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APS Targets Remote Payson for Smart Meters

smart meters 37Sedona AZ (September 3, 2013)In a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor, APS ratepayer Warren Woodward writes the following scathing letter to the Arizona Corporation Commission, taking each commissioner to task for failing to perform their government mandate to protect Arizona residents and ratepayers from state utility monopoly manipulation.

Woodward also provided the ACC with a Payson (AZ) door hanger used by APS to meet “informed consent” that, in actuality, he argues fails to provide any information and or options for ratepayer consent.

Recently the Sedona (AZ) City Council held a smart meter public hearing and, after considering APS representatives and a coalition of concerned ratepayers testimonies and scientific research data, it voted no to all smart meter installations and notified APS and the Arizona Corporation Commission accordingly. 

The Village of Oak Creek, Arizona, is considering the issue of smart meter installations now.

Here in its entirety is the letter from Woodward to the SedonaEye.com:

Warren Woodward
55 Ross Circle
Sedona, Arizona 86336
August 22, 2013
Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC)
Docket Control Center
1200 West Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Re: Docket # E-00000C-11-0328 
smart meters 24

Ratepayers tell monopolies they are taking back their power to say no to smart meter data collection and radiation concerns


Due to your negligent August 5th decision to allow APS to continue “smart” meter installations before the Arizona Department of Health Services has proved “smart” meters safe, APS is now installing “smart” meters in Payson.

APS’s idea of what constitutes informing that community via a letter and a door-hanger only proves what I wrote in my previous letter to you: “Informed consent has not been possible for the vast majority of Arizonans.” (letter here: http://images.edocket.azcc.gov/docketpdf/0000147453.pdf )

I have included a copy of the door hanger. It is typical APS misinformation, disinformation and lack of information.

Right from the get-go APS makes a false assumption: “To help us better serve your needs ….”

I know I speak for more people than myself when I say that APS is not serving my needs by installing a microwave transmitter and surveillance device at my house. I and many others have no need for this equipment. As such, we are neither being “served” nor “better served” by having this unneeded equipment illegally placed on our property as part of APS’s communications network build-out.

Worse, while denying APS permission to leave their unwanted microwave transmitting network equipment on our property is currently possible, we all know that APS has an outrageously extortionate fee request pending for those who refuse.

On their door-hanger APS says they “… will be exchanging your meter for a new automated meter.” But there is no explanation of what a “new automated meter” is.

As I asked in my previous letter: “How do people refuse something they do not know they have?”

Why would people refuse a “new automated meter” when they have been given no real explanation as to what one is?

City of Sedona Arizona tells APS no smart meters in their city

City of Sedona Arizona tells APS no smart meters in the city after hearing APS and concerned ratepayers conflicting health and safety testimony

More importantly, your decision to allow continued “smart” meter installations was based on people’s right of refusal but no mention whatever is made of that right in the APS door-hanger. As such, without informed consent, “smart” meter installations should stop at once.

Of course there is no mention by APS that this “new automated meter” will be transmitting microwaves 24/7/365 and as many as 190,000 times per day. There is no mention of health effects from this constant bombardment.

There is no mention of the surveillance capabilities of this “new automated meter” but, curiously, APS does brag that one benefit is: “Highly detailed information so you are better able to make informed decisions.”

That particular APS admission is amazing given the amount of time and words APS has spent in the past denying that their meters would gather “highly detailed information”.  

Such liars!

Another lie – I mean, “benefit” – promised by APS is “Greater control over your energy usage, allowing you to reduce your energy costs.” As I have established repeatedly, there are no cost savings to be had from “smart” meters! Three state Attorneys General have proven that, and accounting firm Ernst & Young just proved it in Germany (as I wrote here: http://images.edocket.azcc.gov/docketpdf/0000147129.pdf ).

door hanger

APS door hanger

Additionally, and most obviously, people do not need a “smart” meter to know when they are using electricity. People already have ‘control’ over their energy usage.

It’s called the On/Off switch.

Another bogus APS promise is: “The potential for faster outage detection and service restoration, which means less disruption to your home.”

‘Home disruption’? APS is fear-mongering. How much ‘home disruption’ has anyone reading this letter experienced as a result of their power going out? That is a non-problem for which APS “smart” meters are a non-solution.

And of course one must always pay close attention to APS’s deceptive wording. The key word here is “potential”.  APS is not saying there will be faster outage detection, just that there is the “potential” for it. Like “hope”, there is always “potential”. Just like the ACC has the “potential” to actually regulate APS – someday.

By the way, I know people who live in “smart” grids. The “faster outage detection” is not happening; it’s a myth. People still have to call in and report outages. Besides, the amount of time saved over a phone call, even if it did occur as ‘potentially’ promised by APS, is negligible and not worth violating people’s property, privacy and health over.

One of APS’s promised benefits is very telling and extremely interesting: “More rate plans that are based on the individual lifestyles of our customers.”

What rate plans are these? Is there a docket for these at the ACC?

Is APS so certain of their cozy relationship with the ACC that they can promise rate plans that have not yet been presented or approved?

To me, it seems obvious APS is a company so accustomed to always getting its own way that they are taking future ACC approval for granted. And this is not the first time I have seen such a thing from APS. APS has told people who phone in to refuse a “smart” meter that there would “definitely” be a charge for refusal when we all know that no charge has been approved. How is it APS is so sure they will get whatever they want?

The letter APS sent to Payson ratepayers has even less information about “smart” meters than the door hanger. But, like the door hanger, APS has no problem starting right out with a lie: “At APS, we make every effort to keep you informed ….” No, it is quite clear they are not making “every effort”.

How long must Arizonans endure this constant corporate lying? How long must Arizonans suffer APS’s abuse? When will the ACC admit “smart” meters are a colossal mistake which should abandoned at once? When will you revisit your botched, negligent August 5th decision and start the “smart” meter moratorium?


Warren Woodward 

Cc: Governor Jan Brewer, Attorney General Tom Horne

For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best in Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. N. Baer says:

    While Sedona City Council voted to request the AZ Corporation Commission allow the City of Sedona to opt out without penalties, there is no guarantee that the ACC will honor the request. Therefore each of us in Sedona and surrounding communities must do our part to opt out as individuals.

    All APS account holders should call APS now at 800-253-9405 and request no “smart” meter.” Keep a record of the date, time and person you spoke with.

    For more info, see our website www(dot)sedonasmartmeterawareness(dot) com.

  2. I can’t imagine the future with policies like this. David (Sedona)

  3. The potential for halting this madness is looking hopeless. After having already gone on record to reject installation, what recourse, if any, will there be?

  4. Warren says:

    @ Eddie — Contacting APS and refusing a “smart” meter is a great first step. If everyone did that in Sedona it would be game over for APS here, send a huge message to the ACC, and be an inspiration to the state and the nation. So in addition to refusing a “smart” meter, talk to your friends and neighbors and get them to refuse. Get your HOA involved. This is like any grassroots issue; people must lead, then maybe the leaders will follow.

    Here are some other steps anyone can take. Buy or rent the documentary Take Back Your Power and have showings at your house, or loan it out if you own a copy. If 300 people invite 10 neighbors each then 3000 people would get the message quickly. Sedona Smart Meter Awareness (SSMA) will have copies of the DVD to rent soon.

    Write or call the ACC and complain.

    Donate to SSMA. We are launching a drive to get a copy of Take Back Your Power into the hands of all Verde Valley politicians and also all state legislators. At some point this battle may play out in the legislature. Best to wake those people up now. We would also like to have enough money to do a mass mailing to Sedona. Our donation page is here: http://www.sedonasmartmeterawareness.com/DONATE-.html

  5. Liked this article on Facebook.

  6. Liked this article on Facebook.

  7. Eddie says:

    Thanks, Warren, for your comprehensive and detailed review of steps and procedures to keep this snowball in motion.

  8. P. Halp says:

    I am hoping that you will republish a copy of the smart meter opt-out letter in your next edition of news. As I’m sure you are aware, SIFF has run 3 showings of “Take Back Your Power”, and many residents will be glad to have help with their
    correspondence. Thank you.

    (SedonaEye.com Editor reply: Thank you for the request. The Sedona Eye offers the following link to those wanting a reminder how to opt out of smart meters – https://sedonaeye.com/how-to-opt-out-of-aps-smart-meters – and for others wanting a refresher or background on smart meters, we advise using the search box on this website’s home page using words “smart meters” for articles and information.)

  9. Warren says:

    @ P. Halp – The sample letter you request can be found here: http://www.sedonasmartmeterawareness.com/-OPT-OUT–LETTER-SAMPLE.html

  10. Kristin says:

    The only solution I see is going to court, first at the ACC to put smart meters on trial. If that does not work we convene a Common Law Grand Jury and sue APS and the ACC in Sedona. We can use a county or city court room. Once we have a judgment we bring it to a county judge and collection agency and file on their D&B to ruin their credit ratings. This has been done already and is 100% lawful and correct. Volunteers for the Grand Jury join Preserve Sedona on facebook and send me a message. I filed an 8 page affidavit into the record at the ACC informing them this was a crime against humanity and that there was no adequate remedy at law so they passed the buck to the State to absolve themselves of guilt and liability. I also filed the peer reviewed studies, and ended up copying and delivering 8000 pages of documents.

  11. Kristin says:


    Place to sign up for Common Law Grand Jury, how we start to take back our power! APs needs to be sued for every penny they have and the funds redistributed to the people who are damaged by smart meters.

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