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Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Approves Grant to Advance Judicial Education

Sedona AZ (November 16, 2017)The Arizona Supreme Court received a $34,230 grant from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety that will be used to train new and veteran court judges on traffic laws, case management, DUI, and more. As with last year’s grant, this grant includes funding to send a judge to a national DUI traffic conference.

The program will provide necessary training to limited jurisdiction court judges who collectively adjudicate 1.5 million traffic charges annually – including more than 62,000 DUI charges. The grant will provide training to more than 100 limited jurisdiction hearing officers and judges in areas of DUI trial flow, distracted driving, civil and criminal traffic issues, criminal disposition reporting, forensic evidence in DUI cases, time standards and calendar management, evidence and objections, and commercial driver license issues.

Advancing Justice Together: Courts and Communities is the strategic agenda for Arizona’s judicial branch. Goal four is Enhancing Professionalism within Arizona’s Courts, which states “The judicial branch must continue the professional development of new and veteran judges to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of competence, conduct, integrity, professionalism, and accountability.”

Grant-funded educational sessions will yield additional ongoing benefits as staff and judges in Arizona courts process DUI and traffic cases more efficiently and effectively.

Arizona is the 6th largest state in the U.S. by geographical size and has more than 29,000 miles of roadways. Many of Arizona’s roads reach rural and distant areas of the state, which fall into the jurisdiction of Arizona’s local courts. Funding from the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety will allow for up to fifty judges from rural courts or those outside the Phoenix area to attend this valuable training.

For more information about Arizona’s judicial branch, visit www.azcourts.gov.

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