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Flagstaff Prescribed Burn

Flagstaff AZ June 20 2010 Wildfire by Sedona Times photographer, Brian Goodwin

Fire managers began the Ritter Project prescribed burn south of Flagstaff on October 1, 2010.

According to information from the U.S. Forest Service, the 400-acre burn will be west of Interstate 17 at the Willard Springs interchange.

Smoke will be noticeable south of the city and on I-17 and will disperse to the northeast. Residual smoke will settle toward Highway 89A and Oak Creek Canyon.

For more information, contact the Prescribed Fire Hotline at (928) 226-4607, or visit www.fs.fed.us/r3/coconino.


  1. Reggie Dietrick, Camp Verde AZ says:

    I will agree that the prescribed burns are necessary given the information provided by the Forest Service.

    What is frustrating is the environmental health issues from the burn itself…driving south on 179-A from the Village to I-17, the distant skyline was a white smog of smoke. It must be dangerous for those breathing under its canopy!

    I felt frustrated that it was the second day within this past month that we’ve been affected adversely by smoke–once the Village was covered with “smogk” from over the mesas, and then today we live under another layer from Flagstaff to Camp Verde to Cornville! What are the alternatives to prescribed burns? It also makes me mad to see the Forest Service burning perfectly GOOD CORDWOOD.

    Other states contract with local landscapers and mulchers to remove the cut trees and underbrush, and or allow private citizens to load cordwood for personal use–AZ needs to recognize that in this global recession, that our forest firewood is a tax-prepaid benefit and that it needs to be offered for public access.

    It’s a crime to watch perfectly good cordwood be burned needlessly because the Forest Service doesn’t want to bother doing the right thing–the public can rightfully benefit from its access and it should be made accessible.

    Thanks for letting me say my piece. Heard about this website from a friend in Sedona and so I subscribed last week. Glad I did.

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  3. Arizona Today says:

    Flagstaff Prescribed Burn Begins Today | Sedona Times… reTweet

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