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A Very Jerome Christmas

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The 2013 lighting theme in Jerome was Peace and Ho’s. On November 29th at 6:00 p.m., Jerome Lights up the Mountain and reveals another beautiful holiday scene in the park. Photo by Donna Chesler

Sedona AZ (November 16, 2014)If you have visited the Town of Jerome in Arizona during the past few Christmas seasons, you have seen the hillside, the shops and the homes decorated with an unusual theme emerging. What started as a single giant H and O, all lit up with Christmas lights, continued with another H and O placed at another home further up the hill. Locals loved the tongue in cheek spirit of the decorations and a new tradition has started to grow as the H and O has spread up the mile high town panorama. At the same time, peace signs have begun to crop up beginning with a lovely one in the gulch that twinkles through the trees in the holiday spirit.

This year, the merchants, residents and building owners of Jerome are encouraged to join in the festivities and Light up the Mountain. There is no theme this year. In the true Jerome spirit, residents and merchants will do their own thing which promises a delightful mix of edgy and traditional designs. There will be a lighting contest, judged by both residents and visitors to Jerome with ballots available throughout the town. The first, second and third place cash winners will be announced at the annual Town Dinner for Jerome residents on December 13, 2014, at Spook Hall.

mingus union logoLight up the Mountain is the yearly event that kicks off the holiday season in Jerome. Thanksgiving weekend will be a perfect time to see the decorations and cast your ballot for your favorite design. Saturday, November 29, beginning in the afternoon, Mingus Union High School students will serenade throughout the town in preparation for Santa Claus coming to throw the switch for the annual holiday lights in the upper park area. Santa arrives at 3:00 in the afternoon and will pose for photos at the Old Fire House on Main Street.

jerome az town logoThe Mingus Union Jazz Band will be performing throughout the day and at 5:30 in the evening, a special reading of The Night Before Christmas will taking place prior to the 6:00 p.m. lighting of the park. The town will be glowing with hundreds of luminaries lining the streets from the Old Jerome High School to the Surgeons House.

Gift baskets filled with offerings from Jerome merchants will be raffled later in the day. The baskets are displayed at Spook Hall and The Mine Museum window and each of the four baskets has a value of $500 with gift certificates, art, t-shirts and assorted interesting goodies from eclectic merchants of Jerome. The proceeds will go toward the Jerome Chamber of Commerce to support the organization and its projects.

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For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!


  1. shared a link to Cottonwood AZ (Todays News and Events) timeline

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  4. E. Maddock says:

    Refreshing concept, this is. Your community actually works towards financial assistance for the Jerome Chamber of Commerce. In Sedona, it’s reversed. The city pays the Chamber to run the city and so far about the only thing they contribute and for which they are accountable is creating controversy. In fact, many believe the Chamber IS the city. (not far from the truth)

    Furthermore, you have the courage to actually read “The Night Before Christmas” without editing to “The Night Before the Holiday” in order to follow the current “politically correct” trend now applied in Sedona. For that matter, as I watch TV news publicity for the many lighting events in the Phoenix area it’s being promoted “Christmas” as the annual tree in Washington, DC is still tagged the “National Christmas Tree.”

    No Christmas or Easter here in Sedona! No way. We have “Holiday Trees” and something like “Celebration of Spring” in April or May with just colored or dyed (dead?) eggs minus a non-Easter Bunny just to keep above board and “politically correct.”

    Such a fuss, to be “politically correct” over a Holiday forever known traditionally as “Christmas” which is allowed to be translated to whatever and for whatever purpose individual thinking so chooses it to represent.

    Just my own thoughts, mind you, and no reflection on policies or philosophies of Sedona Eye since I honestly do not know what they are. But I do appreciate the opportunity offered here to express, as an individual and real person, what it is I think for myself.

    Thank you:-)

    Eddie S. Maddock

    PS: Sorry but I don’t have time to looked for a catchy Thomas Jefferson quote to add. Must get on with my “holiday” catalog Christmas shopping.

  5. Oh Eddie Maddock

    You have such a knack for spinning a nice article like this and turning it in to a negative from the depths of your dark minds….

    Your forgivin cause I know you can’t help yourself from alway seeing darkness
    West Sedona Resident

  6. BTW…..If you lived there I’m sure you’d find something to complain about…
    I’m 100 percent sure of that!!

  7. Oh West Sedona Resident, I just knew you wouldn’t let me down. I had the timer set for how long it would take for you to “nail me” and I do believe it was less than 15 minutes. So predictable. Old faithful? And I knew you would be disappointed with no T. Jefferson quote. (Not that I recall ever having used one from him. Others, yes, but T.J. no.)

    And I do remember back in the day when the same as Jerome locals actually supported Chamber of Commerce efforts and events. In fact, my husband and I were among those attending the big celebration at Poco Diablo for the burning of the Chamber Mortgage. No complaints about life in Sedona and lots of respect for an honorable C of C that didn’t have or need a city to go to for back room deals. C’est la vie.

  8. Appreciates this information!

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  10. @Rachel Grasso and Luis Gutierrez

    God willing I will be there as well unless the anonymous “West Sedona Resident” doesn’t do me in prior to the big event. Feliz Navidad!

  11. Not sure what that is about @Jerome chamber could use the reach of this site~~will see if can get to Jerome. Like that town a lot. It’s authentic.

  12. Sharlett says:

    @Wayne Townsend, Tempe

    So, you’re going to go to Jerome instead of Sedona’s Christmas (vs Holiday) activities? Bravo! In doing so you are actually supporting the community.and what little money they raise, as it appears, will be given to Chamber and the Jerome City Council hasn’t spent a penny towards the event.

    Merry Christmas~

  13. Thank you Eddie. Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah.

  14. If your going to celebrate ho’s and all that goes with it, which you are already quite aware, then why are you calling it H and O instead of Ho’s? Are you trying to be politically correct? Don’t start that now……….
    It is in keeping with the bordello, saloon girl atmosphere that Jerome embraces.
    Reality at its finest.

  15. Deb Berry says:

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  16. Clark O'Day says:

    Jerome’s a special vibe is real or whatever it’s called it’s working. My wife calls Sedona Cheap shops & Tourist stops. Is it worth a visit? Yup. Worth a drive thru to see the views on way to GC & not worth looking at Indian knockoffs.Besides the quality stuff is in Jerome-its cheaper. But Sedona chains & timeshares & fast foods & shopping centers, the less good views you see & makes us appreciate Aspen or other great winter towns. Maybe we’re spoiled because we recall the 90s when she was prettier but Jerome’s got you beat girl with its own reality. We’ll check its HOs this year & the Verde below.

  17. Can’t wait to see Jerome’s HOes & Peace signs!

  18. Irene Cole says:

    of Orlando, Florida enjoyed this article!

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