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Delinquent City Tax Revenue Collection Costly

Sedona AZ (December 14, 2012) – The following is a SedonaEye.com Letter to the Editor:


Home Rule and Karen Daines strike again.

I never cease to be amazed by the ways the City of Sedona and especially Karen Daines can justify the waste of money. For those who are fortunate to not be familiar with Karen, she was also the business manager for the Sedona Fire Department during the period where every cent of the then increasing tax revenue was spent.

Now she has assisted in the approval of $91,650 for half a year to be used for collection of “as much as Half a million dollars” in delinquent accounts.

So, Karen and the Council want to spend $183,300 per year to maybe collect up to $500,000 but we are not really sure because they don’t have better than a ballpark figure of what we are owed.

As I can do a little math, that is at least 36.666% of the possible delinquent accounts.

Way to go Karen.  Time to disband the City of Sedona.

What do you think?

Richard Saunders
Sedona AZ
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  1. Does anyone know the breakdown of delinquent taxes . . . unpaid sewer fees versus sales and bed taxes? Will any restaurants be forced out of business because the sewer rates are not affordable? If more business doors are closed providing not even a trace of a burning ember from even more darkened commercial establishments, how will that reflect on the true or perceived prosperity of Sedona?

    After having failed approval at least one other time, incorporation of Sedona was not successful by an overwhelming majority vote. Fortunately for the residents in the Village of Oak Creek and Red Rock Loop areas they were dismissed from incorporation boundaries during the election that passed. Many of those residents at the time were very disappointed they were not included in the City Limits, but not for long.

    Scare tactics might have been the swing “threat” for voters as rumored condemnation of Sedona properties was afloat. However, to my recollection the worst thing that could have happened had the wastewater treatment plant and incorporation not come into being is that there would have been . . . hang onto your hats . . . yep . . . application of the “M” word . . . translated: MORATORIUM ON NEW DEVELOPMENT!

    Hah, what incorporation did, among other negative impacts, was allow for all new building projects to run amok as the developers were standing in line. Growth was given the green light at the expense of existing properties, many of which are still not on sewer.

    I know, old news but worth repeating. This mess didn’t just happen over night. It’s occurred since 1988 so no real need to point to the existing City Council and/or City Staff as being the root of all evil. Doesn’t that honor traditionally go to “the love of money?”

    Answering your question, Richard Saunders, I agree with you that Sedona, as a City, should be disbanded.

    Eddie Maddock

  2. These comments from both of you are as ridiculous as can be. With opinions shared above, you both have lost all credibility.

  3. Warren says:


    ~ Frank Zappa, Absolutely Free

  4. Excuse me, “Dr.” Branch, but does the “Phd” tacked onto your name qualify you as an expert and give you license to accuse anyone who disagrees with “your opinion” as lacking all credibility?

  5. Reminds me of an old joke,

    We all know what BS is. MS is more of the same and PHD is piled higher and deeper.

    You will commonly find those who argue against an opinion calling the other a liar, evil, or “lost all credibility”, without ever stating a fact to back up their accusations. You would think a PHD would present a logical, well reasoned argument.

    I have an agenda. I don’t want my tax dollars wasted.

  6. Forgive me but I simply cannot resist noting the “Phd” as expressly stated by “Dr. Branch.” One might question his own credibility for not having appropriately used capital letters . . . as in PHD. My usage (Phd) was a direct quote from the “doctor.” Mr. Saunders, you have permission to add my name to your agenda relating to wasted tax dollars as well as consideration for Sedona to “undo” (in my opinion) the dastardly deed of incorporation. :-)
    Thank you.

  7. Warren says:

    When I see someone who needs to put initials before or after their name (or both!) — especially when doing something like just writing an email or leaving a comment — it is a red flag signalling: Warning – likely arrogant fool ahead who wasted a ton of money and a lot of time getting brainwashed by the establishment to be a trained parrot.

    Also, and particularly in this case where no substantiation was given for claims made, the initials are a lame attempt at rank pulling.

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