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Harley McGuire Talks Dog Training

Harley McGuire, SedonaEye.com star pet columnist asks that his Four Paws Up pals get an annual rabies vaccination

Harley McGuire, SedonaEye.com star pet columnist asks that his Four Paws Up pals get an annual rabies vaccination

Sedona AZ (February 17, 2014)City of Sedona Parks and Recreation and SedonaEye.com Harley McGuire announce opportunities for dog owners to teach pets new habits. Whether it is for a dog that needs an outlet for extra energy, or an old dog in need of better manners, these classes cover it all. Join Instructor Starr Ladehoff, CPDT-KA, on this fun journey with your pet.

Choose from three Sunday class options: Good Manners Class, March 9 to 30, 2014; Canine Good Citizen Course, March 9 to April 6, 2014; and the Puppy K Workshop, March 30, 2014. Also available are three seminar options: What is my Dog Saying? – Body Language and Communication, March 24, 2014; Really Reliable Recall – Leslie Nelson Seminar Video Presentation, March 31, 2014; and, What is My Dog Saying at the Dog Park? – Dog Park Etiquette & Safety, April 2, 2014. Each of these classes and seminars are listed on the SedonaEye.com Calendar of Events for easily reference.

City of Sedona article submitted by staff

All classes will be held at the Posse Grounds Park, 525 Posse Ground Road in west Sedona. All seminars will take place in Sedona City Hall, 102 Roadrunner Drive. You may register at the Parks and Recreation Department at City Hall or call 928-282-7098 to register by phone.

For more detailed class descriptions including fees, visit www.SedonaAZ.gov/Parks.

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For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Hey Harley. Good to know your still around. Caught a glimpse of you at Sunset Park earlier in the day. No Thunder Shirts needed in this warm weather. Keep that tail up and wagging.
    Woof & Arf

  2. Thanks Harley! We took classes with Starr at the City of Sedona Parks and Recreation. We loved her. Did a fabulous job. Very talented and professional.
    ~Boo & Napoleon

  3. My brother recommended this site from a post he read the other day. I’m glad he did! Thanks!

  4. Buster says:

    Hey Harley, did ya know that we’ve been cut off from joining our people parents when they eat out ‘cept for only certain places? Yep, it’s true. Thought you might need to know this in case you went out and was rejected. Of course, this law is only for the Yavapai County so maybe we be luckier in those Coco County places. What ya think?

    Dog Friendly Patios Allowed
    Posted on Aug 6, 2013
    Effective August 1, 2013, food establishments can apply for a Dog Friendly Patio at their place of business.
    Yavapai County Community Health Services, in cooperation, with the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors, Yavapai County Food Safety Industry Council, and community members, developed the application for a dog friendly patio and is offering this permit at no cost through October 2013. Starting in November 2013 the application fee will be $105.00.


  5. Yavapai County Health Services reached out to us along with many other restaurants in Sedona letting us know about the new requirement. They gave us notice in June letting us know it would be free if we applied for it before November.

    So we did apply for a Dog Friendly patio. They were exceptionally easy to work with. The instructions, and process was easy. Very pleased with the professionalism and how well they worked with us.

  6. Inoch says:

    Hi Harley,
    Well, Mom finally shared your article with me. I just want to say that it is so nice of you to inform all our canine friends and their parents of the upcoming obedience classes. That’s cool. I know I’ve been to school for twenty-four months, and believe me, that was hard. One day is nothing, and hopefully our pals will learn some manners.
    Mom is SO proud of me. We had to go down to Phoenix last week so some nice lady from Canine Companions for Independence could test us. Yep, Mom was tested also. That lady wanted to see if I remembered most of my 50 commands, and wanted to see how Mom handled me. Gotta tell you Harley, I had to lie down on the cold floor, and just stay there while that lady flicked a piece of yummy-looking bread 5″ in front of my nose. I was NOT allowed to go for it. I knew I better not because of the way Mom was holding the leash. I’ve been through this before many times. I PASSED for another 3 years!! Mom’s been babying me ever since. Told me how proud she was. Anyway…
    Hope a lot of our canine friends will go to the training.
    See ya around, Harley.
    Best wishes,

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