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Attention Earthlings: CO2 Cannot Introduce Heat Into Atmosphere

Sedona AZ – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

When headlines proclaim that CO2 (Carbon Dioxide gas in the atmosphere) must be controlled and subdued to reduce the dangerous warming going on in the Earth, that gets attention. You’ll need to simmer down your hysteria about increasing temperatures on the planet after reading the 5/14/19 USA article stating that CO2 levels reached a higher level in the atmosphere than it has for several hundred thousand years.

To calm down, you must remember the first fact which is that the globe is warming up just like it always has so many times in history. Warmth brings moisture into the air and both, then, foster large crops of plant and tree growth. This flora eventually dies off and decomposes. From this process an abundance of coal, oil and natural gas results which eventually becomes the deposits that we find in the ground to fuel factories, cars, etc… The cycle of off and on heating, with intermittent cooling periods, also results in the Ice Ages which occur without fail. Also true for production of coal, oil and natural gas.

Art for Kids Science Fair Project (May 2011)

The last Ice Age was around not too long ago and now, guess what, we are warming up again.

The (USA) paper reminded us of the second fact that this CO2 gas traps heat, as does insulation in our homes, so temperatures tend to consequently increase like they will in your home without heat/cool control. The USA article also misleads by intimating that CO2 causes the heat, which is false and more Al Gore garbage. Because science tells us CO2 doesn’t burn like wood, oil, etc., it cannot introduce heat into the earth’s atmosphere. The red in the sun’s spectrum does this to us..

Any scientific based critical analysis of the graph on page 2 of the paper reveals that the new CO2 “high” is hardly measurably above past highs in terms of reality and also in relative terms in the millions of years in earth history for CO2 levels. That’s akin to, “building a mountain out of a mole hill.” The “high” is just not technically significant.

Any remedy like that produced in the Paris Accord will mitigate the effect from trapping heat by CO2 and similar gases. To assume this is more important than the sun energy contribution is not only unsubstantiated, but it is more Al Gore type hysterical stupidity. Nobody knows the comparison.

A Sedona area prescribed burns affects air quality. Exclusive SedonaEye.com photo.

Also, on trapped heat, it is not in America where huge quantities of CO2 are produced instead IT is in places such as China where this happens. This means we, in America, do not know how to equate any remedial results with the costs for any of our proposed CO2 controls. So those who proclaim expertise in this issue are really blowing smoke into our eyes. Their frantic legislative reactions are merely wishful thinking because no facts exist to support their programs.

If you even happen know how to control the sun heat and the long established heating cycling, then I’m sure you will be the topmost candidate for a Nobel prize, if not then our warmest regards. Since you don’t then, as of now, you can just cool it for awhile.

John Roberts

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  1. Dale Gohr says:

    I’ve maintained for years that all the hoopla is about something that is actually normal cycles in the earth’s physical position in relation to the sun, moon and stars. The Global Warming in the 9th and 10th Centuries was not caused by the Vikings Campfires and the flatulence from reindeer, it is simply a recurring cycle..

  2. Rusty Fritz says:

    its time people stopped drinking koolade on climate, it’s a way to funnel money to organizations!!

  3. get a clue says:

    What an ignorant article, about a troublesome topic.

  4. Felix Weller says:

    China produces more than US. I’ve been to China and you wear masks every time you step outside your door. Next time you see Asians wearing masks here it’s likely they’re new to America and that’s common apparel for them in China. Like soaking vegetables in a bleach solution before cooking. You people need to travel more.

  5. Ariana Place says:

    Americans need to wake up and bring manufacturing and sourcing back to America. China bought up farms in our area, sent workers from China that live in company owned housing and the people don’t mingle in the community. Those farms used to produce food for America but now it gets sent to China because the Chinese don’t want food produced in their own country because of low quality. China ships low quality foods to America because Americans aren’t discerning. Next time you want to eat a chicken nugget or hamburger be sure its grown and processed in America.

    The reasons Americans aren’t discerning is because we always had excellent food quality controls and didn’t have to think about it. After the Obama Administration dismantled the food inspection services and worker hygiene laws we’ve more food recalls and food illnesses than ever before in the history of our nation. We need to return to our higher standards of food safety and worker hygiene in America.

  6. Ollie says:

    Good intentions need government and private business cooperation.

  7. NAU ASU says:

    Education is more than a sound bite. It’s research and facts.


    Conclusion (read study in total b/c its scientific data is compelling) –

    The above studies indicate that the terminology “zero emission” is a misnomer when referring to electric vehicles. Also, lawmakers should be cautious about subsidizing electric vehicles when their electricity is generated mainly by fossil fuels because they are not lowering the carbon dioxide emissions from automobiles by doing so. The old saying that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” may well apply to many of the gimmicks and work-arounds advocated by whatever group is popular with a political and media elite at any given time. Germany’s lessons should be a case study for political leaders everywhere.

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