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A Cry for Help

Historic Prescott AZ courthouse

Historic Prescott AZ courthouse

Sedona AZ (June 3, 2015) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Only today, June 1, 2015, am I able to speak up about the corruption and lack of integrity that exists in Yavapai County and the ABUSE OF POWER by government workers!

Why today, because I feared retaliation to my patients, to my business, and of my daughter and myself. My patients have been safely transferred…..so here it goes :


TO: GOVERNOR DOUG DUCEY…..return my stolen grandson, NOW! RIGHT THESE WRONGS…ACT!!

STATE OF ARIZONA OMBUDSMAN……help me with all these injustices, NOW!

ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING…look at how providers in a town of 200+ drug rehab programs
are treated when an addict does not get a RX for narcotics. How fair and just is keeping
the identity of reporters that have lied and slandered, and have contributed to my
TORTURE? What is my recourse for RIGHTING THAT WRONG?

CPS DIRECTOR OF ARIZONA- I want the immediate release of my STOLEN grandson. The immediate termination of (deleted by editor) CPS, Prescott, AZ, for her abuse of power.. AND REASSIGNMENT OF ANOTHER NON YAVAPAI COUNTY CPS CASE MANAGER FOR MY

YRMC CEO – Do what you feel is appropriate, I challenge you to respond with INTEGRITY

MAYOR OF PRESCOTT- Take a look at ALL the corruption in Prescott and all the drug rehabs within the city. How can you claim Prescott to be this GREAT retirement area—WHAT A JOKE!

PRESCOTT COURIER-I challenge you to help increase PUBLIC AWARENESS of the issues I present.

ANY NEWS STATION READING THIS-Help me expose the corruption in an unbiased fashion.



prescott policeCITY OF PRESCOTT POLICE DEPARTMENT- The immediate termination of officer (deleted by editor) for his lies and practicing WITHOUT INTEGRITY that led MANY DAYS OF PAIN AND SUFFERING not only for me, but my daughter, and my grandson who is not even aware of all of this yet. Shame on you for destroying lives with lies! Rid the department of the corrupt officers that have severely injured 3 of my patients, that sought follow up medical care as a result of police brutality. One patient I had to follow out of a rehab facility, because of his brutal beating. He was air lifted to Phoenix, put in a medically induced coma to allow his brain to decompress from his run in with the Prescott Police!

Prescott Valley PolicePRESCOTT VALLEY POLICE DEPARTMENT…Information for officers of INTEGRITY, Officers (deleted by editor). I was promised that the door that was kicked in by PV police would be paid for by the defendant. That still has not happened, as of today. And please address officer lying to me (the public), and his supervisor’s idiotic response.

YCSO AND COUNTY ATTORNEY OFFICES-Help me IMMEDIATELY get my stolen grandson back!
We will leave this state immediately and never be YOUR problem again!

PANT TEAM- Expose the truth of how your extensive/expensive search of my property late November of 2014 resulted in, NO DRUGS IN HER THAT WEREN’T PRESCRIBED, NO DRUGS IN HER BABY, OR HER ROOM! How my daughter was arrested, jailed for 10 days, and the subsequent SEIZURE of my grandson by CPS. Don’t forget your close personal friendship with the other grandmother because of her history of drug abuse and dealings with your agency. And how that ongoing relationship has influenced this case in so many negative ways and continues today. I challenge you to RIGHT THIS WRONG NOW!

yavapai county sheriff's office logoAdditionally, the 8 hour stand out at my rental home, only led to my landlord succumbing to my neighbors’ pressure and evicting me to the street one week before Christmas. Explain why when I questioned alcohol on the breath of one of the arriving CPS workers, not ONE person in your agency would validate or even negate my concern, instead let them drive away with a 2 month old !

are. God have mercy on your souls. Let the people speak with me AGAINST your corrupt ways. You will face your maker in the end as I will…good luck !


Explain and apologize to the public for the extreme abuse of power in our case and all the other cases. I challenge you to go forward in time with INTEGRITY !! ALSO, THE IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF PRESCOTT CPS WORKER (deleted by editor) FOR HER EXTREME ABUSE OF POWER and REASSIGNMENT OF A NON YAVAPAI COUNTY CPS CASE MANAGER FOR MY DAUGHTER NOW!!

Explain to the public, how a grandmother with previous drug abuse and convictions, and a history of removal of her own children from her care due to drugs is the BETTER CAREGIVER ? Because I became offended at the request for a background check due to holding a current, unrestricted, clean Arizona Medical license to practice. You didn’t like me and you were going to stick it to me and my daughter for that refusal .

yavapai county arizona logoPREVIOUS PATIENTS OF PRESCOTT PRIMARY CARE – Please know that I loved and cared deeply for each and every one of you. I always had you and your health in my best interest.

PLEASE Contact the AZ Board of Nursing if you have any comments to support me as a person or provider. Let them know how you feel about losing your Primary Care provider in this under served area.

MY CURRENT LANDLORD – Unfortunately, I am giving my one month notice to vacate the property.

DR. POWERS – May you find it in your heart to let me escape ARIZONA, NOT OWING a dime, especially since you let the NP practicing without integrity come take all the patients that you are going to try to sue me over.

AHCCCS – Please investigate how your insured are being treated in the ER’s and hospitals up here, especially laboring mothers with valid MMJ rights. Also, please tell me that taxpayers were NOT charged for a spinal anesthetic that was NEVER provided.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA DIVISION/ STATE OF ARIZONA – note how constituents are treated

MY PREVIOUS LANDLORD – Follow up after you evicted me at Christmas time last year.


all my retirement savings and my dream of owning a private NP practice in an under-served area, ANYBODY READING THIS THAT WOULD LIKE TO HELP- Please help me by donating Safeway gift cards, gas cards, and anything that would help me stay alive and healthy until I can escape this NIGHTMARE!

Email me and ask for my contact info and/or story at: lynnreichle@.com

NANCY GRACE hear my prayers !!

WHY WOULD I INCLUDE ALL OF YOU IN ONE LETTER YOU ASK? It is with a very heavy heart and great sadness that I must report that I WAS NO LONGER willing to tolerate the unfair legal practices and persecution of myself and my daughter at the hands of Arizona government entities, specifically the following: Child Protective Services, The Prescott Police Department, YCSO, the PANT team, county and federal court judges sitting on the Yavapai bench currently, and don’t let me forget the Arizona Board of Nursing. YRMC, its obvious. NP without integrity do the right thing and either pay me or Dr. Powers for your deeds !

Nancy Grace, I believe you can help!

It is FINALLY NOW TODAY JUNE 1, 2015, that I am able to freely speak up, and openly about the EXTREME LOSS, PAIN, AND SUFFERING that my daughter and I have experienced at the hands of the ARIZONA GOVERNMENT and other community entities within the past year.

IT is NOW, that rumors can be squashed and the truth be exposed. My patients have been safely transferred, and my daughter has made her way through the courts and arrived on adult probation. NOW OUR TORTURE, GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION, AND ABUSE OF POWERS can be exposed without fear of anything EXCEPT the fear I have of retaliation from my whistle-blowing.

This past week I was forced to count my losses and fold; I transferred Prescott Primary Care and all patients back to Dr. Powers so that I can shift my time, attention, and focus to raising PUBLIC AWARENESS OF OUR TORTURE, and the GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION that has taken so much from us. So much, that it can NEVER be replaced or a dollar sign put on. Additionally, I am strategizing daily how to escape this state before we suffer anymore at the hands of this government.

You all ask how I dropped half my body weight in one year? Well, let me share with you some of the torture and living hell my daughter and I have been living through this past year. I will be sharing only the horrific highlights, but certainly more details are available upon request.

My husband of 11 years committed a sex crime, went to prison for 2 years and I am divorced now. Nobody to blame but himself, and I am sure he is.

My only daughter gave birth to my only grandchild, a boy named Jasper in August 2014. She was cut open without anesthesia for c section. I am a 22 year surgery nurse and know the principles of anesthesia very well, she was pre-screened at the hospital based on their opinion of who might be a high risk mother to test for drugs, which I’m sure stems from her body of tattoos and having ACCHS insurance. She tested positive for marijuana, which she has a valid and legal Medical Marijuana card for. This led to every employee at the hospital treating her as if she was/is a drug addict.

The chaplain was sent to my daughters’ room, to pray for the Medical Marijuana baby. She was told by hospital staff, that it would be more preferred for her to take OxyContin, Methamphetamine, or Heroin while breastfeeding VERSUS Medical Marijuana! SHE WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BREASTFEED! In my attempts to get her some type of pain control, I had security called on me twice. When requesting her medical records after the hospitalization, the large manila envelope arrives at our home with ‘GREEN CARD” written in very large letters across the front of the envelope. That is a pure HIPAA violation of highly sensitive information!

Within a week after baby Jasper was born, his father (Quentin) tells my daughter that he no longer loves her and that he is gay. He then launches into a violent physical attack upon her at their Prescott Valley apartment, where the Police were forced to kick in the door to rescue her from him. At that time, I am reassured by the PV police that Quentin will have to pay for all the damage. That has not happened yet.

The landlord has now proceeded to sue me in a small claims court. I get a judgement on my credit record because I was a co-signer on their lease. Now, I am having to spend my time and energy to pursue repayment for damages done by Quentin as well as take the hit on my credit record!

The judge in the small claims court, for UNKNOWN reasons decided to combine the domestic violence and the kicking in of the door by P.V. police case (Sept. 2014), where I am being sued by a Dewey landlord for the door and damages due to Quentin’s domestic violence and choking my daughter, with my small claim against baby daddy for destroying one of my medical exam rooms with paint during a fit of rage (Oct of 2014).

When I appear for that small claims hearing, the judge sends the bailiff out to have me review the newly submitted documents by the landlord and the other grandmother. The document this judge ALLOWED into the case was information about CPS happenings of the week before. What does CPS events and happenings of last week have to do with two acts of violence and property destruction by Quentin seven months prior? I refused to take part in this unfair, unjust proceeding and therefore judgements were made against me.

When Jasper was two months old, the other grandmother, calls for a well-baby check up by the Prescott police because of an alleged Facebook post by Lindsey (my daughter) about drugs. This led the police to my home, where an officer put his foot in the door and intimidated Lindsey into letting him in the house without a warrant. The officer finds Jasper perfectly content and safe laying on the bed 15 feet away from a very small bowl of medical cannabis. He took it upon himself to call the PANT team, stating he was suspicious of other drugs being involved. She was arrested for suspicion of using drugs, handcuffed and jailed for 10 days.

I was left holding Jasper. Officer (deleted by editor) then calls CPS and tells them they are not needed the baby is fine. Then in the hours that followed (8 to be exact) this officer posted himself outside of my daughter’s bedroom door to secure the scene, while PANT and a search warrant were in process. While waiting for PANT, the officer leaves the room unguarded several times to go outside. At one point the arresting officer became so upset and agitated because I refused to look at the alleged Facebook posting by my daughter, on his cell phone. He picked up his cell phone in front of me and called CPS back and said, “Go ahead and come, the grandmother is being unruly!”

CPS comes, I report to everyone in the entry way of my house that one of the CPS females smelled heavily of alcohol. Out of five to ten police officers now in the front entryway of my house, NOT ONE even attempts to validate my concern. Instead, CPS asks me for my information for a background check.

I said, “Are you a moron? I am a healthcare provider who has to have a FBI fingerprints, international, and background check for my professional medical license.”

CPS became upset and demanded that I hand over the baby and called me ‘uncooperative and therefore unfit to be caregiver,” take the baby from me and hand it over to the other grandmother, who LOST all of HER OWN CHILDREN 10 years prior due to heroin and meth use which led to a conviction! But yet, she is still the better caregiver? I ASK, HOW???

The police officers name that acted without integrity and flat out lied to CPS is Officer (deleted by editor) of the Prescott police department. He turned a seemingly harmless well baby check into a complete NIGHTMARE and a lifetime of loss for myself, my daughter, and my grandson. Time with a new baby and with a new grand baby is precious and that can never be captured or redone!

A mother infant bond FOREVER BROKEN IN TIME! Do any of you recall the video that we were asked to watch in middle school biology class where they removed a baby orangutan from his mother? The result? So devastating, that the experiment had to be ended because nothing but harm was coming of it and the two were reunited.


After 10 days in jail, Lindsey was found with no drugs in her baby body or room, and plead guilty to a Medical Marijuana pipe charge. Once out of jail, I go to CPS to demand the baby back and NO, the abuse of power starts!

I was informed that it would be months of going through the CPS system, classes, and supervised visitations to get through, before ANY baby would be coming home. Despite her negative UA, CPS insisted upon hair follicle testing. When Lindsey tried to get her hair done to make herself feel better, she was accused of trying to hide something because she had her hair done. She was scolded for crying at visits, penalized for taking pictures, and bucked against every time she found a rash or a cigarette burn on the baby. All of her concerns were labeled ‘excessive and extreme’ and was punished in many ways for reacting with genuine human emotion of having her infant taken from her.

I had a drug free daughter from time of conception until the STATE took her baby away from her for NO GOOD REASON. Now I have a daughter that spiraled downward into deep depression, and the only way she knows best to comfort herself is with, drugs. Which now further mucks up the whole CPS situation.


The CPS caseworker shows up for Lindsey’s criminal court and then uses those findings against her in her CPS case. I went to the CPS office to inform them of Quentin’s upcoming criminal court date and time and they reported that I was trespassing.

I submitted background information approximately four months ago, to be considered for change of placement and was never told the results. I was told the baby had established a routine that would be interrupted if change of venue happened now.

When I inquired approximately three months ago, how to see Jasper and be part of the case, I was told that I was given legal advice and that was against the law by a supervisor and case manager.

CPS supervisor, (deleted by editor), reported me as trespassing last week AND all of a sudden she took over my daughter’s case? Now with her continued abuse of power, and her hatred for me, how does it seem logical or right that she, (deleted by editor) will not further retaliate against my daughter because of her disdain for me? I CALL FOR REASSIGNMENT NOW!!!

When this all happened, I asked one of my patients, a family court judge, known as Judge X, to please talk to the family court judge over my daughters case given the police wrongdoing. He told me that it was unlawful to talk to any other judge about a case on their bench.

What happened the very next week, during her CPS courtroom hearing? Her judge said, on the record, “yeah Lindsey, this is nothing that is going to be handled by Judge X.” What does that tell me? That Judge X INDEED did and illegally communicated to her judge. He had informed me a week prior via email that it was illegal for him to do so! The corruption by the family court judges was displayed in front of me in a one week time period.

A complaint is received by the Board of Nursing claiming that I am handing out medical marijuana at my office? 20 months later there is still no wrap up on the complaint. I have to practice daily with that hanging over my license and my head. What does this mean to the AZ taxpayer? A lengthy and costly investigation, to try and figure out if a nurse practitioner, with over 30 years of health care experience and three medical degrees is really handing out expensive medical marijuana at her practice. The same practice that continually struggles with finances, to keep the doors open. Then, I learn that her identity gets to be protected while I am forced through investigative procedures and questioning that led to three chunks of hair being removed from my head last week for drug testing, at MY EXPENSE!

There is no legal recourse to press slander charges against these folks!

Today, June 1, 2015, I called the PV (Prescott Valley AZ) Police supervising officer, to ask why an investigative officer would lie to my face? His response was to ask if I was the woman that bowed to his officer and knocked a clipboard out of his hands?

I informed him that I bowed to his officer who told me I would be arrested if I asked him another question as it would be interfering with his investigative time and procedures, so I bowed and said I’m so sorry for your most valuable time. About a half hour later, I walked down the hall past him and my left arm accidentally knocked a clipboard from his hands, which I promptly picked up an apologized sincerely for.

In the end he told me he would stay and interview the remaining 3 witnesses in the courtroom to get their side of the alleged ‘disorderly conduct’ of my daughter. I drive away from the courthouse, realized documents needed delivered to the 4th floor, so I went back to courthouse less than 5 min later, officers are gone. I go in and find last witness just exiting courtroom and I asked if the police interviewed her, she said NO.

I then called the supervising officer who wanted to turn the officer’s lying into an issue about me bowing and mentioned the clipboard incident….THIS IS A CURRENT EVERYDAY EXAMPLE OF HOW THE POLICE ACT ABOVE THE LAW AND CAN TURN OR MAKE ANY ISSUE INTO SOMETHING IT IS NOT…AND AN EXAMPLE OF THE LACK OF INTEGRITY AND THEREFORE LACK OF RESPECT THE PUBLIC HAVE FOR THEM…..


Everything about the legal system up here in this county is evil, twisted and wicked. We have lost so much at the hands of these government agencies and our inability to fight any of them is inadequate. I am hoping and asking all of YOU to stand up and take action against the government corruption in Arizona, (specifically here in Yavapai County) and help me to restore the peaceful life I once led prior to arriving in Arizona. I am asking anyone and everyone to help me blow this up over the net and around the world…CALL FOR AN END TO POLICE CORRUPTION, CPS TORTURE, AND HELP ME GET MY GRANDSON BACK WHERE HE BELONGS …OUR ARMS !!

I will, again, be setting up a go fund me to help me with expenses until I can escape this hell on earth known as ARIZONA !

June 3, 2015  7:58 AM
Prescott AZ

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!

Read www.SedonaEye.com for daily news and interactive views!


  1. As devastating as your experience appears to be, how fair would it be to pass judgment without hearing (reading) the other side of the story in comparable detail as you have taken time to share? For sure, though, let’s hope the best case scenario is based on the welfare of the child involved in this tug of war. Best of luck to you.

  2. If you are interested in taking a stand against the corruption in Yavapai County please contact me via email cher20remm@gmail.com cheriremmenga@gmail.com

    I have already reached out to the Investigator General in Washington D.C. and have received a response from U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division.

    If you don’t believe there is a problem please click on the below links (WSJ and Harvard don’t lie)



    An article done in 2012 by Bill Williams giving all the down and dirty


    You can also friend me on Facebook my name is AntiPant

  3. Janet says:

    Maybe your daughter should get off the drugs and you should stop enabling her. Prayers…

  4. Dear Dr. Lynn: We miss you so much. Our prayers are with you, your daughter, your grandson and all the frustration and “torture” that you have endured. How God can turn all this into a blessing is unknown by us at this moment in time. But I have no doubt that out of all this manure a rose will grow. If God is for us, who can be against us?

  5. Nancy Nurse says:

    I can only sympathize with someone who gets tangled up with the Board of Nurses in Az, (nazis) . You have aright to face your accuser. The AZ BON pretty much does what they want legal or not. Beware of the BON az.
    What they like to put on the web is a bunch of lies, they know is lies , to go on a smear campaign. The AG Elizabeth Campbell is the same way, bring up UNRELATED issues the Bd does not have authority over and expose your entire life. I dont blame you for getting out of AZ. too corrupt!!! No over sight. They keep getting away with it , abuse of power. Tell the young nurses and they dont believe this can happen to them, or they would be up in arms about it. !!

  6. B. totsch Rn says:

    Asking anyone to call the AZBON is like talking to a brick wall. the whole group a waste of taxpayers time and money.
    Have you thought of all the players involved as being in the same ~~~~~uh ‘religous” denomination . Rampant with the Bd, Mesa, Prescott. a strong wicked force among us .

  7. Tammy says:

    I, too, have experienced the abuse of power by the Yavapai Sherrif’s dept and PANT. My mentally ill son called 911 when he had a suicidal meltdown, and instead of helping him they arrested him for a small amount of marijuana, took his prescription drugs, arrested him and leaked fictional information to the Prescott Courier, where they put his name and mugshot on the front page. Total slander!! It is criminal. Now he won’t be able to ever work in this town and will probably loose his rental home. It’s a witch hunt out here. I have filed a claim with the ACLU

  8. Chris paul says:

    I’m sorry all this has happened to you… There is alot of bad issues with all the supposed called system that’s set up in yavapai county… The police are few from good ones and as far as pant goes I’ve seen alot of peoples paper work of when they got raided and arrested and in every case of all different people there were drugs seized but not all were on the report or evidence paper. Where did they go? Prescott valley cop gets caught stealing from three evidence room but did he go to prison? Nope he got suspension with paid… Judges doing drug court and dui court who actually had dui themselves when they were lawyers… How is that ok? Oh I’ll tell you because her dad was a judge so she’s grandfathered in… Pant raiding my house because a “concerned citizen” claimed that I was doing things with drugs but when they did of course there werent any drugs or and evidence of the allegations that were made against me… Also they said they investigated me prior to the raid and when they seen me working they would see me go home… Lol ok so I guess going to work and home and work isnt ok or its illegal except the fact that some people have pets and other matters to attend to or some just go home to eat cus at minimum wage its cheaper to eat at your own house… Anyways long story short they had false allegations and just went off of someone being a hater against me I know lost the house i was renting and my daughter has to live her mom because I’m homeless and as a responsible dad that’s the right thing to do even know I’m heart broken and she doesn’t even understand the situation. I want to know why is that they can do such things and how they can go off of he says she says… I know I don’t want my tax money going towards crooked cops and pant agents that go off of false allegations without any real evidence with their surveillance… Whose paying for this? What are the requirements to become a pant agent? They used a k9 unit which couldn’t detect things that arent there and I know that the k9 unit cost us as a society money… At what point does this become harassment? Any ways as crooked as this county and countries goverment is I’ll prolly get into trouble for my freedom of speech but its my right and I’m using it… I’m sorry for what you are going through and god will be the judge of all the wicked.
    God bless

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