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BLM Offers Cash Reward After Wild Burros Killed

Sedona homeowner Dan Mattice has Verde River property where wild burros roam, a welcome and friendly sight to most Arizona property owners.

Sedona homeowner Dan Mattice has Verde River property where wild burros roam, a welcome and friendly sight to most Arizona property owners.

Sedona AZ (July 27, 2016) –  The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the intentional killing of three female wild burros in the Morgan City Wash, just south of Lake Pleasant, AZ.

Anyone with information on the burro killings is encouraged to call 623-434-4580. All calls received will be kept confidential.

Wild burros are protected from harassment or killing by the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, as amended.

A citizen reported finding the decomposing bodies of three burros on private land within the BLM’s Lake Pleasant Herd Management Area in late May. Since that time, BLM Law Enforcement determined the burros cause of death was from gunshot wounds. One burro had been shot in the stomach, while the second and third were shot in the head.

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  1. Larry, Sedona says:

    Throw them into jail when they get caught for a long time! Let them find out what’s it’s like to get treated like an animal without protection from beasts.

  2. E. Maddock says:

    @Larry, Sedona – DITTO, DITTO, DITTO!!!!!

  3. Cathy M. Almond, PV snowbird says:

    Heinous crime. Worse criminal or criminals. Use the full force of your laws against them in Arizona. CMA. (Picture of man with the little burro helped visualize the cruelty very quickly.)

    We received the news, please update our email address to include this one (deleted by editor) as well. CMA.

  4. West Sedona Resident says:

    Perhaps he/she was a deranged member of Arizona Liberty aka Tea Party who feels that the Federal Bureau of Land Management has no right to tell Him/her what do with HIS/HER land.. You know federal laws don’t apply to that group..

    So they killed a few wild burros, the government cant tell them what to do on THIER land or make laws on THIER land. They don’t apply.

    Maybe the burro was eating their flower garden so they had to take action and shot the burros in the head..

    Does that sound about right AZ Liberty party AKA TEA PARTY

  5. Sarah W says:

    Oh, how awful a person you must be @West Sedona Resident. When I heard on a newscast about someone cutting off a puppy’s ears with scissors it sounds like something you would do. How hateful – to take such anger out on helpless animals. Do so hope you don’t have children to torture or worse yet drive to suicide. You are clearly the one that is deranged.

  6. West sedona resident says:

    @sarah w

    I’m not condoning that but I’m sure that’s their mindset. Not mine… They hate the Federal Govt or their land holdings and their laws.. I’m I not correct AZ Liberty aka tea party minority..

  7. Sarah W. says:

    What are you, some sort of witch that you can speak on behalf of others and be so judgmental to take your vengeance out on abused animals or even abusing them yourself? Such a nasty, mean spirited person who so readily attacks others who quite possibly don’t share your own beliefs? I’ve no idea what the tea party stands for including Arizona Liberty except that if they have the ability to slow things down with land grabs and most of all taking away the freedom of choice, free enterprise, and investigating breaches of Arizona State Statutes, then hats off to them. Judgmental, critical, and animal hater – that’s what you are @West sedona resident which is far worse than what you accuse the tea party “minority” of being.

  8. W.S.resident says:

    @sarah W

    Yea ok……

  9. Alex says:

    It is clear as a window pane that all the posts on this site by ” West Sedona resident”, daves and those are simple posting to distract and bully anyone in their way of them padding their pockets with public funding. They don’t want the truth to be known and would prefer no one posts.

    Animal haters, resident haters they are a clan of sickies. They accuse others of what they are greedy, name calling hate mongers.

  10. West sedona resident says:

    @Yea Ok Alex……

  11. J. Rick Normand says:

    @All Readers at The EYE,

    As usual West Sedona Resident, aka West sedona resident, proves to have a penchant for commenting about everything without having ever read or researched anything. Even Albert Einstein couldn’t have done that, but somehow, semi-literate WSR can do it.

    Three times now I have asked this heckler to define what the Tea Party is and who, locally, is involved with them. And, yet, still we have no answer from this fool. I, personally, cannot be involved with the Tea Party simply because I’m a registered independent. They don’t want Independents amongst their numbers. If WSR would answer my challenge then it would be discovered by WSR that I can’t be one of them. WSR, apparently, you have no idea who the Tea Party or what it is they believe in. It just a tiresome smear tactic from a delusional person.

    Nevertheless, I think ” I See Through You” did an amazing job of analyzing WSR’s sociopathic characteristics and arrived at the correct conclusion that WSR is a dangerous sociopath. So, WSR, why don’t you provide some authoritative research that would just suggest that you’re not a dangerous sociopath?


  12. Wsr says:


    Yea ok Ricky

  13. Julianna says:

    She has to be worried as she is a City employee. As a sociopath, she does not think they will get to her. She falsely claims”I’m just a retired person”.

    When I owned a website she left many obscene comments under different names. Unlike the Sedona Eye my website kept all the email tracking info, right to her home in (deleted by editor).
    She needs professional treatment.

  14. I See Through You says:

    To Julianna,

    Re: WSR and Wsr

    Thank you for your information. I would like to find a way to communicate with you privately. There must be a way we can make contact. Meanwhile, I believe that WSR and Wsr are a husband-wife team, the husband being the former and the wife, the latter. I would also bet you dollars to donut holes that Mr. and Mrs. WSR live in the cheapest house in an upscale west Sedona neighborhood and they deeply resent the obvious success of many of their neighbors whom they are always fighting with. To them, their neighbors represent the populist conservative movement that they, as hardcore Marxists, detest so much. This is why they’re so obsessed with the Tea Party whom they see as the brand of the entrepreneurial class who denied them financial success. To them, everybody who is an anti-communist must be a Tea Party member. But, maybe your culprit is the actual real deal. I’ll bet you that one of the two of us will ID the WSR’s soon. BTW, Julianna, remember that I mentioned in my WSR analysis commentary that a former military intelligence officer, now a policeman, had explained to me how cyber threat technicians can track down any blog comment, social network page posting, or email to the very computer it was sent from. Obviously, we both understand this and we’re just a couple of bright gals who WSR thinks can outwit us…lol. Maybe we should go together and hire a good hacker?

  15. Wsr says:

    @i see thru you

    First. you are the same person
    2nd. You are delusional, completely wrong and a complete (deleted by editor) .

    Hope that helps

  16. Wsr says:


    So you had a website dedicated to bashing one individual ….. You mean you actually are so full of hate, rage and envy that you actually created a website ….I repeat….dedicated to bashing one individual …..

    You took time and actually thought to created this website to bash one person!!!!
    Wow!!!!!! I repeat Wow!!!

    And you call me deranged…… Get some help man

  17. Malaki Neishabori, Cornville says:

    That is not such a nice thing to do

  18. And? says:

    What does any of your ranting have to do with the article? @Julianna, Wsr, I See Through You

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