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SedonaEye.com columnist, Eddie S. Maddock,

SedonaEye.com columnist, Eddie S. Maddock, breaks City Hall news story that Kevin Snyder has quit

Sedona AZ (December 2, 2013)After only ten months serving as Sedona City Community Development Director, it is reported in the City of Auburn, Washington online publication dated November 27, 2013, that Kevin Snyder will be leaving his Sedona position and returning to Auburn January 2014 to head its reorganized Planning and Public Works Department. 

Snyder is quoted as saying, “While I’ve enjoyed my time in Sedona, accepting this opportunity to lead Auburn into its future is a something I couldn’t pass up. My roots are in the Northwest and I am excited to return to Auburn.”

Originally settling in Auburn in 2008 as the Assistant Planning Director, in 2010 Kevin Snyder was promoted to Director. When he returns to Auburn in January, Snyder will assume a similar but expanded role. The Planning & Public Works departments have combined “in order to create greater efficiencies in the community development and engineering infrastructure.” The newly formed department will be called Community Development & Public Works, and it will be overseen by Snyder.

Kevin Snyder was hired in Sedona to replace long time Community Development Director John O’Brien after he retired from the position. Since the incorporation of Sedona, Snyder is the third to serve in that capacity, Tom Schafer being the first.

Kevin Snyder

Kevin Snyder quits City of Sedona position to resume former position in Auburn WA

It was at Snyder’s suggestion that “Sedona Community Development” be changed to “Community and Economic Development” and he was also influential in a recommendation to convert “City Commissions” to a “Citizen Engagement” program.

Kevin Snyder was intensely involved in the recent revision of the Sedona Community Plan. Sedona voters will reflect their own opinions of the efforts made by the City staff and a city resident steering committee at the polls this coming March. The results will reflect community acceptance or rejection of the group effort.

Good luck, Mr. Kevin Snyder, and best wishes for success in attaining fulfillment of all your expectations in the year 2014.

Contact today with City Hall indicated that Mr. Snyder was “out of office” but no further explanation was offered.

For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. Paul, Sedona says:

    Nice going Eddie Maddock. Another exclusive for you & SedonaEye. Count me surprised.

    Remember this? Guess he wasn’t all that. Guess Sedona proved it wasn’t all that. Bet council complains they need more money to get somebody. Bet they move somebody from Chamber in. Bet they had in-house fights. Bet Sedona sold him a false bill of goods & power. Bet he stepped on toes. Bet he knows how to play Auburn politicians. Spin the wheel.


  2. Birds of a feather chained together,

    As the saying goes, “Birds of a feather flock together” and “A chain is as strong as its weakest link”.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but my travels through media stories and our American communities these past few years seem to indicate that the shenanigans seen in Sedona are common throughout the Good Old USA and that includes the Chamber of Commerce issues.

    Could this be because our fine-feathered-politicians and bureaucrats attend conferences that promote their unchallenged lock-step behavior?

    The question I have of all community residents and citizens is this, “What are you going to do other than write letters? Are you attending meetings and speaking out like Eddie Madddock and a few others?

    Eddie walks-the-talk!

    How many birds-of-a-feather are in your community flock and how strong is your chain compared to theirs?

    Gary Chamberlain
    Cornville AZ
    Vietnam Combat Veteran

  3. Lisa says:

    first order of business today at city hall, SPIN CONTROL……LMAO @^&@**^&^!!!!

  4. Liked this article on Facebook.

  5. Donna Joy says:

    Liked this article on Facebook.

  6. Judith says:

    In the future, all contracts should have a minimum time on the job clause or recompensation for any search/acceptance/training costs must be made by the hiree. He should forfeit immediately all pay and benefits and not one cent more from city coffers should go his way!

  7. Kim says:

    Fine kettle of stinking fish!

  8. ooooooooo oooooooooooo ooooooooo oooooooooohhhhhhhh….

  9. On December 9, 2013, a road closure at Moonglow Drive will begin. The closure area is between Harmony Drive and Windsong Drive. The closure allows work for this project to occur, which includes replacing the drainage crossing, and associated utility work.

    This work is expected to be complete, and road closure removed, by January 17, 2014.

    This is a City of Sedona project. If you have questions regarding the project, please contact Stephen Craver, Associate Engineer at (928) 203-5059.

  10. Jack says:

    This is great Eddie! We are trying to speak up @gary but they don’t listen to tax paying locals, the only ones that count are the Chamber. They running city hall.

  11. Over the Top says:

    So Jennifer Wesselhoff, a household name, writes an email to the city council (public information) that among other things includes the following:

    “Karen Daines and I are working together to develop an action plan and working through several items as it relates to our new contract. We will keep these points in mind as we move forward with that process.”

    Now why would a member of Sedona city staff be assisting in writing an action plan relating to a million dollar plus contract with the chamber of commerce or anyone else for that matter?

    That being the case, why wouldn’t the city just do their own marketing and not hire an outside agency?

    Why isn’t the action plan to present to the city totally the responsibility of those receiving the money for that service instead of consuming valuable time of the assistant city manager over and above additional tax revenue?

    Little wonder city council ignored the option of competitive bidding for the destination marketing contract. Obviously public funds have no constraints and this was a “done deal” from the get-go.

    Seems this is reminiscent of when John D. Miller wrote his own development agreements in the office of the Director of Community Development back in the day when his own real estate company was located in the Ivory Tower at city hall. (maybe Parks & Rec are there now?)

    Of course the Conflict of Interest report from the Coconino County Attorney which continues to float around Sedona determined a conflict of interest all right but says it was done without criminal intent. Fast forward to 2013: Just substitute JDM with JW?

  12. Jerry says:

    here’s a 411 council YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!! who authorized this?? it had to be higher than daines because she takes orders better than mickey d. city attorney?? mayor?? council?? it’s not lower. heads ought to roll/this cozy cozy sniffing rozy relationship w/chamber gonna land a few on the wrong side of bench

  13. Sharlett says:

    I’m gonna try to just stay very nice on Kevin’s swan song from his current and last job of just a few transitional months ago – prior to Sedona becoming his last job! http://www.auburn-reporter.com/news/190106431.html# this guy is a moving target and what is his end zone?

    OMG! When will this dammed dumb little town and Council get real and hire a person we need to deal with a very small town vs anyone wanting to get bennies and moving costs and no true time frame vesting of employment?

    Those of us who have actually run a business (profit – as the City should be doing) realize there needs to be tail gates that close on the biggest and fasted bail out from any employee’s contracts. OMG.
    Sedona just got screwed, again, and only way we know this is because of Eddie’s newest breaking news.

    And where is the City in putting this info out for all of us to know? Where is our stellar mayor, where is transparency?

    Seems they are In the tank ready to be flushed.

  14. Sedona Businesses and taxpayers,

    You might want to take your stories to other Arizona newspapers or television stations since the challenges you’re experiencing are occurring nationwide.

    You might be surprised at the media organizations that will tell your story if it relates to their own community.

    Folksville USA took the Arizona Veterans Highway littering issues to the nation and they were heard locally and nationally …… you will also be heard if your facts support your claim.

    Businesses, you may want to create competition between NFIB and your Chamber of Commerce. Make your vote and your dollars count.

    Join the NFIB? That’s for you to decide …… endorse the Chamber of Commerce? …… That’s your choice.

    This link may possibly give you all some ideas.


    Be bold, be accurate and take no crap ….. your opponents believe you will cave in, will you?

    Over the past two years I had a top law enforcement spokesman and a City Manager accuse me of making a threat while we were having a heated conversation over littering issues. I calmly said to both of them, “I don’t make threats, I make promises”.

    These folks all come from the school of intimidate your opponent and since these elected officials are in a position of power they EXPECT you to cave in.

    These officials made their point and I made mine without blinking. I didn’t go to war for this country to put up with any crap from people that abuse me, my family or my country “PERIOD!”

    Hope that’s clear enough about what our Armed Forces do for our country now it’s time for the people to man-up or woman-up and leave a little skin-in-the-game.

    At age 67, this isn’t the country I expected to see, where are our leaders and role models?

    Gary Chamberlain
    Cornville AZ
    Vietnam Combat Veteran

  15. Helen says:

    hey all – in reading all the above posts I do understand the frustrations….but could we stay on topic?

    Kevin Snyder just quit and our city nor our “award winning newspaper” never let us know…….. this has nothing to do with Missy Jennifer (momma bear of the Chamber of Can You Just Trust Me” and her home grown greedy fellowship – this is about how our council brought the wrong guy in and he got big bucks and now takes them and leaves so we are back to scratch!

  16. Pam says:

    And why is it we learned about this from the Auburn, WA web site via Sedona Eye? Why weren’t the residents of Sedona informed via their own city’s web site or other means? What were (are) they hiding? If they withheld this information what else is it we don’t know? Has the word transparency been dropped from their vocabulary? Even deceiving us about the inner workings with the Chamber (although that comes as no surprise.) Is there more to Snyder’s leaving than we are being told? It’s shameful. Sickening.

  17. John, Sedona says:

    Amen to staying on the tracks.

    That point made, let’s read a statement from the mayor and council now here. Not in that dish rag of a local print paper after it’s been filtered and rewritten to soothe the fretted brows of the masses of upset Sedona taxpayers. Here! Now!

    Under the new editor that local paper is worse than ever. You cannot tell me no one knew over there that Snyder was leaving given the two step council and mayor and city hall have with the Chamber of Commerce and its ties to the RRN? You cannot convince me a backroom newspaper announcement was not planned for the holidays when no one was home?

    If I thought I was disgusted before you had better know I am disgusted even more.

    This mayor, this council, this staff with a few good men and women exempted is a poorly qualified, non transparent, egoists, political gamesmen and women. Your kind is not needed here to govern. I know our city hall doesn’t function well except for a few that I would name by name.

    We are ashamed of you city hall and council and mayor.

  18. Alan, Sedona says:

    It occurred to me while reading a comment above that if that town had plenty of time to offer Mr. Snyder that job and then Mr. Snyder consider the job, Mr. Snyder accept the job, Mr. Snyder plan his relocation back to Auburn that included an interview and a Welcome to Auburn speech and a news report, why didn’t his boss or co-workers know?

    Did he take work time at our expense to get the new job? How often was he there these past months knowing he had no intention to stay? Did he take time off without pay? Did he negotiate his return on our city time? Lots of us lost our jobs here because of cut backs and I think that Mr. Snyder owes all of us an explanation and his supervisors too.

    I’d like to know Mr. Snyder?

  19. At least Snider wasn’t accused of criminal behavior from his previous Camp Verde position as the infamous Parks & Wreck director Lee. That was a record short employment as well several years back.

  20. Julie says:

    Well said @gary I am very impressed. Yes you are right. We all need to stand up together. @Scarlett Smart lady you are. The city of Sedona has never been run as a business and needs to. They are unfortunately are being bully and push around. What they need is a great business person to stand up take control, stop the politics and run the city as you so wisely stated. Kudos to Sedona Eye & Eddie for keeping us informed.

  21. Sharlett says:

    Perhaps now Audree Juhlin will finally be shown the full respect she completely deserves! Audree is current Assistant Community & Economic Development Director — as Snyder got the old Community Development department renamed to as well of having had a major hand in getting rid of almost all Commissions….but I digress.

    Audree is a very intelligent, loyal and long term trusted city employee who was vastly instrumental in helping her new boss become educated in their department…

    …… and, Please God, she will be appointed to replace – Kevin Snyder – the guy who apparently just vacationed in Sedona as he managed to (in 10 months) negotiate a Hero’s welcome back to Auburn -“where his root are”!

    If I’d been reviewing Snyder’s resume in contemplation of hiring him I’d have had huge concerns as to his rather transient employment history. Please, don’t get me wrong as I am all about anyone moving forward in their career paths – but this 10 month stint is just too much. Please do check out http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kevin-snyder-aicp/6/777/a

    Think the City needs to answer some important questions: 1) does he have to repay any of the re-location costs he was paid due to his short time here? 2) was he here long enough to vest for any vacation pay —- or did he already use that up in his trips to Auburn? 3) Why did the City Mayor or Assistant City Manager not get their acts together and make an announcement to the town who employed Kevin – well prior to Auburns announcement?

    With all due respect and deepest sympathies to our City Manager Tim Earnster – this was not in his bucket. This drops clearly in Karen Daines lap as well as the man who calls himself Mayor…of many coats.

  22. Disgusted says:

    @Over the Top

    If Karen Daines is spending even one single second assisting Jennifer Wesselhoff to write a “plan” on behalf of the chamber of commerce, then why is she even on the city’s payroll? Isn’t the deal for the proposed destination marketing contract with the chamber of commerce for that purpose – to submit a proposed plan after the first of the year which if accepted by the city council will be for a price tag of over one million dollars?

    If Karen is involved in writing that “plan” and being paid a salary from the city to do so, then why wouldn’t the city pay themselves that rather large amount of money?

    Maybe Ms. Daines should go off packing to Auburn, WA along with Kevin Snyder.

  23. Jeff says:

    here’s the beef…national search buffoons hire thief…yea thats it

  24. Ron says:

    I do not want to disparage the man but good riddance. His best interests were not here but found in his wallet and he brought nothing to Sedona looking at his past experience. What is wrong with the people hiring at city Hall? Don’t they know how to properly screen? I’d fire my corporate HR team for this or dock a pay.

    Appreciate finding this out.

  25. Karen Daines was Business Manager at Sedona Fire Dept, when she left SFD her position was left unfilled. We should end the “City” of Sedona, and leave Ms Daines position unfilled again.

    We need to start collecting names to put ending the “City” on a ballot.

  26. Can’t help thinking back a year ago when the shocking news was revealed that Kevin Snyder (Community Development Director) surprisingly resigned after being employed with City of Sedona for less than one year.

    Now reviewing that year it becomes clear he must have been either extremely intuitive or one smart dude (or both.)

    He missed out on probably the dirtiest election Sedona has ever witnessed, seemingly the result of a pre-arrangement with the Sedona Regional Chamber of Commerce and Sedona Lodging Council based on a guarantee for a sizeable kick-back aka percentage of increased bed tax presumably for a “destination marketing” contract although as proven by the need to “subcontract” with a Phoenix professional firm the “chamber” was unqualified for the assignment.

    Then during Snyder’s brief visit to Sedona he changed the name of Community Development to Community & Economic Development as well as seeing the demise of most “City Commissions” replaced by “Citizen Engagement” amounting to a marvelous opportunity for the same movers and shakers to work behind the scenes under controlled transparency to march forward with their lust for control. Want an example? The recent decision to consider allowing alcohol at special events held at Posse Grounds and Jordan Historical Park in spite of more public disapproval than those giving thumbs-up.

    He has escaped the dubious honor of working under the control of the four newly elected to the City Council, hand-picked by the Regional Chamber of Commerce and to be seated on November 25th. It remains to be seen if any are so naive to think their victories aren’t crowned with a pay-back price tag.

    Yep, Mr. Kevin Snyder moved on out to what I hope was a better place than Sedona has evolved into this past year and with slim to zero optimism for climbing out of the downward plunge, but falling even deeper into the throes of more controlling government, increased taxes (how else will the lofty dreams of the revised Community Plan be financed?) and seemingly never-ending grips of the high and mighty who do not want to hear from “flatlanders” (except at the polls to vote as they tell us.) Just ask the residents of Madole Road and Rolling Hills Estates Improvement Association whose pleas at city council meetings fell on deaf ears.

    Congratulations, Mr. Snyder, and I hope your past year has been happy, healthy, and profitable in an atmosphere of content, free from disparity with only a minimum of controversy if any at all.

    Just for the record, my hunch is that another wise person is getting out while the getting is good. Best of luck to you, Tim Ernster, as you, too, hopefully move on to loftier heights.

    Eddie Maddock

  27. Rockin Roger says:

    I’m guessing that Eddie Maddock ran out of doggie stuff to write about

  28. @E. S. Maddock.

    Isn’t it on record a couple months ago that Tim Ernster who hired the current assistant city manager and the past community development director has resigned and is out of his job in just a couple months or less?

    That leaves us with his hire of Karen Daines, who’s his hand me down from the fire district, until a new city manager is hired and a community devlopmt Dir.

    So now we’ll have no City Manager or a Director of Community (and Economic) Development and Karen Daines leads us? She is our leader? Isn’t she the gal who works so closely with the Regional Chamber to make sure all their needs are taken care of? Isn’t she the one who wanted all city commissions killed? Isn’t she the one who came up with the grandiose idea of the citizens engagement routine which was supposed to ease the time of our city staff members but in fact has added time to their jobs?

    Worst news is that what we really are left with is the incoming council and their extremist leafiest routines.

    Everyone who has enuff brains and bails from city employment is smarter than those who stay. Tim E is a good guy and am wishing him well. Seems like he’s leaving the city (his third pension) in the dumper.

    I do wish Sedona well but hell Sedona has to become engaged in our destiny.

  29. Audree Juhlin stepped into the position of Director, Community Development Department (as she identifies herself in e-mail correspondence) after the departure of Kevin Snyder. @Truth be Told

    Audree, a City of Sedona employee for many years, in my opinion is well aware of Sedona’s history and peculiarities and therefore well qualified for the position. However, recent events have placed her in an awkward situation to resume the roll of “fall guy” for previous unfortunate incidents. Again, that is my opinion and I do not speak for others.

  30. Rockin Roger says:

    @Truth be Told

    it sounds like you are so unhappy here. I’m guessing that sedona is moving into the 21st century and there’s not that can be done to stop it so maybe you would want to think about moving to cottonwood or someplace else?

  31. Correction to previous comment. Used wrong word. Should have said (regarding Audree Juhlin) “recent events have placed her in an awkward situation to ASSUME (not RESUME) the roll of “fall guy” for previous unfortunate incidents.”

    Amazing how similar are the rants of “Rockin Roger” to those of another familiar Sedona Eye fan based on the frequent comments made by someone identified as West Sedona Resident. Uncanny indeed.

  32. Wrong again Eddie maddock….

  33. Oh @Rockin Roger my best wishes do go out to you yet suggest you might want to do some homework before you spew.

    Have to agree with Eddie that you sound too much like “West Sedona Resident”.

    Since it is the season of the holidays I do send you peace of mind and wish you will find a better understanding of people’s rights to express their opinions without always attacking them when they don’t agree with you. Doesn’t matter to you who posts. All that matters to you is you want them to 100% agree with you!

    Got a Wetlands, with supposed potential development opportunities, to sell you if you believe in that concept. Seems out in the middle of no where people will really want to stay with the constant sewer stench that exists there and is spewed out for all to enjoy as they drive 89A towards Cottonwood as they are getting near the wastewater treatment plant.

  34. Don’t care if people express thier opinions A hole…

    But when you emit hate towards everything government, kinda like you just did up above with your wetland post.. Everything else becomes suspect..

    Do have a good Thanksgivings and if dont like Sedona government you have the freedom to leave.. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out

  35. BTW I drive to Cottonwood quite often and have never smelt sewer stench from the plant… You see that’s what I’m talking about… Tell a lie and then make a fake issue out of it… Get a life A hole

  36. West Sedona Resident provides absolutely no substance in his/her inane rants. In fact, each comment IMO progressively serves to support those who oppose her/him. Just another thought which no doubt will be under siege by a flurry of obscenities. Oh well, to each his own.

  37. @West Sedona resident: You are not smelling the stench by the Treatment Plant because you can’t get past your own stench!

    There is no lie in that there is a bad odor near the Plant – too many of us have smelled it.

    Your abrasiveness and unbelievable total disrespect and disregard for others opinions only serves to diminish All your words. The lack of respect you show for individual opinions just befuddles one’s brain.

    Rest in Peace and please do remember to take your meds.

  38. Truth be told AKA julianna

    When you say many people you are of course talking about you and your
    alter egos, correct?!

    I think that plant is an excellent engineering undertaking…
    You real complaint is the 52 dollars your pay for the service..
    You have the freedom to cut your sewer line and crap in a 5 gal sparkle bucket..
    Feel free and Happy Thanksgiving to you and Tony T

  39. Thinking says:

    Wow, ‘West sedoba resident’ is really out of it today. The spelling and grammar in all comments are terrible.

    Let’s ignore this person as they obviously have problems and are just looking for attention, as well as swaying us off the topic. Focus folks, focus.

  40. Just Sayin' says:


    Nope, I’m thinking that West Sedona Resident may be on to something

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