pride by not littering.

Monkey see, monkey do, what will you do to make America and Cherokee County beautiful?

Free “Orange” litter bags are available at these Murphy, North Carolina locations:

· Cherokee Scout Newspaper office, 89 Sycamore St., Murphy, NC
· Cherokee Guns, 1936 US 64, Murphy, NC
· Murphy City Hall, 5 Wofford St., Murphy, NC
· Dr. Dan Eichenbaum, 1321 West US Hwy. 64, Murphy, NC
· US Vets Thrift Store, 4195 W. US Hwy. 64, Murphy, NC.

*Make sure you call first, to make sure there are bags available.

You are encouraged to send your anti-litter effort photographs and comments to Matthew Osborne, Cherokee Scout Editor, Editor@CherokeeScout.com and answer these questions:

What you are doing?
Why you are doing it?
Who benefits from your efforts?
Why you want others to join you?

Contact Gary Chamberlain at FolksvilleUSA, PO Box 98, Murphy, NC 28906 or email FolksvilleUSA@gmail.com today: Join North Carolina Litter-Free Coalition on Face Book for local Murphy, NC area anti-litter news.


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