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Monday Morning Coffee with Alejandro Gutierrez

Sedona AZ (April 15, 2018) – Join real estate insider Alejandro Gutierrez, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty, as he shares his Monday Morning Coffee with you from Sedona, Arizona:

I recently had a situation that I wanted to share with you.

One of my clients came from the East coast wanting to buy a house in Sedona. We saw several houses and she ended up selecting one. I filled out the purchase contracts and when she had to sign the documents, she suddenly decided to back off from the purchase. Why do these things happen and what can we learn from them?

Here are some of my thoughts:

– Buying property may always feel uneasy and be difficult.
– You have to want to buy a property and be sure of this before starting to look. Then the decision is between one house or another, as opposed to buying one or not buying at all.
– It is hard to get 100% assurance/facts/guidance on any given property, so it’s normal to have doubt.

What to do then?

I think it boils down to having a goal or purpose for this new house, and then trusting in the help of the universe to make your dreams or goals come true. Usually the purchase of a house is because of some major life change and we know these are difficult.

Once you are set on a course, the universe now knows that this is what you want … so it can help you attain your goals. If you are not clear in your plans, the universe does not know what to deliver for you and does nothing.

Please continue reading an extract of an article from Bruce Lipton and you will understand where I am coming from.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful April.

“The Universe is immaterial – mental and spiritual. Live, and Enjoy. This is a fact…not a suggestion!” – Richard Conn Henry

In a recent essay in Nature, the world’s most prestigious scientific journal, Richard Conn Henry, a Johns Hopkins Professor of Physics, concluded his article on quantum physics with this above quote.

It’s been over 90 years ago, that the quantum physics revolution revealed a new truth about our Universe that completely pulled the rug out from beneath conventional science. Quantum physics, the most valid of all the sciences, emphasizes that our life experiences are founded in our consciousness. While this “truth” has been around for nearly a century, the world’s population has not assimilated this yet and has continued to be programmed with fears and anxieties and other people’s agendas.

“Give me a child for the first seven years, and I’ll give you the man.” Saint Ignatios of Loyola

Many of you are familiar with this quote attributed to Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the Spanish priest who founded the Jesuits. The emphasis of this quote is the recognition that a child’s experiences and programming through age seven are the primary factors that determine the character of an individual’s life.

The cultural beliefs’ surrounding the disempowering notions of “survival of the fittest,” or the belief that our fate is programmed in our genes, has undoubtedly disempowered individuals. These scientifically invalid assumptions have “miss-programmed” the public to keep scrambling in a world in which they are continuously trying to outrun the proverbial saber-toothed tiger.

Interestingly, when “love” comes into one’s life, be it love of a person, an animal, art form, gardening or even baking a pie, the experience engages a state of mindfulness. People stop playing their subconscious programs and start manifesting their conscious mind’s wishes and desires.

In conclusion, the significance is if people would stay mindful and stop playing their programs, in just one day, the world would actually become “Heaven.” This vision does not require intervention by some supernatural agency. The world will express this amazing evolution when the public becomes fully aware of the principles of current science. Knowledge is power and knowledge of self, is “self-empowerment.” ~ From an article of Bruce Lipton, PhD, Biologist and Bestselling Author



It has been a pleasure sharing Monday Morning Coffee with you. Selling a home is always difficult because it’s like leaving a part of you behind and buyers don’t always appreciate aspects of it in the same way you do. Buying the right home is also difficult because if the Realtor did not really understand your needs, or was in a hurry for his commission, you may end up in the wrong house.

So, if you are looking for a Realtor that can empathize with you and help you navigate through the entire process, without rushing you to decisions, then you should consider calling Alejandro Gutierrez at 928-821-8552. He has lived in Sedona since 2007 buying, remodeling, and selling many properties as well as representing many clients under the prestigious Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty brokerage, 20 Roadrunner Drive, Sedona, Arizona 86336.

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    Also between 2016 and 2017, 1,200 counties (38.2 percent) experienced natural decrease, meaning more people died in the county than were born. This compares to 2015-2016 when 1,164 counties (37.0 percent) experienced natural decrease.

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