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Genii Townsend Headlines 2012 Scenario Conference

Genii Townsend and Robert Allen

Sedona AZ (October 22, 2012)Genii Townsend of the Village of Oak Creek will welcome visitors from all over the world who will be attending the 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – Preparing for Ascension on October 26 through 28, 2012, at Poco Diablo Resort and October 30 through November 1, 2012, at Los Abrigados Resort and Spa, both resorts located in Sedona Arizona.

The two events are presented by The Walk-In Network in association with InLight Radio and The 2012 Scenario.

The twelve insightful international and local speakers (7 from USA, 2 from Australia, 2 from Canada, and one from the UK) include Mike Quinsey, Suzy Ward, Blossom Goodchild, Linda Dillon, Wes Annac, Genii Townsend, Steve Beckow, Graham Dewyea, Geoffrey West, Sierra Neblina, Dave Schmidt and Stephen Cook.

“Our wonderful speakers will be covering a range of topics and areas of specialty, specifically designed to assist people with the upcoming planetary Ascension, which is expected on or around December 21, 2012. This is the first-ever 2012 Scenario Conference and it is being staged in Sedona because of the city’s worldwide reputation as the world’s first City of Light,” says the conference producer, Sierra Neblina, adding, “We decided to offer the second event because the first one sold out in just a few days.”

Genii Townsend has been preparing for over thirty years to welcome participants and share her presentation at the 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – Preparing for Ascension. She and her late husband, Dr. William Townsend, received “trans-audio” information that Sedona will be the location for the first City of Light and it will serve as a prototype for thirteen more City of Light’s around the world.

After keeping that information secret for years, Ms. Townsend published The City of Light Sedona: Revelation of the Prophecies, Purpose, Plans and Manifestation of Cities of Light, Love and Healing in 2008. Her book has sold over a thousand copies in eighteen countries, largely due to interviews with some of the Conference presenters who have featured her in publications and BBS radio programs.

At the conferences, Ms. Townsend is introducing her new book, Something’s Coming: Universal Cities of Light, Love and Healing. In this sequel, she shares information received through her 135 visits to the Embassy of Peace Headquarters within the City of Light. The book also includes diagrams and descriptions of advanced Light Healing Technologies, and discussion of the need for spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

In addition to being an author, Ms. Townsend is an award-winning entrepreneur and co-founder of the non-profit organizations, the Sedona Light Center and Ultimate Destiny University. She has helped thousands of people awaken and ascend through her publications and playshops on empowerment and enlightenment, and through spiritual training on The 4 Keys to Light. Her website is found at www.sedonalightcenter.org.

A few seats are still available for the second 2012 Scenario Conference added after the first event sold out. More information is available at www.the2012scenario.com.

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  1. cool, interesting that she lives in sedona

  2. While I have to admit I am biased as a cofounder of The Light City with Genii Townsend and also as her publisher, I have to share how well received her presentations have been at this 2012 Scenario Conference. On the first morning, she received a standing ovation for her Welcome to Sedona remarks and introduction to her new 436 page book, Something’s Coming: Cities of Light, Love and healing.

    There are about 300 participants from all over the world (including perhaps a dozen from this area). On the second day, Genii was brought back on stage twice by Stephen Cook, one of the main producers of the event where she shared additional wisdom, insights and resources participants had asked her to share even though that was not on the schedule.

    The second 3-day conference that starts Tuesday has already sold out so the non-profit organizations producing the Conferences have just announced that the entire Conference will be broadcast via livestreaming. Congratulations to Jedi Genii! I am so proud of you!

  3. Went after seeing here! Enlightening and feel whole again.Blessings to Genii and all you that made this event possible.

  4. Charles Betterton says:

    We deeply appreciate SedonaEye sharing the exciting news about these two events.

  5. Saw the live streaming option on Genii’s webiste. Thank you Genii and all lightworkers.

  6. I had the pleasure of hearing Genii at the 2012 Scenario and she was fabulous! What she had to say made so much sense and when she gave us the tone that we can all take with us and share with others wherever we live I realized she gave us all a very special gift. She was my favorite speaker with her delightful spirit and honesty. I loved her! When can I hear her speak again? Does she have a blog or something I can subscribe to?

  7. NIna Joy says:

    What an amazing experience and privilege to have been able to attend this awe inspiring conference! I’m still feeling the LOVE that was radiating from the Genii and her message of Somethings Coming!!! Can hardly wait to walk into the City of Light!!!
    Love and Blessings of Joy!

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