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Eddie S. Maddock: For the Record

SedonaEye.com columnist Eddie S. Maddock expresses appreciation to Arizona elected representatives Burges, Thorpe, Barton and Allen for going on the record to protect Sedona from questionable associations of its City Hall, local print news, Lodging Council and Chamber of Commerce, conjoined with perceived attempts to influence election outcomes by illegally disqualifying a citizens ballot initiative, touting untrue losses of city services if a NO vote on Home Rule prevails, and other biased influences and inferences.

Sedona AZ (August 20, 2018) – The decision to go public with a recent communication to Senator Judy Burges has been made after intense thought, deliberation, and soul searching. Plowing through those processes, the answer lies within the words being written here.

Yes, for whatever it’s worth (if anything), there is another side to the story of the turn of events which led to the opening of an investigation here in Sedona by the Arizona State Attorney General’s Office. And, for certain, among those many reasons the intent to influence the outcome of an election was NOT one of them.

On a lighter note, the person responsible for providing me with an annual subscription for the Sedona Red Rock News is, indeed, a very dear friend of mine, unlike what was jokingly suggested in the communication with Senator Burges.

And so, without further adieu, the following email from me was sent to Sen. Burges , cc’’d to Senator Sylvia Allen and State Representatives Bob Thorpe and Brenda Barton. And, more for the record, –the contents herein, including this introduction as well as the email to Senator Burges,  are intended to represent my personal opinion.

Freedom of Speech, to be specific:

From: Eddie M.
Date: 8/17/2018 8:41:29 PM
To: JBurges@azleg.gov
Cc: Bthorpe@azleg.gov; Bbarton@azleg.gov; Sallen@azleg.gov

Subject: SEDONA

Senator Burges:

The only reason I receive the Sedona Red Rock News is because someone I know has paid for a subscription to be delivered to me. Kindly notice – I didn’t identify the person as “a friend” since I’m unable to ascertain if that is the case. Reason? Because the SRRN has long ago been identified as being biased and partial. Sound familiar? And, in fact, has served at the 11th hour of voting day to provide scathing editorials that most likely have influenced the outcome of elections!

At any rate, as I opened today’s issue – Friday, August 17, my heart skipped a beat when I read the headline “Senator Terminates 1487 Complaint.” The upside was a very lovely picture of you on the front page. However, as I attempted to compose myself and read the entire article, it became clear you quite possibly have taken a step above and beyond the call of duty to serve those residents in Sedona who have been expressing concerns for several years now about questionable decisions being made by our local elected officials.

As previously I’d sent e-mails to you and our designated representatives, this is to further enhance my appreciation that one or more of you have taken the concerns expressed by myself and other residents of Sedona seriously. Because the SRRN together with officials at City Hall have implied the recent SB 1487 filing (now withdrawn) by the AG’s office was timely in order to influence the outcome of the pending election, it became relevant to let you know some of us have been seeking such an investigation since perhaps 2013, at the time the City Council entered into the no-bid contract with the local Chamber of Commerce. Therefore I’ve taken the liberty of forwarding to you my Certified Letter to the Attorney General (8/2/15) and follow-up communication to B. Diaz of the AG’s office dated 11/1/15. So you and your colleagues brace yourselves for the feeble attempt by the Sedona Red Rock News and Sedona City Hall to use these recent activities as a means to make accusations reflecting an attempt to influence the outcome of an election.

The following is a quote from Sedona City Attorney Robert Pickels in the referenced SRRN article: “While the timing of the 1487 complaint was suspect, this latest maneuver seems an obvious and desperate attempt to influence the outcome of a local election in a jurisdiction where the complaining party has no business meddling,’ Pickels said. “This is the kind of dirty politics that makes honest and dedicated public servants leave government.”

This from a city attorney where the city manager has recently spoken before an unknown number of private groups and associations, allegedly explaining the pros and cons of Home Rule while at the same time taking the opportunity to apply scare tactics relating to “city services” that will no longer be available should voters fail to approve Home Rule. Maybe the contract with the Sedona Chamber of Commerce? Wishful thinking, but certainly no service to voting residents of Sedona and/or City of Sedona licensed businesses unless, perhaps, they are members of the Chamber of Commerce.

As a resident of Sedona for 41 years it’s heart-breaking how control of this beautiful area, one of Arizona’s prize possessions, has fallen into the hands of opportunists and greed mongers without regard to the reason Sedona incorporated in the first place – to implement city codes and restrictions in order to retain the small town atmosphere and protect our resources. The exact opposite has happened. Neither my late husband nor myself were supporters of incorporation and unfortunately our reasons have surfaced over and above what even the most dreaded predictions envisioned.

Apologizing for the length of this, it became important to relate people in Sedona didn’t just seek for a complaint to be filed to a higher authority based on an attempt to “influence the outcome of an election.” Had that been the case, the effort would probably have been implemented long before now.

With deepest thanks and gratitude from the bottom of my heart, I thank you, Senator Burges, and Reps. Thorpe, Barton and Sen. Allen for what I suspect might have been a collaborated effort to address the concerns of some of us who live in Sedona. Bless all of you who assisted in making this happen.

Best wishes,

(Ms) Eddie S. Maddock
Sedona, AZ 86336

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  1. Tony Tonsich says:

    On January 17, 2017 I filed a SB1487 request by email to AZ Rep B Barton. I pursued it for 6 months before deciding Rep Barton was not going to take action. My goal at that time was not to influence an August 2018 election as you can imagine.

    I believe we can take our town back.

    Well done as always Eddie !

  2. Donna Joy Varney says:

    Thank you!

    I am forever grateful for all the truthful disclosing articles and letters you have so elegantly written throughout the years. Thank you for sharing them with our community.

    I have been star struck and a fan of “Eddie Maddock” since the 1990’s when “Backfire” TV show was on air. I couldn’t wait to see John Helman & Eddie Maddock host “Backfire.” Your talent, integrity, honesty and fairness makes you the most credible unbiased reporter in our community. You both disclosed public information. The show was filled with so much neutral factual based information topped with a great sense of humor. It was educational and entertaining all in one. I would tape them so I could watch them over and over.

    There is “sort-of” other local news outlets. The local resident’s performance scorecard has awarded the print one with an A+ for biased “sort-of” reporting with the lack of ability to print anything that conflicts with their business agenda.

    Aren’t print news “Sort-of” a waste? Haven’t they become dinosaurs? Online like the Sedona Eye is available at any time and accessible from anywhere.

    Thank you for walking the walk, being a credible leader and a trusted reporter for our community.

    Sedona Eye Editor and all other community leaders that have used their voice to stand up in order to take our city back, Thank you!

    Forever Grateful,

    Please vote No on Home Rule and vote out all incumbents.

  3. Andrew A. says:

    For sure that RRN article was misleading by the headline indicating the SB1487 complaint had been terminated when, in fact, it goes on to say a letter from Sen. Burges suggests otherwise as in “the letter AMENDING her 1487 complaint.” The AG’s office will now investigate Sedona under ARS (Arizona Revised Statutes) 35-212 which appears will be even more extensive than under the terms of SB1487.

    And to read how the City Attorney goes on about his disappointment “to which some public officials will sink for political gain” is short of pathetic.Doesn’t he think some of us feel that exact same way about our own city council members and their dealings with the C of C? It’s unfortunate Mr. Pickels apparently lacks the ability for compassion to those of us who are fed up to our eyebrows with the ongoing disrespect and arrogance of power that’s been displayed by City Council and Staff, especially since they embraced a regional, member-driven organization and allowed them to function as such a controlling department of Sedona City government that represents their members and NOT the residents of Sedona in general.

    However and maybe the biggest up-side to this turn of events is the revelation that there might be a window of opportunity to allow for individual liability to become part of the investigation. Oh how sweet would that be?


  4. Mike H says:

    @Andrew A
    “It’s unfortunate Mr. Pickels apparently lacks the ability for compassion to those of us who are fed up to our eyebrows with the ongoing disrespect and arrogance of power that’s been displayed by City Council and Staff”

    The newly elected city council should terminate the entire City Managers office, and Mr Pickles.

    That would be a good start.


  5. Jess Wundrin says:

    The election is one week from today Aug 28. That means 2 more editions of the RRN between now and then (Weds 8/22 & Fri 8/24). Any bets on if or how they’ll attempt to influence the outcome of the results, like when Cliff Hamilton was opposing Sandy Moriarty for mayor? Or do you suppose with so many candidates they’ll back off until the likely event of a mayoral runoff in November?

  6. Mary C says:

    My bet is the RRN avoids a hit piece because people are rejecting print media. All a hit piece is likely to accomplish is give more support to who ever they try to hurt. There will be an column by Jennifer Weiselhoff and some drivel by Foxy Graham.

  7. Dana Varney says:

    Thank you Eddie for another masterpiece. Many of us have prayed for this day when the criminals will be made to pay. One of my favorite quotes from Mr. Pickels in the red rock snooze is ” This is the kind of dirty politics that makes honest and dedicated public servants leave government”. I guess Mr. Pickels will not be leaving any time soon for he is imo neither an honest or a dedicated public servant. He works for his exorbitant paycheck. IMO he does the bidding of the city cronies, the chamber and the lodging council. I can only refer to Myrtle Beach that ended with arrests and the lodging group running out of town. Liability goes to current city officials as well as past perpetrators of this illegal fraudulent scheme. Thank you again Eddie for your honesty and your courage which have both stood the test of time.

  8. Wowzer! says:

    @Eddie Maddock writes: ” Because the SRRN has long ago been identified as being biased and partial. Sound familiar? And, in fact, has served at the 11th hour of voting day to provide scathing editorials that most likely have influenced the outcome of elections!”

    It’s a wonder those putting out today’s edition of the RRN didn’t gag in so doing. It’s “peat & repeat” of history in the making. However this perhaps reflects more “hit jobs” in one edition than ever before. Vote “no” and against anything that would upset the apple cart of those ruling the roost. Predictable & boring.

    Well, there’s one more edition before the election on the 28th which will surface on Friday – the 24th. Wonder how they will top the blatant trash they spewed out today? Can hardly wait.


  9. &Dana V says:

    Tell your buddy (you know the guy with the cash) to file a lawsuit agaisnt the RRN’s or at least to call a politician “friend”

  10. Love the SRRN says:

    Thank you RRN for your Truthful reporting and interesting articles..

    For all the complaints about it here on SE.. I guess ALOT of people here find it simulating.. They don’t seem to miss a beat.

  11. Mike H says:

    For Fridays EXTRA EDITION of the Red Rock Fake News I predict we hear how Tony T has weapons of mass destruction, throws babies from incubators and is virtually Hitler. Wasn’t it the RED Rock Fake News that predicted Hillary winning by 90% of the vote. Stay tuned……

  12. Tony Tonsich says:

    The Red Rock Fake News did a hit piece editorial on me today. It was hilarious.

    “perhaps the least qualified candidate for public office in Sedona’s history.”

    ” He pontificates, bloviates and blusters condescendingly.”

    ” He is clearly out of his depth, he comes off as ignorantly pompous ”

    “Tonsich spent months bashing our newspaper online, ”

    “Electing him would be akin to giving a toddler the controls of a Boeing 747, then lighting the jet on fire.”

    That’s some funny stuff. You can see how afraid the cabal is to feel the need to put out an editorial like that. Laughing that much first thing in the morning is supposed to be good for your health. I thank the Red Rock Fake News for a good morning laugh.

    The seemed to omit me having weapons of mass destruction. Perhaps that is for Friday’s edition?

    So the question I have for voters, do you like those in the cabal making your town a tourist trap or do you want to take back your home?

    I suggest NO on Home Rule, NO on all incumbents, No to Howe Hudson, a past Canadian government worker.

    Vote wisely.

  13. @ESM says:

    Self serving and boring..


  14. Norma says:

    Well we all know about that so called paper. If the rrn like sandy and conrad then they are door mats!!

    GOOD DEAL Tony!!!

    You have my vote.

  15. Ron says:

    And the news reported Donald Trump would never be elected President of the US.

    The off-the-cuff poll by the RRBlues reported they made courtesy appearances @Bashas, Safeway & Walgreens to canvass the flatlanders. However most of their time was spent at Tlaquapaque and uptown businesses. And you wonder why 80% said “Yes” to Home Rule and equal percentages approved of the current mayor and incumbents. Think they might be members of the REGIONAL Chamber of Commerce? Or if they were employees most likely threatened to lose their jobs if they didn’t vote with the establishment in-group. Sad.

  16. @Love the SRRN says:

    You must be one of the Sedona uptown business owners including Tlaquepaque’s who participated in the phony survey appearing in the paper you love so much. All you members of the regional Chamber who enjoy paying those high dues to an outfit that promotes your competition outside City Limits and 80% of you don’t want things to change here? Hmmm I wonder why? Confess it here if any of you business owners told your eligible voting employees how to vote with an “or else” tacked on. . .

  17. M Mallon says:

    As the Red Rock news is so biased in their reporting and a mouthpiece of the Chamber, you have to take a negative article as an endorsement. Their duplicity shows when on the front page they show a poll with Tony T only getting 8.5% of the vote, then they spend the whole editorial column bashing him as if he was the most important candidate running. If you want to vote against the Chamber and bumper to bumper traffic, vote for Tony T.

  18. Mike H says:

    The Red Rock Fake News, emotional incontinence and verbal diarrhea. Newsweek, The New York Daily News and Washington Times all recently sold for $1. That would make the RRFN worth less than $.001. I buy it for a laugh during local elections, soon it will go the way of buggy whip makers.

  19. What do you expect? says:

    What do you expect? The Red Rock News biggest account is the chamber.

    $$$$$$$chamber$$$$$$Larson on chamber board$$$$$$$$

    Motives are to maintain control and maintain public funding for their businesses.

  20. Joe Tesch says:

    …….Words can’t adequately describe the disappointment that I’m feeling about the depths to which some public officials will sink for political gain, Pickels said. RRN 8/17/18 ……..

    Well words can’t adequately describe the disappointment that I’M feeling about the depths to which the Sedona Red Rock News sinks to influence each and every election occurring in Sedona.

    This particular one they seemed to have bottomed out, reached a new all time low. Wonderful home town paper indeed.

    BTW for those who aren’t aware the publication is available at the Sedona Public Library that will NOT close doors if Home Rule fails to be approved by voters. In fact, the Library owns their beautiful building and the Chamber of Commerce at least at one time owned their uptown location. (doubt they had to refinance with all the $$$$ they get from the city) So no need to worry about THEIR doors closing either.


  21. Saunders Richards says:

    @Joe teach and what do you expect

    I’m replying to both names cause your both the same person..

    OH boy whatever of my taxes that gets funneled to the RRN is money well spent.
    That guy Christopher Fox called it 100 percent correct about TT..

    What a blessing

    Btw your use of the $$$$ symbol was a dead giveaway ..

    Thnk you RRN

  22. J. Rick Normand says:

    @ All Readers at The Eye:

    As you read the comments above relative to the Red Rock News, do you get the feeling that a large contingent of the residents here do, indeed, recognize that the Larson Newspapers’ “Red Rock News” is part of what a great many of our City’s residents feel is Sedona’s biggest problem while few believe they’re part of the solution? If you don’t think so then ask yourself “Why is Rick Wesselhoff on the Larson Board?” So, think about the definition of the term “The Cabal” in our City! If you know what that means, then you’ll know where the roots of most of Sedona’s problems are embedded.


  23. Gretchen says:


    There may be a “cabal” in Sedona but most likely it’s the group you are associated with..on that fact I am sure.


  24. @J. Rick Normand says:

    Do you know who was paid a commission for the sale of the Jordan Road Chamber property purchase? Just asking. Never heard an answer to that one. Thanks for info about Rick Wesselhoff. Not a surprise. Birds of a feather as the saying goes.

  25. steve Segner says:

    Red Rock News called it out today Yes on Home Rule, and SB 1350 took away Sedona management of Short term rentals.
    We will see next week what Donna V will now go after when Home Rule wins.
    The city was correct to not look at PBA ( Currivans and Sedona tea Party folly) at this time, this is very important and will take the better part of 2018 and 2019 for staff and the city council to study.
    With the win of Home Rule the fake, PBA set to vote on in November will be moot . The Home Rule will override.

  26. Joe Tesch says:

    You are oh so wrong little girl @Saunders Richard. May you’ll believe me after next Tuesday (8/28) as you ponder a change of employment?

  27. @Joe Tesch says:

    Oh is that a threat you leveling at someone you think is a city employee…

    That’s how your “group” operates aye…
    You love to see people lose thier jobs.

    Kinda like someone we know.

  28. J. Rick Normand says:

    @ Gretchen,

    Since you’re so sure I’m a member of The Cabal, I suggest that you get a confirmation….from Jen Wesselhoff. Please call her and get a confirmation since I don’t want you to end up looking like a complete fool.


  29. @steve Segner says:

    SB1350 was a great decision by the State. That leveled the playing field for people like you who would hold a monopoly on B & B’s and short term rentals. What’s wrong with a little competition, Stevie? You don’t seem to object to the Chamber of Commerce promoting their members with lodging outside city limits- and using city revenue to do so. What’s good for the goose, better yet for the gander? Live with it!

  30. Seriously? says:

    The city attorney says he can’t find the words to adequately describe the disappointment he feels about “the depths to which some public officials will sink for political gain.”

    Well Mr. Pickels also fails words to address concerns of Sedona residents (at least some of them) when they ask his opinion on one thing or the other. Unlike our previous city attorney who always took time and showed concern if a resident wrote or called him, this current city attorney makes it very clear he works for the city council and no one else. Wonder if that’s also what he tells the Chamber of Commerce and Lodging Council? My bet is NOT!

  31. Claudia Vogt says:

    If the city council and staff would listen to the residents once in a while and stop devoting all their time and city money on the chamber of commerce there would be no need to call upon our State Elected Officials for assistance. What’s so difficult to understand about that?

  32. @Claudia Vogt says:

    Such harsh words! Don’t you know they might be offensive to Robert Pickels, City Attorney? You’re as bad as E S Maddock for having written a thank you email to Sen. Burges and then dare go public with it! More self serving arrogance. When will it stop? (of course the arrogance of power displayed at city hall and by chamber & lodging council are OK)

  33. Jamie says:

    This day & age it seems to be a rare event when elected officials actually live up to their campaign promises. Following this latest investigation should be interesting and I hope they are able to somehow tie violations in with the charges that took down Myrtle Beach and elsewhere. Oh How Sweet that would Be. Maybe then we should ALL send notes of appreciation to our State Reps. Lord knows our local ones don’t deserve it except for those affiliated with the C of C or Lodging Council. Ruling the roost and we did NOT vote for them to do so.

    Time is running out. NO HOME RULE……..NO TO INCUMBENTS

  34. @@Claudia Vogt says:

    Get A GRIP @@Claudia Vogt Easy to run your diarrhea mouth when you use a fake name. Digging and making unsubstantiated statement. Complete BS. Stand up use your real name.

    You won’t because you are being enriched with taxpayers funding. PORK n pig

  35. Jack says:

    I just love it when people post harsh statements using no-name!

    Are you jealous of Eddie? Smells like it. This gravy train is used up.

    Go get a job Karen your time is up.

  36. Dana Varney says:

    @@ Claudia Vogt, You are not even a real person. No such person shows up on a search. Please identify yourself or forever remain irrelevant. You dare to attack Eddie who has always spoken the truth. You offer no facts only criticisms. You are a true coward..

  37. Eddie Maddock says:

    Actually @Dana Varney the person who accused me of writing a boring and self-serving entry was one of the no-names who love to attack other no names that disagree with their opinions.

    This is the original post:

    “@ESM says:
    August 22, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Self serving and boring..


    It’s probably best to not waste your time acknowledging this kind of low life but thanks for your support. Better watch out, though. It might be the kiss of death if certain people had their way.

  38. D. Bookman says:

    The beef with E. Maddock is ridiculous! Maddock is well respected in Sedona and many Sedona acquaintances and friends read her work carefully. We’ve been discussing the home rule issue for a couple months now when we meet and her insight has caused several of us to vote no. Thank you for interesting conversation starters! (We like the informative videos and ads about the election issues, other writers too.) (Sounds like fake news people trying to deflect voters from the home rule message by attacking Maddock personally to me. Tell them to (deleted by editor).

  39. Gail S. says:

    E. Maddock is extremely well respected, has a large following and is the first one to bring the issues to light. While it is nice others have stood up. E. Maddock has been the first, consistent, clearest and most credible.

    A person that brings information to light with factual based objectives is unique especially in our small city. Since the greedy businesses have taken over city hall. Deflect is right on D. Bookman. Vote No on home rule.

  40. Ken Johnson says:

    @gail. I agree about Eddie, she is a stable source of information. she always does her homework and presents the facts, even when they differ from her opinion, this is a rare quality. However I take exception to your statement about greedy businesses taking over city hall in such a wide blanket broad way. Eddie would never do that. I think you are referring to the chamber and a couple of others. But even still they haven’t taken over city hall. How many people do you know at City Hall? How many times have you talked to folks at City Hall? Eddie knows a bunch and frequently speaks to staff to get her info

  41. Donna Joy Varney says:


    35-212. Injunctive and civil remedies; time limit; definition

    A. The attorney general in the attorney general’s discretion may bring an action in the name of the state to:

    1. Enjoin the illegal payment of public monies, including violations of section 11-952 and title 41, chapter 23.

    2. Recover illegally paid public monies plus twenty percent of that amount together with interest and costs, including reasonable attorney fees, to be paid to the state treasurer or other appropriate official, or, in the case of public monies of a political subdivision that did not originate or were not received from this state, to the political subdivision, to the credit of the fund from which the payment was made.

    B. The attorney general may bring an action to recover illegally paid public monies against:

    1. Any person who received the illegal payment.

    2. The public body or the public officer acting in the officer’s official capacity who ordered or caused the illegal payment or has supervisory authority over the person that ordered or caused the illegal payment.

    3. The public official, employee or agent who ordered or caused the illegal payment, including a payment ordered or caused to be made without authorization of law.

    C. A public official, employee or agent of this state, a political subdivision of this state or a budget unit who is charged with collecting, receiving, safekeeping, transferring or disbursing public monies may be held personally liable for an illegal payment of public monies, including payment made without authorization of law.

    D. A public official, employee or agent of this state, a political subdivision of this state or a budget unit who is responsible for disbursing, collecting, receiving, safekeeping or transferring public monies pursuant to a warrant or other form of claim that does not originate from the public official, employee or agent making the disbursal may not be held personally liable for illegal payments made pursuant to such warrants or other claims unless the public official, employee or agent knew or should have known that a warrant or other claim would result in an illegal payment of public monies.

    E. An action brought pursuant to this article is subject to title 12, chapter 7, article 2. If the action is brought by the attorney general, the action must be brought within five years after the date an illegal payment was ordered and section 12-821.01 does not apply to the action.

    F. For the purposes of this section, “public monies” includes all monies coming into the lawful possession, custody or control of budget units, state agencies, boards, commissions or departments or a state officer, employee or agent in an official capacity, and all monies coming into the lawful possession, custody or control of a tax-supported political subdivision or an officer, employee or agent of a tax-supported political subdivision in an official capacity irrespective of the source from which, or the manner in which, the monies are received.

  42. Joyce M. says:

    If someone dares to call out the RRN for their obvious bias reporting and then takes time to alert an elected official at the state level that they, personally, were maligned by this two bit local publication is self serving, then how so? It seems only fair to point out the obvious when blast and destroy tactics used by our local attack dog have proven successful in the past and will most likely continue to prevail. They love it when people go after those who would dare go up against them.

    Nice work all of you who go after Ms. Maddock.

  43. Gail S. says:

    Yes you are correct Eddie would never do that. I said a general statement about the businesses which was unfair. It is not all businesses. I was referring to the Chamber and their members.

  44. @Donna Joy Varney says:

    Ho, Ho, Ho – thx for info. Maybe we now know why Mr. City Attorney Pickels was at a loss for words upon hearing of an investigation by the AG’s office. Sock it to ’em Mr. Brnovich, Senator Burges, Allen, & Rep Thorpe. It’s about time!

  45. @ Donna Joy Varney says:

    Can you please give the link to the Sedona website you created?

  46. Say What? says:

    @@Donna Joy Varney – and why should Sedona Eye be a source for free advertising for a competitive web site? C’mon now!!!

  47. Bob, Sedona says:

    Best people’s voting outcome would be local paper drowns in its own ink and hubris.

  48. Tony Tonsich says:

    The Red Rock Fake News posted a threat in one recent editorial “don’t pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel and newsprint by the ton.”

    It’s your town, show them who is REALLY in charge.

    No on Home rule. No to all incumbents.

  49. @Bob, Sedona says:

    Oh my now THAT’S funny!! If only ………

  50. Donna Joy Varney says:

    @ Say What? Competitive website?????

    The only competitive website with the Sedona Eye are NEWS and that I assure you my websites are NOT.

    I can highly recommend a great unbiased News website. SedonaEye.com.

    SedonaEye.com is the only unbiased News Media. SedonaEye.com has no conflict of interests.

    We all know the other “sort of” ones, which have a hard time printing anything that doesn’t go along with their political views.

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