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Home Rule Meeting at Sedona Rouge

Sedona AZ (March 23, 2018) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

(In a SedonaEye.com comment) Steve Segner says:

March 20, 2018 at 4:30 pm – “Robert Smith I am hosting a meeting on home rule April 10 at 8:30 at the Sedona rouge I’m going to have theCity manager come and talk about home rule and how it will affect the city and also about the upcoming $30 million traffic plan financed by the half cent sales tax” (end comment)

According to Arizona Revised Statute 9-500.14 Use of city or town resources or employees to influence elections; prohibition; civil penalty:

“A. A city or town shall not spend or use its resources, including the use or expenditure of monies, accounts, credit, facilities, vehicles, postage, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, web pages, personnel, equipment, materials, buildings or any other things of value of the city or town, for the purpose of influencing the outcomes of elections….

F. For each violation of this section, the court may impose a civil penalty not to exceed five thousand dollars…”

Steve segner says on March 21, 2018: “I am getting the word out on yes on home rule I have made it my project this year.”

Will SS be using public taxpayer money and other city resources?

Jean Jenks
Sedona AZ

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  1. JeanJ says:

    UPDATE: Steve Segner’s April 10 meeting at Sedona Rouge with the City Manager explaining Home Rule suffered a change of subject. Instead, the meeting will be about the City’s ongoing plans to utilize the one-half percent City sales tax increase (“What is the City Doing About Traffic?”).

    The City is not doing enough. Several P & Z development projects will ensure worse traffic congestion throughout the City if approved. The 90-guest room Marriott Residence Inn will result in a projected 700 per day increase in vehicle trips. The 126-guest room Oxford Hotel will be worse traffic-wise. With more affordable housing to come, the 45-room apartment complex at SR 89A/Pinon Drive (approved) will create 299 extra vehicle trips per day.

    By the way, Sedona’s sales tax rate in Yavapai County is now 9.85 percent while in Coconino County it’s 10.40 percent.

  2. steve Segner says:

    https://azcapitoltimes.com › legislature
    Jun 1, 2016 –
    Governor signs bill that could turn neighborhoods into vacation rental …

    On May 13, 2016, Governor Doug Ducey signed into law SB 1350, which prohibits municipalities from banning the listing and use of short-term rentals.

    Sedona now has 800+ new units , the same as approving ten Marriott Residence Inn……..
    Gov. Doug Ducey said the legislation provides “financial breathing room” for
    families. Gov. Doug Ducey caused the loss of over 400 housing units used by locals for housing that now live in the cars at the edge if town…..

  3. Newcomer says:

    Can’t wait for the homerule meeting
    Tired of the complaining and lies on SE from the usual posters .
    Yes even a newcomer like myself has you phoneys figured out.

  4. Stupid is Stupid says:

    @steve Segner

    Existing houses in subdivisions are one thing. ADDING 100 more rooms to yet another NEW monstrosity resort/hotel is quite another.

    Too bad you don’t see the overall picture. But then “Stupid is Stupid.” And the City Council & Staff think you’re maybe the cat’s meow? Well, the cat’s rear-end would be more like it!

  5. steve Segner says:

    Stupid is Stupid says:Existing houses in subdivisions are one thing. ADDING 100 more rooms to yet another NEW monstrosity resort/hotel is quite another.

    Please show a post from “me” supporting ADDING 100 more rooms? we now have
    over 800 new rooms thanks to our Gov. Doug Ducey.
    Learn to read not just lash out…. you want to get mad at someone well then it is Gov. Doug Ducey not the city or the chamber.

  6. Gary says:

    WTF are you saying idiot? STFUP! 400 cars of homeless are now living at the edge of town because of the chamber of commerce position on Airbnb nationally and what!? Not Ducey! It’s the people like me a f**g DEMOCRAT loving this bill because you morons that ruined my town stripping it of peace and quiet gives me ability to own a place and get away sometimes and pay my F**g mortgage !!!!!

    give yourself a (removed by editor) break and find the foot inserted in your (removed by editor) brain

    Learn politics aren’t black and white moron.

    Not one car on edge of town with homeless except maybe those living in tents and RVs caused by overrun border hoppers using oak creek woods and creek and forest they light on fire as a s****** for their lazy asses (not one escaping persecution but looking for welfare and free food stamps and medical care)

    Give me a break you pissed me off during the masters

  7. steve Steve says:

    so Gary
    let me see if I get this
    you hate chamber for marketing for the city and bring in visitors?
    you like Gov. Doug Ducey sb 1350 because it brings in visitors helps you pay you mortgage/ just trying to see what side of your mouth you are speaking from.
    Gary says: Learn politics aren’t black and white moron understand it is all about Gary…. the 400 that lost there place to live tough…. Garys got his and that is all the counts

  8. Stupid is Stupid says:

    Segner quote:

    “Sedona now has 800+ new units , the same as approving ten Marriott Residence Inn……..”

    And you’re not implying you think it’s OK for Marriott and any other big city hotel but NOT private homes? And private homes, already established, will NOT bring in 700 more cars as is indicated will the additional Marriott!! DUH!

    If you don’t understand “stupid is stupid” maybe just plain DUMB is DUMB will get through. (doubt it, though – you live in your little self assigned glass tower at city hall)

  9. Gary says:

    Segner you’re an embarrassment to Sedona and getting on my last nerve moron. NO THERE AREN’T 400 F***g HOMELESS because of Airbnb. YOU’RE a JOKE!!!! I don’t give a (Deleted by Editor) about tourists either way. YOU benefit not me. I own a house not a business!!

  10. Mark says:

    steve you ticked off gary big time, never ruffle a golfer during a game.

    gary’s right about your failed attempt to make a valid point.

    you gain by chamber expenditures to pay your mortgage. to extrapolate his point, every chamber employee pays their mortgage with city funding help, and so does every business.

    residents don’t get the benefits, you do.

    city residents (like gary) tax money is spent for your business to benefit. understand? it’s not yours, not city staff and council, not businesses, not chamber of commerce.

    if city resident’s want to AirB&B or rent rooms, it’s their right to exercise and not subject to your disapproval.

    steve you exercise the same right to rent rooms (you keep saying you live in that facility) but want to take it away from the city residents whose taxes pay your mortgage?


  11. steve Segner says:

    Mark says:if city resident’s want to AirB&B or rent rooms, it’s their right to exercise and not subject to your disapproval.
    I don’t disapprove,
    ha, you can’t have it both ways, Bitch about traffic and rent out you home to Air b@b that is all I am saying , the traffic jams this year were because of AB 1350 and 800 new rooms for rent … That is a fact…. The answer is to works on traffic,the city has a plan and the money…. Home rule will stop it…. That simple…. No one is Sedona bought there home with the understanding that nightly rentals will help with the rent until ab 1350 was passed.West Sedona traffic this year is all about Air b@b
    Gary benefits from the city marketing of Sedona so he should support it.

  12. Ouray and Durango says:

    The Colorado resort towns of Ouray and Durango were being clogged with tourists due to the state’s tourism advertising. The two cities demanded Colorado stop including them in their advertising. In two years traffic was back to normal.

    Traffic does NOT have to be our Destiny !!

  13. Tony Tonsich says:

    Look at the 2018 traffic study

    Look at appendix D. The study pinged every cell phone passing through, as everyone has one now. The vast majority of traffic was just passing through, that means they were day trippers, not Air B&B.

    The chamber is bringing in day trippers. The study proves it. The fact that the study is not easily visible on the city website and the most dramatic data is hidden in an appendix in the back of the study would tend to indicate someone does not want you to know the truth. Traffic is not our destiny.

  14. steve Segner says:

    Tony, Look at appendix D. The study pinged every cell phone passing through
    Yes, Tony and if you went to any traffic meeting you would know they go to flagstaff and back to Phoenix through Sedona… Or swim on oak creek….. Chamber advertising did not bring ” passing through” visitors going to flagstaff.
    Perhaps you should work on stopping Flagstaff and the State parks from advertising. You said it your self visitors”passing through”.
    Oh ya, Tony when the traffic study was being done there was no Advertising in Phoenix….. Going on…..
    Tony you still have not told us how you will run Sedona for the better with $20,000,000 less in funding….. Easy to cut funding how will you pay the bills, pave the roads and fix the Y.
    Show us the numbers….. We will be asking at election time … $20,000,000 may be low…. By the way day trippers are not a bad thing, they have a right to Sedona as much as you do …. And they pay taxes…

  15. Richard Saunders says:

    Thanks Tony T for once again being the “smartest man in the world” while being the biggest moron in Sedona….

    Keep up the small minded thinking and fact twisting!!!

  16. senile Steve segner says:

    @ senile steve Segner, no matter how many times he is told how waste and expenses, including funds to the chamber will be cut he still can’t remember. He knows for a fact the billboards paid by the Sedona Chamber in Phoenix and Tucson never bring in a day tripper. He knows when ever someone sees a billboard they drop what they planned and drive up to Sedona immediately. They would never make a day trip on a weekend. Segner thinks commuters would deliberately drive into a traffic jam on their regular commute. Sure senile Steve. What do you expect for someone who does not use capital letters for his name. There is a funny thing about facts, they stand on their own. Read the traffic study for yourself, before they hide it.

    poor poor senile Steve segner. He should go work on one of his many homes.

    Ignore all the idiots. Look at the traffic study for yourself. You paid for it.

  17. Tony Tonsich says:

    To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, ” Some see Sedona as it is and ask why, I see Sedona as it could be and ask why not?”

    Traffic does not have to be our destiny. Sedona can once again be the highest valued property in Arizona as it was in the past. We can change our path from bumper to bumper tourist trap to resident and tourist paradise.

    I’m for :

    Residents first
    Don’t pave paradise, stop advertising for more tourists.
    End excessive spending and no bid contracts.

    I’m running for mayor. It’s your choice.

  18. Liz says:

    The only thing you have to do for power is to convince someone else that they don’t have any.
    Everything else is easy.

  19. Braza Nojyani says:

    $800 rental employee on View when $1500 mo mortgage paid?
    $$tell me where tax books compensate urself$$

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