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Cottonwood Tire Companies Join Anti-Litter Campaign

Cottonwood AZ – The owners of Tire Pro Automotive and Reese & Son’s Tire announce that they will recover the bags of litter collected by ADOT Adopt-A-Highway permittee groups in the Cottonwood-Sedona-Verde Valley area on a continuing, as-needed basis.  

The ADOT Adopt-A-Highway permittees anti-litter campaign is responsible for clean-up between Camp Verde and Cottonwood on State Highway 260, and Cottonwood to Sedona on Scenic State Highway 89A. To support that effort, two local tire companies will retrieve and deliver ADOPT-A-Highway permittees litter bags to Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch, a ranch for autistic adults, for recycling

Verde Valley businesses Tire Pro and Reese & Sons will provide ADOT Adopt-A-Highway permittee groups with supplies of ADOT-approved litter bags. The companies will be an integral part of the anti-litter campaign process to keep communities and the Verde Valley a safe, clean place to live.

Dan Hanks of Tire Pro Automotive and Neil Dixon of Reese & Sons Tire expressed the companies reason for participating in ADOT anti-litter and Rusty’s Morningstar Ranch litter recycling program, “With the community’s support, this effort will be a success.

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  1. Monica says:

    Nice to see that some Cottonwood companies care about the looks of the place. What happened to the environment display at Randalls? It was nice. My kids liked to look at it when we stopped in. Will be needing tires soon so will give these businesses a chance to give my husband and me prices. Thanks for keeping us informed. We tell our kids never leave trash in the desert but we call it pack in, pack out rules.

  2. Reese & Sons and Tire Pro says:

    We wish to be part of a process and effort that makes our community and the Verde Valley a very unique place to live. With your support, this effort will be a success. Contact us.

    Don Hanks, Tire Pro Automotive (928) 567-6338
    Neil Dixon, Reese & Sons Tire (928) 634-5243

  3. Gary Chamberlain, Cornville says:

    Dear Monica,

    First, let me tell you that Randall misses the display also. (Randall’s Restaurant, Cottonwood AZ)

    Second, I would like to say that Randall is the most generous man I have ever met. He is one of those people who gives and gives and gives to the folks without ever asking for anything in return. He is a modern day role model, we need many more folks like him.

    The display was removed because someone kept taking (stealing) the controls for the digital displays and it became too costly to replace these controls.

    Randall has requested the display be put back up, so here’s my suggestion to you: Go into Randall’s and tell him why you miss the wall display and have him contact me if the two of you would like it back up. I would like to work with you on the format that you think would benefit our community.

    I would also ask that you send a editorial to the SedonaEYE, Verde Independent, the Camp Verde Bugle, and tell why the Folksville USA display promoting restoring the beauty to America the beautiful display is important to you, your children and our Verde Valley Community. All of these media organizations have helped us advance our effort to make the Verde Valley appealing to tourism, new residents, new home owners, and new businesses.

    With the help of your family, let’s make this wall space at Randall’s a place where children tell us why they want a cleaner Verde Valley.

    If you and your family will do this for our community, I will help.

    Gary Chamberlain
    “Point Man” FVUSA

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