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Parallel Comparisons of Religions Views on Homosexuality

Sedona AZ (October 20, 2014) The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Attn: Letters to the Editor
Sedona Eye News
Sedona, AZ
October 20, 2014
Subject: Monitoring Pastors’ Sermons
Ref: Houston Texas Lesbian Mayor’s Demands

Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona Arizona

The Roman Catholic Chapel of the Holy Cross was built 1956 in Sedona Arizona. The oldest Christian chapel outside of Jerusalem is claimed by Rihad, Jordan (0AD to 3 AD)


What an opportunity for the Houston Pastors to preach (personal or proxy) a fantastic and definitive sermon through the “Mainstream News Media” at the behest of the Houston Mayor. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get the message of the Bible into the Headlines of the Houston Newspapers, maybe into the Nationwide and possibly Worldwide News Services? This opportunity is beautiful.

The Houston Mayor wants to subpoena all the Christian Pastors sermons to review for “Homosexual Hate Speech” – so fight it for a while to build more general public curiosity, then unload them to the Court with a little flare of apprehension and explain the Biblical View of Homosexuality – with a few other things thrown in for good measure.

Now understand I am not an ordained pastor, or evangelist; I have no credentials with any denomination whatsoever. That said; I do and have studied a lot in the Bible.

Now please allow me to relay the points that I believe will do the most good and will present a positive result from the Mayor’s obviously intended negative slap at Christians and Christianity.

One of the world's oldest functioning mosques in China. It was first built in the Tang Dynasty (Emperor Xuanzong, 685–762).

One of the world’s oldest functioning mosques in China was first built in the Tang Dynasty (Emperor Xuanzong, 685–762)

My commentary is as follows:

  • God Loves “Everyone” exactly the same: God not only is consistent, He ordered that same consistency from His “Creation”: Man (male and female) in the Second of the Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” (Mark 12:31 KJV) Note: In this context the word “as” means exactly alike.
  • God hates sin: God cannot in any way accept sin; because He is sinless. That statement may sound oversimplified, but it is a plain and simple fact.
  • God Loves “His Creation”: God created man (male) in His own image, then He created woman out of or as an integral (essential, inseparable) part of that creation, exactly the way He intended for them to be in order to have a family and face to face fellowship. Thus the “Creation of Man” (male and female) is one creation in two parts with neither being better or worse; but God charged the male to honor and protect the female, she is part of him and their pro-creation comes through her. Any distortion of that creation is “Sin.”
  • God has made a path for redemption: Man (Adam) transgressed the only commandment God gave him and sold all the authority God had given him to Satan, which took thousands of years and unimaginable misery to initiate the reconciliation process. Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection stripped Satan of what he had acquired from Adam. Jesus then transferred a lot of that authority on earth to us; and since then, Satan can only get power from people; generally through deception.
  • In the first century BC the Andhra-Satavahanas created elaborately carved gateways to now Sanchi Stupa

    In the first century BC the Andhra-Satavahanas created elaborately carved gateways to now Sanchi Stupa

    God has the final word: God reserved unto Himself the final judgment call and our “Advocates” (Lawyers, Intercessors) are Jesus and the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit). God by necessity has to be 100% Legal, 100% of the Time, and 100% Honest, 100% of the Time. His Legality and His Honesty restrict Him in actions: His words spoken and written are more solid than the earth we walk on; Jesus put it this way; “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” (Mat 24:35 KJV)

  • If a Pastor, Preacher or Evangelist is claiming something like “there is no redemption for Homosexuals”, it is wrong although probably a misunderstanding. God’s love is Universal and never changes; God’s love for you is still the same whether you accept or reject Him; He will always love you, your acceptance of Jesus as Lord pleases him more because it is so much better for you.
  • Now if Sermons are checked, make sure the sermons of the Muslims are checked also; in fact, we could/should call for a “Parallel Comparison” of subjects; especially the treatment of Homosexuals, Women, Children and Animals between the Qur’an (Koran) and the New Covenant, which starts in the very last part of each of the four Gospels of the New Testament of the Holy Bible; near the same time frame on both.

Dale Gohr, Clarkdale AZ

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!

For the best Arizona news and views, read www.SedonaEye.com daily!



  1. Shevy Heaney says:

    Appreciate this and shared it with my friends!

  2. Harvey Kraft says:

    I thought I could share with you my interview last week on Conscious Evolution TV:
    YouTube Video: How To Explore the Power of New Possibilities — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVEZuNBKQVQ

    You might really enjoy the “mind blowing” thoughts served here (they say), if you are willing/ able to allocate a bit of your precious time to take it in…and, if you believe that we are at a crossroads in human evolution, maybe, this might resonate enough for you to comment or share.

    Thank you for staying connected with me as we travel through this challenging and fascinating life journey.

    Joyful regards,

    Harvey Kraft
    Author & Speaker
    “The Buddha from Babylon: The Lost History and Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha Gautama”

  3. I. Xavier says:

    There is a difference in religions and a difference in churches in the same religion and that means persons in a Catholic or Protestant church/religion can disagree and still be Christians and a Jew can be reform or conservative and still be an acknowledged Jew, but Muslims don’t believe that one sect has the right to differ from the other and so they are heretics and infidels to be killed to be rewarded in heaven for a good deed that other religions and states call murder. Islam needs a reformation like other religions like Judaism to Christianity to Buddhism to Confucianism and others. Won’t engage in a debate here because I was taught not to speak of religion in public, it’s a private matter between me and my G-d and in America I will fight for the right to hold my American freedoms. And yes as an openly gay man, I believe that hideous mayor needs to be removed from office. What a disgrace to the rainbow and an ego maniacal diva witch. You can do better, Houston. Phoenix you can do better than Sinema who has an even fouler anti rights agenda attitude. Believe it. Those two women would crucify any man then everyone else and would make great prison guards material. I appreciate that you’re reading this. Now Good Night.

  4. Randy Chen says:

    No one I know or any know of ever heard of a single Chinese Moslim & is untrue information—–this is anti China propaganda and remove it.

  5. Letter is “Well saiddddddddddddddddddddddd!”

  6. you’re kidding?^&*you want us to read more than a headline?$%^&*()

  7. Harvey Kraft says:

    How often does this happen? An interfaith conversation that matters…not just tolerance of each other, but a real engagement at the core of our beliefs. It’s my view that faith leaders can have a huge role in transforming the world by building bridges of harmony across religious beliefs and political agendas, by exploring our ancient common roots.
    I am delighted to share with you just such an example written by Denis O’Callaghan Ph.D., Director Emeritus Theologian in residence at Scripture Institute:

    “It is said that there are two types of writers. One who has something to say and the other who has to say something. In the case of Harvey Kraft, Harvey had something to say in his book ‘The Buddha from Babylon.’ And said it he did! As a historian in early Christianity, I felt honored to have the opportunity to read Harvey’s tome.

    It was as if he picked me out and said “The task of the artist at any time is uncompromisingly simple — to discover what has not yet been done, and to do it.” Had Harvey not sent me his latest work, I might not have stopped to consider Buddhism.

    But like all good authors, Harvey drew me in slowly at first, until my interest was captured and I was knee deep in associated studies. A matter of cognitive dissonance where a belief once held now called out by another truth.

    Teach me, O Lord, as only Thou canst teach;
    Tutor my erring mind, illume my eyes,
    That I, with prayerful, guided upward reach,
    May grasp the vital truth which sanctifies.

    Perhaps the best I could say is you would do well to read this book for yourself. And it is my great pleasure to recommend a fellow academician Harvey Kraft.”

    Thank you Denis. Your presence is truly a gift to humanity.

    Harvey Kraft
    Website: http://BuddhaFromBabylon.com
    Book available at Amazon.com, BN.com, and other booksellers

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