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Genocide of Americans

Sedona AZ (November 1, 2015) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Dear Editor,

I have been published 73 times all over the globe including 3 times in the USA, 8 times in Iraq, 2 times in Iran, and once in Israel. I have done this for free as part of my commitment to help humanity. Please publish this gift as an article or letter to the editor or share it with the people you know that enjoy a good read.

Genocide of Americans

Some people in the alternative media are considering being quitters and giving up helping our still asleep fellow humans in their struggle to stay on an organic time line. If one watches the interview between Alfred Webre and Leuren Moret on 10-18-15 at newsinsideoutdotcom, one will be empowered to help with the prevention of the genocide of Americans. The Luciferian baby blood drinking, baby heart eating Satan worshipers in the New World Order (NWO) that run the American government and military are so evil it simply doesn’t make any sense.

The fact that Americans are being exterminated certainly means that no one else on our beautiful blue and green planet is safe for long. America is out of control by the devils using murder, mayhem and chaos to destroy the country so they can break it up into ten regions and get rid of the constitution and put the alternative media people and constitutionalist in the 800 FEMA concentration camps, 300 of which have been said to be already manned.

You can learn this truth about the people that run the country simply by reading Stew Webb’s articles at veteranstruthradiodotcom. In one of his articles he is the whistleblower that exposes the people that meet twice a year in Denver, Colorado and murder babies, drink their blood, and eat their hearts to fulfill their worship of the Satan branch of the Anunnaki phantom matrix family (read the “Voyagers” books by Ashayana Deane). A man was caught in 2011 in Oklahoma City kidnapping a baby and he said he was taking it to Denver to be sacrificed.

To quote Leuren Moret: “the killing of Americans with chem trails is genocide, nothing less.” In the interview they also said the 35 completely unnecessary new nuclear power plants are being built in order to depopulate America. In this interview they also talk about the {soulless-my word} billionaires and trillion Aires that depopulate an area to get access to the minerals. Such as in areas of Australia where they depopulate the area by various means in order to get the minerals for the NWO that own mines. In the Ukraine where 35% of the black dirt on earth is, it is being taken from the people through trickery so the soulless devils that own Monsanto and other agricultural NWO companies can take over their food production and destroy it with Genetic Modification (GMO). So the Ukrainian’s must stop giving their country away to these devils for paper money that comes out of thin air. Ukraine must cancel their debts to the NWO and kick them out of their country. Always keep in mind that 85% of the people on earth own nothing because of the ones that control the planet at this moment.

Australia must stop letting their country be depopulated by such means as using mini nukes and bombs with dumbs so areas can be mined for mineral wealth for the NWO scumbaggery. Let everyone in Australia know the carbon slave taxes are a fraud and go into an account with the Rothschild’s name on it. Stop being stupid dumbed down slaves Australian’s! Please take your power back from your NWO enslavers and be examples for the rest of the world and not conditioned, brainwashed, mind controlled, asleep, sheeple.

Around the world the NWO also uses HAARP to create earthquakes, superstorms, and the weather in general to clear areas for mining and sometimes seemingly because they are bored. The Three Hundred thousand people that were killed by an earthquake in Haiti may have been so the silver vein there that goes to the Dominican Republic could be accessed. It is said the Bechtel Corporation now uses satellites to know where to mine for minerals.

For all of those people that haven’t let their hijacked governments know they don’t want to be in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) just remember that if this comes to pass they will force all member nations to grow or purchase genetically modified food which is another way of depopulating the planet. For an example of how the people think that want the TPP consider that China grows potatoes in a radioactive area and sells them to Kazakhstan in order to depopulate it as much as possible with that trick. Also the TPP is a trick to take the rest of what freedoms we have left away such as taking away the freedom of the internet and police stating it like China has done. They say the US president gave Lake Superior to China for the male cow manure money from nothing debt we owe them.

Brazil also is said to have given 1/3 of the Amazon to China for their money from nothing debt. They must cancel that ridiculous debt and take the rain forest back and protect it for future generations of Brazilians!

One of thousands of Hubble Space photographs available on NASA website.

One of thousands of Hubble Space photographs available on NASA website.

The countries on this planet simply need to cancel their debts to the international perpetual debt bankers and print their own debt free money owned by the people of their country. Better yet do what Iceland did and put the bankers that sold their country out to these foreigner owned perpetual debt banks in prison and take back all of the money they stole and give it back to the people.

One of the methods they are using to escalate the genocide is via chem trails in America. They are doing this by adding more poisons to what is already in them or putting new chemicals in them. As they sit in their 129 underground military bases and 132 underground cities honeycombed across North America, studies have already been done that show they are hammering us surface dwellers, topsiders, and what they consider sheep, with more radiation, pathogens, heavy metals so we will be weaponized, and they are including nanobots/Nano bytes for us to breathe in and absorb so they can use HAARP antennas to mind control us or kill us with weaponized cancers etc.

People that have had their thinking taken over by inorganic intelligence, or artificial intelligence (AI) and no longer think for themselves are called robotoids. AI entrained robotoids are going after Americans now as you will find out if you watch the previously mentioned interview. In several vehicles they are being dispatched with EMF weapons to target homes of people that oppose the governments, activist for the environment, and alternative medicine and alternative media people. They have already killed some say 40 or so Holistic Doctors. This must come to an immediate halt!

What people are clueless about is the militaries are ten thousand years in advance of what they use in the military industrial complex created wars on our planet today. Operation Sea Gate is one of the world’s best kept secrets. They have Israeli, Iranian, American, British, French, German, Chinese, Russian, and most of the navies in the world guarding an underwater star gate in the Gulf of Aden off of Yemen. So that tells us all of these wars are for reasons the public is totally clueless about because telling the truth to the seven + billion surface dweller sheeple on this beautiful blue and green planet, seems to be prohibited for reasons we know are unacceptable. Apparently NORAD handles disclosure. They certainly aren’t doing a very good job and all of the governments need to come out and tell the dumbed down surface topsider/dwelling sheeple the truth.

Self-empowerment and discernment is the solution. The best way to start the process of ending the NWOs plans to continue the genocide of Americans and then the world is to get the elected officials in Washington District of Columbia (DC) to tear up their traitor contracts to put a foreign country before the needs of Americans, the AIPAC contract that puts Israel first in all things instead of America. They can be given the opportunity to cancel these contracts before being charged and convicted of treason. That is the best possible start to saving America and the world from the NWOs depopulation plans. Search engine Georgia Guidestones, Iron Mountain Depopulation Agenda, and Agenda 21 human occupation zones, before they take the last vestige of global human freedom away from the 7 + billion precious humans on this planet by taking down the internet!


Gist Finley Combs

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Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. Jenks says:

    Genocide of Russian tourists seems more like it. Genocide at the hands of ISIL not IS not ISsomethingorothertoconfusepeople or Taliban or Al Queda or Iran or….it seems endless.

  2. Senegal has banned women from wearing the burqa, amid rising fears of Islamic extremism in the west African country.

    The interior minister, Abdoulaye Daouda, said women would no longer be allowed to wear the Islamic dress, which leaves only the eyes exposed. Daouda said the decision was a question of national security and was designed to prevent terrorists from using the burqa as a disguise.

    An estimated 92% of Senegal’s population is Muslim. Although the country has not suffered a terrorist attack recently, authorities are concerned that the Islamic militant group Boko Haram, based in north-eastern Nigeria, may be trying to extend its range. This month, police arrested five people suspected of having ties to Boko Haram as part of a nationwide crackdown.

    Chad suicide bomber kills 15 people in market and injures 80.

    Senegal is not alone in west Africa in banning the burqa. This year Cameroon and Chad, also Muslim-majority countries, issued similar orders citing similar reasons. “Senegal is just following the trend,” said Martin Ewi, a senior researcher at the Institute for Security Studies.

    He said the ban, though difficult to enforce, had been reasonably effective in both countries. “You still have the villages and far corners of the country where people don’t always respect the ban,” he added.

    However, the ban was not a foolproof solution, Ewi warned. Two days after Chad instituted a ban, two burqa-clad bombers blew themselves up in N’Djamena, killing at least 27 people including several police officers. “They deliberately wore the burqa to attract the attention of the police,” Ewi said….

    Read rest of article at http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/senegal-bans-burqa-to-stop-terrorists-disguising-in-islamic-dress/ar-BBn9GxO?ocid=spartandhp

  3. On 29 April 2010, the lower house of parliament in Belgium passed a bill banning any clothing that would obscure the identity of the wearer in places like parks and in the street. The proposal was passed without dissent, and was then also passed by the Senate. BBC News estimated only around 30 women wear this kind of veil in all of Belgium, out of a Muslim population of about half a million. The ban on the burka in Belgium was in July of 2011.

    Real Muslims do not and would not consider wearing a burka. There are fanatics in many religious communities as there is insanity in many populations. Do not invite a burka or face veil to your house, your school, your public gatherings and do not allow them to invade your personal, public and private spaces. Real Muslims never associate with burka wearers, why do others.

    Burkas are a sign of intolerance, why do people tolerate the wearer’s intolerance? Burka wearers are xenophobes and signal by dress a belief that others deaths for their beliefs are required. Shun the intolerant and the zealot and demand they respect our rights to not observe or be ruled by their religion. Tolerating the burka in a free society is not about religious tolerance, a false flag argument, it is about tolerating a death threat. Think on it.

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