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Honor Freedom for Workers on Labor Day

Sedona AZ (September 4, 2017) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:


On Labor Day, we commemorate the birth of the American labor movement, and all that the American worker has accomplished to grow our economy and spur innovation around the world.

Unfortunately, too many Americans today are working under antiquated labor laws from the 1930’s that deprive employees of basic decisions and subject them to coercion by unions.

Today, unions collect dues from their members’ paychecks and often use them for political causes – even if their members don’t agree. Most unions never have to face a “recertification” vote, allowing employees to decide whether to keep their union representation.

In fact, 90% of unionized workers never voted on whether to join in the first place. And when votes do happen, members often face intimidation tactics in the workplace.

This Labor Day, we can all support American workers by backing policies that would allow them to choose whether to join a union, and make sure those unions are accountable for actually serving the interests of employees.

Rep. Phil Roe of Tennessee has introduced the Employee Rights Act in Congress, a bill that would do just that by making sure there are regular recertification votes for unions, and that workers can vote by secret ballot to avoid some of the worst forms of intimidation by union leadership. The bill also allows people to opt out of spending their dues on political causes they disagree with.

So before you fire up the grill today, click here to make a difference for workers by supporting the Employee Rights Act!

Learn more about the law https://americansforprosperity.org/actions/tell-lawmakers-support-employee-rights-ace.

In liberty,

Luke Hilgemann
Americans for Prosperity

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  1. West Sedona Dave says:

    Luke Hilgemann
    Americans for Prosperity

    Well Luke should I be surprised that your hero Ronald Regan was the one who started the destruction of unions as they are today?

    The labor movement of the 60 and 70s was over 33%…..Now down to less than 7%…

    Now we have had wage stagnation ever since the mid 80s, and you going to tell me busting more unions will help wages and working conditions?????

    I expect nothing but corporate mouth pieces like you telling people exactly the opposite of what the truth and reality is!

    You have to love these right wing “think tanks” on the disinformation they spew!
    Americans for Prosperity….lol……..Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

  2. Sedona Retired Union Guy says:

    bet @westsedonadave’s a business owner
    bet he doesn’t pay union wages
    bet he’s a democrat that doesn’t support union wages like 99% of democrats i know owning stores & businesses in city

    save your anti liberty hate spew bucko cause you offend me an American Vet and proud of it & most people I know personally supporting unions are republicans or independents

  3. West Sedona Dave says:

    Sedona Retired Union Guy ?

    Would you like to read it again, and apologize?

  4. Luke Hilgemann says:


    Do you know what happens at AFP the third Saturday of every month?
    It’s our National Day of Action, when all of our staff and volunteers across the country mobilize in a single day to make an impact and advance economic freedom.
    Guess what? That day is TODAY! From coast to coast, we’ll be canvassing neighborhoods and calling lawmakers to urge them to pass tax reform that makes the tax code fairer, flatter, and simpler.

    We would love to have you join our efforts, whether it is today or someday in the future. But let’s make sure we know what YOU are interested in to ensure you can help advocate for the issues that are important to you!
    Take a moment and tell us about what is important you here.
    Thank you for being an advocate for economic freedom!

  5. Dolores Venables, Cottonwood says:

    This Democrat gives a shout out to President Trump for job well done w/hurricanes plural. Screw you fake news on Puerto Rico! My relatives there say it’s manageable & they live in the country. Giving credit where credit due. The damn country is turdsville. It was crap before. Trump admin not to blame for PR corruption & ITS votes to NOT be US state. They need to OWN THIS MESS IN PUERTO RICO. THIS CESSPOOL IS THEIR DOING. THEY’VE GOT A CLEAN SLATE WITH HURRICANE GETTING RID OF EVERYTHING. NOW REBUILD & LEARN HOW TO GOVERN YOURSELVES. LET’S SEE THOSE STORIES! We don’t owe PR!

    Time we get this country rolling. GDP up! Fix tax code!

    This American doesn’t like media obstructionists on TV & online news. Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama are to blame for North Korea! Go Team Trump! I think it’s time we see that you’re doing great work. Keep it up. Even Schumer & Pelosi sing your praises behind scenes & this Democrat doesn’t respect them much. Our Workers are counting on you to fix this mess!

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