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Eye on Sedona with Councilman Scott Jablow

Article submitted by City of Sedona AZ

Article submitted by City of Sedona AZ.

Sedona AZ (May 27, 2015) – To Protect and Serve.

Many, many years ago, I took an oath to protect and serve my community. Fast forward thirty years, I am now retired from a very successful and rewarding law enforcement career, and like many of you, I moved to one of the most beautiful places on earth – Sedona. However, although retired from law enforcement, my passion to protect and serve continues.

Again, like many who affectionately call Sedona home, I too chose to volunteer my knowledge, skills and time to serve Sedona. The statement, “The essence of the Sedona experience for residents and visitors alike arises from the extraordinary nature of the landscape. Nestled at the base of dramatic red sandstone cliffs and with an ideal semi-arid climate, Sedona is a special and unique place that is considered by some to be equal or superior to many National Parks”, comes directly from Sedona’s Community Plan and resonates with me personally and fittingly sums up why I chose to live in Sedona and to volunteer my time and energy to protecting this most spectacularly beautiful community.

While there are many important and divisive issues in the community, the common thread that we all share is that passion and desire to protect Sedona. Everyone I have met agrees that we must maintain Sedona’s unique charm, awe-inspiring scenic beauty and natural resources, all of which are the basis for our economic strength and quality of life.

Sedona AZ

Sedona AZ

One of the significant issues I see facing our community that threatens Sedona in several ways is the use of homes for short-term vacation rentals. This is a concern not only to me, but for many in the community, and that concern arises out of the potential for increased traffic, increased noise, a threat to our neighborhoods’ character and the fact that this activity diminishes the housing supply for people who want to buy or rent long-term in Sedona. Because of these possible consequences, a prior City Council had the foresight and wisdom to adopt a short-term vacation rental ordinance as a safety measure to protect the peace, safety and general welfare of the residents of Sedona by prohibiting short-term (less than 30 days) rental of single-family homes.

The use of homes as short-term rentals has expanded in recent years not only in Sedona, but also in other tourist-friendly destinations across the country. This is due in large part to the growth of websites that reach a global market and enable people to rent space in their homes, or an entire house, to visitors. With the increase in illegal short-term vacation rental activity, it is very important that the City actively enforce the existing regulations to protect the integrity and small-town character of Sedona and our residential neighborhoods. With this comes the need to expand and strengthen enforcement activities to discourage this illegal activity, which can be a time-consuming legal process.

While the City’s Code Enforcement staff is working diligently to locate and stop this illegal activity, we must remember that it also becomes our duty as residents of Sedona to adhere to the ordinances and do our individual part to protect and serve what we all love . . . Sedona.

The above City of Sedona article written by Councilor Scott Jablow offers the following disclaimer: The above represents my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of City Council or staff.

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  1. Donna Varney says:

    Nice article.

    Great point.
    “While the City’s Code Enforcement staff is working diligently to locate and stop this illegal activity, we must remember that it also becomes our duty as residents of Sedona to adhere to the ordinances and do our individual part to protect and serve what we all love . . . Sedona.”

  2. Sedona Sue says:

    How is the city going to protect us? My neighbors and I have a vacation rental that let us know if we report it they will hurt us. They are booked all year long.

  3. Yes, we can relate to Sedona Sue. As our neighborhood is being violated, we continue to be threatened should we dare take action. Maybe increasing fines would be one solution. But if the city is unable to enforce the code, what good will it do. That new code enforcer, Glenn Sharshon is excellent. But without assistance he is stymied. That $60,000 spent to benefit the Red Earth Theater group ($25k one-year service contract; $35k heating changeover) would have been better spent to hire another enforcer. Of course, if the city had leased out the teen center instead of paying the theater group to use it would have been better yet economically. But of course, they don’t care about the residents unless they are part of the in-crowd running Sedona.

  4. LIP SERVICE says:

    “it is very important that the City actively enforce the existing regulations to protect the integrity and small-town character of Sedona and our residential neighborhoods.”

    Are you INSANE? The small town character is gone. All you have to do is read the community plan to see what is next. The entire 89A will be REDONE and REBUILT until the corporatists are done. Half of the council will be in their nineties in a few years and don’t much care what happens as long as they can feel important pleasing the elite.

    My goodness, you have inspired me to turn my home in to a rental. Just remember, charge for thirty days and if they leave? oh well, rent it again. There is money to be made by everyone and talk as they may, they will NEVER reign it in, especially while the bought and paid for are in power. That’s right. BOUGHT and PAID for, and you know who I am talking about.

  5. Marty says:

    It becomes more ridiculous by the moment. “Small Town Character” in Sedona has taken on a new meaning of its own. The “vision” being preached by council (and many that comment on this site) is to fashion Sedona after Scottsdale, Mesa, Santa Barbara, Palm Desert and many other places. What is being overlooked is Sedona’s main asset: the red rocks, surrounding forest lands and scenery in general! None of those other places can compete with that – period.

    And now to consider our residential neighborhoods to become invaded with a bunch of strangers for the almighty dollar? There will be no peace and quiet in Sedona (as if there’s much left now.) Strangers wandering about, dropping lighted cigarettes, staring into our yards and nosing about.

    Spend what it takes to enforce the illegal rentals. Set up sting operations. That’s one thing should follow Scottsdale on. That’s how they busted the house of prostitution with a companion operation in Sedona over by city hall. Get some grit, dudes, over and above tossing out Do, Re, Mi to the Chamber, Film Festival, Red Rock Theater and every arts “coalition” that’s concocted for the purpose of snatching free money from the city.

    All the griping about CVS when just up the highway at the Biddle property another major hotel/resort is on the drawing board, in addition to the recently approved Marriott at the other end of town. If the smaller lodging offerings don’t stand up and roar about this short-term rental running amok then they must be as nutty as the others responsible for turning this beautiful place into a disgraceful dog and pony show.

    Thank you Scot Jablow for standing up and speaking out.

  6. sharlett says:

    So, Scott, how do you quantify saving our small town quality and essence by approving CVS as they turn a residential acre into commercial? Where are you going to find the money to actually enforce these greedy illegal rentals and who are you going to get support finding those funds….gonna take them away from the new theater unreal payout? Or perhaps the funds will come from the $150,000.00 study for the Brewer Road/USFS new “park”? The list of unnecessary expenditures goes on and on……where will you take the money from?

    I too appreciate your thoughts and just ask – where will the money come from to actually protect our neighborhoods from illegal activities?

  7. Just Sayin' says:

    @Sharlett or should I say Sher

    what have you done in the past decade other then tap your keyboard?

  8. Rockin Roger says:

    @ Marty, YOU ROCK!

    I couldn’t agree more. Back in the 80’s I stayed at a little B&B and ventured out into the Sedona community and fell in love with all the wonders. Those short term vacation rentals do nothing to help our town and only benefit the property owner.

  9. We have a custom built home in the VOC that we’d like to rent for a year or more. We will rent it furnished or not. Send a request for info to the Editor@SedonaEye.com and reference VOC rental. Price will be $2200 a month, minimum one year and possibly longer rental available. No kid, no pet home. No groups. Stunning unobstructed red rock views! Gorgeous home! Garage.

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