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Breaking News: Early Evening Plane Crash at Sedona Airport

Landing gear separated from plane during attempted landing.

Sedona AZ (December 19, 2018) – At 4:49 this afternoon, Sedona Fire District was dispatched to Sedona Oak Creek Airport after it was reported that a small plane had crashed and was on fire. Upon arrival, SFD determined that a small plane had skidded of the south end of the runway.

“When I arrived, there was a small amount of smoke from an overheated landing gear which had separated from the aircraft upon impact,” said Captain Pat Ojeda. “The aircraft had skidded off the runway and all occupants were safely out of, and away from the aircraft.”

Fire crews quickly cooled the overheated landing gear to keep it from igniting nearby brush. The aircraft appeared to be a Beechcraft Bonanza A36.

Sedona Airport site of small plane crash

“The plane was intact and had come to rest over a slight embankment and against the airport fence which was damaged,” said Ojeda.

All three of the occupants were unharmed and declined transport for medical evaluation. Initial reports indicate that a door or compartment on the aircraft had come open when the plane took off. The pilot was attempting to return to the airport and land when the aircraft overshot the runway and crashed.

Further updates will be provided when available. An investigation of the accident is underway.

Photos courtesy of Sedona Fire District.

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  1. John Silver says:

    how they didn’t die is incredible luck

  2. Eddie says:

    Yes, this Bonanza pilot was lucky. If he had overrun the approach end of runway 21 it could easily have been three fatalities. Any pilot who can’t get it down and stopped with runway to spare is not competent and should have performed a go-around. I don’t have his N-number so I don’t know if he was a local or from out of the area. It’s not a hard airport to land at if you remember your training. Before you start tapping out a snarky reply . . . I am a pilot. I own a plane. I fly out of Sedona (KSEZ). Over and out.

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