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Dog Days of Summer with Harley McGuire

Greetings my friends,

Here’s the scoop for all you gorgeous paws out there!


Acclaimed wildlife painter Linda St. Clair and Gallery 203B are teaming up to pay artful tribute to human’s best friend, the dog. As part of the Dog Days of Summer competition, dog-owners from around the world are encouraged to send Santa Fe’s Gallery 203B a photo of their four-legged friends through June 15, 2011.

Roughly two dozen selected dogs will be painted by St. Clair and displayed during the gallery’s two-week Dog Days of Summer show from July 29, 2011 through August 13, 2011.

Proceeds from Dog Days of Summer competition at the Santa Fe gallery will support the Santa Fe animal shelter.

Now here’s the plan.

Let’s show Santa Fe that Sedona loves every animal in a shelter. Let’s join in the fun to show support for a good cause!

Put on your best mug, smile for the camera, and say “Hey, look at me!” Your pal Harley McGuire believes that all of you are winners so go for it! 

Be sure to send a copy of your photos for my column. (Include a short bio if you’ve been searching for that special someone on PawsMatch.com because you might get lucky on SedonaEye.com.)

It would be great if a local Arizona artist and gallery considered a similar event. I’ll even attend the gala opening in a bowtie! How about a “Paws and Claws” exhibition so that all my four-legged friends can get involved?  Supporting our friends in shelters means the world to us!


Harley McGuire 

Harley McGuire, SedonaEye.com Star Columnist Exclusive!





  1. Harley McGuire says:

    Fiddle-de-dog-doo! Mom says I can’t enter cuz I’m already a celebrity. Not fair. Is that true Auntie Cat?

  2. Auntie Cat says:

    Fee fi fo fum, Harley & Mom, we took a vote and it is unanimous-Harley must “go for it too!” We think that every dog reading Harley’s column should send a photo to Santa Fe’s Gallery 203B. After all, all dogs are purr-fectly sublime in this cat’s eye and especially the one and only Harley McGuire.

  3. Barbara Foley Kay, Chandler says:

    saw a sign in surprise that said Free Cat to Good Home, Speaks Spanish and laugh every time i think about it this week

  4. Luna Divine Miracle, Camp Verde says:

    a man named Kevin Corley was arrested by police for beating his dog visciously in front of many witnesses. The cats and dogs at the humane societies need our help exposing the crimes against them, they are our beloved animal friends and we must protect them. List the names of those filled with hate and we will become aware of the bad karma and surround them and help them be guided by the Light. All things are gifts and blessings of Divine Miracles fall from the Moon in beams of Light and Goodness. We will open all portal doors in 2012. Namaste.

  5. Harley McGuire says:

    Luna Divine Miracle, Camp Verde, a friend of Mommy’s who volunteers at the Sedona Humane Society told her of the wicked man caught in the act beating his doggie. She said it happened to be an Animal Control Enforcer who was at the right place at the right time ‘cept there’s nothing right about cruelty to animals, ever! My tail isn’t wagging to read such sadness. Thank you for your uplifting words relating to social wickedness and the need to purge the likes of it.

    Harley McGuire

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